Yung Bleu - You're Mines Still (feat. Drake) [Official Audio]

Oct 15, 2020
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The official audio for Yung Bleu's "You're Mines Still (feat. Drake)" out now. Download/stream:
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If i ever
Made you angry girl
Just know that it gets better with time (time)
They say time heals
She can’t see her life without me she so blind still Fuck that nigga you can tell him that your mines
still And she don’t wanna go to sleep she angry
Lately she been noticing he ain’t me
I wish that we can change places Don’t want no new new faces She got my heartbeat racing They
say time heals
Don’t go build no life without me cause your mines still And I don’t wanna go unless you make me
[Drake Verse]
Pretty face, pretty tempted
But pretty taught me ugly lessons
Pretty had me giving more than I was getting
So if pretty don’t come with something well then I dead it Shame to tell my friends how much I do
for you
Cause they know that you would never do the same for me
I wasn't looking for your secrets they just came to me
And they contradicted everything you claim to be
I took you to the club and you hugged on somebody that I know And I know them type of hugs
Same shit I do to women when I know I used to fuck
And I know they with they nigga but they never brought it up
I’m down these days
Down to do better cause you know I done enough
You should lay it down we’ll talk about it when you up
But she don’t wanna go to sleep she angry
[Yung Bleu]
Lately she been noticing he ain’t me
I wish that we can change places
Don’t want no new new faces
She got my heartbeat racing
They say time heals don’t go build no life without me Cause you mines still
And I don’t wanna go unless you make me Down on my knees hoping you take me Better tell that
nigga you mine
Heard you been tryna tie the knot
Girl tell me you lying
Let me beat that pussy up one more time Let me beat that pussy up one more time I know that
you fiend for this.
I know that you did not forget
So don’t go to sleep
And she don’t wanna go to sleep she angry Lately she been noticing he ain’t me
I wish that we can change places Don’t want no new new faces She got my heartbeat racing They
say time heals
Don’t go build no life without me
Cause you mines still
And I don’t wanna go unless you make me Lately I've been gone, I'm feeling crazy
I’m from the bricks we gotta
Whole lotta bricks you gotta
Whole lots tricks and I wanna see what you do with them


    AUSTIN MAUSTIN M37 minutes ago
  • & I know that typa hug...

    A ContrerasA Contreras51 minute ago
  • These 12 year olds saying the beat is copying juice wrld, but they don't know lucid dreams is sampling "the message" by nas smh

    Jack LuoJack LuoHour ago
  • I love this song cuz the that nigga you cheating with ain't me she keep running back to me confusing me.

    Jauville CampbellJauville Campbell3 hours ago
  • Love it!! 💙

    Treanna GilesTreanna Giles3 hours ago
  • Drake is really the 🐐

    Mike GeeMike Gee4 hours ago
  • This is Major AF🔥🔥🙏🏽 ✊🏽

    Kid NatureKid Nature4 hours ago
  • ayo where tf the love for yung bleu my man slaps

    frizfriz7 hours ago

    Gabriel EdesGabriel Edes7 hours ago
  • Yung Bleu is finally getting the attention he deserves 💯

    tenjampeltenjampel8 hours ago
  • Lucid dreams vibes

  • Thank you Bleu

    Jacalyn BarajasJacalyn Barajas9 hours ago
  • Wow just found this song . I been fucked wit yung but this shit right here I couldn't have found it at a more meaningful time!! Today marks 5 months since the world lost my 4 year olds father .. n this is just everything from the last night I saw him

    Jacalyn BarajasJacalyn Barajas9 hours ago
  • my bf and i listened to this even before drake featured on the track

    Georgiaaa kGeorgiaaa k9 hours ago
  • drake always strong.......100% vibe

    RhyMee SeanRhyMee Sean10 hours ago
  • I think almost every dude at one point in their life can relate to Drake whole verse

    Eddie AmikerEddie Amiker11 hours ago
  • Beat remind me of juice world Lucid dreams

    ッWayssッWayss12 hours ago

    -Shay-Shay14 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Galactic Goddess FamilyGalactic Goddess Family15 hours ago

    Eric VibezEric Vibez15 hours ago
  • Down to do better bc you know I did enough

    419 rixky419 rixky16 hours ago
  • This should have way more views This is the song of the year ❌🧢

    Live in the quarantine SetLive in the quarantine Set17 hours ago
  • Anyone else hear the tiny resemblance to Juice WRLD’s lucid dreams, not just in the backing track but in the hook

    Harvey BeddowsHarvey Beddows18 hours ago
  • Nobody gone talk bout how drake to durk whole flow in the beginning 😂

    jid flexjid flex19 hours ago

    KD3 Ent.KD3 Ent.19 hours ago
  • this song belongs on billboard

    Charles SabalCharles Sabal20 hours ago
  • lucid dream strings lmfao

    qb156qb15621 hour ago
  • This the Drake we want

    0 00 021 hour ago
  • Kevin gates helped him out 2yrs ago

    D CouncilD Council22 hours ago

    Javier BabbJavier Babb23 hours ago
  • Tá brabo demais esse som

    Valeria MartinsValeria MartinsDay ago
  • Am I the only one hoping they make a music video? 🥶

    Gerald BinnicGerald BinnicDay ago
  • man this song just hitsssss for me man... new favorite song do i hear?

    Xykiriah DXykiriah DDay ago

    Jesse RJesse RDay ago
  • Drake 🍆🍆🍆❤️❤️❤️👮🏻‍♂️

    Aaron DabouseTvAaron DabouseTvDay ago
  • Drake ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Aaron DabouseTvAaron DabouseTvDay ago
    • Fr

      Aaron DabouseTvAaron DabouseTvDay ago

    Dunn - CDunn - CDay ago
  • That beats a sample KRx used in a song already

    6S Productions6S ProductionsDay ago
  • everybody here because drake but y’all really need to wake up on bleu fr!! 🔥🔥

    Chrys JohnsonChrys JohnsonDay ago
  • The entire music industry today is basically guys sounding like if future could sing, over a beat sampled from Sting featuring Drake 😂😂😂

  • Bleu straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Ben GreenBen GreenDay ago
  • Dis shit got me crying😩

    Ace BeenliveAce BeenliveDay ago
  • You’re MINE* 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

    J DepJ DepDay ago
  • Anyone know that font on that video?

    Richy RichRichy RichDay ago
  • This shit really go harder than you think, listen again 👂🏼

    TheCapoTheCapoDay ago
  • music video is a must!!!

    Savory ChickenSavory ChickenDay ago
  • That hook that just got too much effect on it. Yoo much autotune.

    Juan DavilaJuan DavilaDay ago
  • Good Music

    Cristina Urzica // Screw UTTPCristina Urzica // Screw UTTPDay ago
  • Sounds like old school drake fits this perfectly 🔥

    Keir BeerKeir BeerDay ago
  • how is yung bleu not at a mil subs he been ina game a long time and has gotten rlly popin hes so underrated

    jay smoovejay smooveDay ago
  • I LOVE THIS SONG!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🔥🔥

    Kiesha MurphyKiesha Murphy2 days ago
  • 🥺

    AshAsh2 days ago
  • This needs a vidd

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    Ashley williamsAshley williams2 days ago
  • Does anyone else hear juice worlds lucid dreams at the beginning!!

    Sherina MariaSherina Maria2 days ago
  • @yungBleu straight to the world

  • Story of my life

    Dillan McCarthyDillan McCarthy2 days ago
  • Damn Drake!

    RileyRiley2 days ago
  • Ooohhhh😍😊😜

    Blue QueenBlue Queen2 days ago
  • Song of the year! Makes me sad though, can’t stop thinking bout the real love of my life but yea lol great song

    Keno LucianoKeno Luciano2 days ago
  • Ima just say this play list that ur in 🔥

    TearzyTearzy2 days ago
  • 2020 track of the year 🔥🔥🔥

    G 93G 932 days ago
  • Priscilla libra 9/27/89 Khel... Is an imposter Knock down music Studio black delicious concert Fresno! Please help San Diego El cajon

    Guillermo SarmientoGuillermo Sarmiento2 days ago
  • “I wasn’t looking for your secrets they just came to me & they contradicted everything you claimed to be” jheeeeeeze!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Sabrina RSabrina R2 days ago
  • Feelin this here 2 much life just got better cause a dis got it on repeat. singin to a ngga soul!

    JB RocknfellaJB Rocknfella2 days ago
  • 💪

    Thomas WilliamsThomas Williams2 days ago
  • Go listen 🎶

    Quan tha ArtistsQuan tha Artists2 days ago
  • Love it

    Dee CejaDee Ceja2 days ago
  • Moochiemoney x Yung Bleu would be a certified banger

    Jahaer BaskeJahaer Baske2 days ago

      Kelsey QueenKelsey Queen2 days ago
  • I know that this is off topic But im seeing a lot of positive comments on youtube lately Things like: “To the person who reads this, don’t lose focus” or “I pray woever reads this becomes succesful” There was a time when youtube comments were full of arguing people (still sometimes) But i like how internet attitudes change overtime Much love everybody✌️

    JoshJosh2 days ago
  • nobody even recon the sampling. But awesome take on it.

    BucketgnomeBucketgnome2 days ago
  • Drake stimuls package he make so many artist money but blue dOpe

    Blocks KitchenBlocks Kitchen2 days ago
  • Let’s go Best new Artist

    karltrell taylorkarltrell taylor2 days ago
  • I dig

    CTKCTK2 days ago
  • Absolute banger young bleu up and coming big time rapper

    Charlie MorrantCharlie Morrant3 days ago
  • this song got shape of my heart vibes...

    achiko dzirkvadzeachiko dzirkvadze3 days ago
  • His voice is different from the rest.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Respect Art Clothing Line With God)Respect Art Clothing Line With God)3 days ago
  • So nobody gonna talk about how Drake snatched J.I the Prince of N.Y’s flow?

    Green GoblinGreen Goblin3 days ago
  • I’m not in love I’m not hurt butttt damn this song makes me feel like my heart broken :)

    Shx xqzShx xqz3 days ago
  • Young bleu killed this but drakes hug line hit. Dont lie

    Andrew MayAndrew May3 days ago
  • I like this

    Tha MissizTha Missiz3 days ago
  • get it bleu Mobile is proud of you lil homie

    Richard Jarrell Sr.Richard Jarrell Sr.3 days ago
  • If you look long enough his hairs moving

    Simon MonoaSimon Monoa3 days ago
  • That hugging line got people fucked up cause its so true

    TizzyOfficialTizzyOfficial3 days ago
  • Hey I know some of you may get annoyed but all I’m trying to do is self promote so somebody gives me a chance .. 👁 i just released a wavy track 🌊🌊

    Jay FarroJay Farro3 days ago
  • But my heart is not to be played with This the mind of a real nigga, mind if I fuck with you Lately, I been drink and they tell me I don't drink liquor Wanna get too close I get this feeling that I'm stuck with you You gone be my brother take the stand and don't switch up nigga But my heart is not to be played with Had it hurt before but that's the past so I ain't say shit Grinding on a daily in and out situations I know my time coming I can tell because I'm patient

    AlphaTheStray317AlphaTheStray3173 days ago
  • Song a whole MOOD 😩 DRAKE'S UNSTOPPABLE !

    Timothy MensahTimothy Mensah3 days ago
  • Okay but you guys couldn’t come up with a fresh beat? Y’all had to copy Lucid Dreams? Which was also from another song....

    Matthew KingMatthew King3 days ago
  • drive music brought me here

    fLYIN dUTCHfLYIN dUTCH3 days ago
  • “Pretty lessons taught me ugly lesions” felt that frfr 😭🔥

    JulianJulian3 days ago
  • So much drake comments, so 💕 for Yung Bleu who killed it too

    mystery Tubermystery Tuber3 days ago
  • Drake got his grill in

    PiffnovaPiffnova3 days ago
  • this man got a snap at 00:58, 01:20, 01:52, 02:14, 03:19 and 02:57

    Albert NielsAlbert Niels3 days ago
  • So we just ignore the Juice wrld sample?

    The Jōōs Plug 🔌The Jōōs Plug 🔌3 days ago
    • @saudade Yes it is lol

      The Jōōs Plug 🔌The Jōōs Plug 🔌2 days ago
    • Its not a juice wrld sample....he did use it tho lol

      saudadesaudade3 days ago
  • It’s okay to cry king it’ll be fine ....

    K BishupK Bishup4 days ago
  • everyone is talking about drake acting like bleu didnt run this way more than drake

    Kuay! illKuay! ill4 days ago
  • Love this 🥰🤗

    Sophia TXSophia TX4 days ago
  • Okay Blue i see you

    Shaw JonesShaw Jones4 days ago