Most Jaw-Dropping NBA Moments of 2018/2019

Jun 23, 2019
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The most jaw-dropping NBA moments and plays of the 2018/19 NBA Season - Regular + Playoffs!
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  • This whole vid...”AYO!”

    Honestlyy DemonicHonestlyy Demonic9 hours ago
  • 2:49 putback dunk

    Aaron NissinenAaron Nissinen11 hours ago
  • Y’all don’t realize how much hand eye coordination this sport takes. Everybody thinks it’s easy cause it’s a small court, but your running the whole time you rarely ever stop. These guys work together so well. It’s not an easy sport

    BitterShowsBitterShowsDay ago
  • 3:23 : when you realise it's sunday

    fed_ matfed_ matDay ago
  • 1:47 when playin' "tips" becomes useful

    Ghost_Hat_BeatsGhost_Hat_BeatsDay ago
  • 0:53 - the player in Black probably lost his balance because Player in Yellow stood on his foot!! lols

    NvPNvP2 days ago
  • Ww

    serref1serref12 days ago
  • at 1:04 khawhi traveled

    jacob cowgerjacob cowger2 days ago
  • Ini bukannya video Tayangan ya? Kok gak Copyright?

    harley dbsharley dbs2 days ago
  • 3:45 durant hurry to stop cusins's fight lol

    윤우진윤우진2 days ago
  • Jeremy Lamb paid his tithes that week

    Ed TVEd TV3 days ago
  • 8:55 no wonder why Ayton wasn’t rookie of the year.

    Camden SchurkCamden Schurk3 days ago
  • 0:19 that's the falling star dunk: meteor jam!

    King JohnsKing Johns3 days ago
  • I love how the bench always celebrate

    15k subscriber without a any video Challenge15k subscriber without a any video Challenge4 days ago
  • 8:28 R.I.P to dem ankles

    IsaiahGoated 3xIsaiahGoated 3x4 days ago
  • To someone in the WNBA... do something like this and stop wining xD

    Ranjid008Ranjid0085 days ago
  • Curry and giannis might be teammates

    Phantom_DarkPhantom_Dark5 days ago
  • 7:30 if de andre did not push hezonia there, he wouldn't be able to block the shot.

    KanishiKanishi5 days ago
  • Remember when basketball was good?

    xzabath1xzabath15 days ago
  • you know i would like to see someone in the NBA do a dunk before the buzzer stops that would be literally be called "Buzzer Dunk"

    Ruscian James LadoresRuscian James Ladores5 days ago
  • 2:37 so no one gonna talk about that pass by Jokic 😳😳

    ChoxxFNChoxxFN6 days ago
  • 0:46 he stepped on his foot but the lakers still good anyways

    nytetyme freedomnytetyme freedom6 days ago
  • Basketball still the coolest sport on the planet. Agree with me!

    TantumVeritasLiberabitVosTantumVeritasLiberabitVos6 days ago
  • Wow 37 million views basketball is getting popular nowadays

    You Like *KRABBY PATTIES!!!*You Like *KRABBY PATTIES!!!*6 days ago
  • 6:49 Jeremy Lamb : PSYCH, you thought ... Toranto Team : What just happened ?????????

  • This was a good year for basketball ngl

    Lord Killer BeeLord Killer Bee7 days ago
  • 0:46-0:52 That was lit ngl

    Gabby AndrewsGabby Andrews7 days ago
  • Legendary moments

    sad boi hourssad boi hours7 days ago
  • “Is this the dagger?!”

    Emil ErmanEmil Erman8 days ago

    Happy LifeHappy Life8 days ago
  • I wonder what Seth was saying to the OKC bench

    The FallThe Fall8 days ago
  • THINK WHO BETTED ON the first.

    GabrieleGabriele9 days ago
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    It's MBBS LONDAIt's MBBS LONDA9 days ago
  • Fan01 ..... its here ( see it, down the page )

    GoogleLeviticus19-29GoogleLeviticus19-299 days ago
  • 8:58 that was the ankle break of AKASHI SEIJIRO from the anime kuroko no basketbal

    ant balantoant balanto9 days ago

    Jutayelz TVJutayelz TV9 days ago
  • 13:22 how you gon cheer for the clippers and have a lakers sweater smh

    abrahamabraham9 days ago
  • Notice Hardens crossovers all have something in common? All have a shoulder thrown into the defender. Pathetic

    Brandon HarringtonBrandon Harrington10 days ago
  • 4:20 hahahaha

    agent Ragent R10 days ago

    Mazuma The Instrumental ConsumerMazuma The Instrumental Consumer11 days ago
  • Yang pilih allah like.

    Owlqbdaban WvqnsvakqbdOwlqbdaban Wvqnsvakqbd11 days ago
  • 8:11 smooth

    ツɪxᴛᴇɴꜱɪᴏɴツɪxᴛᴇɴꜱɪᴏɴ11 days ago

    Darlin G.PDarlin G.P11 days ago
  • That second clip was in football terms a nutmeg

    STW X WintrrzSTW X Wintrrz12 days ago
  • 5:26 is that Aquaman on the blue team nr. 12

    TuckFrump 4R3alTuckFrump 4R3al12 days ago
  • This is pretty much the lebron/giannis highlight reel.

    BD 34BD 3412 days ago
  • 13:37 video time Me: Nice

    Flirken1Flirken112 days ago
  • 1:00 oh my goodness meme

    dandany123 :dandany123 :12 days ago
  • My dude fell into drug mart

    SubRBLXSubRBLX13 days ago
  • When she keeps sucking after u bust 1:28

    ThehectorlopezThehectorlopez13 days ago
  • Yeah, when Steph gets hot there's not really anything you can do.

    Nio JacobsNio Jacobs13 days ago
  • dame is a show off

    Brett NormanBrett Norman13 days ago
  • The dunk Jones did looks like Michael Jordan logo

    #Faze5 Thunderss#Faze5 Thunderss14 days ago
  • poxa, nem curto basquete, mais POHA QUE VÍDEO INCRÍVEL !!

    Senhor Saturno 77Senhor Saturno 7714 days ago
  • They should have just called it steph curry jaw dropping moments haha

    Joseph MillerJoseph Miller14 days ago
  • When Leonard shot the buzzer. People said embiid was crying but I think he was sweating.

  • Basketball is amazing

    Spring trapSpring trap15 days ago
  • The thing about basketball u can still have comeback even in 1second

    One For AllOne For All15 days ago
  • 2:11 I love this part

    TwinShoeTwinShoe15 days ago
  • 1:07 That’s what I say “CLUTCH”

    • ThatMadLad •• ThatMadLad •15 days ago
  • Why is it so hot here?

    TranquiL_PlaciDTranquiL_PlaciD16 days ago
  • Most Jaw-Dropping *WNBA* Moments: 1. Point scored looooooooooooooooooooooool

    MichaelDaUnicornMichaelDaUnicorn16 days ago
  • Crucial win 12:55

    TAMIL MICTAMIL MIC16 days ago
  • Stephen Curry 9:38

    TAMIL MICTAMIL MIC16 days ago
  • 8:14

    TAMIL MICTAMIL MIC16 days ago
  • 6:44

    TAMIL MICTAMIL MIC16 days ago
  • 5:20

    TAMIL MICTAMIL MIC16 days ago
  • 1:22

    TAMIL MICTAMIL MIC16 days ago
  • 1:46 Midorima

    Xheenia PendragonXheenia Pendragon16 days ago
  • Their biggest worry is not hitting the rim with their head

    kostis sideriskostis sideris17 days ago
  • I will say this for as long as I live the Warriors would've easily swept the Raptors if it wasn't for all the injuries

    Jack SmileyJack Smiley17 days ago
  • 0:47 it’s akashi emperor eye 😂

    Dragon BallDragon Ball17 days ago
  • I miss the old nba

    Ur mom A momUr mom A mom17 days ago
  • Damn this was just last year wtf

    Ur mom A momUr mom A mom17 days ago
  • pauls are too good

    tejas chaturveditejas chaturvedi17 days ago
  • 1:05 man took 6 steps lmao

    Elias S. JensenElias S. Jensen18 days ago
  • 12:26 Klay breaking all-time threes in a game, if u look at the time and quarter, he could have made more than 14 threes

    Hudson ChanHudson Chan18 days ago
  • is noone going to talk about how they showed steph goin crazy shootin threes and bein clutch, but right after they show him missin the go ahead bucket in the finals🤣

    James GranatJames Granat18 days ago
  • why did it feel like the bucks and the lakers were in most of those

    Sameer BhattSameer Bhatt19 days ago
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    sparetimeneedersparetimeneeder19 days ago
  • Omg

    Djalfksbabdks BsandbakdhDjalfksbabdks Bsandbakdh19 days ago
  • 7:34 Hezona staring down lebron 🤨🤨

    LukeLuke19 days ago
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    Billie LambertBillie Lambert19 days ago
  • im a soccer fan. i think basket ball is far better after i see this

    Beki LemmaBeki Lemma20 days ago
  • Me: Hi! I came here for the defense NBA:

    Frank SerpicoFrank Serpico20 days ago
  • the nba: our most jaw dropping moments: the jaw: : l

    Frank SerpicoFrank Serpico20 days ago
  • 3:22

    Mr. GamerMr. Gamer20 days ago
  • nobody gonna talk about the travel 1:03

    Mathias MeheretabMathias Meheretab20 days ago
    • yeah it was, he held the ball in his right hand for like two steps

      James GranatJames Granat18 days ago
  • 1:22 how come we dont hear TORONTO HAS WONNNNN!

    ツ丨匚乇 Ҝ爪Loveyouツ丨匚乇 Ҝ爪Loveyou20 days ago
  • 6:25 Bro the dude in the commentary is depressed wtf

    JustDenzelJJustDenzelJ20 days ago

    Denia BiñalonDenia Biñalon20 days ago
  • damn

    cornjoj Life Vlogscornjoj Life Vlogs21 day ago
  • Why Lance step on Jeff Green foot like that. He pulled a zaza 😂

    Ken WorldwideKen Worldwide22 days ago
  • Damn wheres the bulls at g

    Leonardo ArroyoLeonardo Arroyo22 days ago
  • Steph and giannis are dynamic duo

    Branson BeaverBranson Beaver23 days ago
  • 0:25 jordan logo

    LegendLegend23 days ago

  • 2099 : Knicks not in Playoffs .....jajajaaj Knicks sucks

    Angel LV2002Angel LV200224 days ago
  • Why lamelo ball will go number 1 -

    HooopzHooopz24 days ago
  • I think the most jaw dropping was Kobe death.

    famyyy aTTaxfamyyy aTTax24 days ago