My Ex-Girlfriend is MOVING IN WITH ME...

Mar 25, 2020
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  • The only ex couple ik that spend their nights together we all know what happened when them lights went off

    omenomen2 days ago
  • Whos watching this while they broke up for real 😭😭😭😭

    Iris YessilthIris Yessilth18 days ago
  • So was jackie already seeing the other guy by this time?

    Santiago ValladaresSantiago Valladares19 days ago
    • Yes

      andrew25_27 TTvandrew25_27 TTv5 days ago
  • i watched his tik tok's Brandon's tik tok's 😊😊

    orlando rolandorlando rolandMonth ago
  • Brandon you just brushed your teeth don’t eat candy

    Olmr GoshOlmr GoshMonth ago
  • Nice touch Jackie with the Phoenix suns T-shirt

    Olmr GoshOlmr GoshMonth ago
  • How came here after she said no in the new house

    Chemo BermudezChemo BermudezMonth ago
  • People need to stop theye might be dating theye might not if there are and theye wanted us to know then theye would tell us if theye dont want us to know then theye dont so plz stop

    IamlivIamlivMonth ago
  • We have the same butter

    Graciela DiazGraciela DiazMonth ago
  • These mtfs hadd me rollin🤣🤣

    sneak 28sneak 282 months ago
  • Who the FU** told you guys you couldn't put glass in the microwave!!!??? You can't put aluminum or metal in the microwave, but you absolutely can put glass in there 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 And all you guys talking shit about the two of them staying together need to grow up!! People our age can stay in the same house, room or bed and it not be sexual!! I sometimes stay with my ex-WIFE at her house and sleep in her bed and it's no big deal!!

    East Valley AuditorEast Valley Auditor2 months ago
  • The barrier gets thrown off and they smooth. smooch

    Emiliano PolancoEmiliano Polanco2 months ago
  • Is that his Phoenix suns shirts

    Emiliano PolancoEmiliano Polanco2 months ago
  • your dating haven't made it official yet 🙄

  • His said bae you want cookies or broniest

    RizenYTRizenYT2 months ago
  • Did anyone notice that Brandon said to Jackie babe When he asked to u want cookies or brownies

    Anan NajeebAnan Najeeb2 months ago
  • Let’s go suns Brandon brawadis

    Jeana IorioJeana Iorio2 months ago
  • Back to the old times. Its so funny.

    Travis BruceTravis Bruce2 months ago

    Mohammad IdreesMohammad Idrees2 months ago
  • Show Brandon how much they want to get together. ⬇️

    Esteban MarceloEsteban Marcelo2 months ago
  • Did anyone heard Brandon called Jackie "babe"

    Mathew poppinMathew poppin2 months ago
  • And now they don't live together

    Gaming with Pranav & more - PrandsGaming with Pranav & more - Prands2 months ago
  • OMG is it just me but the caption to the tiktok is "BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND EVENTUALLY"thats crazy🤗🤗

    Michele PurchaseMichele Purchase2 months ago
  • Did anyone hear him say what do you want bae in the title is literally ex-girlfriend got some explaining to do

    mimi's worldmimi's world2 months ago
  • He called her babe

    Mon DizonMon Dizon2 months ago
  • i always come back to watch brian and brandon bake cookies 🤣

    Manny BarreraManny Barrera2 months ago
  • i wanna see them watch the vampire diaries

    Rachel OsunaRachel Osuna2 months ago
  • Wdym by activites;)💀

    FNclapzyFNclapzy2 months ago
  • Who else herd Brandon say bae at 3.20

    Noemi GarciaNoemi Garcia3 months ago
  • “Con ganas” CON HUEVOS WEY

    Alonzo RicoAlonzo Rico3 months ago
  • i know they be fucking lmao 😭😂😂

    Andrea CadenaAndrea Cadena3 months ago
  • Shouldve watched on my block

    Ricky MunozRicky Munoz3 months ago
  • Yea its SUPER normal for your ex to move in with you,So normal can't even explain how common that is.

    Shy media V2.0Shy media V2.03 months ago
  • If they actually don’t get married I’m actually done

    Shadow SupremeShadow Supreme3 months ago
  • You live in the same house you might as well date she is your ex

    X- MOX- MO3 months ago
  • How Brandon is getting scared from Brian 6:12

    ft. Epikkft. Epikk3 months ago

    rosa Williamrosa William4 months ago
  • Jackie: Bradaaaaaan 😂

    Scoop DancerScoop Dancer4 months ago
  • Con ganas wey

    Alpha TGCAlpha TGC4 months ago
  • how does your brother play ps4 on a pc or does he have a monitor and how can you use a keyboerd on the monitor or if he is on pc how can you play ps4 on it

    vRedknightvRedknight4 months ago
  • OMG when Brian said “when people work out they like eat raw eggs and put nails in the blender” OMG I was crying real tears of laughter

    Krxtal ClearKrxtal Clear4 months ago
  • Brandon 11:32 starring competition with Jackie

    Mushy PeepsMushy Peeps4 months ago
  • Please get back together

    Flember MorfFlember Morf4 months ago
  • Yes Brian I love butter 😹

    Diana SinghDiana Singh4 months ago
  • Just ask her to be your girlfriend already

    vladislav papirovyyvladislav papirovyy4 months ago
  • Y'all, I can't. We know they doing thangs under them sheets, they basically still a couple. They just want the freedom of talking to other people, and that's totally fine. But damn, just stop playing it off as "we're just friends" nah, "friends" wouldn't get so jealous like y'all do. Friends don't do the things you do. We love you two together so just call it what it is. 😁

    JasmineJasmine4 months ago
  • At 3:19 brawadis called jackie babe

    Marco LopezMarco Lopez4 months ago
  • You guys ain’t weird, ya’ll inlove 🥺

    Jarely NunezJarely Nunez4 months ago
  • i know that no one wants to talk about this but the reason that Brandon doesn't make it official is probably because of the comments that jackie gets

    Adam AdamAdam Adam4 months ago
  • 15:29 same . who love prison break like Brandon ??

    Valentina RougeValentina Rouge4 months ago
  • there not exs there Mrs and Mr

    Josephine OkekeJosephine Okeke4 months ago
  • Bandon said babe cookies or brownies if he makes it in 😀😀😁

    Otilio OlguinOtilio Olguin4 months ago
  • Prison break is still on Netflix?🥺I swear it’s been removed

    Gerardo LopezGerardo Lopez4 months ago
  • Just stay together....

    j broj bro4 months ago
  • when are they just gonna get back together, brandon is always calling her hot and hugging her and they are soooo close. i think they are just meant to be

    Eli BrownEli Brown4 months ago
  • when brian says i hear someone making cookie brandon turn his head look at brian just like The Miz and John Cena

    Suwendly HaywoodSuwendly Haywood4 months ago
  • Ex-girlfriend more like girlfriend

    Ashton PlacideAshton Placide5 months ago
  • I love you So much Jackie and Brandon

    Sunjot GrewalSunjot Grewal5 months ago
  • I love you so much Jackie

    Sunjot GrewalSunjot Grewal5 months ago
  • It takes me 20-30 mins to learn a tiktok

    Jacqueline RamirezJacqueline Ramirez5 months ago
  • Brian and Brandon trying to make cookies is everything

    I love noah beckI love noah beck5 months ago
  • when the start of the cookies or brownies clip he said "what do you want babe"

    Robert Smith JRRobert Smith JR5 months ago
  • Ppl need to stop saying 'yall are lieing, we know your dating' bc that's the reason they broke up. Bc ppl were assuming. If yall were real fans you would stop tbh. Saying that they are together isn't gonna make em be togother. So just stop 🤷🏽‍♀️

    lxmons _lxmons _5 months ago
  • Brackey in the comments

    Gregory GreenGregory Green5 months ago
  • 10:13 I don’t understand this🤣

    Aidan MedinaAidan Medina5 months ago
  • Brushes teeth and then immediately eats candy in bed😂 I can’t with these two

    Jordan RothwellJordan Rothwell5 months ago
  • They really cannot make cookies when it has the steps on the back😂😂 I hope they are joking

    Jordan RothwellJordan Rothwell5 months ago
  • 14:41 💀💀, "no ones turning down some , NETFLIXX, and chill"

    tommytommy5 months ago
  • We all know ur dating, ur just not pitying it out for the public, its understandable

    Nahom AbrahamNahom Abraham5 months ago
  • 6:08 got me dead🤣🤣

    This DudeThis Dude5 months ago
  • Bro just date already 😂

    Johnathan juarezJohnathan juarez5 months ago
  • Brian n Brandon trying to make cookies is funny asf😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Nariah MarieNariah Marie5 months ago
  • Just date her

    venomqtvenomqt5 months ago
  • “ do you guys eat butter” 😂 ik hes not the only one

    brianna manningbrianna manning5 months ago
  • dang and i say i cant bake

    sloweyslowey5 months ago
  • Why did y’all brake up

    Lil Daya too smooth DayaLil Daya too smooth Daya5 months ago
  • Saucepans 🤔

    Steven Tom MayesSteven Tom Mayes5 months ago
  • He also said, "What do you want babe, cookies or"

    Spencer OgdenSpencer Ogden5 months ago
  • They literally sleeping together, and they both posted topless picks on histogram. Still ex boyfriend and girlfriend? I think not

    Spencer OgdenSpencer Ogden5 months ago
  • At 4:06 Booker started humping Jackie

    mariela andinomariela andino5 months ago
  • Omg I just needed Jackie to step in for the cookies lmaooo

    makeupxt.dmakeupxt.d5 months ago
  • I wonder what they did at 1201

    HectikHectik5 months ago
  • seehh lamlam

    Shaun DacerShaun Dacer5 months ago
  • She moving in and y’all aren’t together 🤨 I ain’t no detective butttttttt...

  • Dude they are dating

    JS GJS G5 months ago
  • Why did the barrier disappear

    Mikey WoahMikey Woah5 months ago
  • I can smell the pheromones through the camera

    Fabricio HFabricio H5 months ago
  • ik y’all be doing stuff together 😂

    Manny GarciaManny Garcia5 months ago
  • Brawadis:what do you want babe cookies or brownies everyone: are they dating?

    Cayden NgCayden Ng5 months ago
  • Prison break is my favourite ♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Bella GiaoupaiBella Giaoupai5 months ago
  • Jackie prob got fucked off camera

    Alexis MayenAlexis Mayen5 months ago
  • Who thinks brandon is gonna get Jackie pregnant 🤰 in this quarantine?

    Alexis MayenAlexis Mayen5 months ago
  • You guys togther now

    Vianna WuVianna Wu5 months ago
  • I like it how Brandon says she only here Bc of us lmaoo🤣

    Monk EffectMonk Effect5 months ago
  • That your gf stop playing wid us 💀💀💀

    EdgeEdge5 months ago
  • They put flammable paper bowl in the microwave I put class in the microwave all the time 🤣

    FlexbtwFlexbtw5 months ago
  • i wish i had a ex like dat

    fluidz onYTfluidz onYT5 months ago
  • 4:06 i bet Brandon wishes that he was booker right there 😂

    Hiesai YTHiesai YT5 months ago
    • Jordan Phoenix I don’t get it what is the hate comment

      Jose Gabriel KliatchkoJose Gabriel Kliatchko13 days ago
    • Jordan Phoenix with ur 2 subs lol 😂💀

      Hiesai YTHiesai YT4 months ago
    • Jordan Kerr I’m not a perve I was making a joke dumbass

      Hiesai YTHiesai YT4 months ago
    • Jordan Phoenix wow lol u made a second account “Jordan kerr” cause u can’t take a joke dumbass ur like 3 go to school.

      Hiesai YTHiesai YT4 months ago
    • BotusLoco thanks

      Hiesai YTHiesai YT4 months ago
  • It would be best for both of u to be gf and bf again u so look cool ,cute together

    Chiddy GetrudeChiddy Getrude5 months ago
  • Rug is really more relax on his brother's channel 😅🤔 Who noticed?

    Ella ArtajoElla Artajo5 months ago