King Von - Crazy Story (REMIX) ft. Lil Durk (Official Video)

May 20, 2019
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  • This is fire I hope this Beastie this is actually on Tik Tok so so I believe y'all in Pokemon looks like King Von looks like Lil Durk because it looked the same they look like they're just saying bro look like their cousins bro what tell me why that they don't have the same skin but that the same here bro bringing the same here okay I'm just going to stick it stick it LeBron shoes

    Ariet ChamAriet Cham57 minutes ago
  • Fun Fact: King Von and Lil Dirk are not from 63rd

    10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge !10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge !2 hours ago
  • Diggin the beat.

    A SmithA Smith4 hours ago
  • King von as a teacher: say fuck tooka

    Ice_saybro 222Ice_saybro 2225 hours ago
  • Editor: Von, how much slow motion u want? Von: Yes

    K AkiraK Akira10 hours ago
  • On his 63rd birthday he going to take off the extra candle 🕯 🎂

    Abdul AzizAbdul Aziz12 hours ago
  • Michelle obama is from O Block Ya'll For the people who didn't know

    SielenSielen13 hours ago
  • this song makes me wanna go to 63rd just to scream im not from 63rd

  • R.I.P Fbg Duck

    Humble T Cash AddictHumble T Cash AddictDay ago
  • Dam i live in tn wonder if I know that dude who flexing

    Jr WaltonJr WaltonDay ago
  • Lil Durk had lost a lot of weight he isn't sick or he changed his appearance on purpose

    Marcus LockhartMarcus LockhartDay ago
  • Fun Fact : Michelle Obama from 64th 💪🏽 Gang !!! 😂😂😂

    Aston QuanAston QuanDay ago

    domdomDay ago
  • A remix that I actually prefer than the original which already was good too 😳

  • Is King Von from 63rd?

    William MattimoreWilliam MattimoreDay ago
  • Von made durk voice seem deep

    Henderson Rolls pouted- tagged t warming upHenderson Rolls pouted- tagged t warming upDay ago
  • King Von woop

    Lust OverLordLust OverLordDay ago
  • 2:04 “kissed him on his lip” oh hell nah

    bucketbucket2 days ago
    • Did u listen to the song before u made this dumb ass comment

      Derrick SpikesDerrick Spikes11 hours ago
    • Gay

      ِِDay ago
  • He Not From 63rd

    Kilo TreceKilo Trece2 days ago
  • He Not From 63rd

    Kilo TreceKilo Trece2 days ago
  • Had to beat my dads ass today he aint do anything wrong he just turned 63 😤

    Uri SanchezUri Sanchez2 days ago
  • Why do durkio and von got beef w 63rd?

    DenisDaDonヮDenisDaDonヮ2 days ago
  • Mom: your grandpa died. Son: I know he turned 63 😈

    Travis Scott BurgerTravis Scott Burger2 days ago

      Man1acMan1ac19 hours ago
  • the dislikes probable 63rd

    Lenny MarquezLenny Marquez2 days ago
  • king von and lil durk waiting for someone at the marathon for somone to finish in 63rd

    Phalon WilliamsonPhalon Williamson2 days ago
  • They the ones who did in Duck . Smh . Rip duck 🦆

    mangospineapplesmangospineapples2 days ago
  • King von gon be so depressed when he turns 63...

    That guyThat guy3 days ago
  • what happens when he turns 63 yr old

    kishr0kishr03 days ago
    • He die tommorow he

      ِِDay ago
  • Might be the best feature with Durk minus going in for the kill.

    Theo The GoatTheo The Goat4 days ago

  • 63rd run long

    Kevin XKevin X4 days ago
  • Sound like a fake try hard chief keef

    Ty Good StrikerTy Good Striker4 days ago
  • not form 63

    Skylean AbreuSkylean Abreu4 days ago
  • Aye Von hmu!

    Jayk JrJayk Jr5 days ago
  • These crazy stories actually add up🤭

    Anthony GalvezAnthony Galvez5 days ago
  • Ronny 2k from 63rd😞

    Elijah MedinaElijah Medina5 days ago
  • hi guys check out this mafia game petty cool

    Robby ITRobby IT6 days ago
  • Dame Fri

    Antonio NutAntonio Nut6 days ago
  • This video is legendary cause of "The Voice Of The Streets"

    Carrington CopesCarrington Copes6 days ago
  • Why this my first time hearing this with Durk? That nigga snapped!

    I'm Just Here BroI'm Just Here Bro6 days ago
  • On everything, he look like perfectlaughs 😂😂😂

    90sx Free90sx Free6 days ago
  • Judge: Anything else? 6ix9ine: King Von and Lil Durk putting work from 64th and 65th

    BlxckyzBlxckyz6 days ago
  • He shouldve did one with polog

    chase that bag jaychase that bag jay7 days ago
  • This is what happens when momma don't watch you get on the school bus

    Mr AwesomeMr Awesome7 days ago
  • Bro durky's verse was fire🔥🔥🔥

    Виктор УспаскихВиктор Успаских7 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

    Deandre MorganDeandre Morgan7 days ago
  • Imagine living on 63rd and this was your favorite song.

    eduardo villaeduardo villa7 days ago
  • Mi hear a jamaican. Come thru dawg

    Fridays With FriciaFridays With Fricia7 days ago
  • Mi hear a jamaican. Come thru dawg

    Fridays With FriciaFridays With Fricia7 days ago
  • 10k dislikes from the 63

    Mer OneMer One7 days ago
  • Y'all lets make this 63 likes😅😅😅😅

    LucaLuca7 days ago
  • Hiiii

    javonta woodberryjavonta woodberry8 days ago
  • Cool songs

    Izaiah SmithIzaiah Smith8 days ago
  • Teacher: What’s 30+33 Students: Teacher: Why aren’t y’all answering it’s- Random kid: *Reaches for bookbag*

    Jordan MoyersJordan Moyers8 days ago
  • Drop on this flexing nigga

    Sigh laymoSigh laymo9 days ago

    Bushido KataBushido Kata9 days ago

    Bushido KataBushido Kata9 days ago
  • Me: Walks In The kitchen WE nOt from 63rd Von: Yessir Me: Von u Know my dad turned 63 Von: o Forreal I got a surprise For Em It’s something that Go to his Head

    1k Subs Only 8 Vids YESSIR1k Subs Only 8 Vids YESSIR9 days ago
  • i love these young boys

    Tony MontanaTony Montana9 days ago
  • Duck got hit 3 times to

    joey buddenjoey budden9 days ago
  • I’m from Camden nj feeling like I’m from chiraq..

    SatanSatan10 days ago
  • i'm a white kid from europe and i somehow hate 63rd

    Ehelk -Ehelk -10 days ago
  • Every King Von song is a straight banger god damn

    BrianBrian10 days ago
  • Durks face always looks like a surprised 3-yr old.

    plm2879plm287910 days ago
  • "Could of been a pimp the way I move my lips" ? Aint that for the h*es to do?

    Prime 2DPrime 2D10 days ago
  • if i was ever to be murdered i would wanna be murdered by King Von

    VincentVincent10 days ago
  • 💯

    Mr. JamesMr. James10 days ago
  • Good song

    Ryan GoodwinRyan Goodwin11 days ago
  • Is it was shame I'm barely finding out what all these chicago cats are capable of on these beats??? Von, Herbo, an durk are killing shit. My bad Chi, I'm paying attention now

    Vic DemonVic Demon11 days ago
  • ....Fuck 63rd😅

    Rashad RileyRashad Riley11 days ago
  • That ice cream song is racist look in to it

    Timothy SlobigTimothy Slobig11 days ago
  • Bru this song slap but these comments are fucking funny 🤣🤣😂😂

    Vernell GreenVernell Green11 days ago
  • The beginning always reminds me of the Montana of 300 song 💯🔥🔥🔥

    REMfakeplastictreesREMfakeplastictrees11 days ago
  • Aa

    Krissy ClairKrissy Clair12 days ago
  • Saving 2020 king von lil durk

    Cornelius FredrickCornelius Fredrick12 days ago
  • 🔥

    LïL JøshLïL Jøsh12 days ago
  • the way lil durk part came in was so cold

    kingtavon07 Tips And Trickskingtavon07 Tips And Tricks12 days ago
  • I be FKN with VON lately but DURK a lyrical monster! “When when shoot “ does summin’ to a player🧠 Ȓ̈Ȋ̈P̑̈ K̑̈Ȋ̈N̑̈G̑̈ N̑̈Ȋ̈P̑̈👑👑👑👑

    Defenuttly Uh rerunDefenuttly Uh rerun12 days ago
  • He said i grabbed my glock it been thru alot but it still shoot like new🔥🔥😈

    Beezy 300Beezy 30012 days ago
  • their shit on the curb

    John DoeJohn Doe12 days ago
  • Imagine 63rd/oblock vs 051

    last_whore_of_asunailast_whore_of_asunai13 days ago
  • Poor von he can't go out the us and the government must have been mad since durk and von aren't allowed to be near each other

    Sasori._Sasori._14 days ago
  • someone help me out: so who from 63rd so when i see em outside i cant fuck with them and by the way imma just be lurking from 64th and 65th

  • New Jersey newark artist. Check him out! One of the best young artist 🔥🔥🔥. Click the link . Song called Snakes , His IG, Cfn.g100. He fuck with wayne and rappers like that. Listening wise

    Corey MeloCorey Melo14 days ago
  • New Jersey newark artist. Check him out! One of the best young artist 🔥🔥🔥. Click the link . Song called Snakes , His IG, Cfn.g100. He fuck with wayne and rappers like that. Listening wise

    Corey MeloCorey Melo14 days ago
  • Let's start to Point them shit's in the right direction... Yooooo.

    Stratman Cooke IIIStratman Cooke III14 days ago
  • crezy part is them niggas aint lurkin 63rd 🤣

    Caelan PaigeCaelan Paige14 days ago
  • Ad: “we know grandma misses your hugs...” King Von: “got the drop on this flexin nigga”

    Jasmine MilanJasmine Milan14 days ago
  • 3:40 Didn’t FBG Duck get hit in his chest?

    Enzo FerrariEnzo Ferrari14 days ago
    • untamed gorilla oh

      Enzo FerrariEnzo Ferrari12 days ago
    • Yes and there is duck disses in this song but that part was Durk speaking in general he said "im 300 crips dont come like that, 3 drums to his chest" that means 300 bullets . Duck got hit twice in the chest area

      untamed gorillauntamed gorilla12 days ago
  • My fave song to rob to

    ChrisChris15 days ago
  • Von the type of dude to make the happy birthday song a diss to 63rd

    Simp WhistlesSimp Whistles15 days ago
  • How tf lil Durk fuckin with the opps!!! 8 stay losin to maple!!! 4s up

    HJKHJKHJKHJK15 days ago
  • They lost Duck I guess it’s 6-24🤷‍♂️

    pantyDROPPERS xopantyDROPPERS xo15 days ago
  • Me:whats the score Von:check the score if u lose one more thats 6-24

    no capno cap15 days ago
  • Wow you killed people, no one cares anyone can do that. People respect that? Silly stuff.

    RxverbRxverb15 days ago
    • REMfakeplastictrees guess your one of them, peace have a nice life.

      RxverbRxverb13 days ago
    • You’re so enlightened bro

      REMfakeplastictreesREMfakeplastictrees14 days ago
  • 2:48

    The Kid OxyThe Kid Oxy15 days ago
  • the hardest part about this song is that these two are NOT capping about being about that life

    Jackson BellJackson Bell16 days ago
    • lemme put y’all on to sum unreleased🔥🔥

      FBO CasonFBO CasonDay ago
    • yeah, tbh when you live in place like Chicago you sometimes HAVE to be bout that life

      PrinceJaxIsBlackPrinceJaxIsBlack4 days ago
    • Persoj Perfect Lmao, the irony in your post. How about you check your facts dumb fuck. You're referring to the Durk and Von incident in ATL. It's not a murder case goofy.

      Antonio RAntonio R6 days ago
    • @Christian durk got a murder case to beat with von he bout that life check your facts before posting

      Persoj PerfectPersoj Perfect8 days ago
    • Durk really ain’t, von is. Durk got chased down by Lil Jojo on foot lol. I love Durk but he ain’t as hard as you think.

      ChristianChristian8 days ago
  • Its a real nigga party you can not get in 😈 otf

    scoobycruz74scoobycruz7416 days ago
  • im from 63rd ya hurd

    Critical DuosCritical Duos17 days ago
  • Just 2 follow up on wot the nigga said underneath me (my niggas ain’t from 63)

    vassmann VASSELLvassmann VASSELL17 days ago