G Herbo - Ridin Wit It [Official Music Video]

Jul 17, 2020
8 958 679 Views

Watch the official music video of "Ridit Wit It" by G Herbo
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    G HerboG Herbo2 months ago
    • Can’t afford to take a lost again I know the feeling

    • " enie mine moe he hoped out right there get him. damn. how you know? cuz i was right there wit em! "

      Michael HillisMichael HillisMonth ago
    • Started rapping how tf I end with some millions

      3ddie Tv3ddie TvMonth ago
    • Don't disrespect bc I whack u and won't see forgiveness

      Quincy TaylorQuincy TaylorMonth ago
    • Damn how you know? Cuz i was ryt there with him... 👌🏽

      Claudio DavaClaudio DavaMonth ago
  • New York blasting yo shit herb 💯

    Tyler From CuseTyler From Cuse5 hours ago
  • Who else getting addicted listening to this song

    Major SuccessMajor Success8 hours ago
  • The Golden child

    Nate SkywalkaNate Skywalka13 hours ago
  • I feel like a rolling 60

    Ryan LancasterRyan Lancaster16 hours ago
  • "And I still got the Same KILLAZ Rollin Wit me, Got my Glock Im Playing Nip Feel LIKE A ROLLING'SIXTY"

    Imani RobertsImani Roberts19 hours ago
  • This shit Hit DIFFERENT 💯

    Francez CitoFrancez CitoDay ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Stretchboy HoodoStretchboy Hoodo2 days ago
  • crazy how he smilin sayin es shit

    Brannan PrivettBrannan Privett2 days ago
    • uskeys.net/watch/j1JLQL6ph-4-video.html💯🔥‼️🔥

      real winninreal winnin2 days ago
  • Not the usher sample

    Aim GoodAim Good2 days ago
    • uskeys.net/watch/j1JLQL6ph-4-video.html💯🔥‼️🔥

      real winninreal winnin2 days ago
  • Y’all rap stuff looking cookies and cream to me

    Ryan LancasterRyan Lancaster2 days ago
  • sethj this shit go hards aft bro no cap

    Voltage GamingVoltage Gaming2 days ago
  • how u know? cuz i was right there with em on broooo!!!!!!!!!

    Voltage GamingVoltage Gaming2 days ago
    • uskeys.net/watch/j1JLQL6ph-4-video.html💯🔥‼️🔥

      real winninreal winnin2 days ago
  • You Too Hard I Cant Pic No Kap.😂😂💯🔥 Still Best Rapper Out Chicago 💯

    100bantrill100bantrill2 days ago
  • Always has the dopest beats man 🔥

    Sam DriverSam Driver2 days ago
  • Condolences my brother God blessings to family and friends and all

    TrillionTrillion2 days ago
  • Congrats on a mill herbo

    EclipticSirEclipticSir3 days ago
    • uskeys.net/watch/j1JLQL6ph-4-video.html🏆

      real winninreal winnin2 days ago
  • This lil herb this ain’t g hebro

  • Good music from device

    Evan Captain ZoeEvan Captain Zoe3 days ago
    • uskeys.net/watch/j1JLQL6ph-4-video.html🏆

      real winninreal winnin2 days ago
  • Real shit sometime Google the word firm belief to listen better= Trust

    Evan Captain ZoeEvan Captain Zoe3 days ago
  • I'm hatian he's realuskeys.net/watch/5tZswK8gGy8-video.html

    Evan Captain ZoeEvan Captain Zoe3 days ago
  • 🎶“The world really wanna know just how I’m Livin.. gave it to em raw and now I’m one of the realist” 🎶 🤫🤫🤫

    Rickey MillerRickey Miller3 days ago
  • Herb's flow is so unorthodox it's crazy. If you listen closely, it's almost as if he is playing with the instrumental. Picture a scenario where it's him rapping and the beat are two competitors in a race and herb is taking the league, he might drop back just to let the beat catch up but then he starts getting a head of it again. Not a lot of rappers can pull that off.

    Shimmer TroopShimmer Troop3 days ago
  • Herb never got guns in his videos goofys

    chad bergererchad bergerer3 days ago
    • uskeys.net/watch/j1JLQL6ph-4-video.html🏆

      real winninreal winnin2 days ago
  • 3.3k dislikes😳😳why?!? Dis shit hard asf mfs jus be hatin

    1nbaq__1nbaq__3 days ago
  • How you roll with with 60 crips and bloods 😭 but east coast fuck with you

    Oh SamaOh Sama3 days ago
  • The don’t know that’s usher you got it bad wit some beat on it

    Yasmeen BrownYasmeen Brown3 days ago
    • uskeys.net/watch/j1JLQL6ph-4-video.html🏆

      real winninreal winnin2 days ago
  • Lyrics Yeah Uh-huh (Chase Davis on the beat, yeah) Reminiscin', sat in county a week, was in there chillin' How the fuck I ain't end up in there when we was really drillin'? Can't afford to take a loss again, I know the feeling Damn, why the fuck you always in your feelings? I been bangin' with Wopskino fair since we was children They killed Tracey that same night when we was out there chillin' I started rappin', how the fuck I end up with some millions? Me and Cap' was sippin' drip like we ain't have no ceilings Nigga, Max was on them hits, so he couldn't have no feelings All them bitches under his belt and ain't got no civilians Just like eeny, miney, moe, he hop out, right there, get 'em Damn, how you know? 'Cause I was right there with him If I'm in interrogations, I'ma claim my innocence I won't pay you back with vengeance, kill you, count these Benjamins Spittin' similes, foenem listenin', knockin' out they sentences Labels tryna meet me 'bout, uh, handle with due diligence Go and and raise your hand, went to war with No Limit Don't see too many, we militant Had that new foreign, went and bent the wheel on it Parked in my mama garage and just chill on it Got bullet holes in it, who been in it? Tint it, be right back in a minute Niggas hearin' stories, they thinkin' we finished Next day, we was back out on business Got nothin' to prove, I'm just reflectin', God be my witness Don't disrespect 'cause I'll wet you and won't seek forgiveness The world really wanna know just how I'm livin' Gave it to 'em raw, so now I'm one of the realest And I still got the same killers rollin' with me Got my Glock, I'm playin' Nip, feel like a Rollin' 60 I already mentioned Duwop, I still roll with sixty Still got a temper, lose control, you would think I roll with Missy Niggas still mad, they pissy Know my block sad, they miss me Mama always said I'd be ridin' with heat So every time I slide, gotta kiss me Lil' bitch mad I bought wifey a Patek, ain't even gonna buy her some Tiffany's I won't even let 'em catch me slippin' (uh-uh) So I'm ridin' with it (ridin') Yeah, I'm ridin' with it (ridin' with it) Gotta ride with it (ride) Fightin' cases and shit I still gotta ride with it (ride) Yeah, I'm ridin' with it (ridin' with it) I'm still ridin' with it I'ma die for this shit (ride) And I love my hood, but you think I'ma die for this shit? What? All the niggas already died for this shit Candle lights, nigga sneak diss on me out there cryin' and shit All these bitches talkin' 'bout they love me, out there lyin' and shit Keep my heat, I don't like surprises And I see the envy all in your eyes, shit Devil in disguise, want me to meet my demise Ain't no love in this shit Niggas watched me starve all in this shit Now I'm eatin', nigga say they hungry, got low carbs in all this shit Give no fuck, nigga, suck my dick You wouldn't be hittin' me if I wasn't rich Miles away, be hearin' this, then I come back 'round and niggas don't say shit 'Cause I ain't no bitch You wasn't ridin' 'round with them licks tryna get your lick back When this shit cracks and see a opp, it feel like Christmas Nigga finna gift wrap him And I spent so much stackin' this shit, I forgotten it Hit the A, they love me, I feel like I'm Dominic (Wilks) This some Louie kicks, I mixed the Virgil top with it (killed 'em) Urus truck, I copped the whip to slutch a bop in it and swerve So I'm ridin' with it (ridin') Yeah, I'm ridin' with it (ridin' with it) Gotta ride with it (ride) Fightin' cases and shit I still gotta ride with it (ride) Yeah, I'm ridin' with it (ridin' with it) I'm still ridin' with it (ride) I'ma die for this shit (ride) Source: LyricFind Songwriters: Herbert R. Wright / Julian Davis Ridin Wit It lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

    joseph v.cjoseph v.c4 days ago
  • Why r there G.D's in this video dropping rakes? Shit is so confusing.

    Joseph SantiagoJoseph Santiago4 days ago
  • Herbo on that left handed shit..... greatness

    Bighead JTBighead JT4 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I did acid and went inside this music video😂😭

    Chris GravleyChris Gravley4 days ago

    TOTT TRAXTOTT TRAX4 days ago
  • I hit that whistle every trip 😂💯

    CrooksCrooks4 days ago
    • That part 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      757 Virginia757 Virginia2 days ago
  • 1:04 fucking crazy

    weaponweapon4 days ago
  • This beat reminds me of my homeless nights😔, The Midwest spares nun💯

    gone crazygone crazy4 days ago
  • And I love my Hood but think I’m gone die for this shit, is already niggas that done die for this shit

    lee fortelee forte4 days ago
  • You wasn’t ridin round wit the lick tryna get yo lick back wen dis shit crack see the opps it feel like Christmas finna gift wrap em

    Jeffrey DavisJeffrey Davis4 days ago
  • Man I love my hood but you think ima die for this shit

    CØLORZCØLORZ4 days ago
  • Pray for Gherbo so that he may be saved by Christ And Have Eternal life

    Lucifthh KainneLucifthh Kainne5 days ago
  • Hardest song in 2020💯🔥🗣

    Javarus ThomasJavarus Thomas5 days ago
  • 0:48 damn how u know?

    ThinkAheadThinkAhead5 days ago
  • Yo if I learned one thing from this it’s as long as it make since to u mfkas gon heat it

    Kool BeelzKool Beelz5 days ago
  • who was here before herb hit 1 million

    DrizzyDrizzy5 days ago
  • Ok I hear uu "usher,uu got it bad...sample 🤩

    fly 30fly 305 days ago
  • This shit make me wanna see Derrick Rose back in Chicago🏀

    Benger2185Benger21855 days ago
  • Ts Song So Cold Bro🥶🐐

    1kk Jay1kk Jay5 days ago
  • That usher sample hard tho

    AlmightyMeAlmightyMe5 days ago
  • Wonder if Herb will let me get those couple pair Tru’s he don’t even wear since he rich now 🤔

    Ciz CCiz C5 days ago
  • I love my hood what I think I'm gone die for this shit like I forget all my nights dat done died for this shit

    mu brim Rule 232mu brim Rule 2325 days ago

    Major SuccessMajor Success6 days ago
  • This one hit different @gherbo

    K JK J6 days ago

    Lakesha LewisLakesha Lewis6 days ago
  • This nigga so hard make me cry

    kamari kingkamari king6 days ago
  • 30th time here

    Gary BishopGary Bishop6 days ago
  • Just like Eny Miney Mo he hop out Right dere get Em damn How you kno CUZ I WAS RITE DERE WIT EM

    Loose SkrewwLoose Skreww6 days ago
  • fireeee, i gotta hear this everrry morning,

    Janel CraddleJanel Craddle6 days ago
  • Wow he for his people black people

    Ryan LancasterRyan Lancaster6 days ago
  • CHIEF KEEF, GHERBO , LIL DURK built differently 🐐’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Cameron TylerCameron Tyler6 days ago
  • Dude so underrated.??? but guess what surprise bitchess mane hard asf

    Trell PTrell P6 days ago
  • This shit slapsssss

    blake utterblake utter7 days ago
  • So big chris g herbo and lil Bibby are they while hundred or vice Lord or Mickey cobras

    Tony GreenTony Green7 days ago
  • Is he a Gd or a BD and I noticed bds and Gds always have guns in there video his videos have none all bars

    Tony GreenTony Green7 days ago
    • Black P Stone

      TrunksTrunks6 days ago

    ashton capolotashton capolot7 days ago
  • Rest in peace FbgDuck 👍

    Greedy moneyGreedy money7 days ago
  • damn how u know cause I was right there wit me 🤙😐👌factz🤟suwest to da stonez hatz up

    Peanutt ButterPeanutt Butter7 days ago
  • Herb not off beat y’all just don’t got Chicago ears 👂🏿🤣

    iinSanegangiinSanegang7 days ago
  • this maniak aka mu brim rule this dat wave right here onna gang I just touch down ay herbo brim up my boy keep ya foot on they mafuckin neck son...I'm hackin my uncle Jack I gotta ride wit it ,

    Peanutt ButterPeanutt Butter7 days ago
  • I don’t understand why people hate on g herbo when he spitting facts

    J soulz MusicJ soulz Music7 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Focus LucianoFocus Luciano7 days ago
  • Man this shit so off beat though

    Manny MedranoManny Medrano7 days ago
  • G Herbo looks like Bow-Wow but with talent

    Crystal SlayzCrystal Slayz7 days ago
  • Usher somewhere picking his herpes

    BrennonkennyBrennonkenny7 days ago
  • 'me and cap was sippin drip like we aint havee no ceilings'..damn that's deeper then rap fr rip

    AcerG GAcerG G7 days ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/IU3pg-5kXQw-video.html

    Steve BuckBuckSteve BuckBuck7 days ago
  • Can’t afford to take a loss again, I know the feeling 🖤

    Welly WellsWelly Wells8 days ago
  • 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    Dayday GheeDayday Ghee8 days ago
  • man herbo finally hit 1mill subscribers 😑 I always been salty bout that like damn mfkas really sleep on one of the best artists.💯

    Anthony CichockiAnthony Cichocki8 days ago
  • 8.2 million views that it ? 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ WooooooooooooooW shit too 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔝🔝🔝

    TheSmoker ParadiseTheSmoker Paradise8 days ago
  • Where the fuck is lil bibby

    Tyrell SusewellTyrell Susewell8 days ago
  • The "I was right there w/ em" hit different in the video

    CloutLordCloutLord8 days ago
  • Now that I’m eating niggas saying they got low carbs and shit

    kill billkill bill8 days ago

    SBF TaeSBF Tae8 days ago
  • Dam.. How You know?... Cuz I was ryte Dere Wit Em 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥

    Ka$h FilmsKa$h Films8 days ago
  • Ridin with a Dan Ryan clothing line

    Ariana GilfordAriana Gilford8 days ago
  • Is it just me or does this beat start off like "Nice and Slow" by Usher? Its fire tho

    Black NationBlack Nation9 days ago
    • @JarrelGTV Yeah that's right

      Black NationBlack Nation8 days ago
    • you got it bad

      JarrelGTVJarrelGTV8 days ago
  • AEH on some real nigga shit doe dat nigga G dat nigga frfr he did a mill subs n he independent n shit n did it soo right by alot of us real niggas who can relate n vibe wit' him n by all da bad ones etc im just saying im from Detroit but real recognize real all day n G is a real one n a real nigga n real Chiraq Legend n Icon as well n im just glad i discovered his music because dat nigga G dat nigga saluteloveNrerespect always to him n da whole 150 dream team etc frfr nuthin but love from dis way all day from Detroit i just hope one day dat nigga G come here n do a show plz when covid is over plz you get love here frfr 100

    justin billopsjustin billops9 days ago
  • S/O 2 G Herbo for hittin' a mill subs well deserved G frfr much love from Detroit always G dat shit is amazing 1 mill subs saluteloveNrespect always .... 100

    justin billopsjustin billops9 days ago
  • So y’all don’t peep that usher you got it bad sample 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Tyrone !Tyrone !9 days ago
    • you got it bad

      JarrelGTVJarrelGTV8 days ago
  • This man almost at 1 milly!!!

    Malachi JMalachi J9 days ago
  • Shxt really a classic

    R GR G9 days ago
  • my nigga wetemup

    Cee JenkinsCee Jenkins9 days ago
  • Rock Block + D-Block =Hiphop Say somthing!

    Jayson BourneJayson Bourne9 days ago
  • 2:25 - 3:00🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Quavo WhitakerQuavo Whitaker9 days ago
  • Duck brought me here #FBG BIG CLOUT #DTR4L

    DTR PRESIDTR PRESI9 days ago
  • spittn similies foenem listenin knocking out their sentences

    Norman Wilkerson IIINorman Wilkerson III9 days ago
  • G herbo never lackin'. This song is 🔥no cap.

    Marquis PattersonMarquis Patterson9 days ago
  • Claim your here before a million subs card here 👇

    DraqeeDraqee9 days ago
  • One of the hardest rap/hip hop tracks of all time...he has a lot of em under his belt..NOLIMIT!

    Angel Of DeathAngel Of Death10 days ago
  • Who else thought this was let it burn in the beginning

    David CDavid C10 days ago