🔴Live Stream Ration Review stickyfingaz745 special

Jul 31, 2018
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Here are the links to the new Stickyfingaz745 rations and the t-shirt bundles.

This is Live Stream #4. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.
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  • The words "Monster Munch" and "Nutritional information" don't belong in the same sentence. 😁

    BedsitBobBedsitBob16 days ago
  • They don't have Monster Munch in America?

    BedsitBobBedsitBob16 days ago
  • That's not a MRE...It's a box of stuff from WalMart.

    John WalshJohn Walsh29 days ago
  • Nice hiss.

    Marc JohanssonMarc JohanssonMonth ago
  • Hi

    john murrayjohn murrayMonth ago
  • The ebay links above no longer exist.

    Nyunt LwinNyunt Lwin6 months ago
  • whats with the dislikes?

    SebSeb11 months ago
  • Hi this my first time see this

    Chris AyersChris AyersYear ago
    • Thank you for watching.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • Z. A z. Z.

    reddog310reddog310Year ago
  • Nice vid Smokey, but the MRE you review in the video seems to be all Walmart and Dollar Tree items with original nutritional facts and ingredients labels removed/replaced, which is a violation of FDA regulation (a federal offense)....

    Daniel St.PierreDaniel St.PierreYear ago
    • My guess is the items were bought in bulk with the nutritional info on the larger box they came in. That's my guess.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • You suck

    Mary TermeteetMary TermeteetYear ago
    • Thank you. Your awesome.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • Forgets to klik the bell 😑. Hope 1M subscribe for you, Bahagia selalu. Recommeded for all my brow in indonesia

    nama depan nama belakangnama depan nama belakangYear ago
  • nice job leaking that persons address......

    vXDeatHMatcHXvvXDeatHMatcHXvYear ago
    • +vXDeatHMatcHXv They didn't care or I would have taken the video down. They were moving like 2 weeks after this video was on USkeys. So it didn't really matter. I'm usually really good at not leaking anyone's adress.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • Steve1989MREinfo wannabe?

    Raz BitonRaz BitonYear ago
    • @Oldsmokey I feel you, I have been there myself, and now I have only one best friend for about 3 or 4 years now, and im really glad because one doesnt need more than one true friend in his life. I will visit your live at saturday, it will be interesting!

      Raz BitonRaz BitonYear ago
    • Yes Sir. We've been best friends for a bit over 3 years now. I'm just glad to still have a really good friend. After I got hurt my social life was minimal at best. But yeah he's on my live streams most of the time if you'd ever want to chat live with him. I'm live every Saturday.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
    • @Oldsmokey oh nice, didnt know that haha

      Raz BitonRaz BitonYear ago
    • Me and Steve are best friends and have been for years. I do my own thing he picks up talking Qs from me and I pick some up from him I'm sure because we char all the time.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • I've seen alot of Steve's, first time catching yours.

    Randall WeeseRandall WeeseYear ago
    • Check out my latest live stream. We we're together in my hotel room. Also I've got an awesome video to edit that we just shot together. It's pretty epic actually.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • You guys are really awesome I love watching your shows all the time help me find some good him Maurice Carl Phillips Fayetteville North Carolina

    Carl PhillipsCarl PhillipsYear ago
    • Thanks for your awesome comment Carl. I really appreciate it.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • good job ripping off Steve1986 review method

    Zack HowardZack HowardYear ago
    • @Daniel St.Pierre you are correct, my fault. Good catch.

      Zack HowardZack HowardYear ago
    • It's Steve1989, not '86...

      Daniel St.PierreDaniel St.PierreYear ago
  • Me and my mrs love these snacks

    james mclaughlanjames mclaughlanYear ago
    • That's awesome and stickyfingaz745 is a great dude.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • roast beef monster munch are the best

    OGHazeBerryOGHazeBerryYear ago
    • +zipohfour I'll look that up and check it out.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • I've never seen any of your videos before, but I found you through stickyfingaz somehow. But holy wow a 3 hour stream.

    K ReelK ReelYear ago
  • Nice

    Nathan Thomas StickneyNathan Thomas StickneyYear ago
    • This was a fun stream. I remember it pretty well.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • Buck 110 is the best thing about the video!!! He sure does milk the time on the video, "I gave up" too long..........

    Frank AtchisonFrank AtchisonYear ago
    • Dude they aren't edited videos. They are live streams. Very, very different. Check out my edited content I think it's more up your alley.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • Hello

    Pedro PerezPedro PerezYear ago
  • How do I get an MRE I. Really want to try one

    Keyona McBrideKeyona McBrideYear ago
    • My suggestion is to pick yourself up a case on eBay. If you are patient and look alot you'll find a case for about $60 shipped which is $5 per meal.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • Never got notfication

    Steve LenderSteve Lender2 years ago
  • Holy crap another 3 hour live stream! Great video Smokey! I hope to not miss the next one since i have next weekend off for vacation. Thanks for sharing!

    Traversing FoodTraversing Food2 years ago
    • +Traversing Food I hope to see you there. I'm going to try to do one Saturday afternoon. That is if I get home in time.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Old Smokey if you have not figured it out here how you give somebody moderator role: Assign moderators Select menu chat dots next to username in chat and select Set User as Moderator Moderators remain on the list until they are unassigned. Old Smokey for more details sir here is the link support.google.com/youtube/answer/2524549?hl=en

    Jessie HorneJessie Horne2 years ago
    • Oldsmokey That link should have both methods to do it

      Jessie HorneJessie Horne2 years ago
    • +Jessie Horne Thank you Jessie. I'll see if I can do that on the computer. It wouldn't let me do that on my phone for some reason.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Still didn't get a notification, just seen this video now , shoot me a message or something when you do the next one

    Nathans MRENathans MRE2 years ago
    • +Nathan's MRE Freakin USkeys is really putting the screws to me. I'm going to try to do one Saturday and talk a little bit about what's been going on with that. It's a live stream I won't leave up because I don't need anymore flak from USkeys but I think I should talk about it. I'm still kinda on the fence though because it's nothing good it's all negative and I'm happy with my viewers and my channel it's just USkeys has been messing with me since December.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • I love monster munch!!

    Chrystal LawsonChrystal Lawson2 years ago
    • Oldsmokey I had them when I was stationed in the U.K.

      Chrystal LawsonChrystal Lawson2 years ago
    • +Chrystal Lawson Actually good stuff. I'd never heard of them before.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Bummer. I missed the live😕

    Chrystal LawsonChrystal Lawson2 years ago
    • +Chrystal Lawson Sorry you missed it but there definitely will be more. I actually love doing them.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • I don't watch live streams.

    Susan CarrSusan Carr2 years ago
    • +Susan Carr I'm sorry Susan. I'll have some new regular videos up soon. I'm awaiting my newer filming device to get started on that.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Missed the live but this is still pretty awesome Smokey!

    James OrtizJames Ortiz2 years ago
    • +James Ortiz Well hopefully you can be there at the next one. I'd like to get at least half of my subscribers to show up to one some day.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Hahaha haha they sent you monster munch 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Mr MeeMr Mee2 years ago
  • Hold tight the royal mail.If I see any mres in at the local market il send them over to you.Would you accept any or isit certain ones?

    Mr MeeMr Mee2 years ago
    • I'm down for whatever Re Up. Are you in the U.K? Any mail gets included in the mail call videos to start with.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • OldSmokey email me @ jjfrye113@icloud.com and we will talk about setting something up.

    History Savior 1941History Savior 19412 years ago
  • love the accent smokey great review once again

    mick taylormick taylor2 years ago
    • the old stuff is the best to watch you fellas eat ill keep a watch out for your next review mate

      mick taylormick taylor2 years ago
    • I have some really old neat stuff to review ******

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
    • Well thank ya Mick. I absolutely love doing the live streams so far. I can't wait to get some regular videos out too though because I have done really old beat stuff to review.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Great stream as always. Here is the info on setting moderators. Just scroll down and select "moderate chat" should be all you need. You can also set them in the community menu in youtube creator studio at any time. support.google.com/youtube/answer/2524549?hl=en

    RobRob2 years ago
    • Oldsmokey We'll see you then.

      RobRob2 years ago
    • +Rob Cool thanks Rob. I'll try to do that before the next stream which I hope will be Saturday.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
    • Take a look here as well, brother. Hit me with any questions/problems you may have. If I can't answer it we'll sure as h€ll find the answer somewhere. support.google.com/youtube/answer/7023301?hl=en

      RobRob2 years ago
  • Great live stream video my friend cant wait to land one of these rations

    James DerynckJames Derynck2 years ago
    • +James Derynck Thanks James. I hope you get one. He's going to add chicken to the menu instead of tuna soon I think.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • The bad stuff in the old Diet Pepsi I believe was saccharin, aspartame, or something called BVO, going by what I could find on google and Wikipedia. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diet_Pepsi#Composition

    Sparrow9612Sparrow96122 years ago
    • +Sparrow9612 Yeah he saris something like that. I need to get with him and find out and write it down. He's pretty knowledgeable about that stuff.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
  • Darn work getting in the way of my vlogs:( LOL,,,, MRE'S are such a hit or miss anymore,,, wtf,,,,pouch tuna now??? Time to visit my local px store and checks em out,,,,,,

    jeanette wjeanette w2 years ago
    • +jeanette w There should be chicken in a pouch too right with the tuna.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago
    • Still love the jalapeño spread ,,, thats my fave:)

      jeanette wjeanette w2 years ago
  • On the thumbnail the length of the video is listed as 3:13:02, but when I came here to watch, the length is now 1:59:58 and the beginning of the stream seems to be missing. No idea what's going on with it.

    Sparrow9612Sparrow96122 years ago
    • +Sparrow9612 I think it's because I was probably still live or the video was still uploading to USkeys. I'll double check it right now.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey2 years ago