11 Strict Rules Kardashian Jenner Force Their Kids To Follow

Apr 7, 2020
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To 'Regular' People These Kardashian Jenner Rules Are Crazy, But To Them, It's Normal
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If there’s one thing that Kardashians are good at, it’s breaking the rules, but that doesn’t mean their kids are allowed to do the same. The KUWTK clan may come off as a little harsh in front of their kids, but there’s a reason they’re so strict, even if their followers don’t think it’s fair. Just like every other kid in the world, the Kar-Jenner kids have to follow the rules. But have these rich and powerful reality TV moms crossed the line?
From Kylie Jenner to Kim Kardashian it has been their life’s goal to go against the norm, which explains their bold fashion choices and over-the-top lifestyle. But they’re not granting the same freedoms and liberties to their children, and that’s okay. The iconic TV family is living under the media’s proverbial microscope 24/7. This means that they have to set boundaries and enforce limits so that their children learn some self-control. That way, they’re less likely to engage in the type of risky behavior that will get their faces splattered all over the papers for all the wrong reasons.
And that’s a good thing for them to keep in mind because when your parents are reality stars, one little mishap can lead to embarrassing chaos and we all know Kris Jenner won't be happy with that. So, there’s no room for rule breaking or inappropriate behavior. Parenting rules ensure that kids are pushed towards success, and the name of the game in this family is to be successful and influential. So, wait until you hear about some of the Kardashian parenting rules that forces the kids to go through the wringer.
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  • I do

    Marian LuckenbillMarian Luckenbill19 hours ago
  • kourtney said no plastic in the house as she is plastic lol

    Emme CunninghamEmme Cunningham20 hours ago
  • Oop

    Kylie PoynorKylie PoynorDay ago
  • At the beginning the vine. Rise and shine

    Kylie PoynorKylie PoynorDay ago
  • When they said hat there is one rule that whoever the heck it was doesn't let slip up is no f word, I thought that is was going to be something else lol.

    SirAfk22SirAfk22Day ago
  • i drink from a baby bottle into i was 6 💀

    angela iriasangela iriasDay ago
  • Fat

    Thiera DeligentThiera DeligentDay ago
  • You like kylie or not but shes a great mother😻😻😻😻

    Nanan WouffNanan WouffDay ago
  • Anyone else see Kourtney holding a doll?

    Sienna FSienna FDay ago
  • Stormi has been outside millions of times. Wtf are y’all even talking about!

    Chanel BritfordChanel BritfordDay ago
  • Does travis realize that he said kids should be outside!? No tv and no outside.....

    Amanda HAmanda H2 days ago
  • Wont allow plastic toys but is fine with plastic under the skin.. slow claps.

    Arya RaghavanArya Raghavan2 days ago
  • I love Kylie because she's a GREAT mom and I love that Stormi isn't like a spoiled toddler she is just living a life like a normal toddler and Kylie is taking REALY good care of Kylie

    iiiAvanxi シiiiAvanxi シ2 days ago
  • Ok guys but can we agree that Courtney’s parenting is so good ? Especially the rule with the f word

    Sophia FrantziSophia Frantzi2 days ago
  • Of course no make-up north is only a Lille kid

    Meagan MoodyMeagan Moody2 days ago
  • All stormi does is watch tv💀

    Meagan MoodyMeagan Moody2 days ago
  • Kylies rules are all a false lol. Stormi watches trolls like every day.Kylie said that on her instagram story.And Stormi is allowed outside because Kylie and Travis have posted pictures of her outside.

    Lily SmithLily Smith2 days ago
  • 0:04

    yolanda hopkinsyolanda hopkins2 days ago
  • 00:4

    yolanda hopkinsyolanda hopkins2 days ago
  • 4

    yolanda hopkinsyolanda hopkins2 days ago
  • I drank from a baby bottle until I was 6 years old lol

    i can't choose a namei can't choose a name2 days ago
  • I strive to be a good mother just like kourtney . That’s so cute and she’s so right also the kids look soooo much like scott

    Arianna DesireeArianna Desiree2 days ago
  • the tings they say are so wrongggggg

    Sarah De MilSarah De Mil2 days ago
  • Why does kylie with brown hair look like inquisitormaster aka Alex when Alex had brown hair

    Jordie WoodsJordie Woods2 days ago
  • Some of thease are lies stormi gets to go outside and everything ugh THEASE ARE LIES

    Te'zha LindseyTe'zha Lindsey2 days ago
  • You know kylie's is a good mother buying her kids all that stuff travis Scott is her dad them she really spoiled

    Tahir HasanTahir Hasan3 days ago
  • 7:00 that's true.

    125 Percent125 Percent3 days ago
  • Not really a fan, but the title is misleading af.

    Muhammad ZainMuhammad Zain3 days ago
  • I love Courtney’s rules 🥰

    Karla’s tarot Card readingKarla’s tarot Card reading3 days ago
  • Everyone knows that Kylie was butt ugly before surgery

    P SlP Sl3 days ago
  • That child need sunlight just like everyone

    P SlP Sl3 days ago
  • They are just looking out for their kids I agree with a lot of these things to be honest

    Samara SmithSamara Smith4 days ago
  • They aren't playing outside as much... maybe you should let your daughter go outside.. and then she might not wanna watch tv as much

    Jody BeckJody Beck4 days ago
  • Kourtney won't use a microwave but will sit on her phone 24/7 🙄

    Leeanne MasonLeeanne Mason4 days ago
  • I saw a video that stormi was watching travis scout consert

    Sindy Gutierrez GrijalvaSindy Gutierrez Grijalva4 days ago
  • she lets storm watch tv too stormis favorite movie is trolls and the minions-

    Paola LincouPaola Lincou4 days ago
  • I think I should start applying some rules to the kids I live with 😊

    PN SibiyaPN Sibiya4 days ago
  • She has a right not wanting her kids to see that it’s not a positive word nobody will ever want to use that word against everybody because all of the Kardashians are beautiful and perfect in the same ways they are always be fine and everybody has a perfect side of their body

    Janeth MoraJaneth Mora5 days ago
  • This video is pointless all of the Kardashians have a good reason for other strict rules and I don’t think Kylie Kardashian was being strict when she said she doesn’t want stormy to go outside she just doesn’t want stormy to be in the spot like like she did when she was a little kid she wants to I need to grow up with a normal childhood and not want her to be able to get a hold of cameras in the film all the time she just wants the best for a little girl also the reason for saying that she wants stormy not to go outside it’s because she always grew up like that she doesn’t want stormy to grow up like she did because we all know that Kylie Jenner never liked the way she grew up she said her parents were fantastic parents but she never wanted to grow up with fame

    Janeth MoraJaneth Mora5 days ago
  • All these are not true so stop making these videos

    Indigo denderIndigo dender5 days ago
  • When she said no f word I thought she ment the other bad word

    guineapigs lifeguineapigs life5 days ago
  • I slept in the same room as my brother but I slept by my self when I was three but when my aunt and uncle and cousin and nieces moved in I had to sleep with my parents I was mad so I sneaked to the living room and slept on the couch with my brother

    Cecilia LopezCecilia Lopez5 days ago
  • You have some weird obsession with the Kardashians, especially with those “scrict rules that the kardashians have to follow”.

    Michelle #blacklivesmatterMichelle #blacklivesmatter5 days ago
  • Call them strict or not they are doing what they can to protect there children

    Monee FrettMonee Frett5 days ago
  • Kourtney has more environmental and health related things but when it comes to *behaving...*

    SimplyxSassySimplyxSassy5 days ago
  • kourtney is such the mvp

    Isla&Lily !!Isla&Lily !!5 days ago
  • How phonie,about all their rules!!How about respect??The way they all talk to their mom!!Shut the f..k up!Your stupid ,and so on .Especially Khloe the filthiest mouth of them all!!

    Sandra GurrolaSandra Gurrola6 days ago

    Kelly Rose PwilsonKelly Rose Pwilson6 days ago
  • I love their unique names Edit. Love kylie

  • Thāt rūdę

    Monireach FamilyMonireach Family6 days ago
  • Wym this is kinda making them good parents

    Illeana LopstainIlleana Lopstain6 days ago
  • None of this is true I’m a huge fan of Kylie and I see them watching movies on movie night I’m going outside in the pool look on her Instagram look on her TickTock just look none of these are true

    Isabelle Kouakou-ZebouahIsabelle Kouakou-Zebouah6 days ago
  • I never even had a microwave

    Wiktoria MikołajczykWiktoria Mikołajczyk6 days ago
  • Kourtney’s kids are bad as hell. 😭

    Surprised AsianSurprised Asian6 days ago
  • Mason is sooo fat thouGh

    Wendy CalderonWendy Calderon6 days ago
  • Why does she say miiiicrowaveeee it is so weird 🤔

    The Founders Game ShowThe Founders Game Show7 days ago
  • travis scott: kids dont play outside anymore isnt stormi not allowed to go outside??????

    Bhakti TunkiwalaBhakti Tunkiwala8 days ago
  • Kylie Jenner (2) Kendall Jenner (0) Khloe Kardashian (1) Rob Kardashian (1) Kim Kardashian (2) Kourtney Kardashian (5) Kris Jenner (0)

    Demon BonDemon Bon8 days ago
  • Wait so Travis Scott said people are on technology and nobody plays outside anymore but she’s not aloud outside

    Atyana CrosbyAtyana Crosby8 days ago
  • Can’t admit but they are still good parent’s and care for their children a lot and their children show’s love🥺🥰

    Angelia and MoonAngelia and Moon8 days ago
  • what kind of parent wouldn't let their kids outside, i'm allowed to bike to my friends' house by myself. just have to be back at 7:30. and kids should choose if they want to wear makeup. I'M 11 AND I CAN BIKE AROUND, WEAR MAKEUP, AND PLAY A HEATHLEY AMOUNT OF VIDEOGAMES! this mother is just stupid. really, really stupid

    Esther KennedyEsther Kennedy9 days ago
  • I have been drinking a baby bottle since 6 now I dont but who cares its their choice not yours when you have your own baby people may judge your baby too so dont judge

    m i s t y h x r i x o nm i s t y h x r i x o n9 days ago
  • It dosn't mean people are famous mean you can talk about thum that's rude did they aloud you to talk about thum your lucky YT didin't kick you out.

    lori tunelori tune9 days ago
  • kim is such a good mom, better then kylie

    liselot jasmijnliselot jasmijn9 days ago
  • saint is literally the dream kid. he really lives up to his name

    {}{}10 days ago
  • Some of them are pretty extreme but some of them are just so caring

    nuzhat nusaibanuzhat nusaiba10 days ago
  • North n dream r the cutest

    laura maltezlaura maltez10 days ago
  • They all get cheated on

    laura maltezlaura maltez10 days ago
  • All the time I wanted to live like a kardashian child but now.....no

    Arnesh RudraArnesh Rudra10 days ago
  • kylie should not be a mother to popular

    Chris DempseyChris Dempsey10 days ago
  • good rules

    carlycharlie gillibrandcarlycharlie gillibrand11 days ago
  • amazing

    ethiostudioethiostudio11 days ago
  • Anybody else just wheezing at the title-

    Rebecca RooneyRebecca Rooney11 days ago
  • “I don’t want storms to go outside” “kids are always on their iPads they need to go outside” hahahaha

    Angelina NguyenAngelina Nguyen11 days ago
  • J

    RandomnessRandomness11 days ago
  • Kylie: i want my child to live a normal childhood ( Thats what they said) Also kylie: gives her child more than 300$ stufff No hate!

    Eva OrtizEva Ortiz11 days ago
  • My little brother drinks from a bottle and he is 5 years old

    Rayad PersaudRayad Persaud11 days ago
  • North,chicago,stormy,true. like wth they have the most unique names lol love it

    Siri RobloxSiri Roblox11 days ago
  • Whole season went to go look at masons tiktoks

    Haley WhiteHaley White12 days ago
  • Couldn’t care less about these shape-shifting man-lizards.

    Safiel ManongiSafiel Manongi13 days ago