Top 10 Times Celebs Clapped Back at Ellen

Dec 11, 2019
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Top 10 Times Celebs Clapped Back at Ellen // Subscribe:
Her interviews are usually so much fun, but there have been several times celebs clapped back at Ellen. We’ll be looking at times when a celebrity fired a comeback or a witty retort towards Ellen or something she had said. Things can get pretty heated on daytime talk TV! MsMojo ranks the times celebs clapped back at Ellen. Are there any other celebs who clapped back at Ellen? Let us know in the comments!
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    MsMojoMsMojo5 months ago
    • Monster Has kiaznna

      AMEWZ 47AMEWZ 473 days ago
    • @Romaro Brandon hhhh

      family vlogs with me hifamily vlogs with me hi18 days ago
    • @Romaro Brandon hhhhhhh

      family vlogs with me hifamily vlogs with me hi18 days ago
    • No I hate ellen

      eat this apple pieeat this apple pie29 days ago

      ChrisChrisMonth ago
  • these really aren't that bad

    Sabrina OffordSabrina Offord17 hours ago
  • Maybe you should express yourself more respectful

    RyanRyan20 hours ago
  • wheres bts when she asked them if they had girlfriends, and rm said “thanks to you, now whole korea knows what ‘hook up’ means”

    Bettina KotvicsBettina Kotvics21 hour ago
  • The show has always kind of been a roast between celebrities. I've always seen it as playful roasting

    Daphne MatsykDaphne Matsyk22 hours ago
  • well she said she watched me! music video and liked it but she don't even know the france thing taylor said when there are words in that video💀

    Kaisar NatanaelKaisar NatanaelDay ago

    add a lineadd a lineDay ago
    • nvm woops lol, I didn't finish the video

      add a lineadd a lineDay ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="424">7:04</a> this makes me scared of the woman talking if you get embarassed by miss pronounecing a name you are weak minded and into some fake reality social type of shit people with this mindset are like consuming robots starting drama over bullshit but i can imagine alot of people think like 14 year old tiktok girl hating over eachother because "ohh he like totally misspelled my name he is like totally cheating on me" imagine giving lsd or shrooms to a person with this mind it would tear their whole life up

    Adam AnonAdam AnonDay ago
  • I swear Katy Perry and Ellen look like twins in that interview. But we know which one is the more annoying one.

    Jamie HJamie HDay ago
  • I don't blame Cher for calling Ellen a rude name. Ellen really is an annoying woman.

    Jamie HJamie HDay ago
  • Wanda Sykes is literally the greatest woman ever.

    Jamie HJamie HDay ago
  • You do not mess with Michelle Obama.

    Jamie HJamie HDay ago
  • It’s really sad, we could actually support each other but here we are hating on each other ... the whole situation all really childish to be honest. Please don’t forget that you are actually defining 62 years of life based on a 10 min video you just watched... Sure, Ellen was rude at times, I’m not saying the opposite, but come on everyone is like that at times. Don’t forget all the good things she has done.

    M ZainabM ZainabDay ago
  • Done none of these were even bad so far or were bad for her

    Wascally WabbitWascally Wabbit2 days ago
  • I'm a BTS Army and the one interview when she asked if the boys "hook-up" with any of the fans I felt so disappointed in her because you dont ask that things to idols that can get into trouble.

    Lisa BrandtLisa Brandt2 days ago
  • God why do I love all this heat against Ellen? Pray for me.

    Emily lolEmily lol2 days ago
  • Ellen I used to think you were a good a person, now I know everything about you is truly disgusting.

    Debra NortonDebra Norton2 days ago
  • Most of these were legit jokes.

    hannah shannah s2 days ago
  • we don’t love ellen, b.

    Andrea CAndrea C2 days ago
  • dont forget the time Mark Lee called out her out when she was asking them questions about their dating life

    sichengforthewinwinsichengforthewinwin2 days ago
  • Not a fan of Dakota but she ATE ELLEN UP

    Adriana SAdriana S2 days ago
  • in this household we stan dakota

    kousukeseyelasheskousukeseyelashes2 days ago
  • Only a stupid lefty could like Ellen.

    spajderuzspajderuz2 days ago
  • "She's my favourite comedian...other than you" BURRRRNNNN imma grill my eggs here

    May RayMay Ray3 days ago
  • is that Obama woman in fact a man?

    Albin KreveljAlbin Krevelj3 days ago
  • None of these seemed bad. They all seem like they are joking honestly.

    benblak23benblak233 days ago
  • Mojo talk to much I’ve skipped through a few of your videos before watching them

    Jamie MillerJamie Miller4 days ago
  • this video is a series of overreactions, and I don't even like ellen

    NickNick4 days ago
  • LMFAOOOO the AC right before the video was promoting a German film about a psychopath who murdered three men

    Harbinger sev-oh-wohneHarbinger sev-oh-wohne4 days ago
  • I lv j.t

    Nyla PoonsinghNyla Poonsingh4 days ago
  • I think the guests did in the most cases nothing wrong, Ellen is just being rude and annoying

    Leonora CacaoLeonora Cacao4 days ago
  • I don't get it, most of this is not CLAP BACKS..they are just silly lol

    Rob AlfieRob Alfie4 days ago
  • Never watched Ellen once. She is an icky person, I don’t know why she is famous. I have always called her Ellen Degenerate.

    BrianJamesShanleyBrianJamesShanley5 days ago
  • Gotta disagree with Giada Delaurentis. She singlehandedly ruined that segment herself, Ellen just sat and watched.

    JoeJoe5 days ago
  • USkeys is turning on this woman. My recommendations are going crazy with Ellen is a NASTY person videos. OK USkeys I GET IT. She is one nasty woman off camera!

    Greenpoloboy3Greenpoloboy35 days ago
  • So are we gonna take Ellen down?

    Spics Trumps 2020Spics Trumps 20205 days ago
  • Wanda rly said uno reverse huh

    AnteasxcialAnteasxcial5 days ago
  • Most of these I feel are reached, like some just don’t know how to take a joke.

    Bree Is MeeBree Is Mee5 days ago
  • where's mark lee calling her out

    Melanie skzxMelanie skzx5 days ago
  • Haha I don’t like Ellen!!

    Yemima HutapeaYemima Hutapea5 days ago
  • Ellen is so annoying

    Danika StevensDanika Stevens6 days ago
  • Famous people like her/him dont care what you think as long as you give them views and followers you now how a bill a that little statement "in god we trust" something like that they dont believe in god money is there god I think ellen should just end her show it's over for her she's should just go enjoy her money while it last it just my opinion

    Shelda Pierre-LouisShelda Pierre-Louis6 days ago
  • Y’all now seeing how fake Ellen is, I been knew from the beginning

    Darius CarlosDarius Carlos6 days ago
  • Ellen is pure evil

    jason Shoresjason Shores6 days ago
  • Honestly I could never really stand her. She really does come off self centered and condescending, always has. You can tell the people she wants to be friendly with and the people she doesn’t care about or doesn’t think are on her level. Not to mention her trying to “force” people to speak about things they’re not comfortable, ready or willing to disclose at the time.

    imweirdniknowitimweirdniknowit6 days ago
  • when whoever is narrating this really didn't pronounce hasan minhaj's name correctly either lmao

    MarajPotterMarajPotter6 days ago
  • her ego is so big

    leah joyleah joy6 days ago
  • Who thought of pll when she mention Di laurentiis

    Chelsea LouiseChelsea Louise6 days ago
  • Ellen....irrelevant drivel

    Alan DonnellyAlan Donnelly6 days ago
  • Ellen is an immature puke.

    Linda MonLinda Mon6 days ago
  • Nooooo we need more of her being completely wrong and saying im sorry or something like that. Wait never mind a female saying im sorry that will neeeever happen.

    goose003goose0036 days ago
  • Ellen is annoyingly worse than any 3 yr old.

    Linda MonLinda Mon6 days ago
  • "we love ellen but..." er no, we don't

    redred6 days ago
  • Ellen kinda cray cray........

    my voluptuous cheeksmy voluptuous cheeks6 days ago
  • People respect her like she is some rare person on this planet 😖

    CGI FutureCGI Future7 days ago
  • Kudos for playing the actual video with its actual audio and not cut it off with some lame commentary 👏

    Patrick MendonesPatrick Mendones7 days ago
  • when she said to Michelle "i make people happy" her narcissism showed big time lmao.

    dirty dandirty dan7 days ago
  • I just hate this channel

    Diego CastilloDiego Castillo7 days ago
  • Do you all even know what clapping back means?

    KenKen7 days ago
  • Please don’t say “we love Ellen”

    John WagnerJohn Wagner7 days ago
  • Ellen, a complete and utter entertainment vacuum!

    elroy wilkoelroy wilko7 days ago
  • Ellen is always pushing her friendship on people who only wanna be acquaintances

    Odelay DeradoOdelay Derado7 days ago
    • You call that a "friendship"?

      Armando GalindoArmando Galindo5 days ago
  • Graham Norton for the win lol. Ellen... Not so much

    Gaesorn TansukchaiGaesorn Tansukchai7 days ago
  • That time she had Psy on the show and didn't properly present him to the audience, so Psy takes the mic and goes "My name is Psy from Korea..." I LOVED THAT MOMENT.

    miyeshmiyesh7 days ago
  • Everyone make mistake.

    TASK NTASK N7 days ago
  • This woman should be cancelled

    Valerie WhiteValerie White8 days ago
  • Ellen looks and acts like what she is, a greedy vampire bat, but, her equally hungry audience can only be drained while filling up on her. A non thinking brain finds fulfillment in stupidity.

    Ego SpectoEgo Specto8 days ago
  • The voice of this broad narrating an overly sensationalised interpretation of events, is just as messed up.

    geerenmogeerenmo8 days ago
  • I’ll tell you the difference between Ellen and Conan. Ellen makes her jokes at the guests’ expense Conan makes his jokes at his own expense. And before you ask, his Jordan Schlansky segments are completely vetoed by the both of them before airing.

    Luke BannonLuke Bannon8 days ago
  • Ellen is fake.

    Da GhambinoDa Ghambino8 days ago
  • I read "slapped back"🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jahnu LahonJahnu Lahon8 days ago
  • Ellen is that annoying person in your life you have to put up with that tries way to hard to be funny to the point of cringe.

    Adam zAdam z9 days ago
  • Wendy Williams is a mess 😂😂😂😂 but where's the lie?

    Molly YouInDangerGirlMolly YouInDangerGirl9 days ago
  • Ellen reminds me of that cringey funny kid from high school that acts out for attention

    IronKnight117IronKnight1179 days ago
  • Ellen is white people famous. Yas Wendy go in!

    toomuchfourUtoomuchfourU9 days ago
  • I’ve heard stories about fellow comedians before she was famous . Saying how she was entitled then. Working with someone for months and not saying one word to them. But you know what. It worked

    Jeff gibbsJeff gibbs9 days ago
  • Cant stand her. Full blown narcissist.

    EVIL PUCKEVIL PUCK9 days ago
  • I love that Michelle Obama was first😂 she has always been a fantastic strong woman in my eyes lol I'm English and shes fantastic

    MolMol9 days ago
  • No see isn't

    Richard BarnicleRichard Barnicle9 days ago
  • Ellen is like Robin Williams, but nobody likes her jokes.

    sab0nessab0nes9 days ago
    • robin williams is on an astral level of humor probably the most liked celebrity ever

      Dania ElshafieDania Elshafie8 days ago