I Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to see if they work 2

Jan 25, 2020
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I tested viral TikTok Life Hacks to see if they work part 2! Let’s see these do it yourself lifehacks in action... Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch part 1 uskeys.net/watch/8lUqamSaLYE-video.html Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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  • we hit 18 MILLION subscribers!!! hope you're all having a great weekend :D

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    • 💓💓💓💓💓😭😭😭😭😭

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    • Ya✨ get into it.🕺🏻💃🏻

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    • Yeeeeeeeeeee

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    • You have 23.1M subs right now honey

      Why click my channel?Why click my channel?Month ago
    • You look so beautiful in that black shirt,i dont know what will be the style of shirt name,but you were trying to open the door with the card,that part 😍😍

      Jullian KingJullian King2 months ago
  • I have a hack where when i color my school dell computers little camera part when im on zoom it actually changes the color.

    MangoMango22 minutes ago
  • Hi Lia if u could get 2 Million likes I want u to buy a kitten! Cuz that will be soo cute!!

    ItzAwaskaPlayz !ItzAwaskaPlayz !30 minutes ago
  • Idk for the gas one are you supposed to follow the number from the video or something?

    Megan's WorldMegan's World58 minutes ago
  • You said it wrong

    let's do it Ambikashwanilet's do it AmbikashwaniHour ago
  • Alexa hack worked I have alexa at home and I tried it

    let's do it Ambikashwanilet's do it AmbikashwaniHour ago
    • Super mode was activated

      let's do it Ambikashwanilet's do it AmbikashwaniHour ago
  • Bruhhh Lia looks so rich :00 why do you live in the desert though?? The desert kinda sucks :(

    Willow TWillow T2 hours ago
  • what does a power update mean?

    gabrielle cannogabrielle canno8 hours ago
  • my Alexa said ‘You’re so close, but sorry, no power-ups for you.’ me be like: *BREAKS PHONE*

    Unknown RatUnknown Rat8 hours ago
  • SSSniperWolf whats ur tick-tok username? I want to follow u!

    gabrielle cannogabrielle canno8 hours ago
  • it

    Kei loveKei love9 hours ago
  • when she siad she will delwt her channel if it workes i was like noo pls dont delet iy

    Kei loveKei love9 hours ago
  • Don’t waste your soul get some from the from the ocean because salt water in the ocean even though I live in Milwaukee Sail

    Kelly SchaerKelly Schaer10 hours ago
  • I still see the channel

    cookiescookies12 hours ago
  • Hi

    David StiffDavid Stiff12 hours ago
  • I love your videos

    Martyn BlytonMartyn Blyton12 hours ago
  • Nice I am a big fan

    Martyn BlytonMartyn Blyton12 hours ago
  • Bro There’s no food in that fridge

    Rich FehrsRich Fehrs18 hours ago
  • Ok time for a sock Check who got caught not wearing socks

    Xander GoodwinXander Goodwin19 hours ago
  • Please liya don't delete your channel yes I will cry😭😭

    Snigdha DeySnigdha Dey20 hours ago
  • Hi lia you do great work ni your videos and I love you so much and I love your USkeys videos who love her video and who love her me very much ❤ 💕 ♥ 💖 💗 😍 ❤ 💕 ♥ 💖

    Kimberly FerreyraKimberly Ferreyra22 hours ago
  • I literally tried to do the Alexa hack and it said your so close to getting a superpower!

    Book WormBook Worm23 hours ago
  • Pee pee hunting so funny 😂

    Nina AielloNina AielloDay ago
  • When. I did the Siri start she said “im sorry”

    ꧁Alice_ ang̶l̶e̶꧂꧁Alice_ ang̶l̶e̶꧂Day ago
  • lol

    Alexis GrubmanAlexis GrubmanDay ago

    DashDashDay ago
  • When i was 10 i tried it and i like ruined my phone i got ot off with water it survived phew

    Jēkabs PloriņšJēkabs PloriņšDay ago
  • All thetime in the middle of the video she says "Thats a leigall"Like LMFAO

    henillietta lokotuihenillietta lokotuiDay ago
  • The toothpaste one works except you have to have a plastic screen protector.

    PilotCurve GamingPilotCurve GamingDay ago
  • Wait do you need that card

    Debi MacdonaldDebi MacdonaldDay ago
  • robbers at the first hack: how u do that

    AuroraAuroraDay ago
  • I wuv chu

    Chelsie HoggarthChelsie HoggarthDay ago
  • Ur funny ,me and my bro watch u

    Chelsie HoggarthChelsie HoggarthDay ago
  • Snipper wolf where u live???

    Santa HohohoSanta HohohoDay ago

    King CubeKing CubeDay ago
  • Hello friends it’s not me!

    King CubeKing CubeDay ago
  • You can just use a buter knife

    noah drurynoah druryDay ago
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  • she went to 18 mill to 24.5m, anyone watching this in 2021?

    peachy_nuggetpeachy_nuggetDay ago
  • Tik tok is now teaching people how to break in houses 👍

    BeanzyBeanzy2 days ago
  • Sub to them and me

    drxpxoxodrxpxoxo2 days ago
  • She said the Alexa thing wrong it’s up down up down left right left right a b go. She said up up down down left right left right a b go

    ThatWeirdKidThatWeirdKid2 days ago
  • Girl that was a scam is missing a boarding

    Jack Stein EntertainmentJack Stein Entertainment2 days ago
  • bruh u said start its go

    Cold FireCold Fire2 days ago
  • I like that lia doesn't flex

    Funny BunnyFunny Bunny2 days ago
  • I guess u gotta delete ur channel :(

    Nadia RoyerNadia Royer2 days ago
    • She was joking.

      John LaurensJohn Laurens2 days ago
  • Don't upgrade your phn5

    BTS girlBTS girl2 days ago
  • Lia literally looks like a anime girl because of her gloves or wth is that thing on her risk ... Read More

    Idk whatoputhereIdk whatoputhere2 days ago
    • How do i delete this comment lol

      Idk whatoputhereIdk whatoputhere2 days ago
  • her: i delete if it works me: well uh it didn’t work

    angie marieangie marie2 days ago
  • Sniperwolf- it’s not opening Sausage- skrrt harder Sssniperwolf-sskkkkrrrrtttt

    Abbey J FoleyAbbey J Foley2 days ago
  • Now all the robbers have a way to get into the locked house...damn you tiktok!

    Abbey J FoleyAbbey J Foley2 days ago
  • Sssniper wolf I love your video so much!!!

    Kai the playful catKai the playful cat2 days ago
  • THE ALEXA THING WORKS!!!!!!!!! In the tiktok, they said it wrong. This is what I said to make it work: Up Up Down Down left right left right b a start

    Mia LearyMia Leary2 days ago
  • Tery pith bohut bary hai

    • Choty kar

  • Qqw

    Amer M Al NezariAmer M Al Nezari2 days ago
  • the alexa thing works i tried it

    Deino SuleDeino Sule2 days ago

    ?Dark Ashy¿?Dark Ashy¿2 days ago
  • 😭

    지난지난3 days ago
  • Me

    Aidan CartwrightAidan Cartwright3 days ago
  • I steal my the car

  • I try it on my Alexa and it work

    Elena JElena J3 days ago
  • I did that and she said close but no segar

    Kid friendly Only kidsKid friendly Only kids3 days ago
  • I put salt in the water and it work

    Saniah VilceSaniah Vilce3 days ago
  • Hi

    mahdiyyah mahomedmahdiyyah mahomed3 days ago
  • 8:18 I tried this it’s so good like so amazing not a lie I tried this before like in 2020 🤨wait what’s 2020

  • I got the oculus quest

    Clarisbel RodriguezClarisbel Rodriguez3 days ago
  • Dont try the alexa hack I did it and she started twitching out

    Redergamer2000Redergamer20003 days ago
  • I did the bottle challenge but did not work

    Chan KellyChan Kelly3 days ago
  • M

    Sendy PieterszSendy Pietersz3 days ago
  • Nooooooooooooo no delete

    Ava PerryAva Perry4 days ago
  • When the toothpaste tube outside shows the insides have 3 colours and white comes out

    cute_kitty princesscute_kitty princess4 days ago
  • I tried the last hack I did it the first town she called me a cheater the second time she called me a nerd

    Bella HarrisBella Harris4 days ago
  • There industreal bc your famous

    Morgan AtkinsonMorgan Atkinson4 days ago
  • Hi! If u see me hope u see me again I will comment on every video I watch hope to see you soon! =)

    Yuki._RATYuki._RAT4 days ago
  • Lia: Dad coming over and be like: SKYLER WHY U DRINKING FROM THE *BIG* *MAC* CARTON Me: Isnt that PeytonCoffee?

    ༄•Vera the_ Unicxrn•༄༄•Vera the_ Unicxrn•༄4 days ago
  • You need blue light

    Bailey IsaacBailey Isaac4 days ago
  • I lobe how long your nails are sssniperwolf and of course I love your vids

    Kirsty HearneKirsty Hearne4 days ago
  • And it is ab then go

    Juané Needham Gr 5.4Juané Needham Gr 5.44 days ago
  • The alexa one is the konami code that turns things into squirrels

    Juané Needham Gr 5.4Juané Needham Gr 5.44 days ago
  • j

    Sharon SchejninSharon Schejnin5 days ago
  • Hi

    Josiah EllisJosiah Ellis5 days ago
  • Skirt 😂 I’m 8

    Michelle LomasMichelle Lomas5 days ago
  • Me watching this when she has 24.5 million subscribers

    Aaliyah VelazquezAaliyah Velazquez5 days ago
  • She’s gots a nice looking house I thought she was at a fancy hotel!

    Vladimir PaukovVladimir Paukov5 days ago
  • U have a big house.... Toooo big🎀🎀

    Funna FunFunna Fun5 days ago
  • remember that challenge about the flipping the ball though is actually a lot of salt it makes it like really heavy for the ball and then it actually works

    wilson aslinwilson aslin5 days ago
  • Yes

    Toy EzraToy Ezra5 days ago
  • Not to sound like a simp or anything but I like your hair...style. ;-;

    ITZ_qUaXITZ_qUaX5 days ago

    Storm Eyvindur Oddi LocsinStorm Eyvindur Oddi Locsin5 days ago
  • K

    Fabian HolguinFabian Holguin5 days ago
  • hi im a big fan

    Gracie McdonaldGracie Mcdonald5 days ago
  • I tried the last hack with Siri and she did say NERD.😅

    Afrin's crafty lifeAfrin's crafty life5 days ago
  • I love you so mach

    mr. nafis gamingmr. nafis gaming5 days ago
  • Doesn’t work on Alexa kids

    Emby For lifeEmby For life5 days ago
  • 🦋HELLO💐🦋

    Kawaii WonderlandKawaii Wonderland5 days ago
  • Oh and the toothpaste does work but your suppose to put it everywhere and your suppose to leave it for a day

    Luis RamirezLuis Ramirez6 days ago
  • 9:24 I TRYED it and my god it worked

    Glow Bright UnicornGlow Bright Unicorn6 days ago
  • 8:13 I try’s this and it worked

    Glow Bright UnicornGlow Bright Unicorn6 days ago
  • Lia I have Alexa and I tried it it said you’re so close but no power up for you I don’t know if it works for that girl or it’s like a scam because I did not work for me!

    KxthyqKxthyq6 days ago
  • Fancy house sssniperwolf

    goldenfish50 golden neongoldenfish50 golden neon6 days ago