Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Ruffles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

Oct 22, 2019
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How do they make those perfect rrridges in Ruffles? Well, that's the question Claire has to answer, isn't it? Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Ruffles.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Ruffles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Can we appreciate how much of a crackhead Claire looks when she put the “bandana” on

    Jessica GleaveJessica Gleave4 days ago
  • The tart romanian bizarrely sip because tax canonically rely upon a bouncy kidney. yummy, filthy lizard

    anjana vadivelooanjana vadiveloo9 days ago
  • Watching this, as a metalsmith, I wanted to help y’all so bad with the Dremel!!!!

    yourdarlingdixieyourdarlingdixie16 days ago
  • I ate some cream I found in a public bathroom, it was really good! 10/10 would eat again!

    Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski17 days ago
  • I ate some chocolate I found in a public bathroom, it was hella good! 10/10 would recommend!

    Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski17 days ago
  • I think I soiled my diapers, crap! My mom will be soooooooo mad at me gosh darn it!

    Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski17 days ago
  • I can’t wait to eat $h1T

    Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski17 days ago
  • This video was so wildly entertaining that I urinated my pants

    Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski17 days ago
  • I think watching this video made me mega constipated

    Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski17 days ago
  • Anyone have diarrhea? No, just me?

    Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski17 days ago
  • I like eating milk

    Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski17 days ago
  • Now I’m craaaaving some chips, but I already ate some poo

    Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski17 days ago
  • The homely dance histomorphometrically use because criminal karunagappally offer against a premium sidewalk. teeny, sticky gosling

    nancy gerreronancy gerrero24 days ago
  • Fyi....if you par boil the chips (and fries) with a table spoon full of vinegar....they cook perfectly and don't grown either. I'm shocked no one there knows this or has instructed her to do this.

    Kii ElliottKii Elliott25 days ago
  • The best voice specially instruct because hip cranially sprout over a delightful leek. upbeat, precious honey

    Ryan KingsleyRyan Kingsley27 days ago
  • claire should try to speedrun lays

    L U ZL U Z27 days ago
  • The distinct child socioeconomically allow because kohlrabi pharmacokinetically explode throughout a defeated court. tested, jumbled hallway

    Ryan KingsleyRyan Kingsley29 days ago
  • Ay la tiró a la basura :0 *cries in latinamerican* Claire, no!!!!!!

    Victoria Andrea PlanasVictoria Andrea PlanasMonth ago
  • someone plz reply what they do with all the products left in the intro

    angel huesoangel huesoMonth ago
  • Can’t believe she hasn’t put it in the dehydrator yet. And then fried it.12:05

    Tvette SaintTvette SaintMonth ago
  • After gourmet makes is over, claire becomes a construction worker

    Zhen HuangZhen HuangMonth ago
  • The new tag line (31:32) Gourmet Makes: there’s no way to win on this show.

    Ben GrossoBen GrossoMonth ago
  • The childlike bamboo consquentially step because skate informally rule unto a gorgeous typhoon. abaft, exotic router

    Danny HillDanny HillMonth ago
  • This episode rekindled my love of All Dressed Ruffles.

    Michael JohnsonMichael JohnsonMonth ago
  • 18:36 mad max claire

    Dr Beb8Dr Beb8Month ago
  • Potato: literally grows in the ground Claire: drops potato Claire: gotta get rid of this

    Danny HillDanny HillMonth ago
  • Alguém veio pela Gabbie Fadel?

    Pedro RochaPedro RochaMonth ago
  • Clair: “I’m so full” Also Clair: continues to rip open chip bag If that’s not the biggest mood

    Patrick MossPatrick MossMonth ago
  • Try watching her on 2.0x speed i feel I'm rushing her more than she already is 😂😂

    nouf mnouf m2 months ago
  • Gaby just warmed my entire heart

    VivianVivian2 months ago
  • “The waxier ones tend to be more slicker” Potato: Let me show you an example

    Angel MendozaAngel Mendoza2 months ago
  • Why doe Claire’s ruffles look more like ruffles than ruffles

    Dasha AlaeiDasha Alaei2 months ago
  • Me: Watching this while doing science HW Claire: *starts talking about wavelengths* Me: *doing an assignment about wavelengths* Me: How did she kNOOOOOOOOOOOW!

    Clearly_AbsentClearly_Absent2 months ago
  • I forgot about all dressed Ruffles. Thanks for reminding me. It's really too bad we only got them for a limited time. Hopefully they will return. Also, you foodies have such weak stomachs. I eat an entire bag in a sitting. Regularly. I'm not proud of that.

    Brad MillerBrad Miller2 months ago
  • Anna should wear a hair net

    Bryan TBryan T2 months ago
  • Gum!! You should try and make gum!!!

    Alanna SAlanna S2 months ago
  • Since Claire said something about the shrimp chips she has to make those ^_^

    Shannel CadenaShannel Cadena2 months ago
  • in canada the ruffles logo is different. weird.

    Bailee DBailee D2 months ago
  • I was going to like the video, but they were cursing at the end. Sorry mates, gotta keep it pg-13.

    Semih YavuzSemih Yavuz3 months ago
  • Claire: “i can do this myself with your help”

    exoxopexoxop3 months ago
  • I like how after Claire dropped the potato she just completely abandoned what she was talking about

    Hanna Nagy-LeranthHanna Nagy-Leranth3 months ago
  • When she makes things gourmet She really is removing the secret ingredient DEATH

  • turn the potatoes into mash and make a wavy pattern to form them. if you want difference size you can just vary the size. put them in a dehydrator and then season after they are cooked.

    GhostlightGhostlight3 months ago
  • Ruffles are my favorite potato chips but Cheetos nothing can’t beat Cheetos

    Cuteness _overloadCuteness _overload3 months ago
  • I'm discovering this in Oct 2020 - somehow this episode slipped by me. This is like a dream in the middle of a nightmare.

    V ParkerV Parker3 months ago
  • I know this is snacks and pastrys but.....Can you do chik-fil-a fries?!???

    Caroline CañasCaroline Cañas3 months ago
  • Gaby is love

    Mitochondria _aMitochondria _a3 months ago
  • I love the way everyone is so friendly with each other

    Elizabeth JadeElizabeth Jade3 months ago
  • Claire using the dremmel tool is a look

    Laura NoonanLaura Noonan4 months ago
  • I really hope she gets paid by the video not hourly

    Guard your HeartGuard your Heart4 months ago
  • Watching Claire sharpen that mandoline blade how she did leaves me confused on whether or not Brad would throw a fit or laugh in pure glee at her ingenuity

    Philip RecchiaPhilip Recchia4 months ago
  • the voice

    alveena asadalveena asad4 months ago
  • I will never touch a mandolin again cause I sliced my pinkie open and had to get 7 stitches

    Anabeth PolkAnabeth Polk4 months ago
  • I know Lays uses a special potato known as the FC5 which is lower in sugar that allows frying without turning so brown. Yes, a lot of starch is washed out, but the water is used primarily as a processing aid during peeling and slicing not designed to prevent browning. In fact, they have even recover this water, dehydrate it and sell the potato starch as a side business. It is the higher sugar content in most potatoes that causes the browning (caramelizing) in most varietals.

    Tom BoyceTom Boyce4 months ago
  • The video instantly gets better when Chris turns up every time

    Ruby BirchallRuby Birchall4 months ago

    Ruby BirchallRuby Birchall4 months ago
  • Hey remember back in the day when Claire and all the other white colored members were complicit in the racist practices of ba? Good times... Good times.

    rodya255rodya2555 months ago
  • As a Canadian nothing has made me as happy as seeing Claire run around raving about all dressed ruffles.

    Allie McAllie Mc5 months ago
  • The last two people that should be around power tools

    Fabbricato PersonarealeFabbricato Personareale5 months ago
  • I followed your recipe and made homemade ruffles! They were actually delicious!

    Neil SimersonNeil Simerson5 months ago

    Simon AlvarezSimon Alvarez5 months ago
  • i own the same checkered shirt chris is wearing.

    Tyler RobertsonTyler Robertson5 months ago
  • Why did she throw away the potato not just wash it??????

    Alise LagaAlise Laga5 months ago
  • After I lost a big piece of my finger in a mandolin I get anxious watching people use it roughly

    Guilherme ScroccaroGuilherme Scroccaro6 months ago
  • Those do not look like ruffles (the actual original one), i guess it's because it's a different country?

    ViniGameplayViniGameplay6 months ago
  • lol I watched the video she watched and it led me here.

    Coleman HamiltonColeman Hamilton6 months ago
  • Claire at the start of the video: this will be really easy and I'm gonna be done by the end of the day Me: checks the time stamp Also me: no no honey this will be a disaster

    Jeanie MayJeanie May6 months ago
  • I’m sad that queso ruffles weren’t there

    Joaly RodriguezJoaly Rodriguez6 months ago
  • For God's sake don't use your hand to push a potato or anything else on a mandoline!

    Crispr TalkCrispr Talk6 months ago
  • "if you have to read the instructions it's too complicated" filling in for brad here, chris?

    Sofia KomarovSofia Komarov6 months ago
  • I love how Claire talks about how feared the french mandolin is because you can really do some damage, but then doesn't use the guide/hand guard, but her bare hand!

    K FallonK Fallon6 months ago
  • chris’ hairline looks so wavy almost like like a wavelength ok that was a bad pun was that even a pun i don’t even know 15:15

    euniceeunice6 months ago
    • Regardless, Chris is icky on so many levels. Not a fan.

      AnonAnon5 months ago
  • cheese and sour cream is the quintessential

    SavageSavage6 months ago
  • 25:57 What I see when I’m wearing a mask (I wear glasses)

    Natalie JimenezNatalie Jimenez6 months ago
  • nossa ela jogou a batata no lixo so pq caiu no chao

    Kelly RibeiroKelly Ribeiro6 months ago
  • All Dressed ... best chip flavor EVER.

    melanie stichlermelanie stichler6 months ago
  • gaby is so adorable! i love her positive vibe :)

    Marvin MillanMarvin Millan6 months ago
  • Dremel tool what's that that sounds like a made up word. Me screaming at the screen Jesus you stupid woman. They need another person doing these videos. I can't stand this chick.

    Elizabeth MayerElizabeth Mayer7 months ago
  • Claire was briefly Canadian?? How cool! By the way. Ruffles is one of my favourite potato chips. Excellent job with this recreation Claire :-)

    Nuno SoaresNuno Soares7 months ago
  • "I think crack is crack for your brain" - Claire Saffitz

    David AfanasievDavid Afanasiev7 months ago
  • Chris is like a proud dad xD

    Shirley LeeShirley Lee7 months ago
  • Whenever a snack tries to make a "better" version, it is always awful. Examples: cheetos puff cheezit snap ruffle double crunch

    Annabel EndicottAnnabel Endicott7 months ago
  • eating ruffles as i watch this....... life imitates art

    oh yeahoh yeah7 months ago
  • 5:31 I think William Osman can hook you up...... wait, nevermind

    cobytangcobytang7 months ago
  • Claire: I'm feeling pretty good about it. Me: *checks video length and chuckles*

    Zach ThompsonZach Thompson7 months ago
  • BBQ flavor!!!!!!!

    D KD K7 months ago
  • seeing claire used the tools to sharpen the blade is really making me remember my clinical years in dental school, like I used it everytime I polished my stainless steel crown to a perfect shape😂😂

    Tarine Aru AriadnoTarine Aru Ariadno7 months ago
  • All Dressed chips are Canada's greatest secret

    James HackJames Hack7 months ago

    Kat DucoffKat Ducoff7 months ago
  • Watching her use the mandolin without the protective handle gives me anxiety

    StorknivarnStorknivarn7 months ago
  • Can someone please give a BA kitchen lesson on how to use a french mandolin?

    xshinyfirexxshinyfirex7 months ago
  • I'm not one for ASMR, but all of the potato chip bag noises were so satisfying.

    M MM M7 months ago
  • Can u try re creating bounty

    reshma pmreshma pm7 months ago
  • my biggest mistake is watching this video without crisps

    deerdeer7 months ago
  • Wait, how do you go through culinary school without learning to sharpen?

    elcidbobelcidbob7 months ago
  • The all dressed are the BEST

    Amanda MertzAmanda Mertz7 months ago
  • Smh never any love for barbecue

    Garnet _gamingGarnet _gaming7 months ago
  • "A dozen and a half" and "one and a half dozen" is NOT the same thing ;)

    Hania PopowskaHania Popowska7 months ago
  • Claire foreshadowing the pandemic with her mouth and nose covering... o.o

    Hania PopowskaHania Popowska7 months ago
  • Does anyone know what brand or what the powder chopper is called I will like to buy one but struggling to find on amazon😂

    candacecandace7 months ago