Megan Thee Stallion - Girls in the Hood [Lyric Video]

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The official lyric video for Megan Thee Stallion's “Girls in the Hood” - Out Now!
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  • Yess love this!!!!

    Kalvin ShepherdKalvin Shepherd3 hours ago
  • Ice cube did not come up with great lyrics, dr dre and dj yella did not make an amazing beat and eazy e did not rap the best he could just so this “rapper” Meghan thee stallion could ruin a unique and original song

    Leo GLeo G3 hours ago
  • "Cruisin down the street in my six-fo Jockin the bitches, slappin the hoes Went to the park to get the scoop Knuckleheads out there cold shootin some hoops A car pulls up, who can it be? A fresh el camino rolled, kilo g He rolls down his window and he started to say Its all about makin that gta" - Eazy-e P.s. stolen bit...

    Makedon ThePagMakedon ThePag3 hours ago
  • I honestly thought 2020 couldn't get any worse

    David MartinezDavid Martinez4 hours ago
  • I honestly look up to her.. she's so independent, bold and beautiful.

    LemonDrop LemonGangLemonDrop LemonGang4 hours ago
  • as an non-black girl, i like this song because black women can be black feminists and i respect them.

    64R1M64R1M6 hours ago
  • NWA was better

    Marcus DaskoMarcus Dasko6 hours ago
  • Who cares if this is a remake of Boyz in the Hood? Megan Thee Stallion is a successful female rapper, so back the hell up.

    xxxlordthanosxxxxxxlordthanosxxx7 hours ago
  • Bro i like how she stole Easy E's Beat and his flow 😤 Like wow We stealing dead rappers flow now huh???

    The NemesisThe Nemesis7 hours ago
    • no🤦🏽‍♂️

      Jadalynx cJadalynx c4 hours ago
  • Dj screw them boys down south is always paid!!!! 3am

    Jason CougarJason Cougar7 hours ago
  • 💜 thanks for another banger

    Denise Always Loving MusiqDenise Always Loving Musiq7 hours ago
  • People who went to this sound because of charli

    JxstxTeJxstxTe7 hours ago

      Jadalynx cJadalynx c4 hours ago
  • this song is trash😂

    CAMERONCAMERON7 hours ago
    • honey why u hatin?

      Jadalynx cJadalynx c4 hours ago
  • Here before tiktok

    brandyn baileybrandyn bailey7 hours ago
  • Im Very Sorry That Was My Daughter

    Lakeshia GoldenLakeshia Golden8 hours ago
  • This is straight heat all the lines hit and the throwback picture killed me

    Jade MinkoffJade Minkoff8 hours ago
  • this song is very nasty

    Lakeshia GoldenLakeshia Golden8 hours ago
    • lmao

      Jadalynx cJadalynx c4 hours ago

    Yareli GarciaYareli Garcia8 hours ago
  • this beat will forever be known as NWA’s.

    Ceidy GonzalezCeidy Gonzalez8 hours ago
  • Not even good wtf

    Jimmy DukeJimmy Duke9 hours ago
  • Like for the little kids that are going to come on here & say Eazy E sampled this beat off of her song.

    Adolfo AAdolfo A9 hours ago
  • Megan Thee Stallion: Posts Everyone: Rushes to the comments Me - Just chilling and read all the comments lol

    50 Subs From Fortnite Montage Fans - CHALLENGE50 Subs From Fortnite Montage Fans - CHALLENGE9 hours ago
  • this is a disgrace u ruined a great song from the late Easy-E that is shameful

    Squilliam FancysonSquilliam Fancyson10 hours ago
  • “ yeah he call me patty cake cause the way that ass shake “ THAT GOES HARD!

    Juju SliverstoneJuju Sliverstone11 hours ago
  • This song 🔥💯!

    Adriana MurphyAdriana Murphy11 hours ago
  • Meghan is on alt tiktok cuz i can see that

    Farida Al sukkaryFarida Al sukkary11 hours ago
  • All she talkin bout is stealing yo man, "bein a bad b*tch, doin hot sh*t" an using a man for his money for her jewelry, clothes, food, etc... lmao y'all say she can rap? Check again

    Zee the gamerZee the gamer12 hours ago
  • This song is a disgrace to N.W.A the greatest performers in history 💀💀

    Zee the gamerZee the gamer12 hours ago

    assaassa12 hours ago
  • He'll why are you naked on this saying when you say I'm a hot girl that don't mean you show naked naked stuff stop doing all the stuff I know Nicki Nicki Minaj the see you through this you cannot be gay for this whole scene

    Keyata BumperKeyata Bumper12 hours ago
  • Like a wild fox looking for a sasuke MEGANNNN OMG

    Charlene MuchunuCharlene Muchunu12 hours ago
  • When Girls haf there period

    TheDailyKingBoyTheDailyKingBoy13 hours ago
  • This is dumb why would u sample a original song and make it worse smfh 🤦🤦🤦

    Steezy_Boi_420 _Steezy_Boi_420 _13 hours ago
  • this makes me wanna kms

    Trai HogeTrai Hoge14 hours ago
  • NOOOOOOOO MEGAN DON"T HURT EM!!!! NOT THE HOT GIRL SUMMER!!!! I watch this so much i gotta leave another comment! OMG DOpeMAN REMIX SO TRiLL!! iLL!! illmatic! NOOOOOOOOOOOO for the Tall Chocolate SWAG!!!! MOCHA WIPE EM DOWN!!!! (you got me feeling Like it's 2008 in this bytch!!!!!)

    2Laff2Love2Learn2Laff2Love2Learn14 hours ago
  • Guys gotta lower the volume when they playin this. cant let nobody they listen to meg 😂

    vloasvloas14 hours ago
  • this has that Eazy-E (Cruisin' In My 64) kinda style

    lancyboilancyboi15 hours ago
  • This song goes hard but I like eazy e version better

    Dancing DDancing D15 hours ago
  • Wow....

    Minati MusicMinati Music15 hours ago
  • Megan Thee Stallion sampling the Great Eazy-E Boyz N Tha Hood💪🏾

    a.t_a.t_16 hours ago
  • i lovee herrr shes the baddest bich

    Sarah GhiozoSarah Ghiozo16 hours ago
  • REMIX🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    BBSRedd BlockBoiSocietyBBSRedd BlockBoiSociety16 hours ago
  • Fi4k being good I’m a bad bi3h that’s me:>

    Kitty LockettKitty Lockett16 hours ago
  • Boyz n the hood better

    Peter ParkerPeter Parker17 hours ago

    crackerscrackers17 hours ago
  • the boyz n the hood are always hard

    Subscribe To PewDiePieSubscribe To PewDiePie17 hours ago
  • is there a way to block this ? keep coming in my list.

    piercing goddesspiercing goddess18 hours ago
  • when she referenced naruto lmao

    Jack NeziolJack Neziol18 hours ago
  • Megan need to see this and notice you because this fyee

    shay channelshay channel18 hours ago
  • You killed this song 😑

    Squi SquiSqui Squi19 hours ago
  • They’re so underrated

    Sophie HallSophie Hall19 hours ago
  • This the Walmart version of boys in the hood

    K. SAINIK. SAINI19 hours ago
  • nice Naruto reference

    Carson CarothersCarson Carothers19 hours ago
  • i used this as my IMVU gif bc ima Megan babi mwa

    Xurzeila RobloxXurzeila Roblox19 hours ago
  • I’m your biggest fan

    Corianna PrideCorianna Pride20 hours ago
  • Qqqqq

    Mikevia washingtonMikevia washington21 hour ago
  • Anime tho lol

    Nova KnowsNova Knows21 hour ago
  • サンプリング元 beatjack

    アマゾン川の漁師アマゾン川の漁師22 hours ago
  • This song is a violation of eazy e

    SkibibibibSkibibibib23 hours ago
  • I love her

  • Don’t ever disrespect eazy e again

    Btw itz ChrisBtw itz Chris23 hours ago
  • That naruto reference was crazy 🔥🔥🔥

    Curtis JasonCurtis JasonDay ago
  • i'm still looking for my Sasuke...

    senseisenseiDay ago
  • Should have came with something harder

    SnoopyBroom0SnoopyBroom0Day ago
  • People talk about hearing Big ole freak, all I'm thinking is Boyz in da hood on the background

    DaniaLmaoDaniaLmaoDay ago
  • Really had to ruin boyz in the hood too damn

    Lenox RobertsLenox RobertsDay ago
  • megan = guaranteed goat in 2020

    infclipzinfclipzDay ago
  • Did y'all peep that Naruto reference?

    En VeeEn VeeDay ago
  • Yesssss eazzzyyy e beaaaattt , BOYZ IN DA HOOOOOD

    Elena KaramacoskaElena KaramacoskaDay ago
  • To the ones saying “easy e died for this,no” can y’all like shut up this song a bop in my opinion ,but let the girl live 😒

    Sara DavisSara DavisDay ago
  • This makes me feel like a badass, beautiful, hot chick when in reality Im a couch potato.

    Idontreally knowagoodnameIdontreally knowagoodnameDay ago
    • Idontreally knowagoodname same LMAOO

      Yeymi LazoYeymi LazoDay ago
  • Ruined the beat man

    My name isMy name isDay ago
  • watching anime, looking for Sasuke 🥺🥺 she's my queen

    Quëën SSJQuëën SSJDay ago
  • "lookin for a sasuke" WHEN I TELL YOU I GOT SO GEEKED OUT

    ikigaiso ʕ•ع•ʔikigaiso ʕ•ع•ʔDay ago
  • so eazy e died for this 💀 ya no

    lauren gracelauren graceDay ago
    • Sara Davis bc this girl sucks

      lauren gracelauren graceDay ago
    • You said this for what😒

      Sara DavisSara DavisDay ago
  • All I gotta say is rest easy Eazy-E my dog the real mutha fuckin G

    Fabian RomeroFabian RomeroDay ago
  • Who can give this song a dislike this bom

    lorrena the_baddest_gattielorrena the_baddest_gattieDay ago
  • i think this same lyrics is similar to boyz in the hood by Eazy E

    ernest takominiernest takominiDay ago
  • I'm a dude and I like listening to some dope ass songs

    scorpion MK11scorpion MK11Day ago
  • I don't think Eazy E would approve

    Michelle HooksMichelle HooksDay ago
    • @De’Azia Moore no because it's garbage

      Michelle HooksMichelle HooksDay ago
    • cuz he would be mad its trending

      De’Azia MooreDe’Azia MooreDay ago