Cuties: The film that got Netflix blasted by the government

Sep 13, 2020
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Cuties: The film that got Netflix blasted by the government
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  • Shout-out to U.S. Politicians for managing to be not-terrible for at least 2 minutes??? I'm in shock. Also shout-out to Vessi for sponsoring this video (couldn't have made the donation at the end without them) ((use code "dangelo" for $25 off while you're there))

    D'Angelo WallaceD'Angelo Wallace5 days ago
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      Maria TurovMaria Turov22 hours ago
    • Politicians are still terrible. They react to a movie but do very little for children who are being trafficked, who don't have a safe place to grow up, or who are poor and don't have opportunity to escape their situation. Also, as bad as the dancing is, it's convenient hypocrisy when kids that age are doing the same damn moves in the same type of clothes in cheerleading competitions every year.

      cxa011500cxa011500Day ago
    • I made a video about cuties and this weirdo (if anyone wants to watch it, it's on my channel)

      KybroKybroDay ago
    • And that's when Dance Moms come in

      Donut DemonDonut DemonDay ago
    • Shoutout to you for donating to RAINN. I have used their hotline before. They were extremely helpful. Thank you for using your platform to help share your ideas and give money to a great organization.

      Olivia LeSuerOlivia LeSuerDay ago
  • I'd love if you tore down Mr.girl as he's literally defending and calling the minors hot in a review for everyone to see.

    Cherri WavesCherri Waves29 minutes ago
  • Just a quick questions, should we remove children from horror, thriller movies aswell, where adult perform exorcism on children or put a gun on a child face and shoot them or cut their head off cause the child is bad or possessed by demon. Isn't that exploitation on children or messed them up mentally. 🧐🤔 I feel like entirely, no child under 18 should be in any movies or TV Show period.

    Mos DeffMos Deff39 minutes ago
  • As awful as Cuties is, I can't help but be impressed it managed to get the right and the left to agree on something in the middle of election year. It just really proves that this movie is disgusting beyond all imagining.

    Nonexistent UsernameNonexistent Username42 minutes ago
  • Trump must to persecute this shit people

    RODRI D.SRODRI D.S44 minutes ago
  • wait was 734k subscribers statement a joke or did you grow that fast?

    indp. ivindp. iv53 minutes ago
  • “basically, did this film get taken out of context? yes. but will there ever be enough context for someone to justify recording and distributing closeups of gyrating 13 year olds on camera? no. never. not on my life.” well said, as usual d’angelo 🙌🏽

    indp. ivindp. iv58 minutes ago
  • Fbi:This should put smile on my face.

    Sodover ScourgeSodover ScourgeHour ago
  • I don't want to watch it because I don't want to see it climb in the US rankings any higher...

    A Very Stable GeniusA Very Stable GeniusHour ago
  • So with that same logic should not all kids who star in movies be considered exploited ? Remember the movie Orphan the star was actually a kid and they did a scene with her trying to seduce a grown man sexually... where is the outrage

    J. MurrayJ. MurrayHour ago
  • Thats like saying im against murder then going to murder people and recording it

    Our Saviour ChungusOur Saviour ChungusHour ago
  • Gosh this world needs Jesus

    Ezra HopperEzra Hopper2 hours ago
  • I saw the thumbnail and knew I was through with Netflix

    Sarcastic ManiacSarcastic Maniac2 hours ago
  • Whats with the ads every 2 minutes? Way to put monetization before the actual content.

    Webb GarrisonWebb Garrison2 hours ago
  • Its so odd hearing people's arguments about this and other media, trying to push a narrative of "little kids can be hot" even if it isn't the sole intent. There is another show being released in America called "Dummy" where a sentient 7 year old sex doll makes a joke alluding to feeling sexual desire to a 14 year old boy, dripping from just getting out of a pool shirtless, with a "dreamy" special effect surrounding this child. The actor for said child is 11 years old, and people defend this cause its "a joke" as if that absolves it from criticism. You have to wonder how people can defend actual sexualization of children, just because its hidden under the guise of "art" or "joke" or "social criticism"

    Saint XIVSaint XIV2 hours ago
  • I wanted an honest breakdown of the movie without watching it.

    NumbNumb2 hours ago
  • I've seen a lot of whining and criticism of this film, but this is the most comprehensive argument I've seen. Subscribe for that.

    G DuncanG Duncan2 hours ago
  • There are so many movies that address sexual exploitation and some are intentionally disturbing and horrific. This seems so much worse due to the way they promoted the film and they made a litany of excuses why we should see it as a "coming of age" film.

    Luxus CarnageLuxus Carnage2 hours ago
  • If you need a child psychiatrist on set that in itself should tell you that something isn't right.

    Bliss BooBliss Boo2 hours ago
  • please move away from calling pedophiles MAPs :(

    MayaliaxMayaliax2 hours ago
  • How do you guys feel about aba and preach's video about it?

    Aon EAon E3 hours ago
  • I haven’t said much about it because I haven’t seen it and don’t plan to.. but like you’ve said anyone should be able to criticize the sexualisation of children..

    ABNTMABNTM3 hours ago
  • PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON THE SOCIAL DILEMMA ON NETFLIX PLEASE. I would love to hear what you think about it, it’s making me want to delete my entire internet presence.

    Ashley Anderson-BrowningAshley Anderson-Browning3 hours ago
  • I'll cancel my subscription once I'm done with Better Call Saul... Pinky promise

    Cool GuyCool Guy3 hours ago
  • Idk why But you are cute ❤

    Aishwarya maitiAishwarya maiti3 hours ago
  • People who think this movie is ok are the same people who say "Well its her fault he sexually assaulted her for wearing a tight skirt"

    Wolfie an MuffinWolfie an Muffin4 hours ago
  • I for one would like to thank cuties, it seems that this has been one of the few events this year, that 99% of people agree on. Seeing the massive amount of criticism from all sides of the political aisles, all with the same discourse and reasoning actually makes me feel like there is still some common ground between people and that we can bridge the divide in our society. But then the "journalists" came in and started promoting this movie and some people feel for their narrative and now people are back to fighting each other instead of the mega corporations that are exploiting children for money.

    Qaztim ElevenQaztim Eleven4 hours ago
  • I just downloaded RAINN the other night and I absolutely love it. It’s so helpful. Highly HIGHLY recommend! 💙

    FalFal4 hours ago
  • The real question is Why does France allow child exploitation in studios?!?

    Skull MastersSkull Masters4 hours ago
  • I really enjoyed your video except for the part (@ 7:53) when you refer to pedophiles by their newly-minted benign term "MAPs", which contributes to the normalization of pedophilia. There is no need for a new word/term since an accurate word already exists in our language that has been in use for centuries and it is known to everybody. Please, do not contribute to the normalization of pedophilia by using their cute term "MAPs". Other than that, great video!

    Wise DugWise Dug4 hours ago
  • The director is black and she's getting blacklashes from letting the white supremacy put her in harms way. Pedophiles exposed 10.0

    Marcus JohnsonMarcus Johnson4 hours ago
  • Lawsuit chekkkk who else watched it before Netflix takes it off but yeah, the movie is sick

    Liz RobertsonLiz Robertson4 hours ago
  • I don't get where the reference to 16, 15, and 13 year olds is coming from. They were 11 YEAR OLDS portraying 11 YEAR OLDS

    siva pathamsiva patham4 hours ago
  • I know a lot of people have said this before, but when you sexualize children to help stop sexualizing children doesn’t really work out to well- It’s just disgusting to watch, and having literal 11 year olds twerk and do adult moves is just disturbing and gross. These are actual kids. Kids. Please reconsider you’re life choices if you enjoy watching this child exploitation. I hate to see all of these sad things happening in the world, but I don’t just want to live in a closed off wheel not knowing what’s out their. So yeah that’s my thoughts I guess, it’s just my opinion though so yeah. Sorry this was a little long, I’m just quite serious about this.

    RandomFluffKing T.RandomFluffKing T.4 hours ago
  • Took 1 year for you to get a new popular video congrats buddy

    Kool-HighKool-High4 hours ago
  • 5:24 This made me ✨uncomfy✨

    ToastyToasty4 hours ago
  • I saw this one comment, and I’ve said it before and I will say it again, “This is so bad even Bob Ross would call it a mistake.”

    RandomFluffKing T.RandomFluffKing T.4 hours ago
  • I just feel like the issue we NEED to be talking about is how do we keep our kids from feeling like they need to turn to this sexual behavior? How can we keep them from being exposed to these things? What can we change with our society as a whole to make kids, particularly girls, feel like they don't need to grow up so fast and slow down a bit? Why is it so important for young girls to compete with each other, feel more superior when being liked by members of the opposite sex? How do we stop that? There is something wrong with how much emphasis young girls put on the 'male gaze'. On top of all of that, we have to remember that kids are human beings, and they go through puberty or have touched themselves long before that even happens, so they know arousal, they understand sexual gratification. We need to stop shying away from it when we talk to our children about sex because then they start making up their own rules and looking in all the wrong places. No human being, especially children, are sexual objects but we are all sexual beings (obviously there are people who are Asexual and the like, but you get the jist) and we need to learn how to navigate that safely for our children. I saw another review that kind of put it in perspective for me. Everyone's mad at this movie and ignoring the bigger picture. TikTok, Instagram, and the fact these kids are easily accessing all these sexual things in the first place is just insane. In my opinion, and perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't feel it's exploiting children. Kids their age are already knowing about these things, doing these things, talking about these things, and watching these things ON THEIR OWN. The scenes in the movie of them sexualizing children are meant to make you feel uncomfortable for a reason. Kids are doing these things and nothings truly getting done about it. I've seen kids in horror movies, kids do drugs in movies, kids be victims of sexual assault and cuss in movies amongst other things... I'm not sure how it's much different. It's also not a Hollywood level movie, it's from Sundance which is Independent film makers, these people aren't making big bucks off this movie. Idk... I recently went through some stuff where a child I know is curious and doing sexual things and this movie kind of opened my eyes to their perspective a bit. While it's not the same situation I can understand a little more, and they aren't even double digits!

    Ch3rryPCh3rryP4 hours ago
  • Let me tell you, the amount of people I’ve seen defending this fucking film. And as someone who was molested twice as a kid (practically nobody knows), God almighty it’s made me so sick to my stomach I have to force myself not to engage & accidentally trigger myself anymore.

    ChrystaRoseChrystaRose4 hours ago
  • The king is here

    Nozomi YNozomi Y4 hours ago
  • I give up on life

    ByteByte4 hours ago
    • Don't ,your life is worth more than a film. Instead do something helpful. trust me i got better after watching this.

      Abhinav ShajuAbhinav Shaju4 hours ago
  • I think the biggest issue is this movie could’ve easily been such an amazing coming of age story about a black Muslim girl struggling to balance between the forced sexualization as a young girl faces and explores that and her finding herself through it all. Instead, it did an absolutely horrid job by being too explicit and somehow transitioned to a movie that felt as though it was being watched through the lenses of a pedo... I don’t think that’s what the directors goal was. Was to use shock value to tackle this issue but not knowing that these are actual little girls playing these characters in an objective and inappropriate way.

    angelangel4 hours ago
  • GYRATING 13 year olds.. HOW is that suddenly something THAT CAN HUMANLY happen in a movie?

    R.SudhiraR.Sudhira4 hours ago
    • R.Sudhira France? I hope this ain’t normal over there and this shite needs to burn.

      team_ ghost9503team_ ghost95034 hours ago
  • Also want to know why isn’t anyone talking about the movie (good boys)

    dinelaveladinelavela4 hours ago
  • this the same netflix that made dont fuck with cats and still made the ending seem like THE VIEWER is the one in the wrong for watching the show, and not THE MAKERS for creating the show and including horrible scenes. just like the instagram pages that post dead children to "spread awareness" about child trafficking?????? wow thank you so much u just ended child trafficking by posting pictures for thousands of fools to share!! good job fuckass

    Mimis SMimis S5 hours ago
  • It’s still up 😐

    bunnybunny5 hours ago
  • I wonder how France feels

    team_ ghost9503team_ ghost95035 hours ago
  • my name is joe biden and i approve this message

    Heather GoldmanHeather Goldman5 hours ago
  • I know I'm probably like the 300,00th person to request this, and let me be honest, it took me 4 whole days to get through this whole 'documentary' because it's pretty cringe-y, but if you are looking for content to react to, Paris Hilton's new documentary ( ) might be a good video to cover. NGL, I've been somewhat a fan of Paris ever since she started DJ'ing, but this video left me with a few questions lol Love the channel, I've subscribed and liked all of your videos on both my old and current USkeys account( the only time I've ever used my old USkeys account in the past five years was literally just to subscribe to u and like + comment on the most relevant videos you post). :)

    Alexis AschkenaseAlexis Aschkenase5 hours ago
  • i have to go watch the movie before my mom will believe my argument that its terrible smh my head

    Norah RobbinsNorah Robbins5 hours ago
  • Apparently it’s not the first time for Netflix

    Belle VBelle V5 hours ago
  • calling 991

    i peed your pantsi peed your pants5 hours ago
  • A simple way to frame the "freedom of expression" thing is freedom of expression entitles you to expressing yourself, it doesn't entitle you to underage sex performers to express for you.

    Briar GrayBriar Gray5 hours ago
  • Someone you should check out is Cryoatic. He was grooming minors and cheated on his ex and no one is talking about it as far as I know. I got nostalgic and went to go check out his vids to find his poor excuse of an apology for everything he's done, and he's trying to blame mental health on how he's acting. It's disgusting. Link to the 'apology' video ---> Don't let this fall under cover people! This is completely unacceptable and needs to be brought up to light!

    Depresso ExpressoDepresso Expresso6 hours ago
  • Thanks obama. More money laundering from netfux.

    Jane KingJane King6 hours ago
  • there's a lot of pedophiles who disliked this video smh

  • Just want to add that my mother made me and my sisters go into competitive dance starting at 10 for my little sister. I can tell you, we were exploited on stage with our parents' consent... I think we need to address that this story's uncomfortable nature echos issues that are very real. Just because we don't want to see it on television, doesn't mean it isn't happening in real life. Maybe this movie will make people actually care about that instead of just energizing people who only care when it's on tv...

    Sam TuckerSam Tucker6 hours ago
    • I doubt many people are gonna see this movie considering the fact that they don’t need a damn movie to tell people something that’s already common sense. You really want to make a difference go to government officials running that state or show the sociological damn and risk this presents through a documentary or make a movie that’s appropriate because you don’t need to show when you have the ability to tell, quiet literally this happened with the Boy Scout and the image of it was that it was normal and nothing to do with pedos when in truth it had a lot to do with pedos which lead to many going to court due to the sexual abuse. It doesn’t take a damn movie to put two and two together just enough courage to act especially if you’ve gone through the motions. The best the director could have done with that money is to go through laws and regulations to change things though I don’t know how it works in France, in the USA someone could make a case to regulate dances, wear and others considering competitive dance and much more. I doubt people are gonna go against it as long as it’s reasonable but personally I haven’t seen nor heard of it where I live.

      team_ ghost9503team_ ghost95034 hours ago
  • I canceled my Netflix I will never ever go to Netflix again. I do hope Hulu is better.

    crafting with Nathaliecrafting with Nathalie6 hours ago
  • Netflix is literally full of demonic, occult, twisted content. It’s not even entertainment. It’s programming.

    BeWellBrandonBeWellBrandon6 hours ago
  • problem

    senni bgonsenni bgon6 hours ago
  • On tiktok you will find an 11 year old doing the same stuff,this is a reflection of wat our society is becoming.

    Amanda RamavhaleAmanda Ramavhale6 hours ago
    • This guy always has a little bit of peanut butter in his mouth

      senni bgonsenni bgon6 hours ago
  • Can people stop sharing the graphic clips of this film on social media? They're just as complicit.

    Soleil Dancy-TaliaferroSoleil Dancy-Taliaferro6 hours ago
  • Oh it's a french film? Not Suprised! *gives dirty look to Luc Besson and his fetish for 14 yr old girls*

    Sooze LoveSooze Love6 hours ago
  • The fbi should watch who ever disliked this video

    BrownPerson 420BrownPerson 4206 hours ago
  • "please go to jail immediately. but also... forever" LEGENDARY

    Nina PattonNina Patton6 hours ago
  • Those kids are gonna get bullied when they go back to school...

    HoSiE :DHoSiE :D7 hours ago
  • Saw about 15 minutes of the worthless trash that critics call "misunderstood preteen realities ", couldn't go beyond the annoying, incessant squealing , awkward behavioral crap of strange looking brats pretending to be cute???... which none were. Really dumb movie. They should have stuck with the story " and only the story " of the only sane little girl whose dad took on another wife.

    M CM C7 hours ago
  • Their 11 yr old girls not 13

    jennifer kennedyjennifer kennedy7 hours ago
  • #BoycottNetflix #CancelNetflix

    Luke GennessLuke Genness7 hours ago
  • I love your content. I love how you calmly present well-thought points and opinions. And also.... Working with rainn is amazing.

    Jessica SageJessica Sage7 hours ago
  • i feel like those politicians who spoke out against it only did so because we did so first

    JTHMShmeeJTHMShmee7 hours ago
  • I hate this movie. It is so disgusting. And the fact that some people actually like it is horrible. I got in an argument with a person on the trailer because the person was a pedophile and thought I was just hating on this, that rape/molesting/sexualizing, especially children, is okay, and that I was telling a parent that supports this ‘How To Parent’. (I countered this with saying it was literally illegal to, and then they said that the law is a social construct like wtf?) I looked at the movie and you know at the start when it explains why the the ‘TV- __ ‘ is how it is, and it literally said why it is TV-MA is because of the ‘language’ and don’t even mention sexualizing children. I was going to watch it because then I could criticize it more, but watching it would be worse than death so no for me.

    Cookie Monster ProductionsCookie Monster Productions7 hours ago
  • People angry about cuties (rightfully so) But yet Tik ToK still stands

    ILike sealsILike seals7 hours ago
  • The twerking isn't even the worst, they put their fingers in their mouths, sexy dance their way out of trouble with security guards and post a nude online 💀

    Octavia HillOctavia Hill7 hours ago
  • 2020, can you stop being unnatural.. FOR DIVE MINUTES

    RandomaccountRandomaccount7 hours ago
  • Yo, on a side note; Megan Fox deserved better.

    ClaireClaire7 hours ago
  • This guy always has a little bit of peanut butter in his mouth

    Griffin BulgerGriffin Bulger7 hours ago
  • Sorry but why ...are you putting fucking clips of it in your video?? I can't even watch this I'm not a fucking pedophile.

    LL8 hours ago
  • No big surprise since the film industry (and especially Hollywood) is pretty much run by pedos.

    I.C. WeinerI.C. Weiner8 hours ago
  • did anyone actually see this movie lol? I feel like I didn't watch the same film.

    Lauren RobertsLauren Roberts8 hours ago
  • Even ignoring the blatant softcore child porn, can we talk about how this movie is _freaking violent??_ There's a scene where the lead pushes another girl in a canal and watches her start to _drown._ And then another scene where she _STABS A BOY'S HAND WITH A PEN._ What is the point of this?! What even is this movie? Who was this made for?

    BearSeek BerserkerBearSeek Berserker8 hours ago
  • Okay but, Kimmel’s (I think it’s him lol) remark on what Megan Fox said??? Gross as all get out!!!!!!

    Kerry RobertsKerry Roberts8 hours ago
  • Laci green made it sound so tame and I don't have Netflix so thanks again mr wallace

    Far QFar Q8 hours ago
  • "I don't have anything left in my soul" Fucking Dame man

    Katsuo BakugouKatsuo Bakugou8 hours ago
  • Everyone who approves of this movie belongs in prison

    Bonjamin_ButtonBonjamin_Button8 hours ago
  • I am a teacher and seriously couldn’t even watch the clips that he showed in this video because I just imagine my students wearing those things or dancing that way for the entertainment of adults. It’s horrible. It is my job and adult’s job to protect them. What you do as a child effects your psych and life as an adult, and these children don’t know any better. There are DISGUSTING people everywhere, all over the world, trafficking and using for money of minors is huge. These things do contribute and all you a have to do is imagine it was your kid or student at 11, 6th grade, blindly creating x rated content

    AlexYoungAlwaysAlexYoungAlways8 hours ago
  • UNPOPULAR OPINION: instead of referring to them as MAPS we could refer to them to what they actually are, pedophiles. Giving them a seemingly appropriate label is only going to make them and others think that sexualizing children is normal.🙈😻😻

    SkookiSaysSkookiSays8 hours ago
  • i can't even watch the trailer of "cuties", Netflix, the Producers, and anyone involved with the making of this movie is gross. I really hope that the little girls are okay, and that nothing bad happened to them.

    Im A Cat MeowIm A Cat Meow8 hours ago
  • I just watched the movie yesterday, and I'm on the side of the director on this one. Is the imagery uncomfortable? Totally! Did I look away at parts of the final scene? You bet I did! This was designed as a commentary on young girls who unfortunately use social media to define themselves in a toxic manner if they don't have the immediate guidance to protect themselves from that influence. The imagery was hard to watch, but that was the point. I feel like most people that are complaining about the movie haven't seen it and probably aren't willing to see it. They saw how Netflix horribly misrepresented the movie and didn't even listen to the director about what the point of the movie was. It's really disappointing that people on social media are just jumping on the bandwagon and not even trying to understand why the movie was made.

    Anime12478Anime124789 hours ago
  • I thought about the documentary comment he made, it would’ve, well it still would be horrible, but it would be a real life documentation of how social platforms make youths feel, that they have to be this that and the other to be heard. This though was distasteful, that word can’t even describe it, but that’s what it was distasteful.

    Kelsie PeayKelsie Peay9 hours ago
  • Ben Shapiro style. BOY I SCREAMED

    Elles BellesElles Belles9 hours ago
  • Imagine those cuts, and rehearsal video, and try out videos are. Hope those don’t end up in the wrong hands.

    Swedish MetalSwedish Metal9 hours ago
  • Let’s not forget Obama and Oprah funded Netflix, Says a lot. Netflix wants to back this up, because of who is behind Netflix. And they want to say us “republicans“ are trying to take down the film. Why is this a political thing? Why is child porn a political thing? All of this should be wrong, regardless of being a republican or not!

    Swedish MetalSwedish Metal9 hours ago
  • The intention was great, the execution wasn't. Using the math, 1 -1=0, so imma have to pull a Simon Cowell.

    Peachy GlossPeachy Gloss9 hours ago
  • I dont want a daughter

    Skysniper z13Skysniper z139 hours ago
  • They could’ve animated the film.

    MazapanMazapan9 hours ago

    Ivanna SantiagoIvanna Santiago9 hours ago
  • ‘Please go to jail immediately’ -Iconic

    Courtney SalterCourtney Salter9 hours ago
  • Just got on Netflix and say a name called **CUTIES** watched one second then left only the Netflix intro

    im a nerf gunim a nerf gun9 hours ago
  • As if this kind of distribution and exploitation of minors isn't also happening in the dance and cheer worlds. Everyone is so up in arms about this movie that no one is actually addressing the root of the problem, nor tying it to real-world practices of child exploitation beyond this film. And those institutions need to be broken down because I was told I could be facing the possible threat of multiple lawsuits for calling out this behavior from popular and an incredibly famous cheer gym on facebook. The industry doesn't realize how much exploitation and sexualization it has allowed to become normalized and routinely practiced/encouraged, and it's extremely apparent because if those proper barriers had been in place then this film may not have been made in the way it was.

    Rachel BowersRachel Bowers10 hours ago