Sep 12, 2020
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  • GO TELL Prettyboyfredo ON HIS instagram TO LET ME BACK IN 😔💔

    Swift quisSwift quis6 days ago
    • We got i

      jemzonejemzone4 days ago
    • We got chu bro🤧🦋

      Breeze BunnyBreeze Bunny6 days ago
    • I’ll try my best brother🖤

      Lakeith WilkersonLakeith Wilkerson6 days ago
    • Bro u lost and got kicked that was da deal

      Ethan RobertsEthan Roberts6 days ago
    • Crazy fredo a ham

      Armarion king BrownArmarion king Brown6 days ago
  • i feel your pain bro $$$ money isnt better than a family

    Zakria GendyZakria Gendy16 minutes ago
  • Keep your head up and be 💪

    Dee DeeDee DeeHour ago
  • Why they do him like that

    Rosa CamposRosa Campos2 hours ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Keilan HawkinsKeilan Hawkins2 hours ago
  • Whip the grease between yo arms lmao

    Fabian CervantesFabian Cervantes3 hours ago
  • ik dis prolly staged but theres a 1% chance dis could be real and if ytuat 1 percent is real then fredo a bitch for dat

    richard301richard3013 hours ago
  • this video is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide3 hours ago
  • what he get kicked for ?

    VoiD _EdgarVoiD _Edgar3 hours ago
  • That’s his fault

    Not-JJNot-JJ3 hours ago
  • Everybody subscribe to quis because he really need our support and keep putting them adds so that I can watch them keep your head up bro and stay strong big bro 💪💪

    GotNext23GotNext233 hours ago
    • is this “STAGED” or “REAL” ? comment y’all opinions ‼️

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide3 hours ago
  • 👇This is how much we love u 👇

    LXRD-_-JJLXRD-_-JJ3 hours ago
  • Yo song first take says bitches you actin hella like one rn

  • You crying and actin Pathetic on youtube make your own thing and grow do something

  • Fake tears gts big boy

    Draco1400Draco14004 hours ago
  • They not bros fr.

    Jr The goatJr The goat4 hours ago
  • #SwiftClan forget SSH Quis u got this keep it up forget Fredo

    Angelo AndradeAngelo Andrade5 hours ago
  • This is why I unsubscribe from FREDO now

    Kayla TvKayla Tv5 hours ago
  • This so obviously fake😂

    mamba419mamba4195 hours ago
  • Forget them we forever got u no cap🖤🧡

    CTBCam .1CTBCam .15 hours ago
  • Is sorry to be to just believe in god pray every night give yourself hope

    hungman Juniorhungman Junior6 hours ago
  • You dont deserve to be back in ssh you lost took it as a joke stop begging you look like a joke you have 300k subs you can make way more money than ceo mikey your neglecting and your just being a big crybaby use this chance wisley jesus

    Ronia AimeRonia Aime6 hours ago
  • bro just go and eat a burger and do u u have a lot in yo life u still got us and we respect u

    NoLimitNazNoLimitNaz7 hours ago
  • This shit is so fake

    xxlthazinexxlthazine7 hours ago
  • is this “STAGED” or “REAL” ? comment y’all opinions ‼️

    Mámi& MeMámi& Me7 hours ago
  • the money changed fredo

    Caleb GravleyCaleb Gravley7 hours ago
  • No cap u was playin during the whole thing now u crying u need to take things serious

    The Life of Chris MorrisThe Life of Chris Morris7 hours ago
  • I don’t even want to be in it no more

    Kaden Johnson mobile gamingKaden Johnson mobile gaming8 hours ago
  • Damn ! But is you fake crying not one tear came down

    Jaylen WashingtonJaylen Washington8 hours ago
  • Here king you dropped this 👑 oh and this 🍔

    Perfecttjz JonesPerfecttjz Jones8 hours ago
  • Dis shit so fake 😂

    Ernesto CiscaErnesto Cisca8 hours ago
  • This is a Publicity Stunt All planned Watch fredo"I let quis back in to ssh"Lame❗️😗

    KJ. UNITEDKJ. UNITED8 hours ago
  • Stay great brother, like always men❤❤

    PereGarces 17PereGarces 178 hours ago
  • This shit so fake

    Wako954TvWako954Tv8 hours ago
  • That’s tuff

    Swifty FNSwifty FN8 hours ago
  • I hope u the best swift quits I will tell him

    Damion MartinezDamion Martinez8 hours ago
  • I see right through y’all prettyboycrackheads, y’all literally doing all dis for publicity like look how you’re “crying”🤦🏽‍♂️ y’all is not 💯 cut it out

    Strip4lukeStrip4luke8 hours ago
  • God will always be their for you,he will provide a whole lot better then anyone can

    Lover_boy2015Lover_boy20158 hours ago
  • yo just talk to mr beast

    Danzy BHDanzy BH9 hours ago
  • Fredooooo wtf why would you do that to Dude free why you do this little challenge anyway that’s crazy you kicked one of your best funnies members out

    o AYO o TuRn Upo AYO o TuRn Up9 hours ago
  • Be strong don’t care about them don’t care about them don’t care about the haters don’t care about the fans you care about the fans just think think think he would do anything just send a video after three though and then things just be better sing better that’s all you have 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾to do and be positive and strong

    Jacarre WJacarre W9 hours ago
  • Shit he got views @least

    Javares ChambersJavares Chambers9 hours ago
  • This how many people knew this video was bull shit

    ocsc ocscocsc ocsc9 hours ago
    • Stop hating bra

      NuFuNuFu9 hours ago
    • Your A hater LoL

      NuFuNuFu9 hours ago
  • It’s cool bro fredo gave mikey and ultimatum but didn’t give you a second chance bro that shows he’s fake

    ABoogieABoogie10 hours ago
  • Thais made me cry

    Rodney WRodney W10 hours ago
  • Fell bad for 🗣😢😤😭

    Rodney WRodney W10 hours ago
  • Bro so sorry

    CJCJ10 hours ago
  • Y’all clout chasing for content 😭

    iamgilbertopazlopeziamgilbertopazlopez11 hours ago
  • Btc you lost 💀💀💀

    detroitmade hoodiedetroitmade hoodie11 hours ago
  • No ads in the video??🤦🏾‍♂️

    TheYoShowTheYoShow11 hours ago

    The_ Official_SnxgsbordsThe_ Official_Snxgsbords12 hours ago

    The_ Official_SnxgsbordsThe_ Official_Snxgsbords12 hours ago
  • cmon bruh get em back

    Bill DinhBill Dinh12 hours ago
  • This man really crying 😭😭

    C H60dC H60d12 hours ago
  • It is what it it man i no it hard but you have to work man😭😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Angélique PreiraAngélique Preira12 hours ago
  • brooo nooo you made all the bangers bro wtf is wrong with fredo that dude is so messed up for that hes tearing you guys apart NOOOOOOOOOO

    TheKiddPradaTheKiddPrada12 hours ago
  • You deserved it weren't trying hard enough

    Joel IsawesomeJoel Isawesome12 hours ago
  • Its ok stay big successful show them that your better then she SSh you tried and you brother could have choose you then the money so have a good mentality any pls be good your the best

    Life with Suray-SafariLife with Suray-Safari12 hours ago
  • rip

    Exotic- champExotic- champ12 hours ago
  • lmao where’s the tears at?

    TroubleTrouble13 hours ago
  • Where the tears at bro

    Annie Marie MilfordAnnie Marie Milford13 hours ago
  • Are u the one who stole the money

    IAM JamesIAM James14 hours ago
  • all love all love

    Ahmed AbdulahiAhmed Abdulahi14 hours ago
  • All staged fake content wake up people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KR iTzzKamKR iTzzKam14 hours ago
  • Dis not fair

    Wet_ FishyWet_ Fishy14 hours ago
  • My mans didn’t deserve this bro🤬😡

    Wet_ FishyWet_ Fishy14 hours ago
  • lmao delete this

    koleykoley14 hours ago
  • how can they do that to you you are like a brother to them to SSH

    Daniel SanchezDaniel Sanchez15 hours ago
  • Keep your head up💪

    crippledcrippled15 hours ago
  • never leave your brother behind

    Daniel SanchezDaniel Sanchez15 hours ago
  • King keep yo head up we got u

    DevinhisbagDevinhisbag15 hours ago
  • put him back on SSH

    Daniel SanchezDaniel Sanchez15 hours ago
  • wtf that not fair

    Daniel SanchezDaniel Sanchez15 hours ago
  • we got you

    EtheGamer28 SatEtheGamer28 Sat15 hours ago
  • fake...

    ChrisBucksChrisBucks16 hours ago
  • If you don’t kno what dick riding is , this is it at its finest , what man cries about being kicked out a group 🤦🏿‍♂️ . Brain washed at its finest

    Sakchaser JefeSakchaser Jefe16 hours ago
  • Bruh you lost man stop crying you know What Fredo said If you lose you get kick out of ssh

    DetailsDetails16 hours ago
  • Stop the cap

    ChuySoChewyChuySoChewy16 hours ago
  • Bro no your just bad you lost so bad so sad

    Corbin RexrothCorbin Rexroth16 hours ago
  • If u deadass crying cus u got kicked out of a group u not doin it right smh u needa stop beggin like a little kid nd just start making ya own bread, you already funny asl just do something else.

    T-BxndzT-Bxndz16 hours ago
  • just keep moving forward it’s gonna get better

    T Y T YT Y T Y17 hours ago
  • it is so staged. This just for more views. I thought prettyboyfredo was over with fake stuff but he doing more. Great job

    S.J 2k21S.J 2k2118 hours ago
  • 😂😂😂

    RaysportzRaysportz18 hours ago

    SupremeNinjaYTSupremeNinjaYT18 hours ago
  • This shi so fake 🤣🤣

    CobyyTheEntertainerCobyyTheEntertainer19 hours ago
  • Please make a video some day talk with Malik you don’t have to do it please your probably still sad but I feel you

    Jace ReyesJace Reyes19 hours ago
  • Man I hate CEO mikey

    Isaiah GarciaIsaiah Garcia20 hours ago
  • this seems fake af and why tf you mad bout social media/youtube shit anyway lmao

    nikoniko20 hours ago
  • Don’t worry bro we’ll go to his Instagram

    Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson21 hour ago
  • Lmfao mans really fumbled the bag💀

    Jay 100kJay 100k21 hour ago
  • Bruh all that crying and I ain’t see one tear smh 😢😂

    KiraKira22 hours ago
  • yall in his comments bashin him cause he cryin? he lost a big impact on his life , he’s gotten attached to them , basically his second family

    duee3xduee3x22 hours ago
  • Bro...... this shit is staged. Give them a month and then shit will be back at it.

    Romany FaganRomany Fagan23 hours ago
  • Can’t wait until they just buy him back into ssh

    Isaak MaciasIsaak Macias23 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who know this shit fake asf🧐❓

    Physical JayPhysical Jay23 hours ago
  • 2:26 only Quis yo🤣🤣

    BooGieManBooGieMan23 hours ago
  • He just wanna make a “ letting quis bak in prank”

  • Pretty boyfreydo was wrong for that

    Zay IvyZay IvyDay ago
  • It's ok big dog✊✊🔥🔥🔥

    Kiara BeckettKiara BeckettDay ago
  • Don't worry about the people in your comments ok

    Liltwon hallLiltwon hallDay ago