Living on a Self-Sufficient Sailboat for 10 Years + FULL TOUR

Apr 18, 2020
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Brian and Karin Trautman have been living on a sailboat for 10 years, and their boat is set up so they can be off the grid in remote places for months at a time with solar and wind power providing electricity, a water maker that turns salt water into fresh water, multiple freezers and loads of storage space for food, and even a small washing machine on board!
They've sailed SV Delos - a 53' sloop rig ketch - 83,000 nautical miles which is the equivalent of circling the earth at the equator more than 3 times. Their latest adventures include sailing as a family with their 6-month baby, Sierra, and outfitting the boat with a heater so they can explore the Arctic this summer after several years in the Tropics.
If you want to follow SV Delos, and support their amazing vlog-style documentary project about the liveaboard lifestyle, we've included links to all their pages here:
Thanks so much for watching and please stay safe!
Mat & Danielle
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  • Thank you for watching! We are so excited to have collaborated with SV Delos on this video and you can follow their journey on all the platforms here:

    Exploring AlternativesExploring Alternatives2 months ago
    • Have you ever dropped your baby in the ocean by accident?

      Johnny RockwellJohnny RockwellDay ago
    • Hector Keezey . What a fantastic ship she is. The Delos has it all. She’s just perfect, actually. I’m a subsciber from now on. 🇺🇸I wish all the luck in the World. I pray you will all be safe, the three of you. Fair winds and smooth sailing. Heja Sverige🇸🇪. 😘. 🇺🇸👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🍼🇸🇪. 🌞🙋🏻‍♂️🇩🇰

      Hector KeezyHector Keezy9 days ago
    • @Cecilia H. The process is called reverse osmosis. The technology has been around for 20+ yes. Do a google search.

      SFO PaladinSFO Paladin14 days ago
    • How can I send my support?

      営満申禁営満申禁20 days ago
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      Evil Monkey66666Evil Monkey6666623 days ago
  • Im not sure this qualifies as an alternative...

    Pedro LealPedro Leal2 hours ago
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    Charchit JoshiCharchit Joshi7 hours ago
  • if you continue doing this, you're gonna rob your child of vital social skills. Why do you have to raise a baby in solitude? Every child deserves a healthy childhood with family and friends.

    dipyaman chakrabartidipyaman chakrabarti9 hours ago
  • what about the baby's vaccination?

    dipyaman chakrabartidipyaman chakrabarti9 hours ago
  • 1:46 OH SHE’s SO ADORABLE!!

    Barbara NessBarbara Ness10 hours ago
  • that is so cool i envy you i wish i had that freedom and to do it with some 1 you love that is just the icing on the cake

    SMOGGY 2019SMOGGY 201913 hours ago
  • how do you fund this life?

    WindyBunsWindyBuns13 hours ago
  • So not really the relaxed life that most people think. I have it easier maintaining my house ( in the country ).

    Dan B.Dan B.20 hours ago
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    Sasha BezmenovSasha BezmenovDay ago
  • awesome people!!!

    no_0nefromnowhereno_0nefromnowhereDay ago
  • I can't understand why the title says self sufficient...the people on the boat buys everything..well except for fish...and works on internet. very awesome though! thanks for sharing...

    Miguel BecerraMiguel BecerraDay ago
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  • Great life so intertement wow amazing lifestyle💝💝💝💯💯💯

    S N EntertainmentS N EntertainmentDay ago
  • cool to live in the moment , but what’s the plan for the future. boat won’t turn back into house after years of sailing...

    Kosta KKosta KDay ago
    • They have been sailing for years, maybe they never stop, who knows.

      Jelena TjJelena Tj5 hours ago
  • Karin and Brian, you mention multiple times that you enjoy being in remote or desolate places, what will you do when you have a medical emergency or you get caught in a storm your boat cannot handle, or you are attacked by a pirating vessel????

    mahoykabuskmahoykabuskDay ago
  • What a genuinely cool family. Awesome stuff! Thanks for the video, very interesting.

    PavPavDay ago
  • Bellissimo, bravissimi! !! Bellissima vita,,

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    Giddeon FoxGiddeon FoxDay ago
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    Charles ThrondsonCharles ThrondsonDay ago
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  • You are an inspiration to all who inhabit planet earth. Thanks for sharing

    Tommy BrownTommy BrownDay ago
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    chetan balachandarchetan balachandar2 days ago
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    Face Swap OnlineFace Swap Online2 days ago
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    Dodong armado vlogDodong armado vlog2 days ago
  • At 16:48 there is statue of God Hanuman (Hindu religion) . Plz take is some good place 🙏 and he will protect your family for sure.... nice video 😊

    Mayur MandhareMayur Mandhare2 days ago
  • Is this what we called true love?

    JKJK2 days ago
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  • I really enjoyed this video. Wish you all the best in your adventure/life.

    Graeme CuthbertsonGraeme Cuthbertson2 days ago
  • Thank you so much for sharing! I am really impressed with what you two have done. Please keep it up and enjoy your time together.

    Brian OppenheimerBrian Oppenheimer2 days ago
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    Marc ArchibaldMarc Archibald2 days ago
  • I work in a mall, I think it'll be a while before I have a boat like this pmsl, but like he says there's always "alternative" for me that's a pair of boots, a tent and a plane ticket.

    Marc ArchibaldMarc Archibald2 days ago
  • MAGNIFICENT. Im proud of u guys👍

    Jim SerranoJim Serrano2 days ago
  • I don’t think I could live on the seas for 10 years.

    Houston Backyard GardeningHouston Backyard Gardening2 days ago
  • How do you get cockroaches on a boat?....I’ve never heard/considered that

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    M SM S2 days ago
    • Ikr

      Ghost2008Ghost2008Day ago
  • Brother your so plugged into the grid, but it's the experience part and I get that, mad respect you guys are cool. I bet you have seen some world class surf breaks, Pura Vida...

    Sunshine DaydreamSunshine Daydream2 days ago
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    Leonard John KohLeonard John Koh3 days ago
  • Self sufficient?.....not even close!

    Rory MRory M3 days ago
  • have u ever been in rly bad weather condition at the open water? how about pirates do u skip those routes?

    MonchichiMonchichi3 days ago
  • I get seasick knowing your raft, survival ditch kits are not strapped to the deck for quick deployment, but thats me.

    MichaelDB HawkerMichaelDB Hawker3 days ago
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  • Is Brian actually Polynesian? Polynesians are legendary sailors/argonauts.

    Jay PeekJay Peek3 days ago
  • Enjoyed your video....kudos doing this with a baby. A recommendation if you plan to stay aboard for schooling use Calvert School curriculumAs a uni admin kids raised on boats or otherwise ho schooled using that curriculum fared BETTER than traditional.y schooled kids in univeristy... know the research and ha.f a day of study and your child will outperform their college classmates...for real!retired PhD psychology lrof and administrator

    Sybil FrancisSybil Francis3 days ago
  • My husband a builder went to nursing gschool for an ADN he already had rep bachelors degrees before we left cruising. I was an admin and psych prof at the college. He did it so he could take care of US and other cruisers and replenish the crusing kitty nurses are always in demand and he could have worked in the US Virgin Island, Pto Rico and US territory on a temp license he did do ER nursingIn port in Fla for a total of about a year out of,our ten years at sea..a few mos at a time contract nursing highly paid. So we never touched our retirement nestegg. WE were middle class people who had this life not wealthy but we planned and planned and read from our 30s when we met....we had a smaller boat first a 28ft weekender and learned alot fromt hat we both grew up sailing daysailers. I am so grateful for the womderfulife I have had ashore and at sea....there is nothing as great as cruising NOTHING! And if it is your dream you CAN do it...just plan save and be determined.

    Sybil FrancisSybil Francis3 days ago
  • We had two zoned ac units bou only needed them in marinas and used shore power. Deswlinator is inexpensive and essential.

    Sybil FrancisSybil Francis3 days ago
  • ODD WE NEVER HAD A TOILET FAILURE. WE had too heads though one with enclosed shower as they have, the other just a shower head flexible for guests. Most times on a smaller boat we used a sun shower which is a very water saving alternative. You wet yourself down even in an enclosed shower with fresh water.Soap off then rinse off to save water. WE made water at sea watermalers are great!.

    Sybil FrancisSybil Francis3 days ago
  • We carried a years worth of canned goods just in case. Ports we looked forward to for fresh produce. Yep lots of anchoring zero marine use. Way too expensive and we loved it...when we returned after ten yrs I hated marina living for the year we did it...just hated it whereas before we left I liked it cause it was getting us c.oser to,our dream such a different feeling later after being so independent for so long. My husband got tired of the boat maintenance so we sold the boat boat a small existing house in a tropical place we loved and spent 7 yrs upgrading and expanding the house with local labor my husband built me my dream home in paradise so giving up cruising was not the tragedy I thought it would be. I will forever though miss the feeling of being underway the movement of the boat I was meant to be a sea creature even though I love my current life too. WE plan when our time comes to,have our ashes scattered at sea where we most belong..

    Sybil FrancisSybil Francis3 days ago
    • Sybil Francis :)

      Richard G. TøpholmRichard G. TøpholmDay ago
  • Refrigeration is the first and most common thing to quit for cruisers. No washing machine for us what a luxury...hand washing saved sheets and towels for when we were someplace with coin laundries. FIsh finder was fabulous we trolled reef cuts for fishing on downrigger through the reefs. At sea there are almost never fish which was a surprise we still had the fishfi der on board to see anything below our hull a second depth finder.Fabulous to have. EPRB everyone cruising boat shou,d have one we are a Coast Guard family daughter just retired grandson still active.

    Sybil FrancisSybil Francis3 days ago
  • I miss the movement of the blat most, second the sky you SEE for the first time the heavens unpolluted by lights all astronomical events are womderful to see at sea. We had a fully enclosed cockpit too we cou,d zip the sides up and open for open air sailing too for all long distance crossing we had it closed felt very safe. WE had safety lines out to hank onto but thankfully never once had to leave the cockpit in heavy weather sailing.

    Sybil FrancisSybil Francis3 days ago
  • What an amazing life. Hope they are ok heading north right now ... lots of crazy storms in the Atlantic.

    Steve WarnerSteve Warner3 days ago
  • We saved and saved my spouse and I retired at 50 and 55 and lived aboard sailed for ten years too the Caribbean. A glorious way of can do it without being wealthy just determined to save. Buy a used boat very seaworthy upgrade some thi gs on your own if you are handy...we sailed tiny boats since childhood both of us, but there is nothing like ,long distance off shore cruising.... just you your lovd the sea and the heavens.

    Sybil FrancisSybil Francis3 days ago
  • Is it just me?... It looks like a hostage video.

    Julia ReinhardtJulia Reinhardt3 days ago
  • Just found your channel today. Wow! You are living my dream. Really excited to see more. Thank you and all the best to you.

    AndrewAndrew3 days ago
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  • Why would people give you money as if you guys are some kind of charity case?

    Captain turtle buttCaptain turtle butt3 days ago
  • I'm a retired US expat, living in the South Pacific. I want to spend from $5000 - $15000 on a boat. How do I get financing, if I plan to live aboard?

    Juan GarciaJuan Garcia3 days ago
  • You guys are awesome. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

    Jonathan SinselJonathan Sinsel3 days ago
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    Phineus FreekPhineus Freek3 days ago
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    My MobileMy Mobile4 days ago
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    SukaBedaSukaBeda4 days ago
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    EDENEDEN4 days ago
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    Abdullah Al SulaimanAbdullah Al Sulaiman4 days ago
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    Cy NTCy NT4 days ago
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