Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 1 Episode 22 - Full Episode

Apr 17, 2019
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When Chef Ramsay returns to Finn McCool's, The Olde Stone Mill, The Mixing Bowl, Dillon's, Campania's and Peter's, he finds restaurants saved from the brink of disaster.

  • The dumbest thing about these people is the fact that they r on the verge of being bankrupt! Their food is shit which makes them call chef Ramsay, and when he points out their issues they get angry and call the Michelin stars winning chef an ignorant ay ay ay

    Narymi AbdoNarymi Abdo11 hours ago
  • Fin McCool actually warmed up my ❤️ it's amazing how they did everything Gordon taught them and they actually made it

    Narymi AbdoNarymi Abdo11 hours ago
  • Dude all your clips got copyrighted nooo

    MrciscMrcisc13 hours ago
  • F

    Bram BiemansBram Biemans15 hours ago
  • Gordon Ramsay is a special guy. He is not your typical celebrity chef. He really cares, and puts a lot of effort not only to help people to save their business, but also to save their family. Gordon is not just an expert on food and restaurant industry, but also seem to be very knowledgeable in human psychology. Gordon knows how to break down people’s ego, and instead helps people to develop true selfhood. The problem is that a lot of low quality people have a very loud ego, and Gordon helps them to see that they are not as great as they believe themselves to be, and realize that they must work on themselves and strive to improve themselves and raise their quality as a person, as a family member, as a Business owner.

    Karina NalbandyanKarina Nalbandyan2 days ago
  • British Restaurant: Fish & Chips US Restaurant: Meatballs

    Way to SacramentoWay to Sacramento4 days ago

    Ozan AkyıldızOzan Akyıldız5 days ago
  • Guy in the thumbnail looks like Mel Gibson

    AssKicker47AssKicker475 days ago
  • He is the saviour. Now I understand why he is like a angry 🐔.

    Harry P.S.Harry P.S.5 days ago
  • The thumbnail I- 😂😂💀

    ROACHES !!!!ROACHES !!!!5 days ago

    LaObeja NegraLaObeja Negra6 days ago
  • gordon is so mean and kind at the same time

    Impact harshImpact harsh6 days ago
  • The stone mill owner was annoying and still annoying didn’t want to give Gordon any credit "I won’t say the changes to the mill was the reason it was giving me a kick in the rear" no you stupid prick everything he did was the only reason you are doing good now 😂😂😂 you’d been already closed by now

    PharaohMTFPharaohMTF6 days ago
  • Happy, happy tears

    Jānis GrantsJānis Grants6 days ago
  • Great job Joe! Hard work pays off and having a wonderful wife who has your back. Keep it up!

    Sean SteeleSean Steele7 days ago

    YandiツYandiツ7 days ago
  • That Indian dude knew damn well the food was rotten, he just looks like someone who sell you 3 years old meat lol 😂

    Bingo BongoBingo Bongo7 days ago
  • I can’t stand the narration on us episodes... ruins it for me

    Jason TJason T7 days ago
  • All these owner's wife's and beautiful waitresses is half of reason I watch this show.

    marino with hearth reactions thiccmarino with hearth reactions thicc8 days ago
  • More than 35min of shtty preview. . . Thats why people skip the show.

    Axel TakeshiAxel Takeshi8 days ago
  • When the episodes were taken place before Peter gets sweeped up by feds for being apart of one of the five families of NY or attempting to join the family and the young italian restaurant owner who was running a lose ship commits off of one of the bridges in NY big rip

    Kyle DeathKyle Death8 days ago
  • I don't understand why he goes back and is surprised at how the restaurant is doing. If I had a failing restaurant and someone helped me that much, I'd at the very least send an e-mail and say, "Hey, we're doing really well thanks to your help!" It's fucking basic courtesy.

    Dave BassawDave Bassaw8 days ago
  • 2:01 found it

    Timmy TimTimmy Tim8 days ago
  • I swear this is the most wholesome episode of this show

    Kaushal SinghKaushal Singh9 days ago

    JD21JD219 days ago
  • 2020 marathon anyone??😩

    LionlordLionlord9 days ago
  • The thumbnail looks like Mel Gibson

    Oh yeahOh yeah10 days ago
  • 2007 ! I was 17 ! I wanna go back in time!!!!!

    suhana sayerasuhana sayera10 days ago
  • "Looks like Chappy took a crapy in my gumba" -Gordon F Ramsay

    Big SmokeBig Smoke10 days ago
  • good men to help others

    patrikpatrik11 days ago
  • I know what I’m gonna binge watch tonight.

    AnonymousAnonymous11 days ago
  • Mohammad the owner... not ever a good sign

    E JohnsonE Johnson11 days ago
  • Binge watching that hot and fiery Ramsey ;)

    Borderline CrazyBorderline Crazy11 days ago
  • I love Brian's teeth, I don't know why.

    SandraSandra11 days ago
  • The fact he didn’t physically visited the last place tells me this was recorded before a possible closing

    WolfyPanPan Kittah Cure-chanWolfyPanPan Kittah Cure-chan12 days ago
  • If you have no money how can you afford a Rolex??🤔🤔

    Michael HernandezMichael Hernandez13 days ago
  • P.s for the stove.

    Kari-anne UnderwoodKari-anne Underwood13 days ago
  • Sell ur car and pay back Gordon Ramsey ,Peter.

    Kari-anne UnderwoodKari-anne Underwood13 days ago
  • Thats crazy lol

    Akki ShinjuAkki Shinju14 days ago
  • Chef Gordon is a wealth of knowledge.And very intelligent figuring out how to make many places successful

    Richard BarrRichard Barr14 days ago
  • Kisses only woman..not guys😎

    KRA KERKRA KER14 days ago
  • Vikas seems like such a wholesome guy ngl

    Alex HaythorneAlex Haythorne18 days ago
  • I like the face Gordon makes at 1:16:36 in reaction to Peter telling him “Excuse me?” in an aggressive manner.

    Alex CrawfordAlex Crawford19 days ago
  • So. They really need money and help runing their business but the guy says that he doesn't care what Gordon says eaven though he tryes to help them.

    Suspicious ElephantSuspicious Elephant20 days ago
  • It's really nice to see a show like this where every restaurant Gordon had visited succeeded. That makes me happy. I'm sure there are probably a lot of restaurants that did not.

    Karin Lynne KucakKarin Lynne Kucak20 days ago
  • Gordon revisited and all looked well, Peter had replaced the chefs in the kitchen and seemed to have started helping in the restaurant. Reviews after Gordon visited say the place was just as bad after he left. Peter's closed in December 2008 and the restaurant next door has expanded into the space. Tina and Peter's father featured in the episode passed away in 2009. It was revealed in a blog post on Cosa Nostra News that Peter had mob connections and was once working for the Bonanno family. Peter's aired on September 19 2007, the episode was filmed in March 2007 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 1 episode 1.

    haci stenhaci sten20 days ago
  • Business at the restaurant vastly improved after the restaurant was visited by Gordon. Joe won Chef Central's Bergen County Ultimate Chef Competition in 2008 and came Runner Up in 2009. Yelp reviews after filming were mostly positive with some menu items leading to criticism and some complaining of a long wait for a table or for food to arrive. In September 2010 Joe sold the restaurant to Campania Holding Corp. Eight days later Joe Cerniglia committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson river. It later emerged that he was in a relationship with Jessica, a pastry chef who worked at the restaurant and not the waitress of the same name featured in the episode. Campania closed in January 2011.

    haci stenhaci sten20 days ago
  • "If that is beef, I was born in Bangladesh." I'm from Bangladesh lol

    - NotSoBiju -- NotSoBiju -21 day ago
  • How much would it cost to pay Gordon to be my life coach? Scream in my face when I fuck up.

    G00oberG00ober21 day ago
  • Anyone watching every episode.

    Doge DoggoDoge Doggo21 day ago
  • Don't hire family if that is their only qualification

    Simmie Davis simmie singsSimmie Davis simmie sings22 days ago
  • Gordon Ramsay is so hot

    Heather McHeather Mc22 days ago
  • i want MORE hells kitchen and kitchen nightmares!

    chris Delaneychris Delaney24 days ago
  • This was so amazing to watch he changed everyone's lifes every single place struggled and he helped every single one of them.

    sha wnsha wn24 days ago
  • 11:25 Omg

    Mia PsychoMia Psycho24 days ago
  • keep at lads,more power to you all

    chris Delaneychris Delaney24 days ago
  • I'm happy that the first restaurant listened, everytime I ate there it was so good!

    Cream The ReporterCream The Reporter24 days ago
  • That Indian chef's eyes are hypnotic. He had such a calming effect, haha.

    T VT V25 days ago
  • whaaat? muslim serving pork? HMMM

    ZetrozzZetrozz25 days ago
    • Moderate Muslims understand that just because they don't eat it doesn't their customers won't

      Tamara KTamara K20 days ago
  • ayyyee irish---I'm so sick of everything else and not my ancestors.

    Marilyn WillettMarilyn Willett25 days ago
  • finn mccool's is closed. i believe the olde stone mill sold to a new owner, but is still open. the mixing bowl was already closed, but re-opened to be on the episode. one of the dillon's managers tried to sue ramsay and failed, but the restaurant closed. campania was sold, the owner, joe cerniglia, committed suicide shortly after the sale, but the restaurant is closed. peter's, season 1 episode 1, closed.

    ryan barkerryan barker26 days ago
  • anyone find a KN episode where some dipshit looking for likes isn't asking about marathoning this show because of quarantine?

    ryan barkerryan barker26 days ago
  • X. X x. X x x x. x. x q q

    Salvatore MartellaSalvatore Martella26 days ago
  • Finn Mcools is one of the restaurants that deserve to be successful.

    Tash RayTash Ray27 days ago
  • Gordon is an angel to so many people. He should win an award for bringing families back together. 💖

    Gina DouglasGina Douglas27 days ago
  • "Gordon criss-crossed the country: from the Hamptons, to Tuckahoe, and all the way to Bellmore"

    Jay StrawJay Straw27 days ago
  • "Uncensored" . . . . makes it sound like Gordon Ramsey will get naked before cleaning their kitchen and French kiss their pecan pie. Not sure if Gordon could save restaurants these days unless he invents the cure for Covid.

    Radkon PsygamiRadkon Psygami27 days ago
  • Man, Lisa is hot but Billy is such a bro that it's awesome to see him with her. I wish his family the best, he didn't fire Mike when GR hinted at it. 👊 I'll visit their place one day and tell him, we YTKNers cheered for him!

    Jabran Ali BabryJabran Ali Babry27 days ago
  • Ramsey really does so good to improve peoples lives

    lisa blacklisa black28 days ago
  • 44:00 *saving for tomorrow*

    Lord of SiberiaLord of Siberia28 days ago
  • Never have I ever seen Gordon Ramsay go to the toilet to puke like that before

    Jacob ClarkJacob Clark28 days ago
  • I've spent my quarantine time by marathon Kitchen Nightmare, now I realized I hope those survived bankruptcy also survived coronavirus

    krepnata kadarakrepnata kadara28 days ago
  • I want Gordon to call me “Big Boy” just once. I don’t want a failing restaurant though.

    Apollyon TDApollyon TD28 days ago
  • Gordon definitely smashed joe's wife. Does anyone else see what I see😂

    Kalel RamosKalel Ramos29 days ago
  • Wow 480p and clear as a bell.

    scofabscofabMonth ago
  • It’s weird seeing Gordon happy but I like it

    Diamond dragon - Spy ninjaDiamond dragon - Spy ninjaMonth ago
  • I know watching people fail and have trouble makes good television sometimes, but it is just amazing to see people rise above all the shit they got themselves into and prosper

  • This was a nice update, but it is missing the lobster restaurant or even Handlebars (to name a few). Out of 21 episodes, this only gives an update for 6 places.

    crealkillrcrealkillrMonth ago
  • Thought the guy in the thumbnail was arm wrestling at first.

    Iron manIron manMonth ago
  • Brian's fucking beard!!!

    Neil KillileaNeil KillileaMonth ago
  • One thing I've learned from watching this show: if your name is Lisa, think twice before you, or your husband, open a restaurant.

    Claire JohnstonClaire JohnstonMonth ago
  • Did anyone see 'The F Word' when Gordon had a cook-off with a drunk James May and lost? Gordon's mother was the judge. LMAO

    Claire JohnstonClaire JohnstonMonth ago
  • and here i am a tallented chef with passion and love but i dont work just cooking for my self XD

    TommyTarkovTommyTarkovMonth ago
  • No matter where yoj go in the world, like the Japanese, Indian's cook their food to the fullest of flavor as portions are generally small. Only a genuine article has the know how from being young watching and being all in when it comds to good. I sure do nog want to sound racist but if you open an Indian restaurant, be best go have a good genuine Indian cooking. That is what you call common sense. I love lamb vindaloo. Spicy goodness. I mean spicy. Garum garum.

    Andy RidleyAndy RidleyMonth ago
  • The thumbnail of this video looks like Mel Gibson

    Moose GravyMoose GravyMonth ago
  • what a beatifull wife

    b4sicleeb4sicleeMonth ago
  • Thumbnail looks like Mel Gibson taking a shit

    Delta HomicideDelta HomicideMonth ago
  • Vikus is a noble man

    DeclanDGDeclanDGMonth ago
  • that was the worst restaurant i've ever seen in my life

    Badr alhrbiBadr alhrbiMonth ago
    • Wich one

      aronaron18 days ago
  • It's India for you

    Orbaek PouletOrbaek PouletMonth ago
  • You know it’s bad when the thumbnail shows the owner regretting everythjng

    Lil Chopstixz 21Lil Chopstixz 21Month ago
  • it´s rottaaaaaaaaaan

    eaSy !eaSy !Month ago
  • oohhhh mmeeeyyy gooodddnnaaaaaeeeeessssssssssss

    eaSy !eaSy !Month ago
  • To compania's-it was pretty obvious he was running that place just to fuck the waitresses, hope he had fun. RIP.

    melanie Sassmelanie SassMonth ago
  • What happened to Campania today is very, very sad. RIP Joe.

    Megan LewisMegan LewisMonth ago
  • You have to be a little crazy to be a chef

    White Blogger Black SpecsWhite Blogger Black SpecsMonth ago
  • Anyone look at the remodelling and think welcome to 1998?

    Adrian JarvisAdrian JarvisMonth ago
  • Peters a baby. haha

    KPDC CCKPDC CCMonth ago
  • Thumbnail looks like a fatty Mel Gibson

    PurovatisPurovatisMonth ago
  • Lol they came in corona uniform

    Life with BaileyLife with BaileyMonth ago