First Look at J. Jonah Jameson in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (4K)

Oct 23, 2020
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As part of our month of exclusive coverage of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, we're giving you a first look at the wall-crawler's least favorite Daily Bugle editor-in-chief and catching up with J. Jonah Jameson, himself!
If you're wanting more coverage of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, be sure to check out the playlist below featuring Miles' feline friend, a look at the game's first boss fight, and more:

  • Hi, there, I'm Mexican and I just started a new YT channel, buuuut actually I'm pretty good at this game, even in the highest difficulty (I'm about halfway), and the first one too, so if you want to see the most epic fights this game can show, here's my channel

    Braulio PachecoBraulio Pacheco8 days ago
  • Here just before this hits 1 mill views

    Saahim DoesSaahim Does9 days ago
  • All I hear from JJJ is Reinhardt

    MLG MCGMLG MCG13 days ago
  • "Low energy menace?" That's too easy? JJJ that's too weird LOL. He's a menace because of low energy? That makes as much sense as you being in a 🎅🏻 l suit

    Artisan1979Artisan197917 days ago
  • I like how Jonah doesn't react until he sees HIS Spider-Man swing by

    Artisan1979Artisan197917 days ago
  • 0:29

    Tyler WestTyler West17 days ago
  • Whos here after playing the game

    Sp00kzSp00kz17 days ago
  • *Miles passes by* Jonah: .... *Peter passes by* Jonah: MENACE

    TheBruhBus64TheBruhBus6418 days ago
  • JJJ: “He was here!! He was right here!!

    LittleJohnny117LittleJohnny11718 days ago
  • Seeing Spider-Man(Peter Parker) and Spider-Man(Miles Morales) joking with J. Jonah Jameson is like seeing Spongebob and Patrick mess with Squidward lol.

    Red - FuryRed - Fury21 day ago
  • Marry Christmas 😂😂😂😂😂

    shivohum 42shivohum 4225 days ago
  • I wished I could swing around NYC

    Emma FrostEmma Frost26 days ago
  • 1:00 they start to speak in spanish

    danighøstdanighøst26 days ago
  • Those 20 seconds of Jonah gives me life😂

    Thorn QuartzThorn Quartz26 days ago
  • Being a Dominican kid, I appreciate the Puertorican-Black Miles Morales.

    NorbertNorbert27 days ago
  • When JJJ sees Miles: Hmm, good kid When JJJ sees Peter: *HE'S A THIEF! A CRIMINAL! HE'S A MENACE TO THE ENTIRE CITY!!!*

    Brylle Urit VillanuevaBrylle Urit Villanueva27 days ago
  • @Game Informer do you get the suits if you pre order the game on ps4?

    coolfredbear2009coolfredbear200929 days ago
  • Everything looks ready for Christmas!😁

    Jacob GamingJacob Gaming29 days ago
  • Am i the only one getting Ultimate Spider-Man vibes with the Rhino Chase?

    Very Festive!Very Festive!Month ago
  • I wonder who has the bigger beef JJJ with Spider-man or timmys dad with Dinkleburg

    GBW ProductionsGBW ProductionsMonth ago
  • I wonder how Jonah feels about miles

    Isaaic ReyesIsaaic ReyesMonth ago
  • I just like how both games start off with like their guardian talking to them and asking what they're doing

    Spider RatchetSpider RatchetMonth ago
  • Spider-Man back at being a Menace I see and he hired someone to cover up his crime!!

    J.Jonah JamesonJ.Jonah JamesonMonth ago
  • Dude I love how much Peter and miles said that to JJ it shows their humor and in my opinion Spider-Man PS4 is the best Carnation of Spider-Man ❤🕷

    • @Hiccup Parker yeah

    • Your not wrong because 616 peter didn’t necessary make the same choices

      Hiccup ParkerHiccup Parker27 days ago
  • Wait a sec, that's Braum

    SrfSrfMonth ago
  • 0:30 Miles: Hey Jonah Looking Good

    Tyler WestTyler WestMonth ago
  • I am gonna love the duo of peter and miles

    Ishan The JaguarIshan The JaguarMonth ago
  • Where did peter go?

    InevitableInevitableMonth ago
  • You’re fired! J. Jonah Jameson.

    Clorox BleachClorox BleachMonth ago
  • And i take this'll be the only moment of the game he'll have a 3D model moment but not the model we expected to see

  • It would be so cool if you can play with your friend as Peter and Miles..

    Royce PerezRoyce PerezMonth ago
  • Que juegazo

    Pipitoto VePipitoto VeMonth ago
  • you can definitely still hear a bit of reinhardt when jonah starts really yelling at peter and miles

    Punko JunkoPunko JunkoMonth ago
  • There's new gameplay with new suit out, I just watched it.

    Rozwell JonesRozwell JonesMonth ago
  • Saga j.b

    Cik awang ManisahCik awang ManisahMonth ago
    • Hai

      Cik awang ManisahCik awang ManisahMonth ago
  • I love spidy🥰🥰🥰

  • I like the fact that Miles was only supposed to be out for a milk run and here he is doing all this crazy Spider-Man stuff

    CaptainTalon448CaptainTalon448Month ago
  • god i hate the fact that this is not on pc

    Yung PabloYung PabloMonth ago
  • J.J.J. : MENACE !!

    labiq1896labiq1896Month ago
  • You just know Jonah has a special place for Peter in his heart with that scene, he doesn't even consider miles to be worthy of being a menace. It would've been perfect if J.K. Simmons voiced him.

    Ajit SinghAjit SinghMonth ago
    • @Ajit Singh Daran Norris would also be an excellent choice but this guy is just as good though Ed As Eric will always be Jonah to me

      Big ShadowBig ShadowMonth ago
    • Ahhhh, Nostalgia.

      Ajit SinghAjit SinghMonth ago
  • This is the first mission btw

  • All that's missing is a glass of coquito I mean what's the puerto rican holiday without the coquito...

    Prince CharlesPrince CharlesMonth ago
  • The thing is, he sounds to much like a kid. He’s supposed to be what? 15? 16? Most people sound like a fully grown man by then.

    Colum RichardsonColum RichardsonMonth ago
  • And this is when I say... “BORICUAAAA PAPIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!”

    Samuel LafontaineSamuel LafontaineMonth ago
  • Missed out on the PS4 and Spider-Man PS4 no way in hell am I gonna miss this

    J PJ PMonth ago
    • @Internet surfer If you get the remastered version you don't go into the original game with the stigmata of John Bubniak's face not being the official face anymore.

      Sajirou PlaysSajirou PlaysMonth ago
    • Well if your gonna get the PS5, then make sure you get the ultimate edition of this game. It includes this game and a remastered version of the first game(DLC included and 3 new suits). That way you can enjoy the first game since you didn't play it and have this one.

      Internet surferInternet surferMonth ago
  • Spider man Peter looking good

    naimah jahannaimah jahanMonth ago
  • These Spiderman games have the potential to be gifts to humanity lol. The fun to be had though. I hope this game knocks it out of the park.

    VvmopzVvmopzMonth ago
  • EVERYBODY THIS IS URGENT FOR SPIDERMAN 2 !!Woah, How is spidey swinging without the web beeing attached at 0:57 ? I know. Pre setted swinging ! We need ppl to see this problem so it dosent happen in Spiderman 2. Text Imsomniac guys !! If you want good swinging.

    justin neumeisterjustin neumeisterMonth ago
    • You could wonder where the hell Peter and Miles connect their webs to when they do swing kicks on top of buildings. Don't think about it.

      Sajirou PlaysSajirou PlaysMonth ago
  • Mira mijo no seas mentiroso 🤣

    CHEIKCHEIKMonth ago
  • This game is gonna be great

    H RH RMonth ago
  • Sounds like Reinhardt from overwatch

    Joshua SaezJoshua SaezMonth ago
  • The fact that we hear Miles even speaking spanish just hits hard I can't wait to play this game

    Juan RodriguezJuan RodriguezMonth ago
  • Spidey mocking Jameson, now that’s our spidey ❤️

    AkshayAkshayMonth ago
  • (Expecting Peter to die any moment)

    Nathaniel GarzaNathaniel GarzaMonth ago
  • 😄 Finally, I can meet ps4 J.J Jameson in person!

    Tjxen DlueTjxen DlueMonth ago
  • Not quite my tempo

    RazielRazielMonth ago
  • *When the game was announced* Me: I might get it... I may just wait for the official sequel though since I like Peter more and would rather see the rest of his story. *When the gameplay trailer came out* Me: Okay this looks cool, I love the snow and how Miles and Peter are working together maybe I'll get it. *When I see Jonah in a Santa outfit ranting to Peter.* Me: I'm Getting It.

    Chandler BurseChandler BurseMonth ago
  • Guess they’re preparing for an online co-op spider-man ps5 game

    Sultan SindiSultan SindiMonth ago
  • i wonder if peter in this new Spiderman got the new face or still with the old one? it will be weird if it have the new one..

    Afif BasriAfif BasriMonth ago
  • Ini game bener2 bagus di tunggu tgl keluarnya

    star games playstationstar games playstationMonth ago
  • Title: exclusive look at JJJ most of the video: talking about the actress for miles' mom

    Huff ProductionsHuff ProductionsMonth ago
  • We don’t sound like that but it’s close enough

    jasiel delgadojasiel delgadoMonth ago
  • Hearing Miles speaking Spanish makes my Puerto Rican heart so happy 🇵🇷

    EldritchPixelEldritchPixelMonth ago
  • I love the Spanish fuck yea

    Squid air leoSquid air leoMonth ago
  • Is this PS4 or PS5 gameplay?

    YhelloWishYhelloWishMonth ago
  • oh look at little j Jonah jr gonna cry

    Yudra CiviyanYudra CiviyanMonth ago
  • Looks pretty Rad!!

    daveyboy9000daveyboy9000Month ago
  • Not quite there yet, but this is AS ACCURATE as it gets for a spanish accent for a main character in a videogame. Still sounds weird though.

    Sergio BriceñoSergio BriceñoMonth ago
  • Mooorreeee goddamit

    Dead PoolDead PoolMonth ago
  • God, I love the way Miles swings. It shows how inexperienced he is with being Spider Man.

    Bubbly JubblyBubbly JubblyMonth ago
  • Spidey can't be black, am sorry

    Денис ЖарханскийДенис ЖарханскийMonth ago
    • @tom jomes Yeah so?

      Internet surferInternet surferMonth ago
    • he black

      tom jomestom jomesMonth ago
    • Why? This is Miles a different Spidey.

      Internet surferInternet surferMonth ago
  • Games sucks

    SEYMOUR LoveSEYMOUR LoveMonth ago
    • looks great

      tom jomestom jomesMonth ago
    • LOL how?

      Internet surferInternet surferMonth ago
  • J Jonah Jameson is gonna get called racist for criticizing Miles . Isn't he?

    S BS BMonth ago
    • Troll

      tom jomestom jomesMonth ago
  • Puerto Rican Spanish in a Spider-Man game 🥺😭

  • Nope. Not interested.

    Brian BagnallBrian BagnallMonth ago
    • can't wait to play this

      tom jomestom jomesMonth ago
  • The transition between interior and exterior scenarios is crazy fast.

    Cão VelhoCão VelhoMonth ago
  • Most normie comments i've seen in a while

    h0lsteiNh0lsteiNMonth ago
  • Who's jonah and why is looking good?

    brupper Ebrupper EMonth ago
  • as a puerto rican this just makes me happy

    eloeloMonth ago

    50 subs before 2021 or I’ll eat this doggo50 subs before 2021 or I’ll eat this doggoMonth ago
  • Even if in the time of danger, my man JJ is still bickering about Spider-Man 😂😂

    GideonGideonMonth ago
  • Anyone know the beat in their intro?

  • If you don't pay attention... it looks like Pete is giving Jonah the finger, I know he's not, but it's so fast it looks like it and that's... that's my head canon, he did it. Also I need to stay the hell away from gameinformer after this... I feel like I've spoiled the whole beginning of the game for myself and with this game only being half the length of the original game, that's like seeing 40% of it.

    Sajirou PlaysSajirou PlaysMonth ago
  • Jameson sounds like Bryan Cranston and then I thought about him as Jameson and WOW I think that would be awesome

    Nicholas OrnelasNicholas OrnelasMonth ago
  • ther's no negative comments about the game! AWESOME!

    BILLYBILLYMonth ago
    • Except for Peter's face

      Ss SmithSs SmithMonth ago
  • Dublagem

    Kauan iranKauan iranMonth ago
  • Dublagem

    Kauan iranKauan iranMonth ago
  • Dublado

    Kauan iranKauan iranMonth ago
  • Nice

    Alan josueAlan josueMonth ago
  • I can’t wait, Spider-Man is my favorite superhero and Miles is a great member of the spider family. Also like silk and her and peters crazy have to jump each other bones connection haha.

    RanmanRanmanMonth ago
  • man this game looks beautiful

    ZulsZulsMonth ago
  • Miles trying to stop a 500 pound man from destroying New York while Peter's just vibing

    Creative MindCreative MindMonth ago
  • Nobody: Miles: Si ma' te quiero mucho.

    • Sounds like spanish to me, being a completely native English speaker I can't really tell the difference. Like how it's hard for me to tell the difference between a East Coast, South-Western Ireland, and Northern Ireland accent, they all sound Irish to me, so while it may offend people I just mix them all together and if they want to correct me, they can, but I'll still stick to just saying it's Spanish. This brain of mine is too full of random crap to fit any more, which is sad because I'd like to pick up some other language...

      Sajirou PlaysSajirou PlaysMonth ago
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    LardexiusLardexiusMonth ago
  • This movementation Was more smooth and fluid than the spidermam ps4

    TakiTakiMonth ago
  • No wonder he sounded familiar, that's Sam from TLOU

    Carbon XCarbon XMonth ago
  • 1:04 lo dijo en español xd

  • Exactly don't know about Puerto Rican moms that is not how they act nice try though 🤣

    Jonathan MartinezJonathan MartinezMonth ago
  • Jonah: "....UNHINGED MENACE!!" crew: "aaaaaand cut. thats perfect Jonah. we'll keep it"

    Turning PointTurning PointMonth ago
  • rihno like hulk

    nazmus sakibnazmus sakibMonth ago