Sunday Journal: Apocalyptic Western wildfires

Sep 13, 2020
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From Washington State to Southern California, entire communities have been laid to waste during a week of fierce wildfires, in which more than 20 people have lost their lives. Correspondent Carter Evans brings us the latest news from Berry Creek, Calif.
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  • started with lightning..supported by wind, climate change

    SciFi Movie ClipSciFi Movie Clip4 hours ago
  • Are the firefighters in california the only firefighters in usa? Why aren't other states helping. When there's a big wildfire in the country i live in other countries can send firefighters and planes to help.

    kape351kape3515 hours ago
  • 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Shantele RussellShantele Russell7 hours ago
  • Sources say someone threw pop smoke new album in the woods and it caught fire

    Wicked ArtsWicked Arts16 hours ago
  • such a tragedy

    Umberto FournierUmberto FournierDay ago

    DR Bill McGrawDR Bill McGrawDay ago
  • Shut up Governor Insley- your a worthless piece of crap and your whole term has been one disaster after another. You're an incompetent fool!

    hfg5566yh kiju9iuhfg5566yh kiju9iu2 days ago
  • For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    Edgar SanchezEdgar Sanchez2 days ago
  • Our firefighters ain’t getting enough credit for their work 🙏🏽

    Erik HernandezzzErik Hernandezzz3 days ago
  • I dont even know if cali will still be here by the time i wanna move out..💔☹️

    bebe Solorsystembebe Solorsystem3 days ago
  • California nature is backlashing all those liberals out there.

    MattMatt3 days ago
  • Why do the wild fires mostly stop at the boarder we have an all time high rate of forest fires and they have an all time low

    Vaughn TaylorVaughn Taylor3 days ago
  • Where fire force company 8 when you need them

    Ben GibbonsBen Gibbons3 days ago
  • Seqouias need fire Watch to understand

    Christopher GranthemChristopher Granthem4 days ago
  • That govenor is a liberal who supports antifa and other antiamerican terrorist groups who set these fires

    hanz patinskihanz patinski4 days ago
  • There is a saying that some people just like to watch the world burn. Those with the dark triad personality are those people

    A MishelA Mishel4 days ago
  • Im over here trying (KEYWORD: TRYING) 😂 to make semi cool educational/interesting vids. 7 videos so far. Check me out please!!! Im super loving this! I made a vid on wildfires!! Im in AZ though

    Dream and BeDream and Be5 days ago

    J MJ M5 days ago

    Kathleen SiscoKathleen Sisco5 days ago
  • finally someone with some common sense and logic and historical data about climate change maybe this should be part of your news broadcast🤔

    mij cirtapmij cirtap5 days ago
  • Amerika knows the Root of the problem and doesn’t want a solution but wants power and control. But nature and God is in control. Without stopping the lies the whole city Will be destroyed.

    Divine feminine 2Divine feminine 26 days ago
  • Hope the whole country burns

    lilly billionairelilly billionaire6 days ago
  • I live a short distance from where the fire began. People are shooting off fireworks every night including last night. Our country needs repentance, education, and hope. My family and I are praying for the fire fighters and their families.☮✝️☮

    Valerianroots2011Valerianroots20116 days ago
  • AGW, anthropogenic global warming, destabilizes and destroys ever more ecosystems and tremendous areas of habitat for human kind by all kinds of weather extremes especially extreme heat as is argued in the Tumia article below. Not only has human kind realized the AGW greenhouse gas rise 100 times faster than with earlier mass extinctions in natural history, the death spreading agriculture and other human activties already have destroyed and are destroying more and more ecosystems and habitat for humans thus fueling the self reinforcing death spiral of ecosystem destruction and climate change by a double whamming as argued in the article below. So the above promises a mass extinction as never seen before in natural history. Good luck to the human species. They will need it and much sooner than ever imagined: The Colossal Mistake of Underestimating the Death Spreading Agriculture and Meat Industry: #food #foodproduction #economy #wrecking #climatechange #abruptclimatechange #massextinction #sixthmassextinction #home #earth #life #globalwarming #poisonousagriculture #deadnatureagriculture #deathspreadingagriculture #fossilfuelagriculture #meat #meatindustry #fossilfuel #cars #airplanes

    Kristof PermacultureKristof Permaculture6 days ago
  • Not climate it’s Antifa mobs starting fires every where

    Barbie SteinieBarbie Steinie7 days ago

    해성 칼럼해성 칼럼7 days ago
  • It’s the American Government setting Fires across California with the help of some arsonist that got caught by civilians and released by Police in the same day

    raein xraein x7 days ago
  • Every year the fires in the western state of California are out of control. Every year the money set aside to confront the fires is sent to ether causes. California sets aside money for the fire dept to dig fire breaks, and cut undergrowth. the major preventer of wild fires. Then Every year the Governor of California re allocates them funds to some other failing state program. Leaving your homes to burn, why should the Governor care about you? Your insured. So every year you literally get put on the back burner. Yet you keep re-electing him. The (fire) ball is in your court.

    opinions are like butt holesopinions are like butt holes7 days ago
  • OMG! I must have this !!!

    Marco SosoMarco Soso7 days ago
  • Maybe it's time to think what have we done wrong that karma is mirroring it back to us?! I hope it stops soon ...

    Ehsan JaEhsan Ja7 days ago
  • INA JUSKaite is SATANA, blame climate change.

    Antanas JuškaAntanas Juška8 days ago
  • Yes he will

    Rey MartinezRey Martinez8 days ago
  • Only the beginning of the judgement. There's much more to come. Narcissistic people will never change for they are incorrigible.

    Positive EnergyPositive Energy8 days ago
  • ... "For folks up and down" ... / / / ... just saying ... / ... what do I think? ... "Real Politik" ...

    R E MalmR E Malm8 days ago
  • We all know who is responsible for this arson and anarchy...isn't it ironic they start fires, killing people, animals and adding to climate change, when they preach so much to save it...oh yes the delusional left.

    NigelNigel8 days ago
  • rioters

    Lenny SallentiLenny Sallenti8 days ago
  • Why do these fires stop at the Canadian and Mexican borders? I smell something sinister afoot to control the sheep in the US.

    JP BJP B8 days ago
  • NOT climate change nor science!!!

    John JohnJohn John9 days ago
  • The Bible calls all this craziness and destruction, The beginning of sorrows. If you are not right with God now would be a good time to get right. The world has kicked God out of everything that is sacred and pure. We are now seeing the result of that decision. Cause and reaction.

    HoneyChild MHoneyChild M9 days ago
  • We know who set these damn fires

    gh0stmangh0stman9 days ago
  • Judgement 🔥😈

    Pulser ReignPulser Reign9 days ago
  • Oh my god☹️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼pls pray for our country 🇺🇸

    3v1yGe12 xtr313v1yGe12 xtr319 days ago
  • If only they could bring back logging and grazing the forests we wouldn't be seeing so many fires.

    opzz xsinopzz xsin9 days ago
  • God is taking nature because we rely on it but everything is gone especially the law he is sad that this is happening especially evil he is mad because he gave us everything

    Mak0 V2Mak0 V29 days ago
  • Wake up Californians ❗️ It’s Not climate, it is terrorist attacks. ❗️👿🧛🏿‍♀️👹

    nawlulunawlulu9 days ago
  • 13 arsonists arrested as of today.

    mevsm1mevsm19 days ago
    • Give your hearts to God and turn from your ways. Give your 💕 to Jesus. Get back to reading the Bible.

      opzz xsinopzz xsin9 days ago
  • Wow I am so happy with my fake id from I was afraid when the cops had to control I and my friends on an putting because it was my first encounter with cops but several encounter with bouncers.. my profound gratitude to jack from

    helen amasteriosahelen amasteriosa9 days ago
  • Go cali go

    Jason EatonJason Eaton9 days ago
  • As soon as California legalized pedophilia, God set it on fire.

    Firestylejutsu4Firestylejutsu49 days ago
  • That governor is why you guys are burning cause he has led you'll away from God's words and his ways AND IT WILL GET WORSE IF YOU'LL CONTINUE WITH YOUR STUPIDITY AND IDOLATRY. KEEP IT UP AND GOD WILL SINK YOU'LL TO THE OCEAN. JUST WAIT AND SEE.

    jose arriagajose arriaga9 days ago
  • Oh now you'll want to call it APOCALYPTIC. WHY DON'T YOU'LL SAY "REPENT"?

    jose arriagajose arriaga9 days ago
  • Gov Newsom is looking for anyone but himself to blame the fire on. Climate control/..... BS....... the forest has not been managed at ll for the past years , so lots of dead down wood. The Gov. needs to resign.

    Mary HowardMary Howard9 days ago
  • Christ said things like this will happen as sin increases. It means we are coming to the end. Mock or reflect, it’s up to you

    Jonathan Gardner POTS MinistriesJonathan Gardner POTS Ministries9 days ago
    • Glenn Beck just revealed the official arrest records of antifa individuals who have started fires in California Oregon and Washington. The 52 fires that started in one day in Oregon were started by people and many were arrested and released to do it again by corrupt district attorneys. The governor of Oregon revealed this and no one is talking about it but Glenn Beck.

      David RodgersDavid Rodgers7 days ago
    • urine.

      Lenny SallentiLenny Sallenti8 days ago
  • 2020 everyone

    Κυριακος ΑντωνιουΚυριακος Αντωνιου10 days ago
  • The west coast is doomed dude. That's what they get for supporting the left's agenda.

    AeonAeon10 days ago
  • Why do they keep on blaming the weather? Its just how it works. Nature decides to do a pruning spree, you cant do much about it. What you should do is quit pointing fingers and focus on the task at hand.

    gary marasigangary marasigan10 days ago
  • Bone dry humidity 🧐

    M HM H10 days ago
  • I just had a dream at 3 :05 am on 9 /18/20 fired come out everywhere in heaven burned the earth there was no for anything to hide , im asking all of you to pen your eyes God the creator of the world iis very mad with us get ready.

    Nathan BrilusNathan Brilus10 days ago
  • 2 Peter 3:10 New International Version 10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief.(A) The heavens will disappear with a roar;(B) the elements will be destroyed by fire,(C) and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.[a](D)

    Nathan BrilusNathan Brilus10 days ago
  • What's the PLANS(S) for states that ALREADY HAD OR GOING TO HAVE fires supposed to do about VOTING?? WHAT ARE the states that HAD, HAVING or GOING to HAVE storms supposed to do about VOTING??? We need baçk up plan for the plan plans.!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!! THEY know Affected states will have a hard time getting things in on time so what CAN BE DONE???? 🤨🤔 #LIVELYHOODS DEPENDING ON VOTING ( Reroute BALLOTS ) WHATS THE PLAN AMERICA??? (WHERE IS THE BACKUP PLANS FOR THINGS SUCH AS FIRES) fire burning up cell towers ETC.... #AMERICASTRONG

    mary marrymary marry10 days ago
  • Give your hearts to God and turn from your ways. Give your 💕 to Jesus. Get back to reading the Bible.

    dmr0718abledmr0718able10 days ago
  • What always course fire in California?

    samuel zyambosamuel zyambo10 days ago
  • Never put democrats in charge of anything . Not even forest management . Or buying bulldozers to prevent and fight forest fires . Which they stopped buying years ago in California .

    randy scottrandy scott10 days ago

    Black GirlBlack Girl10 days ago

    cliff investorcliff investor10 days ago
  • Why are like half the comments talking about Jesus and Reckoning day? Just be more aware of our surroundings and take better care of the environment. It's been a bad year, but not that bad.

    BruhsianFXBruhsianFX10 days ago
  • Liars are bought then sent down the river. It's not to late to reclaim your soul.

    Silent EchoSilent Echo10 days ago
  • My ex girlfriend lives in California I hope she made it out

    Gamin ThunderGamin Thunder10 days ago
  • Can anyone knowledgeable about forest practices tell me why the Forest Service couldn't cut out fire lines in wooded areas, and buffer zones, near towns and cities in heavily wooded states? Give the timber companies rights to cut and take the wood, free. And protect homes and cities. But anyone who lives isolated in the middle of a forest better just have a good basement, or go somewhere else during fire season.

    Bart BellBart Bell10 days ago
  • Global Warming Hoax: German Scientist Finds Evidence That NASA › pinGlobal Warming Hoax: German Scientist Finds Evidence That NASA Manipulated Climate Data ~ RADICAL Rational. Saved from ... PINTEREST.COM Pinterest

    Brian BellBrian Bell10 days ago
  • Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science..? Arctic ice cap grows same year Al Gore predicted it would disappear .......! ddisappear NSIDC.ORG Arctic ice cap grows same year Al Gore predicted it would disappear, networks ignore | National Snow and Ice Data Center Arctic ice cap grows same year Al Gore predicted it would disappear, networks ignore

    Brian BellBrian Bell10 days ago
  • REASON.COM Climate Scientists Manipulated Temperature Data to Fool Politicians and Public, Claims 'Whistleblower'

    Brian BellBrian Bell10 days ago
  • I feel sorry for the wildlife not the communists

    Kenny WaltsonKenny Waltson10 days ago
  • World leaders duped by manipulated global warming data ... › sciencetech › article-4192182 › World-leaders... Feb 4, 2017 - Data Science,Climate and satellites Consultant John J Bates, who blew ... Cameron committed Britain to an EU-Wide emission cut as a result.

    Brian BellBrian Bell10 days ago
  • U.N. Data and Statistics: Manipulated for a Higher Purpose › report › un-data-and-statistics-manipulated-higher...Jan 25, 2010 - U.N. Data and Statistics: Manipulated for a Higher Purpose? ... standardizing, and publishing of statistics on a broad variety of issues and subjects. ... poverty, development, health, climate, education, employment, trade, regulation, ... The absence of such data would make any number of international tasks ... HERITAGE.ORGThe Heritage FoundationSince our founding in 1973, The Heritage Foundation has been working to

    Brian BellBrian Bell10 days ago
  • What do the 'Climategate' hacked CRU emails tell us? › Climategate-CRU-emails-hackedWhen a selection of emails between climate scientists were published on the internet, ... by a technique that has been reviewed by a broad array of peers in the field. ... evidence in the CRU emails that NOAA inappropriately manipulated data". ... global warming, similarly a number of independent investigations have found ... SKEPTICALSCIENCE.COM Global Warming and Climate Change skepticism examined Examines the science and arguments of global warming skepticism. Common objections like 'global warming is caused by the sun', 'temperature has changed naturally in the past' or 'other planets are warming too' are examined to see what the science really says.

    Brian BellBrian Bell10 days ago
  • You can apparently see the smoke in Northern Europe now.

    vj balanvj balan10 days ago
    • Good for you

      Joshua MoeJoshua Moe8 days ago
  • The president "knows" it has nothing to do with climate change. Because his buddies in the oil and cole industrie say so.

    Bernie EssBernie Ess10 days ago
  • Looked up at the sky just now 9-17-20 and can finally see the sun and blue sky beyond!!!😃 Central Valley Reedley, Ca

    Omegaforce 1Omegaforce 110 days ago
  • Guys, we are at a critical time. On September 26 , 2020 there is an online event hosted for us to pray for revival and repentance. Things around the world will get worse after September if we do not repent and ask God for forgiveness and commit ourselves to him. I ask you please, to join us for prayer online for FREE on September 26, 2020 at

    SuperLilmoSuperLilmo10 days ago
  • What do you think the fire is doing It's getting rid of the things that are destroying earth Us...

  • Wow

    Sweet TeaSweet Tea10 days ago
  • Liberals who don't know how to properly take care of their forests and care more about hollywood and sports 90% of the year "tHiS iS a cLimAtE eMeRgAncY"

    Simple FinanceSimple Finance10 days ago
  • This town looks completely obliterated.

    Magic ShadowMagic Shadow10 days ago
  • Sinful America

    Alisha Thompson SteelAlisha Thompson Steel10 days ago
  • This is god judgement fool

    Alisha Thompson SteelAlisha Thompson Steel10 days ago
  • It looks like Portland.

    NotMy RealNameNotMy RealName10 days ago
  • If you think god did it can you stfu all of you are annoying. What about all the churches that burnt down and all the children who lost their home. If god did this wouldn’t he be evil and America isn’t the only country on fire so it isn’t the end of the world it’s just end of America idiots.

    Russian BotRussian Bot10 days ago
  • Psalm 11:6

    Lenett PriscillaLenett Priscilla10 days ago
  • The 7 trumpet seal is just getting realer and realer each day😔

    Peroum NhimPeroum Nhim10 days ago
  • a fire burns for freedom

    what everwhat ever10 days ago
  • Trump warned them long time ago, should have cleaned the ground like he proposed. They clean the ground in Norway and don't have forest fires like that.

    The Witcher 3 MiscThe Witcher 3 Misc10 days ago
  • "This is a climate dAmN eMeRGeNcY. This is rEaL....... Don't build your house where the landscape is supposed to burn down every hundred years lmfao and the plants are literally evolved to handle fire.......

    Ryan AshbaughRyan Ashbaugh11 days ago
    • @Elliot Wilson-woodrowsure fedboy

      Ryan AshbaughRyan Ashbaugh8 days ago
    • ahh yes because you are smarter then the top scientists in the country.

      Elliot Wilson-woodrowElliot Wilson-woodrow8 days ago
  • I heard this started from a gender reveal party. Lmao whether that’s true or not......that baby ain’t a boy OR a girl it’s the damn antichrist (:

    Internet TrollInternet Troll11 days ago
  • Animal run to you leave space for them

    Kamran Kj kmallKamran Kj kmall11 days ago
  • Hey a*holes: Why not proudly buying more SUV-TRUCKS? SHAME on you petro-guys

    sdjsdvgolhsdfsdfsdjsdvgolhsdfsdf11 days ago

    Jan PeterssonJan Petersson11 days ago
  • Mr beast must be so disappointed in everyone right now

    XcreenzXcreenz11 days ago
  • Devil hilself trembles at what is ahead. I can't believe stupidity of humans who put the filth on u tube. 9/ 11 now fires you who put filth on internet What? You do not fear GOD and LORD? What? Putting images of filth what? Devil? Devil worshippers? Take a good look you who put filth. What? You don't fear GOD? What? Devil? Don't make me laugh you filth . Devil trembeles whenever LORD appares, What? You don't fear GOD?

    Roy MayhewRoy Mayhew11 days ago
  • This is nothing compare to when GOD will end this filthy world.

    Roy MayhewRoy Mayhew11 days ago
    • Amen

      Formula ZeroFormula Zero9 days ago
    • LOL

      Averroes The CommentatorAverroes The Commentator9 days ago
    • Roy Mayhew God isn’t real, pal

      First LastFirst Last9 days ago