King Von - 3 A.M. (Official Video)

Apr 6, 2020
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Directed By @DrewFilmedIt
Official music video by King Von - 3 A.M. © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / King Von / EMPIRE

  • ”Look to the right cause i heard gigle , turned around she my sista” give this man his credit he deserve it

    CjayShadowCjayShadow8 minutes ago
  • This nigga movie would be pressure as fucc😂🗣️

    Leek JonesLeek JonesHour ago
  • King von def gonna be a star... taken it back to old school music telling stories thru the music 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    Demi GDemi G5 hours ago
  • God please let him do what I say if you don’t you going to be coming to get him🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Tykese BryantTykese Bryant5 hours ago
  • 0:35, 0:53, 1:23 he be look scary 😂 but attractive at the same time 💀😂

    Jaslyn GumbsJaslyn Gumbs6 hours ago
  • Queen Von & Chief Queef, Ya nothing unique, Niggas deceased, Over BDK beef.... Stakeout, So stay out- the streets... 50,000 deep, We creep, slaughtering sheep, 10 toes, Fuck foes, Bro we cuttin off feet. ....I won't weep when they feel the heat, Tweak beef at a peak Die weak- Any day of the week.... Bullets taste like defeat, Let the blood leak....

    ImBlessed 89ImBlessed 897 hours ago
  • There needs to be a Men2Society2 & Von needs to be O-Dog.

    PawPrint PitbullPawPrint Pitbull13 hours ago
  • He was checking out his sister . Listen in the song

    Prince CesarPrince Cesar14 hours ago
  • the new greatest storyteller

    Jose RamonJose RamonDay ago
  • I want the money if can be so simple and you jewls offical,, that hit me hard

    SuperMangroveSuperMangroveDay ago
  • Big von

    Carlos MonroeCarlos MonroeDay ago
  • Wait you called yo sista a 10 and said you’ll take her too? I-I’m sorry I’m not from 63rd I’m so sorry 😐

    religious babyyreligious babyyDay ago
  • So you dont know your sister from a distance? to call her fine ass hell and then say she was your sister got me smh but I know it's just a song but I'm so lyrically ditailled.... mybad this kid can tell a story he good at that I think he's better then his hb

    Dionicia BarretoDionicia BarretoDay ago
  • He so underated 🔥🔥🔥

    AlmightysaintytAlmightysaintyt2 days ago
  • But it’s all good Von I understand!

    Cool BricksCool Bricks2 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    MONEYMANMeachTVMONEYMANMeachTV2 days ago
  • This Alabama ass shit, it’s his sister but he say she a 10?😬

    Rob DardenRob Darden3 days ago
  • King von he a story teller

    Michael JordanMichael Jordan3 days ago
  • God loves you so much that He gave His only begotten Son Yeshua (Jesus Christ) as hope for this world

    Jdor DJdor D3 days ago
  • illl diss cuz i dont flont jewerly

    Ryan LancasterRyan Lancaster3 days ago
  • Yo

    DE AVENUEDE AVENUE3 days ago
  • It is what it is, I am what I am.💯

    Gerald DillardGerald Dillard3 days ago
  • Bro at this point I’m done wit dees yubo gangstas

    Ryan LancasterRyan Lancaster4 days ago
  • Hella talented. This song reminds me of Montana300 a bit

    DumbBaby گنگDumbBaby گنگ4 days ago
  • "I am what I am what I'm not I'll never be"

    lefthandcigg 425lefthandcigg 4254 days ago
  • His story’s too funny

    PandamoniaPandamonia4 days ago
  • MURDAAAA🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Tatu PapiTatu Papi4 days ago
  • Turned around and this bitch my sister😂 my mans is wild af

    damaya jordandamaya jordan5 days ago
  • How hre and 2023

    77 Tmx77 Tmx5 days ago
  • Been heard dis joint I’m on demontime rn 21

    Ryan LancasterRyan Lancaster5 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Devon AlstonDevon Alston5 days ago
  • i was here an hour ago now von has 800k subs

    Scarl3sScarl3s5 days ago
  • Still fye to this Day 🥀⚡️

    HTK iToxicHTK iToxic6 days ago

    Bushido KataBushido Kata6 days ago
  • the bars from 1:16 to 1:45 just too hard

    Kayden HarrisKayden Harris6 days ago
  • Idk what it is but something bout king von music got me hooked. Grew on me bigtime!

    Wo PpWo Pp6 days ago
  • Dam crush this joint slim

    Lamont ThomasLamont Thomas6 days ago
  • It's night and he saw from the back. Are people that slow?

    andrew.andrew.6 days ago
  • We all just gonna ignore that call his sister a 10/10?

    Avery MontgomeryAvery Montgomery6 days ago
  • ark survival evolved

    Rylee HeltRylee Helt6 days ago
  • he needs a documentary these stories interesting asf

    Drew LavacDrew Lavac7 days ago
  • Wait so he called his sister a 10 on the scale

    Lxckily CharmedLxckily Charmed7 days ago
  • Him and meek mill would have a fire colab

    MarkMark7 days ago
  • GTA in real life

    ibrahim salehibrahim saleh7 days ago
  • Just in case y’all didn’t know.... He not from 63rd

    Christine AmaroChristine Amaro7 days ago
  • 🔥

    Mike DMike D7 days ago
  • He left his sister to die

    WalkerWalker7 days ago
  • he said she a 10 out of 10 then it was his sister

    Trey ChaffierTrey Chaffier8 days ago
  • He apologized and still took his shii boi to ruthless but the thing why is he missing the next week

    30 Forensic-Z30 Forensic-Z8 days ago
  • I’m from 63rd

    Oblock Is Where It AtOblock Is Where It At9 days ago
  • 1:45 my fav part

    kingtavon07 Tips And Trickskingtavon07 Tips And Tricks9 days ago
  • 1:22 the look yo mom give you when dont do something she told you to do

    kingtavon07 Tips And Trickskingtavon07 Tips And Tricks9 days ago
  • As an HR manager at a fortune 500 company i would hire KING Von. On every single one of his licks something goes awry. However, Von has exceptional critical thinking skills and makes smart quick decisions when backed into a corner. Plus he never misses and isn’t from 63rd.

    Michael CooperMichael Cooper9 days ago
  • 1:09

    Andre BurgessAndre Burgess10 days ago
  • lmfao he apologized for stealing his jewelry

    THC_HollowTHC_Hollow10 days ago
  • Bro was disrespecting his sister the whole song

    Truly MikaTruly Mika10 days ago
  • When I heard 10 on the scale then I heard sister I said woahhhhhhh

    Syncere FreemanSyncere Freeman10 days ago
  • That last bar "Do or Die is you gonna ride"If you from Da Chi or know about my city this was definitely a 🔥 bar and a shout out to one of the most legendary groups from the mid

    tori jeffersontori jefferson10 days ago
  • King von killed me the cameras jus werent on.

    Da Homie TreyDa Homie Trey10 days ago
  • Heard a giggle... bitch turnt around it was my Why am I just now listening to shorty?

    Justin SpauldingJustin Spaulding11 days ago
  • Did mans. Call his sis a 10👀

    Devin FordDevin Ford12 days ago
  • von i love your music but that line was some alabama shit i bet family reuinion was real akward

    1K STATES1K STATES12 days ago
  • Hold up so at first he said the she was a 10 on the scale and he might just keep her as well but then it turns out that’s his sister what kinda Betty Crocker sweet home Alabama bullshit is going on here????????????????????????????

    Jorge BringasJorge Bringas12 days ago
  • Me being silly: hehehehehejjaja King von being silly:lol i just shot his guts out now hes bleeding lol im dead

    BH fantomBH fantom12 days ago
  • He Runin Chi-Raq

    Clix YTClix YT12 days ago
  • He good at telling some good ass stories/memories of❤❤❤

    MonicaIamqueen 954MonicaIamqueen 95412 days ago
  • Von really taking over the game 🔥

    Yuno GasaiYuno Gasai12 days ago
  • am i a target if my hieght is 6'3

    Goatydrew LIVEGoatydrew LIVE12 days ago
  • Im from sissythird

    Q the Big TQ the Big T12 days ago
  • He robbing her sister man and shes giggling lol damn

    T YT Y13 days ago
  • Sooo we not going to talk about smashing his sis vefore he knw it was her

    Juzzy HodgeJuzzy Hodge13 days ago

    my videos brownmy videos brown13 days ago
  • He got bars tho

    Juwaniie CaballeroJuwaniie Caballero13 days ago
  • he called his sister a 10

    Gaël Bah-CeillierGaël Bah-Ceillier13 days ago
  • Uh bruh ik im not the only one that heard him say “this bitch a 10” and then he said “it was my sister...” wtf 😭

    Brandin JacksonBrandin Jackson13 days ago
  • The plot twist😂

    kevin The creatorkevin The creator13 days ago
  • Cool song

    Ron TRon T14 days ago
  • God tell him do what I say or u coming to get em🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    KA BLACKKA BLACK14 days ago
  • Von called his sister a 10 and said he was gonna take her too fuckin nasty ass

    richard barajasrichard barajas14 days ago
  • This was a quick one

    Senpai_Otaku002Senpai_Otaku00214 days ago
  • That look like Asian doll that ain’t actually his sister

    ISKITIISKITI14 days ago
  • hes so good at snitching on himself

    Ugly RatUgly Rat15 days ago
  • The song hard🔥 but my favorite part is 1:46 - 2:00 that jawn hard🔥🔥🔥🔥

    SensarSensar15 days ago
  • So I fw the song but did he not call his sister a 10 lmao

    Jordan McGuireJordan McGuire15 days ago
  • Now it's three in the morning (uh-huh) I'm thinkin' 'bout hittin' this lick I know what y'all thinkin', I'm bogus I'm supposed to be home with a bitch Nah, see, I pay the rent, yeah, and I got a kid, damn Plus, his pockets thick, the shit I'ma take, he won't even miss Now this shit a risk 'cause I asked about him and he play with stick But it is what it is, if that nigga rich then I'm bustin' his shit Yeah, see, he better not flinch, nah, 'cause my finger itch But here come his whip, but he ain't alone, he came with a bitch See I ain't changin' no plans, it is what it is, I am what I am And if his bitch got some sense When I up this Blick, his ho better get down From the look this bitch Burberry'd down From the look this bitch bag say Chanel From back here she a ten on the scale I think I might just take her as well Let me stop being silly They goin' in the building, I'm goin' in with 'em God please let him do what I say If he don't, he gon' be comin' to get me See, I'm high and a little bit of tipsy But I'm focused, I'm thirsty, it's in me Caught him lackin', put the Glock to his kidney He start shakin' and squirmin' and fidgetin' Told the bitch, "Don't look my way " If she do, her whole face gon' be missin'" And she stay with her face to the Wall so I guess that she got the picture I want the money, it could be so simple And your jewelry shit look official If he play, gun blow like a whistle Pat him down, look, what? I found his pistol Looked to the right 'cause I heard a giggle Turned around and this bitch my sister "Ay, Kayla, why you dressed like a hooker? And all the niggas that you fuck with be pussy?" Damn, look, man, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for ruining' y'all party But I'm keepin' the money and jewelry Just walk it off, you would thank me tomorrow Man, these niggas be bitches, straight ho, flat out, he sissy Play with King Von, he trippin' Found out where he stay next week, he missin' A nigga diss me, he won't do it again I rob a nigga and do it again I come through your block and kill two of your friends It's do or die, is you gon' ride?

    Sandrine SkSandrine Sk15 days ago
  • real niggaa

    Daelyn ClevelandDaelyn Cleveland16 days ago
  • "she a 10 on the scale" "this bitch my sister" Ayyyyeeee mannn that kindaaa gaaaa...

    bada booombada booom16 days ago
  • So we going to ignore the fact that he gave his sister 10

    parallel dinoparallel dino16 days ago
  • Now all of king Vons sons are probably true lmfao

    spirow the dragonspirow the dragon17 days ago
  • Next year King Von should be put on 2021 XXL Freshman Cypher Class because he's way so good as a rapper

    Lanre AkereleLanre Akerele17 days ago
  • Song is kinda weird like why would you make thiz song including your sister!

    David RuffinDavid Ruffin17 days ago
  • This song made my asshole pucker

    john Hoffmanjohn Hoffman17 days ago
  • he said sorry for robbin him and he still took his shit

    Innocent GanzaInnocent Ganza17 days ago
  • 💯 Watch "Lost Boy" on USkeys 👇🏻

    Zillionaire Da VinciiiZillionaire Da Vinciii17 days ago
  • The bf probably think the sister set him up

    Tupac kamuaTupac kamua18 days ago
  • Love this music he a real nigga,

    Arttisha WilsonArttisha Wilson18 days ago
  • Man I don’t know how, I ran across this young boy, but he dope is hell, I’m more of a old school listener, but I f**k with Von, the visuals he gives in his videos and song, reminds me of Nas, all these clowns talking about they real love hip hop should be supporting him.

    Lindsay HobsonLindsay Hobson18 days ago
  • You know why he is call the king von because he is the king of telling story’s

    Madden 22Madden 2218 days ago
  • Not a. Story

    Doris GoodnerDoris Goodner18 days ago
  • so he didnt kill that guy because he was with his sister I'm confused?

    BeansBeans18 days ago