Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - 13 Things You NEED To Know Before You Buy

Oct 12, 2020
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A few months ago, we wouldn't have thought that we'd be seeing the release of another new Spider-Man game alongside the launch of the PS5, a little over a two years after the first game came out- but it's happening.
Roughly a month from now (depending on where you are in the world), Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be swinging its way onto PS4 and PS5, and there's a lot to speak about here. With the game's launch looming large, in this feature, we'll be going over a few key details you should know about it.
So without further ado, let's get started.

  • Is it offline?

    Doug WilliamsDoug Williams5 days ago
  • Why bro please answer me, do you need spider man ps4 to get spider man miles morales?

    mohamad elzekimohamad elzeki5 days ago
  • How many GB is this. Pleeeeeeeeaze

    big smokebig smoke6 days ago
  • He: calls tinkerer a male Me: well...just

    Ibrahim_playzIbrahim_playz7 days ago
    • 47 something gb

      Ibrahim_playzIbrahim_playz6 days ago
    • how many GB is this plzzzz

      big smokebig smoke6 days ago
  • do i need to play spider man before miles morales

    Shyagota SharmaShyagota Sharma7 days ago
  • who else bought this BEFORE watching this

    lemon manlemon man13 days ago
    • And how many GB s it on ps4.

      big smokebig smoke6 days ago
    • Not me. But is it worth the 50 dollars ??

      big smokebig smoke6 days ago
  • I got spiderman imma try get this

    MSTG _YTMSTG _YT14 days ago
  • 6 things you need to know: 1. You 2. Are 3. Going 4. To 5. Fucking 6. Cry

    YattaAlmightyYattaAlmighty14 days ago
  • I need to know something crucial before I buy the ps4 ultimate edition... If I do NOT own the first game and use that voucher code for the remastered version, will I be able to play the first game on the ps4? Or do I have to wait til I get a ps5 to access the remaster?

    Boots BusangBoots Busang14 days ago
  • Does it need ps plus plz tell me I’m about to buy tommorow does someone tell me

    Yt_khaledYt_khaled14 days ago
    • No this game can be played offline

      The Dumb ProducerThe Dumb Producer14 days ago

    Oakley DokilyOakley Dokily15 days ago
  • This game looks amazing!!!

    German VelezGerman Velez18 days ago
  • 5:15 what is happening

    DctrSnaplDctrSnapl18 days ago
  • To be honest I was a little disappointed because I thought in this game here would be green goblin and venom well that's what I've been watching

    Daytongamer0356Daytongamer035618 days ago
    • @The Millennial let's hurt at least hope that they will add alot of dlcs until the game comes out or add new side missions

      Daytongamer0356Daytongamer035614 days ago
    • @The Millennial yeah that's the only thing that will suck

      Daytongamer0356Daytongamer035614 days ago
    • @Daytongamer0356 after playing it I'm sure we are

      The MillennialThe Millennial14 days ago
    • @The Millennial yeah but I heard that we might have to wait till next christmas for the sequel

      Daytongamer0356Daytongamer035614 days ago
    • It’s because this is an origin story and it doesn’t follow the comics and that’s what’s disppointing but its still a good game. They may end up having a venom in another spider-man game

      The MillennialThe Millennial18 days ago
  • I usually buy the games before I watch these but these are usually pretty helpful.

    Jinuous LopezJinuous Lopez19 days ago
  • I like how I bought Spider-Man miles morales then I just found this video

    Amazing AryanAmazing Aryan21 day ago
  • 1:25 mans miles got *BACKHANDED*

    Joesph JoestarJoesph Joestar22 days ago
  • Everyone knows the tinkerer in this game is female right

    Madranger5956Madranger595623 days ago
    • Yeah

      Simon CarbonaraSimon Carbonara8 days ago
  • Question: do you have to buy it separately if you already have the other Spider-Man game

    BIGDICKNIK ChimichangaBIGDICKNIK Chimichanga23 days ago
  • I preordered the ultimate edition

    De NavrozidisDe Navrozidis25 days ago
  • 3:18 oh and speaking of scope S c o p e

    Joseph ConnerJoseph Conner26 days ago
  • It’s a crime that they replaced Peter’s actor

    Jordan WilliamsJordan Williams26 days ago
  • I wish the was more games like spidey ps4 like imagine a daredevil or dr strange game

    mr nobodymr nobody26 days ago
  • Video game quotes spider-man marvel ps4

    Guardian PrimeGuardian Prime26 days ago
  • Because I already have the ps4

    Dodz ElkDodz Elk26 days ago
  • For ps4

    Dodz ElkDodz Elk26 days ago
  • I pre ordered already

    Dodz ElkDodz Elk26 days ago
  • wait so if i pre order it digitally too i get a upgrade to the ps5 one too

    FE4RRFE4RR27 days ago
  • I just can’t wait for the DLC to come out

    SpdoggSpdogg28 days ago
    • There is a dlc ???????

      big smokebig smoke6 days ago
    • What DLC?

      RCookieRCookie23 days ago
  • Actually the tinkerer is a girl in this

    Shloomy SlomsShloomy Sloms28 days ago
  • Yeah here is the clip of some game play of Miles Morales it’s awesome

    *Lollipop Collection**Lollipop Collection*28 days ago
    • Okay lol here is the real one

      *Lollipop Collection**Lollipop Collection*28 days ago
  • There will be a ultimate edition for Ps4 ???

    Shahrukh BakievShahrukh Bakiev28 days ago
  • Bro now I think about it what if the tinker person is yuri

    Ytz_CrypticYtz_Cryptic28 days ago
  • Pre-ordered it last night for the PS4. Was planning on getting a PS5, but couldn't secure a pre-order. So I was happy to see it coming to PS4. Does it suck that I won't have the graphics and load times..... Sure. But I just want the game for its story and fun gameplay.

    sm4carnageihopesm4carnageihope28 days ago
  • So this guy is saying dont get it for the PS4 Cuz it will be lagggy

    The2099SpooderManThe2099SpooderMan29 days ago
  • I dint like this game

    hrithik Jainhrithik JainMonth ago
  • The Tinkerer's Origin (Marvel's Spider-Man)

    CyberDynamiteCyberDynamiteMonth ago
  • Fun fact: in the first game when your MJ at the spider place is norman's hotel/house,when MJ reads about the spiders it says camouflage which miles can do,one of these spiders is also one that bit miles.

    Potato potatoPotato potatoMonth ago
  • I cant believe you need 105gb for the ultimate edition,this is crazy , I hwve 534gb left in my ps4 so,mi will about 4 hundred and something, do you think that will be enough freem space guys for a ps4?

    Captain YeetCaptain YeetMonth ago
  • Omg I’m so happy rn it’s gonna be on the PS4 😭😭😭

    RhinozRhinozMonth ago
  • I'm gonna wait for the price drop on this game then I love miles but I don't love paying full price for a uncharted lost legacy kinda short game

    Bodega PopeBodega PopeMonth ago
  • "Given its scope. Oh, and speaking of scope... SCOPE!"

    Irn Bru BoyIrn Bru BoyMonth ago
  • yes im getting it on ps4

    Muffin602Muffin602Month ago
  • How are people playing it and there is a countdown

    WyattWyattMonth ago
  • The games coming November 20, right? I'm so excited!

    Spider - KidSpider - KidMonth ago
    • No, November 12th

      calitroit45calitroit45Month ago
  • the only game i wanted for PS5... no Ps5 needed!

    Be LeeBe LeeMonth ago
  • Lmao the fukin tinkerer that sounds like a pedos alter ego XD

    Chef GeckoChef GeckoMonth ago
  • So the tinkerer is a women and roxxon are the real baddies is the twist in guessing

    jason isholajason isholaMonth ago
  • Bruh you are just saying what we already know and what I obvious and what we saw in the trailer

    Abdallah IbrahimAbdallah IbrahimMonth ago
  • 13 more days for it to release guys,im sooooo exited

    Vivaan Rai 's fun videosVivaan Rai 's fun videosMonth ago
  • i always watch these after i buy them

    Cash PearlmanCash PearlmanMonth ago
  • Do I have to play the prior Spider-man game to fully enjoy this one?

    Sergiu CroitoruSergiu CroitoruMonth ago
  • Miles:what's your name The tinkerer Miles:what kind of name is that I want a real villian

    TKTKMonth ago
  • Goooooood

    David LindsayDavid LindsayMonth ago
  • I have a ps4 and my dad is going to pre ordering the game wish me good luck 👍

    The BlitzBoot CJThe BlitzBoot CJMonth ago
  • wait u could acctully get it in ps4

    ROCKY MARTINEZ.070474ROCKY MARTINEZ.070474Month ago
  • Pre ordered

    Miles MoralesMiles MoralesMonth ago
  • This Doesn’t Need A Before You Buy Its To Perfect.

    Lil XehnLil XehnMonth ago
    • @Soggy Lip chill. He just misspelled a word jeez

      big smokebig smoke6 days ago
    • If it’s so good, you’d think you would spell “too” correctly.

      Soggy LipSoggy Lip27 days ago
  • wait is it gonna be a lot shorter that the original’s main story?

    Newt Newt NewtNewt Newt NewtMonth ago
    • Its just a little shorter. BUT THIS GAME IS FUCKING AWESOME

      big smokebig smoke6 days ago
    • Yes 😓

      big smokebig smoke6 days ago
  • I’m sorry but...I already bought it😔😂

    Jason CorporalJason CorporalMonth ago
  • I already hate this version of the Tinkerer

    GabeTheBabeGabeTheBabeMonth ago
  • This just makes me hype for ps5 and Spider-Man miles morales. I sworn that the first thing I do on the ps5 would be play Spider-Man miles Morales

    DingusDingusMonth ago
  • The game is as long as you play it.... Meaning if u go fast than the game is short but if u take your time its long😅😁 7-10 hour's don't believe me look it up

    Bat BlogsBat BlogsMonth ago
  • What The Fu** Why I Don't Buy You Are Really Mad

    Real Android GamingReal Android GamingMonth ago
  • Whatever they put a cat in the game good enough for me

    Emerald SkyEmerald SkyMonth ago
  • Damn the setting looks so epic. Manhattan when it’s snowing is pretty cool

    Cosmicles -YSK-Cosmicles -YSK-Month ago
  • Can't wait to laugh at Peter's face...

    Gilberto IglesiasGilberto IglesiasMonth ago
  • Xbox box owners watching this: 😒😒 Ps owners (like myself)😄😃😄😁

    British CheeseBritish CheeseMonth ago
    • It's a new console you knob

      / B000en // B000en /Month ago
  • Haha, *no.* _takes out credit card_

    Mr. Wigglesworth GamingMr. Wigglesworth GamingMonth ago
  • Stop copying gameranx

    Teo CanoTeo CanoMonth ago
  • You can actually get Spider-Man Remastered on either Edition. Instantly with ultimate edition or buy it in the in-game menu on ps5 standard Edition 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    It'sYourBoyRJIt'sYourBoyRJMonth ago
  • Roxxon: major Easter egg from Netflix Daredevil season 2, turn out to be a front for the red hand and Cloak and Dagger sex and trafficking

    Simon JackSimon JackMonth ago
  • you can actually buy the remaster for 20 or so dollars if you have the ps5 version of SM:MM

    BattleMan456BattleMan456Month ago
  • Miles Morales out here looking 30 years older then the new "UPGRADED" Peter Parker. Peter Parker looks like a boy that just hit puberty.

    Spooder-ManSpooder-ManMonth ago
    • @Simon's Music And Vlogs he does look fine its just a huge fac3 changer 😅

      Bat BlogsBat Blogs21 day ago
    • Peter looks fine

      Simon's Music And VlogsSimon's Music And Vlogs22 days ago
    • 😅😅😅true

      Bat BlogsBat BlogsMonth ago
  • its not even out yet man dont make this video

    Marcus HoneybourneMarcus HoneybourneMonth ago
  • It comes out on 12th of November

    LedgandsLedgandsMonth ago
  • Why are you making this before the game comes out?

    Pinkie PigPinkie PigMonth ago
  • 4:47

    SSJ LBSSJ LBMonth ago
  • Does anybody know why Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition doesn’t show up in the NZ store? I can only find the Standard edition 😭

    Karlos SainKarlos SainMonth ago
  • I bought this for ps4 do I get a free upgrade to the ps5 or

    jalen_the_onlyjalen_the_onlyMonth ago
    • Yes. However I think if you buy it physically you have to get the disc drive version.

      Cameron MehrdadCameron MehrdadMonth ago
  • Gamingbolt please tell me should i buy spiderman : miles morales ps4? Or walking dead : saints and sinners oculus quest? I realky need to know what is the better choice, thank you very much in advance if you reply

    Actiontime70Actiontime70Month ago
  • Before you buy? Hah, too late😂

    VanguardGogetaVanguardGogetaMonth ago
  • When is it going to be released?

    Mohamed HishamMohamed HishamMonth ago
  • I’ve pre ordered this game can’t wait to play

    GamersartGamersartMonth ago
  • At least they didn’t fuck up Miles face.

    HazmatCrowl54454HazmatCrowl54454Month ago
  • All I need to know is will I have enough money to buy both the PS5+Miles Morales PS5...nothing more nothing less

    Mr AMr AMonth ago
  • Wish my miles vids got this many views :(

    MisT SlanedoggyMisT SlanedoggyMonth ago
  • 👁️👄👁️

    batkid 08batkid 08Month ago
  • Also miles morales is not in Manhattan, it’s set in Harlem

    LuisTomeJrLuisTomeJrMonth ago
  • I’ll wait for the chance to get a ps5 to get this game cuz I wanna see it with ray tracing and all that good stuff

    TanakaTanakaMonth ago
  • Hopefully we get to see venom as a playable character like the old psp version of spiderman

    YurpperYurpperMonth ago
  • but there's really only one thing you need to know: It's just longer DLC

    Sons Of AtlusSons Of AtlusMonth ago
    • Well at least I know that you've been living under a rock

      Cameron MehrdadCameron MehrdadMonth ago
  • The big bads are like sable and demons

    Charlie SnorgrassCharlie SnorgrassMonth ago
  • tinkerer isn’t that main villain buddy, she’s gonna be like Mr. Negative

    Andrew CartagenaAndrew CartagenaMonth ago
    • That's what I'm thinking. They said the main story is around 15 hours and yet they only show the first boss and the sequence where tinkerer leaves? Plus no prowler? Nah bro, clearly tinkerer is the mr negative of this game

      JosJosMonth ago
  • Does anyone know if the ultimate version of miles morales will have the season pass for the new game included since it’s the ultimate edition?

    EZDE XEZDE XMonth ago
  • With all do respect here ok. I seen the game trailer and that will do it for me. There is no 13 things i need to know before buying this game . Im going to buy it. I knew that at the ps5 reveal. End of story

    Rico RodriguezRico RodriguezMonth ago
    • Then don't watch the video. U click on it to say u don't need it? Missing one too many neurons up there bucko?

      Navneeth JaydevNavneeth JaydevMonth ago
  • Nop

    rodrigo aguilarrodrigo aguilarMonth ago
  • “What you need to know” 1. It’s gonna be good

    broski bottom textbroski bottom textMonth ago
    • What you know by now. This game is a bullshit

      Brokenwallet 20Brokenwallet 203 days ago
    • @DARPSAP 6. It’s spectacular

      Jayden The AmazingJayden The Amazing22 days ago
    • 2. It’s good 3. It’s really good 4. Is amazing 5. It’s perfect And so on and so fourth.

      DARPSAPDARPSAP26 days ago
    • The Tinkerer's Origin (Marvel's Spider-Man)

      CyberDynamiteCyberDynamiteMonth ago
    • What you also need to know again Ps4 and ps5

      Platnium SkyPlatnium SkyMonth ago
  • Number one They ruined Peter and MJ

    theshining endereyetheshining endereyeMonth ago

    Razor 1Razor 1Month ago