I Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to see if they work 2

Jan 25, 2020
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I tested viral TikTok Life Hacks to see if they work part 2! Let’s see these do it yourself lifehacks in action... Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch part 1 uskeys.net/watch/8lUqamSaLYE-video.html Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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  • we hit 18 MILLION subscribers!!! hope you're all having a great weekend :D

    SSSniperWolfSSSniperWolf5 months ago
    • We don’t 😕

      Judy MohamedJudy Mohamed6 days ago
    • Now twenty

      Ryan AlmasRyan Almas9 days ago
    • we hit 20 mil subs*

      yo mamayo mama22 days ago

      SlushWolfPlayz_YTSlushWolfPlayz_YT24 days ago
    • Hi 🙂

      Abigail AntcliffAbigail AntcliffMonth ago
  • I did it to my Alexa and it works

    Isobel CallaghanIsobel Callaghan2 hours ago
  • the Alexa mode works aaahhhhhhh

    Amaara SubramaniamAmaara Subramaniam3 hours ago
  • Alexa one has worked I tried it

    Neetu KapoorNeetu Kapoor6 hours ago
  • I finally gain access to my wife Tiktok account easily through guci_hacker on insta he's a man of his words

    Samuel AlexanderSamuel Alexander7 hours ago
  • i did the colored phone

    Roy MirandillaRoy Mirandilla8 hours ago
  • Your number is wrong its 0808779

    Milen_5 PatenioMilen_5 Patenio9 hours ago

    Jayde DunglisonJayde Dunglison11 hours ago
  • Scame

    Jason GarzaJason Garza13 hours ago
  • I have an Alexa and it’s a

    Jason GarzaJason Garza13 hours ago
  • Yup “wam bam unlock ma’am” I do this all time, ♥︎

    Froggy GachaUwUFroggy GachaUwU13 hours ago
  • 0:01 can we ask how long her finger looks

    XJ0shhxXJ0shhx14 hours ago

    Richard RaghunathRichard Raghunath16 hours ago
  • You are the most beautiful person i have ever seen

    Paso SebokoPaso Seboko16 hours ago
  • Up up down down left right left right B a start

    Francisco RosarioFrancisco Rosario17 hours ago
  • this was made on my birthday!

    Maci EllsworthMaci Ellsworth18 hours ago
  • Oh I slid a knife thru the door..

    Leeah BernsteinLeeah Bernstein19 hours ago
  • change your phone

    Imad Ahmad-RufaiImad Ahmad-Rufai19 hours ago
  • Alexa does work

    HEXHEX19 hours ago
  • The gas station is not a scam she did the code wrong

    Majlinda ismailiMajlinda ismaili20 hours ago
  • Hi

    Achame LantideruAchame Lantideru21 hour ago
  • Does this work

    Typo HarveyTypo Harvey23 hours ago
  • Does this work

    Typo HarveyTypo Harvey23 hours ago
  • 9:30 It's just an Easter egg that they added to alexa

    Rudransh VermaRudransh VermaDay ago
  • Hi

    Alice is thisAlice is thisDay ago
  • the bottle flip hack did not work 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Reza KarimReza KarimDay ago
  • You are looking like kelli of ff

    Creeper boy GamingCreeper boy GamingDay ago
  • It is not working, im not lying, i try that before and is NOT WORKING!!

    Fun with RaihanaFun with RaihanaDay ago
  • Why wouldn’t she said it’s locks on the first hat she literally made the same face as my gym teacher?????

    Gem StonesGem StonesDay ago
  • You pulled the door and then pussed the door this was a lie

    Flavia !Flavia !Day ago
  • Didn't work for my alexa

    Nikola's fun adventuresNikola's fun adventuresDay ago
  • THANKS FOR THE HACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She didn’t use the ride code

    Brooklynn LujanBrooklynn LujanDay ago
  • Up down up down left right left right a b go

    Lina CastorLina CastorDay ago
  • The first one yhat always work's 🥳

    Mariela WoodMariela WoodDay ago
  • 9:09 😍🥰

    Phillip ChaidezPhillip ChaidezDay ago
  • The door seemed like it's opened a little

    XxCutie _WolfiexXXxCutie _WolfiexXDay ago
  • Yup mhm that’s illegal

    Jeigh MJeigh MDay ago
  • Where did you get that black shirt?

    Val SteinVal SteinDay ago
  • hi

    Angela LocklearAngela LocklearDay ago

    Keira LoboKeira LoboDay ago
  • it also works better if you shake it

    Bella WrightBella WrightDay ago
  • The Alexa one worked my gosh I am soo shocked cause I never believed in these hacks

    Bipeta CsekharBipeta CsekharDay ago
  • 3:37 coronavirus alert

    Nathan RaeNathan RaeDay ago
  • You look like Ariana Grande

    Burman PascoBurman Pasco2 days ago
  • Ur not supposed to put the blue marker on your flashlight your supposed to put the blue marker on CAMARA

    AndrewsstuffAndrewsstuff2 days ago
  • It doesn’t work salt water

    Zim SistersZim Sisters2 days ago
  • sssniperwolf? is that ur name

    Aurelia HalonaAurelia Halona2 days ago
  • If u get pranked pls pin me Read more

    Dylan ChandraDylan Chandra2 days ago
  • SkerttttttXD

    Dylan ChandraDylan Chandra2 days ago
  • It workes with a butterknife too

    Odin tailOdin tail2 days ago
  • Me watching this well half of my phone is covered in TOOTHPASTE

    Blakestab2 BlakesBlakestab2 Blakes2 days ago
  • But y dose Lia look like lady Diane from seven deadly sins

    the warrping fishthe warrping fish2 days ago
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    Ivan AguileraIvan Aguilera2 days ago
  • I love your videos

    Bernice CannonBernice Cannon2 days ago
  • I love your video

    Bernice CannonBernice Cannon2 days ago

    Leafy gachaLeafy gacha2 days ago
  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that her FRIDGE is as big as HECK

    Abby MollettAbby Mollett2 days ago
  • 0808779 then enter you get free gas

    itss . jayitss . jay2 days ago
  • Love it

  • Okkkkkk. Hey 👋 wanna is a good morning ☀️ was a way of fun and a good day for me I just got a new one ☝️ I wanna is kinda like no one ☝️ was just the school year so I’m just now ttr I wanna wanna is a time to get my hair cut off my Twitter day day haha 😂 I was just saying random things

    Seth KingSeth King2 days ago
  • Hello best youtuber

    Malak DiraniMalak Dirani2 days ago

    Gacha life123wGacha life123w2 days ago
  • Wassan

    Jumpmain TheoneJumpmain Theone2 days ago
  • Don’t delete your channel 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Binder Class 19-20Binder Class 19-202 days ago
  • I try super Alexa mode but it just said almost there

    Ace SlaterAce Slater2 days ago
  • I love your video

    Jamie HallJamie Hall2 days ago
  • Yt:*says code for gas* Her:*putting in different code* Me:oh maw gaw

    Brooklyn ChagoyaBrooklyn Chagoya2 days ago
  • Omg lol I’m dying I did it to Siri and she done called me a “cheater!”

    Kaylynn DierksKaylynn Dierks2 days ago
  • youLiar

    Aneela ImranAneela Imran3 days ago
  • Girl it needed to be on the camera then put it some blue marker and then turn on the light then put it on where you picture

    Rheiley IgnacioRheiley Ignacio3 days ago
  • yeah my neighbor has a gwagon while also making youtube videos claiming they cant spend too much money jfc

    LaytayLaytay3 days ago
  • no baby he says while they inspect HIS room lol really

    LaytayLaytay3 days ago
  • Umm u used black but u need to use blue

    Huong VuHuong Vu3 days ago
  • How many sparkling water do youhave

    Abdul ZreikatAbdul Zreikat3 days ago
  • Did you really do the wrong one code on the gas

    Kaidy CaballeroKaidy Caballero3 days ago
  • the "peepee hunting" works

    Chloe VahovickChloe Vahovick3 days ago
  • 🤔 my bestie is a big fan

    Bonnie ArledgeBonnie Arledge3 days ago
  • I always used a mini-screwdriver to get into locked doors

    Beth HauptBeth Haupt3 days ago
  • When I was a kid they lock the door in the bathroom in shcool I use the stick to open the door

    Allen VAllen V3 days ago