NFL Career Ending Injuries (Warning)

Dec 26, 2017
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  • Damn

    Adan MadridAdan Madrid4 hours ago
  • I got scared when the age restriction popped up

    AndyAndy2 days ago
  • That Greer leg 😖

    AntokneeoAntokneeo2 days ago

    Jamarion GreenJamarion Green3 days ago
  • What's wrong with peoples, who gives a like?

    PAPERplay99PAPERplay994 days ago
  • 1:17 I HATE WATCHING THIS ONE UGHHHHHHHH, looks like it hurt soooo fucking bad dude

    ShameShame4 days ago
  • When play football and majority use hand to keep ball. Its handsball😀😀😀

    Dimas 310Dimas 3105 days ago
  • Shit it won't let me watch it Okay now I can

    smeagol1409smeagol14095 days ago
  • *laughs in rugby concussions*

    Adrian WoodAdrian Wood5 days ago
  • OMG. That is all this video needs P.S. I play hockey!

    Flyers Fan BoyFlyers Fan Boy5 days ago
  • Crazy how it only takes one play for your career/life to take a drastic turn.

    Bennett24Bennett246 days ago
  • Am I a monster for searching this up?

    WhosTomatoWhosTomato6 days ago
  • Why am I watching this

    Will And LeiviWill And Leivi8 days ago
  • 1:21 ... how is he still alive????

    SergeTheBlergeSergeTheBlerge9 days ago
  • Finley wasn't defenseless he put his head down to initiate contact..

    Mr PotentialMr Potential9 days ago
  • Bo ran so hard he dislocated his own hip

    TatakaeTatakae10 days ago
  • Me: wanting to play nfl football Now:

    Pop_BTWPop_BTW11 days ago
  • 7:56 badass dude just waves

    Corpzn PlayzCorpzn Playz11 days ago
  • Trainers: ok time to go touch him and say what hurts then call the real medics like 15 minutes later

    RecklessReckless11 days ago
  • damn this, you get paid, but the risk you’re taking is crazy though

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi12 days ago
  • I wish I have never watched this

    Nate EibschutzNate Eibschutz14 days ago
  • Legit every football player out there puts their body on the line

    Nate EibschutzNate Eibschutz14 days ago
  • Anyone here after shazier retirement

    Tyler BrainardTyler Brainard15 days ago
  • Anybody else here after Ryan shazier officially retired?

    Furman MemecityFurman Memecity15 days ago
  • That Johnny Knox hit made me understand why Cam didnt dive for it in the Superbowl.

    Darren CampbellDarren Campbell16 days ago
  • Who came here after Shazier announces his retirement?

    Mr. FreshMr. Fresh16 days ago
  • Imagine Having to play aftercthat must be scary as hell.

    taco BStaco BS16 days ago
  • Soip

    Ballistic Track and FieldBallistic Track and Field16 days ago
  • Outro music is trash... especially after seeing all these injuries. Lol let's play some random shit outro music! Thumbs down, never a sub.

    Tr1ckySureShotTr1ckySureShot17 days ago
  • Ohh that make not wanna play football

    Spazz AGGROSpazz AGGRO21 day ago
  • Classy Philly fans cheering Irving down not moving.

    Kim ChiKim Chi24 days ago
  • .k Ll Lll.k Ll.k.0 L. .

    Joseph DuganJoseph Dugan24 days ago
  • There is so much going on with the health of every single athlete This game is almost criminal If a guy as already issues with his neck for already 30 games..sooner or later that neck will snap with a single slap

    Rob NolanRob Nolan25 days ago
  • We’re was Ryan shazier

    NicolasNicolas25 days ago
  • Owe lord that last one...... And I think almost the same thing happened to there qb last session. Just awful.

    Se7eN Cureton Thin Beard ReviewsSe7eN Cureton Thin Beard Reviews25 days ago
  • Famous football quotes.james woods-“Rooney would play with a fractured neck if he though beamen was goons take his job.later in a game Rooney scrambles for a touchdown while being flipped 360.rooney was completely shutdown while roaming back to the sidelines to music of clown carousels.rooney found out one hit too many to the ole noggin finally hit home.

    James WellsJames Wells25 days ago
  • Elliot! Get back on the field the doctors will look after him! Look at his face!!! Mister you get back on that field or on the bench

    James WellsJames Wells25 days ago
  • What happened to Knox is called "scorpion tail." Bodies don't bend that way.... And that Brown injury? You know it's very serious when the players are running the stretcher out on the field. Amazing Know and Brown weren't forever paralyzed.

    Vogel AccountVogel Account26 days ago
  • The human brain is INCREDIBLE!!! However it's also INCREDIBLY fragile.

    BOO duhBOO duh26 days ago
  • Vontaze Burfict WANTS to be on this compilation. That's what's so fucked up about him.

    encycl07pediaencycl07pedia29 days ago
  • Philips’ leg snaps I was like” ouch “

    Regina De LeonRegina De LeonMonth ago
  • that Knox hit made me cringe. omg so much pain

    WesleyWesleyMonth ago
  • NFL hard tackle *Walking fine and celebrating* FIFA Slight touch *Over acting*

  • As a Packers fan, I hate to see this. 3 potential hall of famers, down forever.

    Jim IJim IMonth ago
  • The Johnny Knox injury is sickening to look at...That was the hardest one for me to see.

    CrmsnTyde 4everCrmsnTyde 4everMonth ago
  • Ahh the 90's, where the Picture was so bad, it mad all of the fields look like smooth plastic surfaces!

    Devyn StantonDevyn StantonMonth ago
  • It’s crazy how that saint play who broke his leg, two of his teammates just walked away

    JAE シ SquadJAE シ SquadMonth ago
  • Its crazy how long smashing heads together was just how you played. It's really fucking stupid.

    Stuart BStuart BMonth ago
  • how do i turn age restriction off

    Chunkey,Cheese GamingChunkey,Cheese GamingMonth ago
  • Nick Collins injury is when green Bay went from a super bowl team to a playoff team. If u watched the packers it was clear just how important he was for the defense

    Ian DevineIan DevineMonth ago
  • Bo Jackson was an animal. He got up and started limp walking after SHEERING HIS HIP JOINT. He did end up stopping, laying down, and eventually being helped off the field but even the announcers are like "Ehh, doesn't look too bad. Maybe a pulled muscle or something based on his reaction". What a monster. Also it didn't end his career but it should have. He came back for like a year or two but was never even remotely the same.

    Bradley WedgeBradley WedgeMonth ago
  • L.T. class act.

    Mo TacheedoMo TacheedoMonth ago
  • And dick heads say "they're overpaid" WTF?!

    Defined DefinitionDefined DefinitionMonth ago
  • Of course I will let my boys do the same at age 10.

    Carlos RexCarlos RexMonth ago
  • Idk can I get some likes plus

    ExtinctZelo-_-ExtinctZelo-_-Month ago
  • The Knox injury is horrible...

    william johnsonwilliam johnsonMonth ago
  • Sterling Sharpe, Nick Collins and Jermichael Finley ALL had HOF careers just waiting for them, all went down with neck injuries. Absolutely brutal, but thank goodness all three are living healthy and gifted lives after such doubt. Everyone in this video and anyone who suits up in the NFL are modern day gladiators. HUGE respect for them all

    MrOuchiezMrOuchiezMonth ago
  • I get its a beloved sport but why do we still play this. For the deaths?

    walk shortwalk shortMonth ago
  • Joe Theismann. Michael Irvin. Sterling Sharpe. Bo Jackson. Really glad Teddy Bridgewater's knee injury in Minnesota didn't qualify for this list. Kinda hope Alex Smith's homage injury isn't his last NFL snap... just so he doesn't qualify here either. Surprised SF DT Young's MNF injury wasn't here... so bad it wouldn't be shown... just the ambulance in the end zone at Candlestick.

    Varian SchirmerVarian SchirmerMonth ago
  • Anyone here after learning that Michael Irving stabbed a man

    twiggy ramierieztwiggy ramieriezMonth ago
  • Who else searched this up?

    SportcrafterSportcrafterMonth ago
  • Awesome 😎

    AudiognomeAudiognomeMonth ago
  • That Sterling Sharpe injury hurt, he was so damn.

    latham taylorlatham taylorMonth ago
  • I don't feel bad for the Packers. They're my least favorite team.

    Cade HansonCade HansonMonth ago
  • Hahah

    kingmel-99 gaming boykingmel-99 gaming boyMonth ago
  • I want to play football but this just scares me

    KoiKoiMonth ago
  • Why did I search this?

    Jay BrownJay BrownMonth ago
  • This is pussy level up the rugby

    jjfinchjjfinchMonth ago
  • That Knox injury was gruesome

    djxxxplicitdjxxxplicit2 months ago
  • The Collins injury looked very similar to Pat Lambie’s from rugby

    Will BookerWill Booker2 months ago
  • How many of these did Joe Buck ruin?

    Cody LawsonCody Lawson2 months ago
  • 0:02 Worst uniforms.

    Cody LawsonCody Lawson2 months ago
  • That Johnny Knox injury still haunts me, even as a Packers fan. Say what you want about Cam Newton but this is the type of thing I think of when I see someone diving for the ball so I give him a slight pass.

    JeromepkrJeromepkr2 months ago
  • Horrible!

    Leonid PLeonid P2 months ago
  • Omg that Knox hit!! That was soooo fuckin nasty. Straight scorpioned him. Ughhhhh 😭😭

    TreeezplzTreeezplz2 months ago
  • Are we supposed to look up every single person, and find out what happened to them? Can you at least put a brief description of their injuries?

    Faleash TriunfoFaleash Triunfo2 months ago
  • Why am I watching this

    C SC S2 months ago
  • I knew johnny Knox had concussion problems I didn't know about jermichael Finley and nick collins

    R StreetR Street2 months ago
  • Love it...pure satisfaction

    7ジュリエン7ジュリエン2 months ago
  • Upper...........................Lower....................... *BUTT* 7:40

    seth Watkinnsseth Watkinns2 months ago
  • Yea my kids aren’t playing football

    Tan TanTan Tan2 months ago
  • I miss 90s Football. Fucking gladiators

    C FC F2 months ago
  • I cant see shit yall weak

    puddle ofaidspuddle ofaids2 months ago
  • 8:48 Hearing john madden's voice is like the gates of heaven opening

    Joe CamboJoe Cambo2 months ago
  • Holy hell how did Kevin Everett live

    Joe CamboJoe Cambo2 months ago
  • Why the hell are plays like this still happening? Gipson should be expelled from the NFL. Maybe if you allowed fighting ala NHL, these idiots would stop headhunting eachother. Fackin maroons.

    Lord TaekeLord Taeke2 months ago
  • I stopped after 2 minutes, the reality of what I was watching was so much worse than even watching it live but not knowing it was a career ending injury. That was a terrible thing to watch. And yea...I know.....lame ass opinion.

    Frankie BleddynFrankie Bleddyn2 months ago
  • Surprised to see a guy named Johnny Knox in this video.

    Thomas HendersonThomas Henderson2 months ago
  • Buffalo is a hellhole

    James LadueJames Ladue2 months ago
  • Why do we search these things

    jobecahobi 77jobecahobi 772 months ago
  • Oh snap!

    Chris HousleyChris Housley2 months ago
  • Great to hear Reggie Brown wasn't paralyzed. Remember watching that game as a kid. And just now knowing he wasn't.

    Brandon MinikwuBrandon Minikwu2 months ago
  • What am i doing i don’t even watch football

    yash gurangoyash gurango2 months ago
  • Age Restricted?

    Vance ProductionsTM 2Vance ProductionsTM 22 months ago
  • "Clearly in the direction the body is not supposed to go." Thank you Captain Obvious.

    EarlFaulkEarlFaulk2 months ago
  • I got really good hearing... And Thiesman's leg snapping is cringing, sounds like someone breaking a tree limb

    Aaron SweetAaron Sweet2 months ago
    • Lmao

      ツツDrPepperツツDrPepper2 months ago
  • Why am I watching this? It’s awful

    P BP B2 months ago
  • I thought pg 13’s injury was ugly

    Habeeblea IKOSVlavioHabeeblea IKOSVlavio2 months ago
  • fun fact: you searched this up

    staticstatic2 months ago
  • Zack Miller T.E for the bears horrible leg injury against the saints they almost had to amputate his leg it was that bad

    Albert DouglasAlbert Douglas2 months ago