May 12, 2013
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  • *"After one of the most difficult days he has ever had on Kitchen Nightmares"* ooh I like that 😉

    Foreign SwaggersForeign Swaggers26 seconds ago
  • *What happens if a Boomer and a Karen married together?* 🤨

    Foreign SwaggersForeign Swaggers13 minutes ago

    alvin winterdaalalvin winterdaalHour ago
  • yoooo they went to dr.phil

    Maivi ObamMaivi Obam3 hours ago
  • She can’t take anything

    TetchTetch3 hours ago
  • Real good TV... At last something that ramsi couldn't help hah. Funny.. it's ridiculously how bad will the restaurant rate after ramsi. It's probably gonna close. They are ultra delusional haha. Funny indeed

    B SB S3 hours ago
  • she’s probably the most delusional out of the whole series

    ahmed hassanahmed hassan5 hours ago
  • Im being abused in my own restaurant Karen 2020

    Mr. Batman EyebrowsMr. Batman Eyebrows6 hours ago
  • they frucken nuts mateee

    Nick PlayzNick Playz6 hours ago
  • They should not have been deseved to open the restaurant if they don't know how to manage

    Shaunak FurtadoShaunak Furtado6 hours ago
  • 13:41 wtf is wrong with that woman

    zKiNG-_-ViRuZzzKiNG-_-ViRuZz7 hours ago
  • “Dab on them haters 😎” oh wait what

    Please StopPlease Stop7 hours ago
  • Can we appreciate how Gordon is still nice to the waiters and actually tries everything even if it’s doodoo

    Please StopPlease Stop7 hours ago
  • Wasn’t a good idea to marry 5 MONTHS after you met... we now ended up with this..

    Please StopPlease Stop8 hours ago
  • It’s like as if a Karen and a Susan had a baby whitch made a made Amy and a boomer and a a Karen made Sammy

    Please StopPlease Stop8 hours ago
  • “Unfortunately people here in Arizona think that we’ll swear at them at kick the out, which it not true..” *inserts clip of them doing the opposite”

    Please StopPlease Stop8 hours ago
  • Never argue with Gordon Ramsay , he's not only a chef, he's the chef of chefs

    Tahmid FerdousTahmid Ferdous8 hours ago
    • loudah!

      Foreign SwaggersForeign Swaggers17 minutes ago
  • Thank you USkeys for recommending this to me

    TochToch8 hours ago
  • Ok Karen

    Sr 99Sr 999 hours ago
  • She is one crazy bitch and the old man wants his retirement home to come pick him up

    dotti smithdotti smith9 hours ago
  • The man is like the restaurant owner in key and peele skit lol hahaha

  • “We have three little boys, but they’re stuck in the bodies of cats” *oh no*

    JackTheBredd GuyJackTheBredd Guy10 hours ago
  • "it's not cooked enough" "sure I'll burn it for them"

    E C AE C A10 hours ago
  • Amy is very annoying and a stubborn psychopath. Plus her food always tasted terrible.

    Jimmy VillaJimmy Villa11 hours ago
  • Wow man, you can really see that she is not allright from the begining just trying to convince that there are online bullies... but the worst is the typicall boss that doesn't let their worker have the tip... I really hope that sweet waitress went to another place

    RyukirayaRyukiraya12 hours ago

  • They should not be allowed to be in control of anything

    Jason HenryJason Henry15 hours ago
  • Avoid this restaurant!

    Jason HenryJason Henry15 hours ago
  • That restaurant is going to need a a bigger garbage then that

    Chael QuinnChael Quinn17 hours ago
  • @twoset

    SeabirdSeabird18 hours ago
  • 22:35 I love him hahaha

    Pati PatPati Pat19 hours ago
  • One thing I have learned in my life,when married couples say to his cats,my kids,something is really wrong with them!!!!

    akim 74akim 7420 hours ago
  • Like the guy the laughing when the female owner say:I make the best food!!And samy the wannabe playboy ,wtf he thinks?close it!!!

    akim 74akim 7420 hours ago
  • who let Jeffery Dahmer own a restaurant??

    Naman SinghNaman Singh20 hours ago
  • Alternative Title: Karen The 2nd

    Hokkaege.Hokkaege.20 hours ago
  • Staff : are you sure? Amy : you can go home Me: wtf does she think she is

    GG GamesGG Games20 hours ago
  • This woman's eyes are crazy eyes...

    Haizhou ShiHaizhou Shi21 hour ago
  • poor Katie :( she didnt deserve that shit

    MiknewMiknew22 hours ago
  • Plot-twist: that online “bully” was gordon

    snowflake YTsnowflake YT23 hours ago
  • I have never seen Mr. Ramsey this sad what a shame

    Sudipto MandalSudipto MandalDay ago
  • "It's not cooked enough put it in the oven" *"Sure I'll burn it for them"* This had me rollin 🤣

    blurryface girlblurryface girlDay ago
  • The husband loves it when chef ramsay tells her wife off. Its like hes saying "finally!" With his face 😅😅

    Syam RasidSyam RasidDay ago
  • *"he was a playah"*

    rando bitchrando bitchDay ago

    Ian ChanSIan ChanSDay ago
  • Typical Karen 🥴

    Altea cxAltea cxDay ago
  • Omg... That couple needs therapy.

    Sonia VimalrajSonia VimalrajDay ago
  • lmao that blonde bitch is USA personify

    Tomas ignacioTomas ignacioDay ago
  • Lmao this is gold

    travistravisDay ago
  • i lost it when she met gordon ramsey and went on with her rant

    sarah gouasmisarah gouasmiDay ago
  • Really? 😳

    Kat NKat NDay ago
  • Samy and Amy is so cringeyy

    Wither SkullinWither SkullinDay ago
  • I think it was sweet how he tipped the waitress when he left

    Modena CeciliaModena CeciliaDay ago
  • Uk there was a comment war somewhere here, this Amy actually replied to all the people. Idk where it is😂

    Siddhant A. LokhandeSiddhant A. LokhandeDay ago
    • I want to see it

      blurryface girlblurryface girlDay ago
    • I think USkeys has deleted her acc.i also get to read bunch of her comments 😁😁😁

      HafizHafizDay ago
  • Is that Phoenix Marie?

    Noob7ggNoob7ggDay ago
  • She's not right in the head.

    Greg FGreg FDay ago
  • When I saw Amy, without hesitation I had linked my thought to the worst F**king restaurant in RIchmond BC. Its called Bull King BBQ.

    Eric LiEric LiDay ago
  • 30:08 Amy's Baking Company 2020 update

    Bpa NGueBpa NGueDay ago
  • That' s crazy!

    Greg FGreg FDay ago
  • This shit is still a classic 👌🏻

    Tim RoosendaalTim RoosendaalDay ago
  • Love how he respected the server.

    Greg FGreg FDay ago
  • Pause at 29:02 for the funniest face ever

    Daniel SaundersDaniel SaundersDay ago
  • :O

    Greg FGreg FDay ago
  • WOW

    Greg FGreg FDay ago
  • Amy. no one listens to you? Have you ever thought about how you literally talk over people's unfinished sentences?

    94mathdude94mathdudeDay ago
  • Yo is that skyler from BB ?

    Mouad KassbiMouad KassbiDay ago
  • If I was a police officer and I see an actual burglar robbing this place, I would clap for the burglar.

    94mathdude94mathdudeDay ago
  • I'm pretty sure those burgers were dissatisfied customers.

    Kerry Draconis - Film Score & Ambient ComposerKerry Draconis - Film Score & Ambient ComposerDay ago
  • Well at least Samy knows the food ain’t that good.

    Adrian LeeAdrian LeeDay ago
  • We need Dr Phil in the house

    Erica LumsdenErica LumsdenDay ago
  • It wasn't God that sent that man

    Erica LumsdenErica LumsdenDay ago
  • They're both crazy😂😂😂

    Erica LumsdenErica LumsdenDay ago
  • What kind of as***les are these fcking bastard doing? They need to close down the shop and die

    Blade XBlade XDay ago
  • "I'll start eating my ticket in a minute" I'm dying🤣🤣🤣

    Gaia SGaia SDay ago
  • Finally someone made Gordon speechless......

    Chetan KheraChetan KheraDay ago
  • This couple reminds me of Joker and Harley Quinn

    Chetan KheraChetan KheraDay ago
  • Now thats a REAL NIGHTMARE. I hope the store have closed already after goddamn 7 yrs 😂

    PewDie PewDiePewDie PewDieDay ago
  • Hear the white woman call the police 🤣🤣🤣

    FrostyMusicFrostyMusic2 days ago
  • if i lived there i would eazy one tap this dude

    Nero SenpaiNero Senpai2 days ago
  • Am I the only one who wants to punch the owners on the face.

    Treesh ConcepcionTreesh Concepcion2 days ago
  • Never thought a Karen could cook.

    GabrielGabriel2 days ago
  • I can not believe how bad they treated their waitresses! Taking the waitresses tips is disgusting! And they should be ashamed of themselves for treating those waitresses so badly!

    Aiden onlineAiden online2 days ago
  • When karan open a business

    Orinagasi HageverOrinagasi Hagever2 days ago
  • Amy: All the food goes in the trashcan, starving kids could eat it so sad The african kids: The food is bland, burned and cold!

    MrSnIpEzMrSnIpEz2 days ago
    • There are no starving kids in America they have to send it all the way to another continent lol!

      Koodsie madzivanziraKoodsie madzivanzira22 hours ago
  • “I don’t allow people with an attitude to be in my restaurant.” Says the one with the attidude

    Jye BakerJye Baker2 days ago
  • Did she just say that Katie has the attitude

    Nabil AbuataNabil Abuata2 days ago
  • I swear that all Gordon wants from doing this show is one good burger

    Jye BakerJye Baker2 days ago
  • they could have just opened a bakery and not a restaurant cakes look nice

    leo leclercleo leclerc2 days ago
    • Annnd those cake are store bought, that’s double yikes for her lol

      Hữu Nhân LêHữu Nhân LêDay ago
  • i mean amy could become something with only baking and changeing her selfe

    Felicia BulianFelicia Bulian2 days ago
  • I feel the emotion, shit

    Septembri Rio BagaskaraSeptembri Rio Bagaskara2 days ago
  • It's funny how this video has more views than the official Kitchen Nightmares video...

    Chanandler BongChanandler Bong2 days ago
  • Me after watching this video: *they had us in the first half not gonna lie*

    Chanandler BongChanandler Bong2 days ago
  • *They had us in the first half I'm not gonna lie*

    Chanandler BongChanandler Bong2 days ago
  • IDIOT!!!!

    Kayakazi LoqoKayakazi Loqo2 days ago
  • ammy gives gabbie hannah vibes "they are bullies"

    divyanshidivyanshi2 days ago
  • thay are the father and mother or joker this all it is

    shompao TVshompao TV2 days ago
  • the beauty of America when we see mountains far away it's beautiful but if we walk towards it becomes the worst nightmare. God bless America

    sai kumarsai kumar2 days ago
  • That crazy women.

    Rajender SinghRajender Singh2 days ago
  • Gold diggerrrrrr

    NOOB KINGNOOB KING2 days ago
  • This looks so staged but Jesus H handbasket Christ, it's not!

    KvATKvAT2 days ago
  • She's psychotic.

    Johanna KarlssonJohanna Karlsson2 days ago