Bride Is First To Ever To Try On Edgy New Gown | Say Yes To The Dress

Sep 27, 2020
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Shavonne is a fashionista who knows what style to wear on her big day but will her bridal appointment change her mind about what she wants.
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  • I would love to see her actual wedding dress, I’m sure it’s a show stopper for a sassy woman.

    Google GoogleGoogle Google2 minutes ago
  • What a great family! Mother and daughter were adorable

    TaraTara29 minutes ago
  • The first dress would be a nice to wear when leaving the wedding if the bottom layer was removed

    Lisa MylynnLisa Mylynn2 hours ago
  • Wow, the dress she chose as "the one" made my jaw drop. Looked amazing on her, and I normally would not go for sleek and modern with a huge bow like that!

    Katherine RogersonKatherine Rogerson5 hours ago
  • Her smile,,,,😍

    Titania RacquelTitania Racquel6 hours ago
  • The first dress' top and the sleeves was what I loved! That's my style but they were right- not bridal enough but damn!!! That last dress was *whistles*.

    shona sharmashona sharma6 hours ago
  • Lovely family, especially the mother. What a nice lady.

    MJ RemyMJ Remy17 hours ago
  • I don't like the bottom..but the top is cool.

    stacy frazierbauerstacy frazierbauer20 hours ago
  • I like the ones with the cool gowns my fave. Who wants to be ordinary?? Not me...😉

    stacy frazierbauerstacy frazierbauer20 hours ago
  • I love this family

    lauren mshiulauren mshiu20 hours ago
  • The bride is absolutely gorgeous,

    Sandra KaramouzisSandra Karamouzis21 hour ago
  • I love her mom she was cracking me up the whole video

    Sophie SpragueSophie Sprague21 hour ago
  • First one was stunning are u kidding me

    krrlie Carrskrrlie Carrs21 hour ago
  • Are eyebrows supposed to have that much space between, mom?🤣

    Nissah FlemingNissah Fleming23 hours ago
  • Her skin is flawless

    larlar23 hours ago
  • Omg the second dress tho, gorgeous.

    Marian TorresMarian TorresDay ago
  • She was looking drop dead gorgeous on that first dress❤️

  • Oh my god.. I did love the first one on her, with the long sleeves, like it was made for her. BUT, this one with that bow on the hip, that's incredible. She's a beautiful bride. The employee that helped her was really good also. She picked her out some spot on dresses.

    BostongirlBostongirlDay ago
  • That dress looks like it was made for her body. I love it on her But ...the very low front, if there was just a little piece of material going across the cleavage part , I would think it was the most perfect dress. Whoever designed this ,,hats off to you. Wow.. so many Brides today all have their shoulders and arms bare. The dress she put on, with the long sleeves looks so classy and elegant..

    BostongirlBostongirlDay ago
  • The bride looks like iris west allen

    La LaLa LaDay ago
  • Does anyone else think she sounds like James Charles

    Pooja MishraPooja MishraDay ago
  • The way those ladies watched her when she walked out, omg!!

    TheEggySortTheEggySortDay ago
  • Forget the dress..her name is Shavonne and her mom's name is mom's name is Shavonne and my grandma's (HER MOM) name is....WAIT FOR IT....YVONNE! *MIND BLOWN

    Shanice CushinberryShanice CushinberryDay ago
  • She's so beautiful, I was expecting Bridezilla vibes but she's the prettiest And nicest bride I've seen on here. Lucky man her hubby!

    cynthiaholland13cynthiaholland132 days ago
  • I feel like the ballgown would be better if it had a sleek mermaid skirt. The tulle skirt clashes with the modern bodice.

    Kirra BullingerKirra Bullinger2 days ago
  • that final dress she chose is very pretty. she looks beautiful in it.

    Lynne JonesLynne Jones2 days ago
  • That dress would've looked better fitted then swan at the bottom with the same material from the top to the bottom. The bottom of that dress just didn't go with the top at all!

    lovettetlblovettetlb2 days ago
    • The first dress

      lovettetlblovettetlb2 days ago
  • She's so likable 💕

    Jennie BlackJennie Black2 days ago
  • When I saw this dress in the thumbnail I was like omg that’s perfect for her... BUT THAT SKIRT HONEY..... they needed to customize that skirt... it was literally her aesthetic and style.. I wish the whole dress was sleek with the same material Edit: THANK GOD SHE DIDNT GO WITH LACE I WAS SO WORRIED FINISHING THIS VIDEO🤣🤣🤣🤣

    tyler prophetetyler prophete2 days ago
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  • Mannnnnnn that first dress was made for her .

    Crystal GonzalezCrystal Gonzalez2 days ago
  • the first dress was amazing on the top but the bottom part should’ve have another layer of tule or be a single layer

    Sofia RiveraSofia Rivera2 days ago
    • Definitely! It was beautiful just that weird cut off mid way through ruined it

      Yennefer UKYennefer UK2 days ago
  • This mama got me in tears😂

    Laura Beth HardestyLaura Beth Hardesty2 days ago
  • She is a stunning bride to begin with😲...she would look amazing in anything. The upper torso of the dress is a classic and beautiful design for her👰.

    M GM G2 days ago
  • She looks great on everything but the 1st gown is made for her👍

    Mary Ann PinedaMary Ann Pineda2 days ago
  • I love it! She looks fabulous! It was so her. She should get the dress she likes not what they want to see her in.

    Leesa AllmeeLeesa Allmee2 days ago
  • The first dress was stunning...the 2nd one, spectacular!! Mom’s you keep forgetting it is not your day.

    Paulette BillyPaulette Billy2 days ago
  • She is beautiful and looks good in everything. And her mother was so lovely.

    PennyPiePennyPie3 days ago
  • That first dress is cute......if Pnina Tornai would've stopped at the first skirt or had only the bottom skirt Cus with both layers it's god awful.

    Morgana VitaMorgana Vita3 days ago
  • My dress is literally like the dress she chose just without the bow. Ugh so happy to finally see one of those simple beauties. I had to smile seeing it and I can’t wait to wear it !!! Also looking like this woman you can wear ANY kind of dress. She’s simply beautiful

    Stay TrueStay True3 days ago
  • Queen needed a plain satin gown, form fitting with elegant long sleeves

    megmeg3 days ago
  • ok her fiancé looks like he’s 30 years older than her-

    Natalie StahulakNatalie Stahulak3 days ago
    • I'm thinking he's young at heart and Wealthy.

      cynthiaholland13cynthiaholland132 days ago
  • I love watching this family.. calm and kind ❤️❤️

    Bliss BailongBliss Bailong3 days ago
  • That first dress’s top was EVERYTHING! Im so sad they didnt go with that and just changed the bottom, but she clearly has great taste. The dress she chose was beautifuuuul as well!

    ele Papelashviliele Papelashvili3 days ago
  • The first dress was so beautiful i'm kinda pressed she didn't say yes like.... wha... WHAT. but we team bride so 😤

    Pandora_ChanPandora_Chan3 days ago
  • The 1st dress maybe for a winter wonderland theme wedding but not a garden wedding.

    SaraE78 DallasTXSaraE78 DallasTX3 days ago
  • She's so nice and beautiful, but I love her mom even more. Gorgeous family!

    DesdemonaDesdemona4 days ago
  • Mum’s gorgeous yeah.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💕good on ya mum so much love ❤️ for your girl god bless you all.

    Susan WillsSusan Wills4 days ago
  • Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

    Day TaDay Ta4 days ago
  • The top of the first dress; the lines and angles were GORGEOUS!😍 Let’s forget about the bottom🙃

    Naziza ZamalNaziza Zamal4 days ago
  • she was made for that lipstick orange red colour, shes just stunning holy

    Mimosa HMimosa H4 days ago
  • If it was just 1 piece straight down not little bits at a time that would be bomb!!!

    Xxmiamoo_ xXXxmiamoo_ xX4 days ago
  • Watching all these videos makes me wanna go alone to try on dresses if I ever get engaged 😂

    Carly WalkerCarly Walker5 days ago
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    Ella BrooklynElla Brooklyn5 days ago
  • She honestly looks so popstar, ykwim?

    Rozel BernardinoRozel Bernardino5 days ago
  • That girl is KILLING IT in that dress ! It's so not my vibe, but its her vibe x10😍

    Kami BeckmannKami Beckmann5 days ago
  • She is far too self destroys the outer beauty to its bone😭

    EliEli5 days ago
    • @Christina Starks ok:)

      EliEli5 days ago
    • no she's not

      Christina StarksChristina Starks5 days ago
  • I'm convinced Pnina secretly hates women

    Suzette BeersinghSuzette Beersingh5 days ago
  • Omg! Stunning! Edit: love the last one!

    slab6046slab60465 days ago
  • I think this bride is way to stuck on herself , she rubs me the wrong way and what is that goldish yellowish color thing hanging off her shoulder ? She thinks she's so fabulous , all she is is about herself herself herself ! I feel sorry for her husband ......

    Margrette M. WilsonMargrette M. Wilson5 days ago
  • All dresses were looking grt on her

    Kiran VidaanKiran Vidaan5 days ago
  • Goodness shes absolutely flawless ♡ bright smile and bright personality! Btw love the dresses and her people were hella supportive! Bless her marriage!

    A ShihabA Shihab5 days ago
  • I’m convinced she wore that dress better than the model. She was stunniiiiing in that gown

    Alyssa HoilaAlyssa Hoila5 days ago
  • Is that the American spelling of Siobhán?

    Michele O'SullivanMichele O'Sullivan6 days ago
  • A Seeking Arrangement success story 🥺❤️

    Miss ThingMiss Thing6 days ago
  • I don’t understand why the moms state their opinion; it’s not your wedding. Just keep your dislike to yourself and support whichever one your daughter likes. It’s HER wedding!

    Mona KiranMona Kiran6 days ago
  • She looks, acts and sounds just like Jasmine Tookes!

    Mona KiranMona Kiran6 days ago
  • I agree with the guests that first dress is terrible the top is lovely. The bottom on the other hand is choppy would have looks better with less extreme layering but as is I can think of this old duster (for dust) we used to have when I was younger. Not flattering at all! The dress she chose though looks fabulous though may not be super elaborate, comtrasting or funky like the others were but it looks great on her.

    SlytherinclawSlytherinclaw6 days ago
  • She looks like a Barbie, she can wear anything.

    FacheChanteDeuxFacheChanteDeux6 days ago
  • Why is no one talking about that weird yellow thing on her shoulder?! Looks ugly fake and horrible!

    Rawan HomsiRawan Homsi6 days ago
  • If it was just one even layer at the bottom it would be amazing.

    Steph WillerSteph Willer6 days ago
  • So sorry it’s really horrible

    Cathy MiskellaCathy Miskella7 days ago
  • She looks sooo beautiful in that first dress!!!!

    Wuendo. SWuendo. S7 days ago
  • She’s so pretty!

    xoprisibrxoprisibr7 days ago
  • The first dress’s top was absolutely stunning on her but the bottom was atrocious

    NoNo7 days ago
  • I wonder if the bride gets a cut for wearing Paninas gowns

    kama namakama nama7 days ago
  • That engagement ring! Whoa!

    powers1217powers12177 days ago
  • Yeah the first dress looked nice on her, but it didn't give me the impression of "the wedding" dress. The last dress looked perfect on her and really gives off the vibe of her getting married if that makes sense aha

    gellichan09gellichan097 days ago
  • Why does she remind me James Charles? She’s so gorgeous though

    Karen MercadoKaren Mercado7 days ago
  • She looks like iris from the flash

    D OD O7 days ago
  • She is the most BEAUTIFUL BRIDE I have ever seen! And the dress with the big bow , really IS THE ONE.

    EstefaníaEstefanía7 days ago
  • She s so beautiful

    Andreja DimitrijevicAndreja Dimitrijevic8 days ago
  • If the front was lifted (like when she walked out) it would be 👍🏻

    Google GoogleGoogle Google8 days ago
  • Ah see seems lovely....

    Google GoogleGoogle Google8 days ago
  • She could go in a brown sack and still look gorgeous

    gi822gi8228 days ago
  • It would have been so much easier if the family was inside the dressing room. So she wouldnt have to keep going in and out again and again. I know my mom would do just that

    junggukie kookiejunggukie kookie8 days ago
  • It’s like that tuxedo dress was made for her!

    Amy NguyenAmy Nguyen8 days ago
  • I also had the vibe with the firsy dress. I can feel I could be friends with this woman.

    KittypurryKittypurry8 days ago
  • Que mulher linda!!!

    Bárbara NogueiraBárbara Nogueira8 days ago
  • she wore tf outta that first dress, but the bottom layer was jus throwing it off but regardless of it she still look gorgeous asf

    Cianna MooreCianna Moore8 days ago
  • With that figure, girl could wear a burlap sack and look amazing.

    Black WidowBlack Widow8 days ago
  • I love the mom 😏 she's cool.

    JC GanadenJC Ganaden8 days ago
  • It’s a beautiful dress. That ball gown is hideous. Lol

    Jalaya SJalaya S8 days ago
  • She is gorgeous and her dress is gorgeous too. Stunning!

    imikimi mimiimikimi mimi9 days ago
  • She looked AMAZING in that dress 😍

    DarlaDarla9 days ago
  • I personally didn't like any of the dresses, my dream dress would definetly be the (royal kentuky wedding) episode SO AMAZING

    Yemen VlogsYemen Vlogs9 days ago
  • That 1st dress is fire! I want to grey married again just because if that dress!

    Natalie WestbyNatalie Westby9 days ago
  • I really liked yhe dress they picked at the end.

    Empress BoaEmpress Boa9 days ago
  • Dang quarantine u made me watch random videos.! I kinda liked the first dress

    -Lyric- P R A N K S T E R-Lyric- P R A N K S T E R9 days ago
  • This woman looks good on anything!!!

    Sara ‘Sara ‘9 days ago