Draymond Green Shares Why He's Picking LeBron as the MVP | NBA on TNT

Aug 8, 2020
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With the finalists for the NBA Awards being announced, Draymond Green shares why he’s picking LeBron James as the MVP and talks about why he believe Kevin Durant is the greatest scorer of all time.
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  • Best offense, best defense lol. What happened to them in the playoffs?? Losing 4-1 to Heat and I remember that the 1 time they won against Heat in the playoffs was when Giannis got injured during the match and had to leave😄 that's funny

    Ming BingMing Bing17 hours ago
  • Giannis was so dominant on both offense and defense that he himself blocked his own shot.

    rei barrei bar12 days ago
  • Right at the end they said MJ.

    zoo topiazoo topia17 days ago
  • To explain why Draymond thinks this.... Clutch Sports.

    Kiga SedunKiga Sedun21 day ago
  • Charles is right again lol, they're wondering if Harden gets his props, and Charles is like "he's 3rd in the MVP voting!"

    Ninja ChannelNinja Channel22 days ago
  • I love this show

    BigmarianBigmarian24 days ago
  • Draymond and Chuck need to antagonize each other more. lol

    Rick RedmondRick Redmond26 days ago
  • Ernie don't miss 🎯

    Anthony WilsonAnthony Wilson27 days ago
  • Draymond is a good analyst on this show cause He hella smart on his Basketball IQ look it up from college n ish he would read the nba books like rules n stats n all that he actually hella smart with basketball could be great coach or t.v basketball analyst

    El Comedy RogueEl Comedy Rogue28 days ago
  • These awards are very watered down. To me it doesn't matter how many positions you can guard it's more important who is at those positions that you guarded.

    Terez TompkinsTerez TompkinsMonth ago
  • When Kenny said that Kobe did score 81 in a game: Chuck was like um, um, oh yeah I forgot about that but yeah I think Harden can go get 81 in a game lol

    Terez TompkinsTerez TompkinsMonth ago
  • Dre up here showing mad respect to Harden and KD💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    Areoin StylzAreoin StylzMonth ago
  • Ja Morant should have been Rookie of the Year

    robert jacobsrobert jacobsMonth ago
  • Shaq is looking a little different now.

    John WickJohn WickMonth ago
  • Meanwhile, GA and James Harden were defeated in 2nd rd of this postseason. GA is this season's DPOY and MVP but knocked down by the Miami Heat 4-1. LBJ, AD and the Lakers abolished the Rockets at the same time in their 2nd rd match-up. Remove all these three great players from their respective team, they won't win with certainty. So, technically LBJ is the most valuable player to his team because he keeps his team winning and advancing to next rd and possibly to the finals. So, why postseason individual's performance isn't taking into account in recognizing the league MVP? Understand that's the regular season MVP. But then we have the Finals MVP dedicated for the two teams playing in the finals. But what is the weight then of the postseason from rd 1 to conference finals of the playoffs? This is now the scenario that the winner of DPOY and MVP awarded to the same player did not play superb (excluding his injury) on this postseason and hadn't helped much his team. Another aspect is why media and sportswriters have the more say on picking the league MVP? They're not even inside the court playing against these candidates. At the end of the day, championship ring is what matters most. Because other awards are somehow subjective-based review and the only thing a team can control is to win the ring. Great example, the media hasn't given much respect to Denver this postseason especially against Clippers.

    Alonzo BallAlonzo BallMonth ago
  • Thank you Draymond for picking Lebron. 😊

    Kurt RamosKurt RamosMonth ago
  • Wow Draymond and Chuck in the same room,in the same table? Hahahha

    RealMe XXIIIRealMe XXIIIMonth ago
  • Here After Giannis just won MVP..Lebron still MVP for me tho.

    Tristan BasatTristan BasatMonth ago
  • Tbh i didn’t expect draymond to make smart takes like this I thought he would be wildin

    Arjun AulakhArjun AulakhMonth ago
  • so we just gonna disrespect curry as the greatest scorer

    DonutHolesAreFireDonutHolesAreFireMonth ago
    • Scorer and shooter are two diff. things

      Chris MacChris MacMonth ago
  • salted popcorn

    Lans MartinezLans MartinezMonth ago
  • Come on!!! Harden is the greatest offensive player in history!?? -Wilt Left The Group..

    daniel Qdaniel QMonth ago

    keigo d'angelo garciakeigo d'angelo garciaMonth ago
  • of course charles your a lebron hater that what you will say to bron..

    keigo d'angelo garciakeigo d'angelo garciaMonth ago
  • a lot of Giannis a#$s kissers here

    Mpho MothibeMpho MothibeMonth ago
  • how are u mvp...with great stats.....and no final appearance ....we know how to stop the greek...so how is he mvp....reg season don't count... u can't stop a mvp

    qqq Wilsonqqq WilsonMonth ago
  • How come we never talk about how KD is the closest we've ever seen to a flawless player?

    HHMonth ago
    • @Shuggy he can defend at a high level. It's just that when you have an offensive machine like him, you'd be wasting that by playing him a lot on defense. And with his ball handling, he can open teammates up for plays. Not to mention, he had 6 assists per game in the last season he played. So I disagree on both points. Also, LeBron has more "flaws" than KD

      HHMonth ago
    • Defense and playmaking not exist? Offensively yes. But there's something that separates the Lebrons and MJ's all time from KD.

      ShuggyShuggyMonth ago
  • Honestly the only MVP award that matters is Finals MVP because that means you also won the championship that year

    HHMonth ago
  • all 2 mvp candidated has gone.... only one is active.. who is your mvp? obvious chuck is the leader of chookla in nba... always got jelous of lebrons legacy.. even him cant get 1 ring lol..

    clouie jean sacroclouie jean sacroMonth ago

    clouie jean sacroclouie jean sacroMonth ago
  • Lebron MVP enough said!!!! Lebron haters GTFOH!!!!

    joshua battsjoshua battsMonth ago
  • Obviously James Harden didn't watch the last dance. Scoring scoring 35 points a game and having the ball in your hands 90 percent of the time will not win you championships. Michael had to learn that and when he did it won him 6 championships.

    Garry Saint JeanGarry Saint JeanMonth ago
  • This has not aged well😂😂😂

    Josias GabrielJosias GabrielMonth ago
  • Giannis not the real MVP and surely not a real DPOY. He seems to be real great at choking when it matters most nonetheless. Maybe they should give him an award for that.

    Fran David CazorlaFran David CazorlaMonth ago
  • bruh. The level of professionalism from draymond is of the roof, man he competes with these players they mention yet he gives unbiased opinions. Respect 💯. Unlike some analysts who simps for players 👀

    Hoserito MigeruHoserito MigeruMonth ago
  • wheres giannis now charles?

    mark anthony mianamark anthony mianaMonth ago
  • "Well let's not act like Hardaway can dribble" lol. I can't wait for Green to retire and become an analyst.

    ddhaiti213ddhaiti213Month ago
  • Drey fits right in.

    LeboLeboMonth ago
  • 293 to 250.. 50 pounds.. Chuck?

    Haitham Bou AmmarHaitham Bou AmmarMonth ago
  • Tell them Lebron is 35, for the SAME reason you celebrate Luka, for doing what he does at 20. Case closed.

    Kang MufasaRedKang MufasaRedMonth ago

    Lorelie BondocLorelie BondocMonth ago
  • D.Green 》》》 chuck

    Batmira KhanBatmira KhanMonth ago
  • LBJ got robbed back in 2012-2013 for DPOY. He got MVP but should've gotten DPOY too

    Maxi OhMaxi OhMonth ago
  • Here we go Jordan fan girls smh The dream won mvp dpoy and finals mvp Jordan didn't stop telling ppl lies cause you want him to be the goat its Wilt...

    Buddah TheepoetBuddah TheepoetMonth ago
  • Lowkey I like draymond being a spokesperson lol

    Miguel AndradeMiguel AndradeMonth ago
  • "In today's game he's the greatest scorer". You mean flop and flail to the free throw line 20 times a game?

    Vivek VishwanathVivek VishwanathMonth ago
  • Nuff said Giannis took the L too, goin fishing by now.

    in its simplest formin its simplest formMonth ago
  • THE ONE AND ONLY CHARLES BARKLEY: I Lost 50 pounds! I went from 293-250,never thought i could lose 50 lbs. Mathematicians: 293-250=42.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999(carry the 0 to the third square)

    Blair BBlair BMonth ago
  • i actually like draymond on tnt

    david bamundagadavid bamundagaMonth ago
  • Giannis was going to be injures the last stretch before COVID and lakers would of past they record the way they were playing then he been played every year frfr

    The A.T.M Family !The A.T.M Family !Month ago
  • Not giannas

    Dre DayDre DayMonth ago
  • so AD had more blocks and steals could guard 1-5 but didnt win DPOY yea he was robbed

    LiquidBobby ADLiquidBobby ADMonth ago
  • Lebron didnt resurrect abything in Los Angeles you idiot Draymond! Lebron showed last year just like in his days in Cleveland the first time he was there that he couldnt even get a team to the playoffs at all unless he had a better superstar to ride the coat tails of....he needed Dwayne Wade a superstar who already had a ring to teach him how to win because he couldnt. He needed Kyrie Irving destroying your team Draymond in the final 2 games of that series while Lebron couldnt make a free throw or hit anything in the 4th quarters of those games.....he needed Anthony Davis this year to get back in the playoffs because he couldnt get the Lakers in the playoffs without help.....Lebron is the only so called great who has spent his entire career constantly needing more help........sure all the greats needed another great player to help them win a title....Oscar Robertson needed Kareem, Jordan couldnt get the Bulls the title until Pippen developed into a star and Horace Grant developed into one of the best power forwards in the league in those days. Magic couldnt win a title without Kareem when young and without James Worthy, Chamberlain couldnt win a Title without Jerry West, Bill Russell and all his rings came with a roster loaded with hall of famers besides him. However while it is true all the all time greats needed another superstar to win a title....Lebron is the only one who is called an all time great who couldnt get his team to the playoffs ever unless he had another all star playing beside him. Why, because he has never cared about anything but stats padding his stats...and looking good himself even if he had th=o throw his team under the bus to do so. It was always Kyrie Irvin making the clutch shots against your team Draymond. It was always Dwayne Wade making the cluth shots. Not all season mind you but when it mattered most in the playoffs...and what does Lebron do when he gets Anthony Davis...instantly he rides him needs Davis to carry him and why because Davis does things Lebron has never done in his career...Davis plays defense...Davis boxes out and fights for rebounds....Davis is a team player...Lebron is only out for Lebron...sure you say he led league in assists....why...because the only way he can be labeled a team player is to do something like that now that he has lost a step. Lebron has never beel all NBA defense ever not even close not even in his prime.....no way he is the greatest ever...and people like Steven Smith have spent most of 2 deacdes blaming everyone as they do Anthony Davis now when the Lakers loose a game...and praise Lebron...even when Davis by far out plays Lebron and is the better player right now........Lebron is what he has been since high school when I watched him right here in ohio...no defense and all about looking good and could care less about his team or anyone but himself...and always blames someone else when he looses

    StetsonStetsonMonth ago
    • Stetson I have never read such incoherent delusional nonsense in my life. You win the dumbest human on the internet award 🥇. He was 6th in defense this year and he has been 2nd DPOY many times in his career.

      Christian RamirezChristian RamirezMonth ago
  • Your best defensive player on the best defensive team. And the best offensive player on the best offensive team is on a plane on crutches crying on his way home. Great pick genius.

    VictorVictorMonth ago
  • Kenny sounds like that kid who didn’t do his book report and tried to make it up on the spot

    Logan CheekLogan CheekMonth ago
  • Why is tyler herro not in this conversation

    ga kiga kiMonth ago
    • @Christian Ramirez lol yeah i meant roy i mean unless he got an injury during the season he should be in the conversation

      ga kiga kiMonth ago
    • Gabriele Piarulli Oh you meant ROY, sorry I thought you meant MVP. I didn’t know he was a rookie

      Christian RamirezChristian RamirezMonth ago
    • @Christian Ramirez i watched it before but ive been actually watching it from july

      ga kiga kiMonth ago
    • Gabriele Piarulli Did you start watching the NBA in August or something?

      Christian RamirezChristian RamirezMonth ago
  • MJ the Jump-Man..

    Big Blue-NationBig Blue-NationMonth ago
  • Kenny can I have that suit for my graduation? Looking sharp bruh!

    kingIkeablekingIkeableMonth ago
  • KD

    P. MackyP. MackyMonth ago
  • u throwing shots at me

    Will JonesWill JonesMonth ago
  • LBJ MVP This year for real

    Skerh NekiaSkerh NekiaMonth ago
  • Whoever is running this account is doing a great job, well done

    Jacob QuincyJacob QuincyMonth ago
  • Harden shoots 12 feee throws a game. Most those class wouldn’t be calls in the 90s or 80s, still would be lethal but come on now.

    Josue GuillenJosue GuillenMonth ago
  • ROY: JaMorant, NO question. Bron MVP💯💯

    Edwin The ProfessionalEdwin The ProfessionalMonth ago
  • Why they choose to play a clip at 6:15 of Harden clearly walking to the basket is beyond me 😭😂

    Start'ed From Scr&tch #1Start'ed From Scr&tch #1Month ago
  • Much Respect to Green On the Durant Comment!!!! That's Real talk ..... When He Comes Back They Will Win A Ring... That Is As Long As He don't Get Pulled Over!!!!!!! By A Cop

    brian jeffersonbrian jeffersonMonth ago
  • Michael jordan 10 time scoring champion and all time leading scorer 30+per game regular season and Michael jordan is the all time playoff leading scorer in NBA history,Jordan is the greatest scorer of all time how's this a debate?

    Catcher FreemanCatcher FreemanMonth ago
  • charles barkley needs to be replaced on this show fr fr

    Ketchum GamingKetchum GamingMonth ago
  • Draymond is a bum he says KD is the best offensive player ever but still ran him out the Warriors team..smh

    FrenchyteyrikiFrenchyteyrikiMonth ago
    • Frenchyteyriki You can respect someone’s talent and not like them as a person

      Christian RamirezChristian RamirezMonth ago
  • Naw i dont know kobe put up a 80 ball like offensively he was crazy consistent chuck

    BBallJones GamingBBallJones GamingMonth ago

  • MVP must be from CHAMPION TEAM

  • Draymond twerking for his fellow Klutch mates for these awards smh. I thought he was a real one.

    Hamada OwenHamada OwenMonth ago
  • Kendrick isn’t even the best rookie on his team lol

  • "293 to 250 is 50 pounds" uhhhh ???? I think he meant 43

    Thee_Legendary1Thee_Legendary1Month ago
  • It's a bunch of consistently average players speaking on greatness, Kobe told jordan "don't forget who your talking to" that should tell you all you need to know

    raman noodelesraman noodelesMonth ago
  • Kobe is if nothing else the greatest scorer of all time

    raman noodelesraman noodelesMonth ago
  • They wanna discredit Kobe so bad

    raman noodelesraman noodelesMonth ago
  • Hold up hold up hold up, Zion only played 19 NBA games and he's Top 3 for candidate NBA stop kissing @$$🍑🍑

    ItzYaBoyTwanItzYaBoyTwanMonth ago
  • Chuck should've worn a shirt that reads "Triple Single".

    GodspeedGideonGodspeedGideonMonth ago
  • Charles: I went from 293 to 250, I didn’t know I can lose 50lbs Shaq: Auburn degree....

    Kao SaechaoKao SaechaoMonth ago
    • He told the story before. He actually went down to 240lbs but felt like he was too light so he went back up to 250lbs.

      DarrenDarrenMonth ago

    Bibek GurungBibek GurungMonth ago
  • Anothony Davis should be up there

    ThaRealERAQThaRealERAQMonth ago
  • yeah James Hardy is balling

    Kenny DKenny DMonth ago
  • Chuck talking good about Bron and Dray talking good about Harden. Hiatus really did changed people. 🤷

    Alpha MaleAlpha MaleMonth ago
  • Chuck to LeBron: I love him.

    Alpha MaleAlpha MaleMonth ago
  • LeBron is a great basketball player. But he is a bought and paid for puppet.

    OG ManglerOG ManglerMonth ago
  • Bruh i dont like the worries but this guy Green cool

    Nahum SanchezNahum SanchezMonth ago
  • ad for dpoy

    bojo perezbojo perezMonth ago
  • Draymond is wack man. He can’t be in the league AND talking smack on tv. Dude needs to wait until he retires, all his analysis is just egotistical and lame. Totally ruins the vibes.

    Doug MDoug MMonth ago
  • It’s apples and oranges, it’s all fruit. What an idiotic statement

    Elliot JohanssonElliot JohanssonMonth ago
  • Of course, Kevin Durant is the best ever scorer of all times, and it's not even close, MJ slurpers can't see reality, Jordan excelled at 2 point jump shots, he was a BELOW average three point shooter, last three rings he was just a boring fadeaway shot specialist.

    solis robertosolis robertoMonth ago
  • Giannis defensive highlights was on mostly bums

    Chad BlackChad BlackMonth ago

    Barbary StoutsmnBarbary StoutsmnMonth ago
  • Did chuck just say Kobe wasn’t a 3 point shooter lol . Kobe was a scorer from everywhere . Kobe is the most talented scorer

    SpeedLife301SpeedLife301Month ago
    • His 33% career 3pt percentage says something very different along with the fact that he shot even under 30% 5 times

      josh mjosh mMonth ago
  • Ad is the dpoy not giannis!

    Leo nardLeo nardMonth ago
  • Who punched Chuck in the eyes

    Derek ThomasDerek ThomasMonth ago
  • Charles the bully superstar player without a ring,😂😂😂 no1 lebron hater...

    Kahigit TVKahigit TVMonth ago
  • Because Draymond is a klutch client.

    SandernistaSandernistaMonth ago
  • lebron for mvp. HES 35 DOING THESE THINGS!!! No other 35 yr old other then Michael Jordan was this revolutionary as a 35 yr old

    JustAnAverageDragon YTJustAnAverageDragon YTMonth ago