Future - Life Is Good (Official Music Video) ft. Drake

Jan 10, 2020
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Official video for “Life Is Good” by Future​
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Workin' on a weekend like usual
Way off in the deep end like usual
Niggas swear they passed us, they doin' too much
Haven't done my taxes, I'm too turnt up
Virgil got a Patek on my wrist goin' nuts
Niggas caught me slippin' once, okay, so what?
Someone hit your block up, I'd tell you if it was us
Manor house in Rosewood, this shit too plush
#Future #LifeIsGood #HighOffLife

  • Ju kill XXXTentacion

    Błażej BagadzińskiBłażej Bagadziński11 minutes ago
  • my friends at my house: whyd u change the song? me: i didnt

    InfernusZeeyhInfernusZeeyh11 minutes ago
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    Jorge LopezJorge Lopez13 minutes ago
  • Fak ju

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    Jorge LopezJorge Lopez14 minutes ago
  • Love that shiit. 7's Love you too!

    l7l LuSt l7ll7l LuSt l7l22 minutes ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/U-J7Yuo0uxc-video.html

    Leonard CosmaLeonard Cosma22 minutes ago
  • Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

    Nguyenhuynh MyhanhNguyenhuynh Myhanh28 minutes ago

    Sheena SplittSheena Splitt33 minutes ago
  • 2021 to turnt up !..!,

    O8WI? 707O8WI? 70758 minutes ago
  • 21 been drinking that soda since Xxl Cypher 😩

    CharlzCharlzHour ago
  • Algum br em 2021??

    Tiozão366 ffTiozão366 ffHour ago
  • 1.5 billion views woow🤔

    Sboniso MlabaSboniso MlabaHour ago
  • I need this one more time guys! Pleease huh😎

    Yerlan MakeyevYerlan MakeyevHour ago
  • I wish this song would stop playing on USkeys algorithm

    quignon LeChampquignon LeChampHour ago
  • How come videos are still not captioned? It's a shame.

    Beyzanur ÖzdemirBeyzanur ÖzdemirHour ago
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    حسون ابن العراقحسون ابن العراقHour ago
  • حبيبي والله

    حسون ابن العراقحسون ابن العراقHour ago
  • Working as usual!? Ha ha ha ha!

    Rustam78KaragandaRustam78KaragandaHour ago
  • This song too good!!

    Steezy UziSteezy UziHour ago
  • Who randomly wanted to listen to this or is it just me?

    Big bacon boiBig bacon boi2 hours ago
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  • Who’s watching this video in Sunday, January 24, 2021

    ChrisChris2 hours ago
  • i love u .

    Lo TraLo Tra2 hours ago

    Jeevan Khude 177Jeevan Khude 1772 hours ago
  • Fix my phone maybe

    Jenna WaddinghamJenna Waddingham2 hours ago
  • I don't like this song, why always play in my youtube

    Tiopan P.Tiopan P.2 hours ago
  • 2021???🔥

    Almighty Hog5Almighty Hog53 hours ago
  • Nah life ain't that good rn drake

  • yfff

    Hamilton DominguesHamilton Domingues3 hours ago
  • Fuck USkeys stop recommending this shit

    StringyyStringyy3 hours ago
  • Moral of the song is, BE Happy and grateful for what u have even the smallest it is

    DennisDennis3 hours ago
  • this song ass smh

    FortifyFortify3 hours ago
  • 장담하는데 이거 노래는 끝까지 들었어도 영상은 무의식으로 끝까지 본사람 없을거다 시발 뮤비 존나 중간에 개 질리네 노래는 존나 좋은데

    LOLLOL3 hours ago
  • My USkeys is blowing up right now

    Bhad RhageBhad Rhage3 hours ago
  • The most event of 2020

    V3 vicV3 vic3 hours ago
  • Why does this got so many dislikes? Hmmm idk

    Yenni GonzalezYenni Gonzalez3 hours ago

    zafer aykutzafer aykut3 hours ago
  • Есть кто живой из Казахстана

    Among usAmong us4 hours ago
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  • uskeys.net/channel/UCIsd5QHFy6CdceRR-HsEJbw.html 🌍

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  • Life was good you know what I mean 😔😖

    Zander LefthandZander Lefthand4 hours ago

    Chirag JoshiChirag Joshi4 hours ago
  • I for Thai

    ice okice ok4 hours ago
  • 2021😎🔥

    Woradech SreetepWoradech Sreetep5 hours ago
  • Me listening it 2021 lol😂😂(pls sub me) 🥺

    Rudra BansalRudra Bansal5 hours ago
  • The only thing i heard from future was 2 racks

    Salvador FariasSalvador Farias5 hours ago
  • .-.. .. ..-. . / .. ... / --. --- --- -.. Crack this

    Gurloveleen SinghGurloveleen Singh5 hours ago
  • Who ever is reading this I hope for you to be successful in life

    TS EzyyFNTS EzyyFN5 hours ago
  • Drake: '"haven't done my taxes im too turnt up" IRS: Not anymore

    TS EzyyFNTS EzyyFN5 hours ago
  • All these man chattin wass come to Kenny and get dipped uk always number 1

    NYRKYGNYRKYG5 hours ago
  • The drake,s part was better🌝

    Niloy BNiloy B5 hours ago
  • 1:44

    What im I doing LOLWhat im I doing LOL6 hours ago
  • This song is trash no cap

    Brandon Lopez-Hernandez (Student)Brandon Lopez-Hernandez (Student)6 hours ago
    • then why does it have seven million likes and over a billion views ffs

      uzixcompsuzixcompsHour ago
  • Of course when u hv money life is gd

    Latifa OuamriLatifa Ouamri6 hours ago
  • heck Future's voice is good

    blenzoblenzo6 hours ago
  • Life is good and prescios

    blenzoblenzo6 hours ago
  • only the first 1.30 is any good.

    EricEric6 hours ago
  • It’s called IRON! I’m like a magnet one way I’m stuck I turn around and I push you to the ground!

    Christian WyattChristian Wyatt6 hours ago
  • Thanks for putting my store together! How goes it?

    Christian WyattChristian Wyatt6 hours ago
  • Drake and Future really had had to cosplay as normal working class people...

    Drewstian Michilliam HartmireDrewstian Michilliam Hartmire6 hours ago
  • Future Ok Drake F. off The Netherlands

    Blood/Gold/Life TheoryBlood/Gold/Life Theory7 hours ago
  • 2021 2022 +2023=666 which means the end of the world is coming soon.

    AK_EKISAK_EKIS7 hours ago
  • Why does this autoplay EVERY time I listen to music

    Ian ShermanIan Sherman7 hours ago
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  • Corona virus be like: you think life is good😩 Drake:😜✌️

    hasan haiderhasan haider7 hours ago
  • i am polish but I will tell u something U no what u doing i l... keep going guys

    Mariusz JablonskiMariusz Jablonski7 hours ago
  • getting down in a fast food restaurant..priceless

    Willow HWillow H7 hours ago
  • A la verga.

    Lo NhuLo Nhu7 hours ago
  • Whats the name of the girl waiting in the park ?

    super_moesuper_moe7 hours ago
  • I want an infinity mirror for in my room

    BB7 hours ago
  • The 656 thousand dislikes are from people who'$ life is not good.

    Joshua SchultzJoshua Schultz7 hours ago
  • Gr8 artist but all the excess is false prophecy! Judgment day is a bitch!

    jim tjim t7 hours ago
  • Música chata do caramba , toda hora o USkeys fica tocando ela nas minhas play list , e eu escuto axé

    Gabriel YowGabriel Yow8 hours ago
  • Yes :b

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    Patrick ArriagaPatrick Arriaga8 hours ago
  • Can producers chime in on this comment . Does it sound like they originally both started separate songs and then didn't finish them but decided to crappily slap them together? Like both parts of the song sound good but they clearly sound like 2 completely different songs and don't transition smoothly.

    Eric ThomasEric Thomas8 hours ago
  • How the hell this got 1.5B views !?

    Emmanuel RandyEmmanuel Randy8 hours ago
  • Me listening this and feeling life is good in 2021🔥

    Sudeep JSudeep J8 hours ago
    • @Justin Rodrigues sounds like a America problem bro

      CPT 01 RCCPT 01 RCMinute ago
    • WW3 started when you posted this

      CPT 01 RCCPT 01 RC2 minutes ago
    • Sure

      Eveline HoubenEveline Houben8 minutes ago
    • Me2

      indemaak abboneeralvastindemaak abboneeralvast20 minutes ago
    • Same

      Shadow FlameShadow Flame48 minutes ago
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    LOx MAFIOSOx9LOx MAFIOSOx98 hours ago
    • Alguem joga free fire ?

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  • If we make it to 2022 i will edit this

    WalkerofDefineゴゴゴWalkerofDefineゴゴゴ8 hours ago
  • Hi

    larry ransomlarry ransom8 hours ago
  • bro why does this have 1.5Billion views?

    Kmart layawayKmart layaway8 hours ago
  • Cadê os Brasilions Man ?

    Um Solo qualquerUm Solo qualquer8 hours ago
  • #

    Sk RambirSk Rambir9 hours ago
  • Life is Good

    Sergio RodriguezSergio Rodriguez9 hours ago
  • no

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  • Anyone here before 1.6 billion!!?

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  • 👍🤙

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  • ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

    Trandinh HuynhTrandinh Huynh9 hours ago
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    Iker RiañoIker Riaño9 hours ago
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