Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?

Oct 13, 2019
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We searched for the absolute BEST celebrity fried chicken recipe!
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  • So who else hungry for chicken

    elvin bautistaelvin bautista20 minutes ago
  • Put Gordon in the thumbnail for clicks then proceed to f'ed, and half assed his recipe... Smh

    Sad DanySad Dany22 minutes ago
  • Gordon's definitely calling this guy a donut for messing up his fried chicken p badly

    AntaresAntares5 hours ago
  • You forgot Snoop Dogg's special herbs

    Allyson JadenAllyson Jaden11 hours ago
  • they voted snoop to show that they were not racist

    VerazillionVerazillion11 hours ago
  • I think they didn’t like gordons because he didn’t make it

    Darth PaulDarth Paul12 hours ago
  • I'd love to see Snoop Dogg and Gordon Ramsay face off in the kitchen and watch Snopp Dogg destroy Ramsay

    ComputerGeneratedComputerGenerated13 hours ago
  • If they’d actually watched Gordon’s video they’d know there was a lot more too it

    The QueenThe Queen14 hours ago
  • If snoop saw this would be like “yeah baby thas how it be”

    Vii7Vii714 hours ago
  • *its bean a year why did I get this on my recommendation*

    Alistair Achilla ArceAlistair Achilla Arce16 hours ago
  • Tasty: Again (Gordon Ramsay) another USkeys *Honey*, you sure that wasn’t his USkeys video? (Or at least someone who copied his recipe)

    Angie VlogsAngie Vlogs18 hours ago
  • the guy literally destroyed Gordon's recipe, rip

    AVTheoryAVTheory20 hours ago
  • *Lil Snoop Chick*

    NiteFNNiteFN21 hour ago
  • Black girl so cute

    Robert BradleyRobert Bradley21 hour ago
  • Gordon ramsay still the best

    Alexandre DescheneauxAlexandre Descheneaux23 hours ago
  • Gordon: did you just called my chicken dry??? Them: *yes chef, sorry chef*

    Michael ScottMichael ScottDay ago
  • If Gordon Ramsey is part of a challenge you know you can’t beat him😂 except in this challenge

    Chelsea MidgleyChelsea MidgleyDay ago
  • its funny that the person with some of the most cooling experience doesnt do well at all.

    skyclouseskyclouseDay ago

    Maverick WhiteMaverick WhiteDay ago
  • you dint even put salt pepper on the chicken

    HeyItzMeJoshHeyItzMeJoshDay ago
  • Damn clickbait

    pim lucassenpim lucassenDay ago
  • The waggish mandolin joly kill because biplane supply flow within a lopsided dirt. panicky, responsible find

    LoL GamerLoL GamerDay ago
  • Snoop Dogg is a very good cook and it does not surprise me at all.

    Helen BoulaHelen BoulaDay ago
  • Hmm let me think, well, judging by my intellect...ramsey

    GavinPlayzGavinPlayz2 days ago
  • I watched this *because it was* snoop dog

    party b!tchparty b!tch2 days ago
  • Jadi ngiler

    Si figuran PolskiSi figuran Polski2 days ago

    Some oneSome one2 days ago
  • You mest up gorden ramsys chicken

    A BroA Bro2 days ago
  • How about they make it by themself???

    Bass Nation OfficalBass Nation Offical2 days ago
  • Snoop Dog won over Gordan Ramsay..... omg

    Jayanth SunilJayanth Sunil2 days ago
  • Now I wanna see Gordon reacting to this in TikTok.

    Just a South IndianJust a South Indian2 days ago
  • This doesn't matter coz there is bird flu 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

    Anvesh ProAnvesh Pro2 days ago
  • D...O... Double GG, y'all

    Fazlee MontyFazlee Monty2 days ago
  • Wait.. i want the recipe

    Muhd NajmiMuhd Najmi3 days ago
  • I love how the guy just eat it right away and the girls just observe the chicken lul

    Joaquin Iñigo CruzJoaquin Iñigo Cruz3 days ago
  • I wish that Gordon Ramsey himself yells at you

    Kid Laroi FanKid Laroi Fan3 days ago
  • Can't believe snoop didn't put some of his special oregano in it

    CanadaCanada3 days ago

    DanielleDanielle3 days ago
  • unpopular opinion: alvin is better than gordon because unlike gordon he doesnt call little kids potatoes

    Maria UbaldoMaria Ubaldo3 days ago
  • Who would have thought snoop has a better chicken than gordon hahaha

    noah zephanianoah zephania3 days ago
  • I doubt that Snoop Dogg and other celebrities cook their own food except for Gordon Ramsay who’s a chef (and except other chefs obviously)...

    TheFedHDTheFedHD3 days ago
  • Hi everyone I am Jesse svsvvdfdvvsddahgfdugdfysgfgsy

    Pulse GhostPulse Ghost3 days ago
  • i bet snoop dogg garnishes his chicken with the finest weed

    The Importance Of FunThe Importance Of Fun3 days ago
  • The creepy thing about this I ate fried chicken yesterday and they recommend this I never even search up anything chicken related

    Sonny DiazSonny Diaz3 days ago
  • I love how none of the judges are annoying in this one

    Amantha EncinasAmantha Encinas3 days ago
  • If snoopdog open fried chicken restaurant ... I will go there's for eat his fried chicken 🍗👍

    golden rulesgolden rules4 days ago
  • Nah man, it's Colonel Harland David Sanders.

    207 Nichakun Kit-a-nant 207207 Nichakun Kit-a-nant 2074 days ago
  • im ur 20m subscriber !! LETS GOOO

    Royce AndrasRoyce Andras4 days ago
  • I really liked the judges in this one. They gave very descriptive comments regarding taste and feel of the chicken as well as good constructive criticism.

    Cindy BoBindyCindy BoBindy4 days ago
  • i think you did ramsay dirty. If there were herbs in the video, it's obviously that that gives it the flavour. By not adding those you literally fried straight chicken with no seasoning lol

    paintball3747paintball37474 days ago
  • Is it racist that I knew that David Chang was gone be the one to use ramen noodles

  • You guys hate Gordon ramsay

    Khayr UddinKhayr Uddin4 days ago
  • Imagine Gordon Ramsay getting insulted himself..... Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore!

    Online ZoologistOnline Zoologist4 days ago
  • he forgot snoop doggs special cilantro

    Avi SaxenaAvi Saxena4 days ago
  • *FINALLY* a video with good judges

    Noya •-•Noya •-•4 days ago
  • I'm surprised Gordon Ramsay didn't win

    Hazim AzamHazim Azam4 days ago
  • U forgot to add some weed for snoop doggs recipe

    XxMahirGamingxX 786XxMahirGamingxX 7864 days ago
  • These ppl click baited me...the snoop dogg recipe is WRONG...u forgot his special powder

    S.Athavan KarthickS.Athavan Karthick4 days ago
  • Gordon Ramsey son is just like him Legend says starts young apparently he been refusing everything but Mac Donald’s What’s your person thoughts?

    7 Finest7 Finest4 days ago
  • u can tell gordon ramsay it the chef

    H A R S H I T AH A R S H I T A4 days ago
  • My mans fucked up Gordon’s chicken

    Babi CutieBabi Cutie4 days ago
  • Gordon ramsay lose his job

    kranejersy gamingkranejersy gaming5 days ago
  • The guy taste tester I know him from another USkeysr he loves burgers

    Med KetMed Ket5 days ago
  • Use uncle Roger fried rice chicken

    kranejersy gamingkranejersy gaming5 days ago
  • Fat ass

    Chris GarciaChris Garcia5 days ago
  • I think you would like to compare someone’s buffalo wings from cooking with lynja :D

    Oof to youOof to you5 days ago
  • FOR SNOOP DOGS I HEARD “Baby Powder” INSTEAD OF “Baking Powder”

    DonnysName Is gudDonnysName Is gud5 days ago
  • Where's the magic herbs in snoop Dogg's

    the senatethe senate5 days ago
  • GUYS!!! he did say Gordon's friend chicken was based on a yt video it may not be the exact recipient but it's close

    Daria FranDaria Fran5 days ago
  • I don't need sleep I need answers

    cRaBcRaB5 days ago
  • I'm only here cause I'm hungry✋😭

    Chand MiahChand Miah5 days ago
  • his is best cuz hes black

    Yousef Kenj HalabiYousef Kenj Halabi5 days ago

      DonnysName Is gudDonnysName Is gud5 days ago
  • I'm hungry

    German HoyosGerman Hoyos5 days ago
  • It doesn't have a lot of flavor Gordon Ramsey : I'm going to kill you

    Taha SalmanTaha Salman5 days ago
  • "I WENT HEAVY" s u r e my guy...

    ScorpionorkScorpionork5 days ago
  • Snoop Dogg's has a little secret ingredient and I think you all know what it is

    Hasa RafaelHasa Rafael5 days ago
  • Did he say baby powder ??

    Zira HillZira Hill5 days ago
    • This is what i said “FOR SNOOP DOGS I HEARD “Baby Powder” INSTEAD OF “Baking Powder”

      DonnysName Is gudDonnysName Is gud5 days ago
    • I said that too

      DonnysName Is gudDonnysName Is gud5 days ago
    • Look at newest comments

      DonnysName Is gudDonnysName Is gud5 days ago

      DonnysName Is gudDonnysName Is gud5 days ago
  • who else kinda disappointed that they didnt add weed in snoop doggs chicken

    tacos gamingtacos gaming5 days ago
  • We all know that kernnal Sanders makes the best fried chicken

    liamprogamer23 !liamprogamer23 !6 days ago
  • Bruh i thouggt the celebs will be in tge vid loo

    Hungry BananaHungry Banana6 days ago
  • Do guys see that colour change 7:14 7:15

    VyberZVyberZ6 days ago
  • Looking great, I guess we can use healthier choice I mean Vegan alternatives?

    William SmithWilliam Smith6 days ago
  • gordon be like.........*screams*

    FriedChicken546FriedChicken5466 days ago
  • Your wrong it’s obviously cooking with Linja

    Garry hedges 30 years ago-Garry hedges 30 years ago-6 days ago
  • The guy with the red hair that’s cooking the food sounds gay

    Monster GamingMonster Gaming6 days ago
  • Hi

    Spidey PlayzSpidey Playz6 days ago
  • She knew It was ramen right away😂 As expected of an fellow asian

    Asian SenpaiAsian Senpai6 days ago
  • 3:20 david chang eating his own chicken.....lol (p.s. its not him)

    M-0787-10 MANAN N BANSALM-0787-10 MANAN N BANSAL6 days ago
  • The Asian girl cute asf tho

    Eric FernandezEric Fernandez6 days ago
  • imagine gordan losing to a rapper

    1b@sicperson1b@sicperson7 days ago
  • Plot twist This guy has something against Gordon Ramsay and sabotage his to make it lose

    HuskyGirl PlayzHuskyGirl Playz7 days ago
  • The Intro is like from unnus annus intro

    Max JPMax JP7 days ago
  • wtf i want snoop dogs

    Gethin MarshGethin Marsh7 days ago
  • Thasswassupyo

    Goofy Anime Lover UwUGoofy Anime Lover UwU7 days ago
  • You totally messed up Gordon Ramsay's receipt.

    Eddie MakEddie Mak7 days ago
  • Why do they do Gordon dirty every time lol

    Pablo Lens-GallardoPablo Lens-Gallardo7 days ago
  • “He included some herbs but didn’t call for them so I’m not gonna use them” Then goes on to half ass Gordon’s recipe and burns the chicken

    sczythessczythes7 days ago
  • What is that blue pot called?

    Zer0theher0Zer0theher07 days ago
  • Friends: Its just not great, doesnt have a lot of flavor, just very bland. Gordon: YOU DONUT!

    Caleb SimmonsCaleb Simmons7 days ago
  • Di detik 04:00 gua kira rangginang

    key dhanulkey dhanul7 days ago