Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?

Oct 13, 2019
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We searched for the absolute BEST celebrity fried chicken recipe!
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  • Me:hmmmmmmmm,Rie

    Random frostborn GamerRandom frostborn Gamer16 minutes ago
  • The most interesting use of instant ramen I’ve ever seen that’s for sure

    Adrian DelgadoAdrian Delgado2 hours ago
  • This shows that not everyone can make gordons chicken

    Gulu GuluGulu Gulu5 hours ago
  • U guys r soooooo Annoying, U guys love to blame the cook, If Gordon Ramsay is defeated, then just stfu, u guys said "he didn't cook it like How Gordon Ramsay did" YEAH OFC DUDE, HE CAN'T COOK THE OTHER ACCURATELY, DON'T BE SO ANNOYING!

    Puas Kalian HAH?Puas Kalian HAH?5 hours ago
  • That's so unfair! Because u did Gordon's recipe, doesn't mean that it is Gordon's chicken. You did it wrooooooong!!!!!!!

    Green rosesGreen roses7 hours ago
  • .

    no nameno name8 hours ago
  • They need to do which celebrity has the best cheesecake recipe

    Claudia ConwayClaudia Conway9 hours ago
  • Why am I not surprised that the most experienced chefs recipe is the least liked...? It's almost as if it was scripted

  • Snoop Dogg: Imma put some weed for some lil tast! Gordon Ramsey: What???

    AgamTegAgamTeg10 hours ago

    Shotzz FireShotzz Fire11 hours ago
  • did i hear baby powder as one of snoop doggs ingredients?

    kelly guankelly guan12 hours ago
  • 32. MARKET. LA

  • Gordon: Where’s the lamb, SSAAUUCCEE?!?

    Marcos SalazarMarcos Salazar20 hours ago
  • KFC👁👄👁

    Firsto HDFirsto HD20 hours ago
  • Snoop Doggs Chicken includes weeds

    Luke CatalunaLuke Cataluna22 hours ago
  • In Qaurantine watching people eat chickin.

  • Isn’t victor the former kfc employee in that buzzfeed chicken sandwich video?! Lol they don’t even get the employees of the restaurant they just call the buzzfeed staff former “employees”. 😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕

    The Meme ChannelThe Meme ChannelDay ago
  • Of course the Asian liked the ramen flavored fried chicken😂😂😂

    Patrick FarrellPatrick FarrellDay ago
  • Me: Gordon obviously will win Also me: looks at the comments* Also me: nvm

    Grav DYIGrav DYIDay ago
  • The guy sounds gay as hell

    Eileen SandovalEileen SandovalDay ago
  • I like how an actual famous chef, got the worst review

    UmmmPerfectUmmmPerfectDay ago
  • imagine losing a food challenge to snoop dogg

    Phaze ShrekPhaze ShrekDay ago
  • Okay insta like because Inga is here hahaha ❤️

    rbce cerbce ceDay ago
  • Snoop dog watching when they eat his chicken "jUsT EaT!"

    sweaty shayelsweaty shayelDay ago
  • 3:47 Why did you pour barely any hot sauce?

    Frosty DudeFrosty DudeDay ago
  • Wait so some of these take days to make hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    DavidDavidDay ago
  • Imagine snoop Dogg's chicken actually has dog

    xxcloudxxcloudDay ago
  • To be honest, the fourth one looked the most appetizing to me, and no hate- but Gordon’s was cooked wrong.

    the_Lovely _Artistthe_Lovely _ArtistDay ago
  • Reads title: Fried Chicken Sees intro: Ramen snapping Mmmmm

    Paul ShortPaul Short2 days ago
  • Kfc and McDonald belike: Please stop please I dont want my business go away

    Nibbas NormanNibbas Norman2 days ago
  • Gordon ramsay's fans give a like 👇👍👍👍

    Narsinga rao MettuNarsinga rao Mettu2 days ago
  • This channel was literally made to roast Gordon Ramsay

    Aarnav KembahviAarnav Kembahvi2 days ago
  • Damn Gordon got roasted

    CuhqsCuhqs2 days ago
  • Everything is opposite with Gordon Ramsay "Dry" "No taste" Seriously?

    Christopher BeathChristopher Beath2 days ago
  • My mom

    P1Thatdeal GSP1Thatdeal GS2 days ago
  • I prefer KFC. Original Recipe, Extra Crispy & Crispy Tenders.

    Dylan GeltzeilerDylan Geltzeiler2 days ago
  • Me: it's dry Gordon Ramsey: This is good Me: this is good

    Lean Robert TrinidadLean Robert Trinidad2 days ago
  • Danny form vat19 would be proud if snoopdog lol Hope you know what I mean

    Aidan’s baseball HighlightsAidan’s baseball Highlights2 days ago
  • i was dribbling all the way through this video

    egehan12egehan122 days ago
  • 2:30 how to make asian chicken 🤣🤣🤣

    Mr. XavMr. Xav2 days ago
  • Hi am Jordan... jdnzkznkskso

    Sam GamingSam Gaming2 days ago
  • smoke weed everyday

    BABYunicorn 44BABYunicorn 442 days ago
  • Can you explain why you screwed up Gordon's recipe? It's not that hard...

    Gregory SerranoGregory Serrano2 days ago
  • Snoop dogg

    Gloria HamiltonGloria Hamilton2 days ago
  • miggas know the chiken

    Alex GaberovAlex Gaberov2 days ago
  • If you ever feel useless just think about that fork.

    R.I.Pb0n FNR.I.Pb0n FN2 days ago
  • This trio should be the only ones to judge foods. Amazing

    BrickTheKiddBrickTheKidd2 days ago
  • snoop dog used orange peel instead of weed Noice

    RustclawRustclaw3 days ago
  • lol

    Time's XTime's X3 days ago
  • When i heard david cheng that duded that friend an entire chiken wtf your gonna fry an entire chicken

    Clickbaitisreal 2Clickbaitisreal 23 days ago
  • You now you messed up when Gordon Ramsey is the worst

    Derek ClarkDerek Clark3 days ago
  • Dude you cooked gordon ramsay wrong!

    Cyne OfficialCyne Official3 days ago
  • I wanted to react to who made the recipe for each chicken

    LemonatorLemonator3 days ago
  • Because Gordon Ramsay wasn’t ever a professional chef yeahhhh

    BxkzySZNBxkzySZN3 days ago
  • He forgot to put the lamb sauce for Gordan Ramsey's Chicken

    Russell BrianRussell Brian3 days ago
  • The only reason why ramsey did not win is because he did not do the recipe right

    Trevor BuiterTrevor Buiter3 days ago
  • I thought snoop dog was vegan

    livia __livia __3 days ago
  • Let Gordon Ramsay do the cookin

    Jaden IsaacJaden Isaac3 days ago
  • not even a lil bit surprised snoops chicken if fire

    dongyongkimdongyongkim3 days ago
  • Gordan the goat

    Fortnite Wrld160Fortnite Wrld1603 days ago
  • Damn bro no respect on Gordan

    Fortnite Wrld160Fortnite Wrld1603 days ago
  • Gordon Ramsay after finding out Snoop dogg had better reviews for his dish than his: Impossible

    brightTw1l1tebrightTw1l1te3 days ago
  • You forgot one thing with the fried chicken from gordon ramsay the LAMB SAUCE

    Junxi FuJunxi Fu3 days ago
  • Tbh Gordon has access to so many ingredients and he’s all about making his food look garnished and fancy not tasting good...it’s all about the presentation for him but when you are limited to the ingredients you have and call still make food taste good, now that’s skillful cooking. It’s not about having a fancy pallet lol just the food looks nicer and appetizing, but that doesn’t mean it taste good and that goes for most fancy chefs.

    reb824reb8243 days ago
  • Who is steve dogg

    Epitome of Infamy GAMEEpitome of Infamy GAME3 days ago
  • Sosig:^

    Giovanni FranzenGiovanni Franzen4 days ago
  • I tried it out and Gordon Ramsays killed every thing

    Polymix06Polymix064 days ago
  • I'd love to try snoop dog's chicken recipe , looks tasty 😂❤

    malak samymalak samy4 days ago
  • Watched this in 2020

    Solakier The slothSolakier The sloth4 days ago
  • Who came in 2020?

    Solakier The slothSolakier The sloth4 days ago
  • Is it just me or did I see this guy in buzz-feed

    Salma YusufSalma Yusuf4 days ago
  • At first I read best friend chicken 😂

    Sarrah PakawalaSarrah Pakawala4 days ago
  • Does anyone knows how to pronounce Jesse's surname?

    Honey BadgerHoney Badger4 days ago
  • Who thought the Celebrities are gonna cook ??

    My Amusing WorldMy Amusing World4 days ago
  • Bear Grylls can cook better than any other person 😂😂

  • Și futeti Capu pidarasilor cu clickbaitu vostru

    ΜΔDΜΔD4 days ago
  • Kind of funny how Gordon Ramsey the guy who always complains about flavour, has flavourless chicken.

    Raging RoadhogRaging Roadhog4 days ago
  • Snoop dog be like: *DAREDAREDAA*

    Arvin MaulanaArvin Maulana4 days ago
  • No weed in snoop Dogg's recipe 😕

    Sagor HasanSagor Hasan4 days ago
  • Why u gotta do my mans gordon like that

    Jeff- Brawl StarsJeff- Brawl Stars4 days ago