11 Strict Rules Kardashian Jenner Force Their Kids To Follow

Apr 7, 2020
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To 'Regular' People These Kardashian Jenner Rules Are Crazy, But To Them, It's Normal
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If there’s one thing that Kardashians are good at, it’s breaking the rules, but that doesn’t mean their kids are allowed to do the same. The KUWTK clan may come off as a little harsh in front of their kids, but there’s a reason they’re so strict, even if their followers don’t think it’s fair. Just like every other kid in the world, the Kar-Jenner kids have to follow the rules. But have these rich and powerful reality TV moms crossed the line?
From Kylie Jenner to Kim Kardashian it has been their life’s goal to go against the norm, which explains their bold fashion choices and over-the-top lifestyle. But they’re not granting the same freedoms and liberties to their children, and that’s okay. The iconic TV family is living under the media’s proverbial microscope 24/7. This means that they have to set boundaries and enforce limits so that their children learn some self-control. That way, they’re less likely to engage in the type of risky behavior that will get their faces splattered all over the papers for all the wrong reasons.
And that’s a good thing for them to keep in mind because when your parents are reality stars, one little mishap can lead to embarrassing chaos and we all know Kris Jenner won't be happy with that. So, there’s no room for rule breaking or inappropriate behavior. Parenting rules ensure that kids are pushed towards success, and the name of the game in this family is to be successful and influential. So, wait until you hear about some of the Kardashian parenting rules that forces the kids to go through the wringer.
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  • I love how they say they “forbid” people to do this and that around their kids like they different from most moms. There are certain things I don’t allow people to say around my kid either.

    Brittany AnneBrittany Anne2 hours ago
  • Me thinking I dint know you can breastfeed from plastic

    James. Charles Idol x.James. Charles Idol x.13 hours ago
  • Rules I make my doll follow as my daughter. 1. Absolutely no germs. 2. No phones. Edits below: 3. Super tight guest list. 4. Eat healthy. 5. No plastic. 6. Smoothies. 7. Having a super strict sleep schedule. 8. No talking to new partners intill it is serious. 9. Traveling with Stroni’s mom, Riley. 10. Don’t talk to the paparazzi. 11. Don’t say the f word, fat. 12.Positive vibes only. 13. Riley’s the boss. 14. Get a job. 15. Limited screen time. 16. Be organized. 17. No bottle drinking for Stroni. 18. No makeup for Stroni. 19. Don’t mess up the laundry. 20. Stay in the neighborhood. 21. Stroni stays private. 22. Gluten-and-dairy free diet. 23.Don’t say the “a” word aunty to Taraji’s mom. 24. Sleep stylish. 25. Stroni has to listen to her dad, Tragin Swoss. 26. Keep the furniture spotless. Those are the rules I make my doll Stroni follow as she is my daughter. Well I am still a kid. I had to go back and edit once I sent this comment on the rule super tight guest list. But I will put the word edit to tell everyone that I went back to my comment. There, I did it, why? I mean, who gives their children or child three rules? So I definitely had to edit this. By the way, if I said strict rules, the rules I said are not strict rules, a lot of families do this. For example, the Kardashian Jenners. So now I have rules for my doll Stroni Fromer.

    Riley EvodiusRiley Evodius15 hours ago
  • Kylie isn’t being strict she’s protecting stormi

    Zennia AZennia ADay ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/g7zfROWccFM-video.html

    insurance specialistinsurance specialistDay ago
  • Wait why do you like to talk about them your so obsessed with the Kardashions

    Sanibunny HeheSanibunny HeheDay ago
  • Yes

    Maryam Al RahbiMaryam Al RahbiDay ago
  • Normal childhood? more like luxurious childhood

    Joyce DongJoyce Dong2 days ago
  • The Kardashian-Jenners are totally incredible mothers, they are a very great example for other parents who are not sure about their parenting methods.

    Oceanne TavárezOceanne Tavárez3 days ago
  • No microwaves I use that everyday

    Ella SyhakhounElla Syhakhoun3 days ago
  • Kylie is not being strict. She is being a wonderul mother. she is being protective and i love that.

    Adia LaFayeAdia LaFaye3 days ago
  • True is ADORABLE

    Amelia CotreauAmelia Cotreau4 days ago
  • Glad I’m not the only one with no microwave

    Dino NuggiesDino Nuggies4 days ago
  • The Kardashians are the best moms ever

    `sensu ``sensu `4 days ago
  • Kylie is a great mom and she show us youth to one day be good parents like her

    Esther MukwayanzoEsther Mukwayanzo5 days ago
  • i feel like paparazzi should chill tf out. these are humans. they have familys. like, i know they are just going to use pictures for money-

    celesteceleste6 days ago
  • My baby brother that is 8 months that watches coco melon 247

    Yara BissarYara Bissar6 days ago
  • She is literally acting as if the kardashain-jenners are so like bad when there just trying protect there kids like wha-

    spongebobspongebob6 days ago
  • That’s actually a good idea. Well done Kylie x

    Libby BerryLibby Berry7 days ago
  • Jk the best vid ever ❤❤❤🤩

    Sine TiniSine Tini7 days ago
  • Boring ugh😑😱😡

    Sine TiniSine Tini7 days ago
  • What about u look flawless lol

    VraskoskyVraskosky7 days ago
  • I still use microwaves but in my house we have a toaster over and are not allowed to heat up food in plastic containers

    K'Andra BennettK'Andra Bennett8 days ago
  • Kylie rule for no tv to stromy is fake because there is a tiktok of kylie watching tv

    Mashup remixMashup remix9 days ago
  • I honestly feel like Kourtney is just so reasonable

    Bongiwe NkosiBongiwe Nkosi9 days ago
  • I have never come slept before

    Pastor Anderson MadhamuPastor Anderson Madhamu9 days ago
  • Kylie is such a good mother bc not letting her child outside is good for her child and ppl spend a lot of time on screens and Kylie doesn’t want that for Stormi. On the other hand if Kendall had kids I think it would be 2 boys bc she seems like a boy momma :3

    Debbie BartmannDebbie Bartmann10 days ago
  • I think court nets rules are good I don't mine

    Ellie HebenEllie Heben10 days ago
  • I know you guys will think I am crazy but what it Trolls

    Munachi ObiMunachi Obi11 days ago
  • But how can she play outside if she is not aloud tberw

    Sarah GostanianSarah Gostanian11 days ago
  • With all their drama it’s hard to believe they would be so good at being mothers. They’ve really matured.

    .°Eππe¥uex™ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ.°Eππe¥uex™ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ11 days ago
  • i think they are all good parents

    yo yo yo want sum chicken 2 goyo yo yo want sum chicken 2 go11 days ago
  • The Kardashians make parenting seem easy Kim forgetting her daughter 😂

    yashika pathakyashika pathak11 days ago
  • We are the world. Kylie Jenner song is out. American beauty by Tamara on USkeys.

    Patrick MasikaPatrick Masika11 days ago
  • I say they are all great moms aside kendell cause she doesn't have a kidyet but i like how kourtney said "don't say that in front of my daughter" and i think that is not a bad rule it probally is the best

  • It was a stormy day in north west, Chicago. Masons dream came true. He met a saint

    Melwin D'SouzaMelwin D'Souza12 days ago
  • Excuse me but who asked

    Julie KeinJulie Kein13 days ago
  • How do you actually know all like all of this? Lies! Likely!

    Lexie ToddLexie Todd13 days ago
  • You can say anything you want about the Kardashian-Jenners, but they slay the parenting game.

    Angelica LapinidAngelica Lapinid13 days ago
  • I feel bad for Kylie because she just wants her child to have a normal life but ppl are creeps and rude above her house!

    Maddalee ButtsMaddalee Butts14 days ago
  • Wait kourtney said no plastic things right but why was she holding a plastic doll and her baby with a plastic baby?

    Maria RamosMaria Ramos14 days ago
  • When it was talking about the baby 🍼 I was like well don’t tell someone how to raise the child u can raise ur how ever u want when u grown up but don’t tell anyone how to raise there child

    Sara GodinezSara Godinez14 days ago
  • Why no one is talking about kourtney she is teaching her kids about body positivity.. every one talking about kylie

    Anshu.Anshu.14 days ago
    • You also gotta think because Kylie is the youngest so it's really special that she is a genuinly a good and GEORGES mother!

      Micah Munoz (Student)Micah Munoz (Student)3 days ago

      Neha SharmaNeha Sharma9 days ago
    • Rise and shine

  • Wtf am I watching?

    Humboldt420Humboldt42014 days ago
  • That's not strict

    Annaleigh HolmesAnnaleigh Holmes14 days ago
  • i wish kourtney was my mom

    BurgerLord666BurgerLord66616 days ago
  • literally kylie is the best mother out of all of them. i do all tho love how kourtney forbids the “f” word as in fat. body positivity is so good for kids. im glad she’s teaching them at an early age.

    brea xxlbrea xxl16 days ago
  • They cont haw a happy life withe a spuild mom Me Smart

    Nadia NadiaNadia Nadia16 days ago

    Nivedita PanigrahiNivedita Panigrahi16 days ago
  • I feel like they follow the money. Money is good. They money . Money follows them..

  • I basically drank milk till 6. It didn’t take any less time than normal for anything else. Just saying

    Zoya AbbasiZoya Abbasi17 days ago
    • Zoya Abbasi same

      Manvir KaurManvir Kaur15 days ago
  • I’m sorry I did not mean dog I meant doll

    Elizabeth ArizmendiElizabeth Arizmendi17 days ago
  • Dont get fooled they may be showed as good mothers but they are not even close . They are bad mothers and they shouldnt have children there kids will grow up with mental problems

    Emmeleia VasilopoulouEmmeleia Vasilopoulou17 days ago
  • Ewww why her lips look like that

    Jennifer RuizJennifer Ruiz17 days ago
  • She doesn't let her outside when she was born and this year because her birthday is more in the year and on march or april the virus started so she never letted her outside just to protect

    Rozsa BogdanRozsa Bogdan17 days ago
  • Stormi upside so cute🥺🥺🥺😍🥺

    Heidi MohammedHeidi Mohammed18 days ago
  • Stormi cant go outside but she also can't watch tv? I mean i dont think she has any technology yet so what is she supposed to do all day?

    【sad.fairy】【sad.fairy】18 days ago
  • We 🖤 u kylie

    Binal GohelBinal Gohel19 days ago
  • Is her kids name storm st and shacago? CoRrEcT

    softie queensoftie queen19 days ago
    • Correct me

      softie queensoftie queen19 days ago
    • Corr6me

      softie queensoftie queen19 days ago
  • The Kardashians and Jenner's might not be great people, but they are certainly wonderful and caring parents

    Aadrika AaruniAadrika Aaruni19 days ago
  • When they said f word i tought they meant fu*k not fat lol but Ok it’s good to have body positivity

    Bigbrain 2006Bigbrain 200619 days ago
  • You can love them, you can hate them but u gotta respect them. I mean I don’t love them but I don’t hate them. They are doing the right thing for their kids and preparing them for the brutal world that the kar-jenners know better than any celebrity

    jessica beardsleyjessica beardsley20 days ago
  • Thats a lie, the mother and the girls talked disrespectful to the Bruce Jenner all the time,. They are all spoiled brats

    Anna SoucekAnna Soucek20 days ago
  • I think what she's doing is right cus kids have a good way of keeping bad words and she's protecting her kids.

    Elizabeth UtojubaElizabeth Utojuba20 days ago
  • shes not rude or bad not letting her baby outside..shes protecting her child from LITERALLY BEING SPIED ON, and and she does have a little tv as well.

    Evergreen SproutsEvergreen Sprouts21 day ago
  • Wait some people r saying that kourtneys kids r the most disrespectful rude etc what do y’all mean what have they done

    Caroline_14 GraceCaroline_14 Grace21 day ago
  • I love stormi and she's cute and I don't blame Kylie she's protecting her from the bad

    Vicky ShieldsVicky Shields21 day ago
  • 4:10 hold up, wait a minute, somethin aint right

    RiskedRisked21 day ago
  • me on a ipad and not going outside because of corona YeS SiR

    -Tox!c-Tox!c22 days ago
  • One day they’re kids will find out how much plastic they are for real...

    Izzymelon xxIzzymelon xx22 days ago
  • So no “f” word Food,fork,flop,flipping,flip I don’t get it really

    Izzymelon xxIzzymelon xx22 days ago
  • NO MICROWAVE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! No offence but that’s bad

    Izzymelon xxIzzymelon xx22 days ago
  • Kylie is not being strick about not letting stromie go outside she is protecting her from the social media

    Izzymelon xxIzzymelon xx22 days ago
  • Who here is older than all of the Kardashian’s kids

    Izzymelon xxIzzymelon xx22 days ago
  • Kardasyanlarin hepsinin ... buyuk

    Moon LightMoon Light22 days ago
  • Kylie and kourt and smart (my opinion)

    Darwin WattersonDarwin Watterson22 days ago
  • 9:04 I really appreciate this but it's really rude not saying "fat" but saying "skinny" because not only fat people are getting bullied but skinny people too(personally me, I was bullied because I am skinny).

    Tamara MilosavljevićTamara Milosavljević22 days ago
  • A normal childhood inside? Why doesn't she just get a sun shade in the yard

    Guy IncognitoGuy Incognito23 days ago
  • How come whatever she said no plastic toys she was lying in bed with the little girl that had a dog that had a plastic head💁🏻‍♀️

    Elizabeth ArizmendiElizabeth Arizmendi23 days ago
  • She's protecting Stormi by not letitimg her outside

    •Avacodo._. Bxch••Avacodo._. Bxch•23 days ago
    • bc of the new virus

      Rozsa BogdanRozsa Bogdan17 days ago
  • There is nothing wrong with these rules. It’s their child, their life ,and their business.

    Gina JGina J24 days ago
  • Ngl I kinda agree with kylie like a 2 yr old should want to play with toys not things that will rot her brain

    Joy AriyeyeJoy Ariyeye24 days ago
  • bruh kylie is the the best mother

    Layla GomezLayla Gomez24 days ago
  • And there is another one Kourtney lets her older child only 15 min on electronics per day

    sxd_Odette Baddie and Glamsxd_Odette Baddie and Glam24 days ago
  • As I grow up I hope when I become a rapper I hope that I don’t have to follow strict rules because I’m too sensitive I cry easily.

    Anjani SegobindAnjani Segobind25 days ago
  • Idk why drinking from a bottle at 3 is bad my sister is 4 and she still does even my 9 y/o friend

    Arianny Bicalho3362Arianny Bicalho336225 days ago
  • Soleen Hutalla Aguda #HTV300kGIVEAWAY

    Phoebel Soleen AgudaPhoebel Soleen Aguda25 days ago
  • I used a baby bottle till I was 5. It doesn’t make you childish and there isn’t a rule saying you can’t drink from it after the age of 2. So why do people gotta be so annoying? Like is it harming you? No so don’t give your unwanted opinion.

    Chris VeigaChris Veiga25 days ago
  • she is the best mother lol

    Evan BecotteEvan Becotte25 days ago
  • so stormi cant go outside to play she cant do anything but play with toys in the house FOREVER

    Alison MarshAlison Marsh25 days ago
  • Stop freaking cosleeping. All it takes is one roll over and boom, baby is gone. Common sense.

    Hunka Hunka Burning ReviewsHunka Hunka Burning Reviews25 days ago
  • Girl when they talk about the bottle I got so mad like I stop drinking my bottle when I was 10 yea I didn’t drink it all the time but yes everyday I still do sometimes and nothing happen to me so stf

    Victoria MorenoVictoria Moreno26 days ago
  • this video makes them seem so mean but their not

    Jorja C-LJorja C-L26 days ago
  • Travis quote kids don’t go outside storming can’t

    Cece CruiseCece Cruise26 days ago
  • Okay SOO the tv thinggy was weired

    Shanks ShanksShanks Shanks26 days ago
  • When I was two years old or like five moths but I still don’t have that much even not a ear piercing

    Sophie SoSophie So26 days ago
  • Geez let the child get some FrEsH aIr

    Mrs fasionistaMrs fasionista27 days ago
  • I don't know why but in this video as I see Stormi I thought about Kulture too and they look slightly a bit like each other not that much.

    Halley HernandezHalley Hernandez28 days ago
  • The breakable turtle subsequently itch because throne unequivocally alert astride a illegal loaf. classy, redundant line

    luke yazluke yaz28 days ago
  • Strict? Stop masking her look bad she’s just being a good mom protecting her child

    Serendipity_ føxSerendipity_ føx28 days ago