A HUGE Fight Between Michael And Angela Breaks Out | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After

Aug 21, 2020
772 755 Views

Michael wants to introduce Angela to a friend that lived in the United States. Everything takes a turn to the worse when that "friend" ends up being three ladies that make Angela jealous.
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  • i hope this is fake

    uyfhfd hhgvuyfhfd hhgv13 hours ago
  • Angela is so dominating

    Sparsha siyaSparsha siya13 hours ago
  • All those girls were making faces tho why

    Jasmin MartinezJasmin Martinez19 hours ago
  • Well she at least admits that people in the u.s are spoiled

    AfroMestizAztecAAfroMestizAztecADay ago
  • Omg this woman is so irritating. I can't bear a woman like this just for a green card.

    Riya SinghRiya SinghDay ago
  • Michael, you deserve better

    Oswald Williams IIOswald Williams IIDay ago
  • She’s so disgusting

    N I V A R N AN I V A R N ADay ago
  • Michael: **being empathetic about her mom** Angela: Oh hell nah! 😡 This woman gets on my nerves 🙏🏾 💀 🤦🏾‍♀️

    DoggoMakes ArtDoggoMakes Art2 days ago
  • Painful to watch... not a healthy situation.

    April Martin Chartrand, M.S.April Martin Chartrand, M.S.2 days ago
  • Michael why should you choose this grandma because of green card.

    Amaka AmakaAmaka Amaka2 days ago
  • How rude. Such a horrid woman.

    Sarah DevSarah Dev3 days ago
  • He brought her to a room full of women and said nothing lol 😂 I’d be mad af too but not flip out I’d sit down an play the games

    Buby VargasBuby Vargas3 days ago
  • 3:18-3:48 awkward moment.. 😂 and by the way the 3 young ladies, was very gorgeous! Maybe Grandma Angela was jealous of them.. she do too fucking much! 🙄😑

    BabyBoo ChildBabyBoo Child3 days ago
  • Never has the outside reflected better the inside of a person. A 100% disgusting, selfish, narcissistic delusional creature. Poor Michael

    James HarrisonJames Harrison4 days ago
  • Why is she mad I’m so confused?

    Jiggly PandaJiggly Panda4 days ago
  • How could someone be so ignorant, stupid and bitchy ? She’s abusive af and I would actually want Michael to scam her.

    Ms Potato HeadMs Potato Head4 days ago
  • I think she was jealous because those women looked 100 times better then her....

    katorrie joneskatorrie jones4 days ago
  • Someone please give this man the god damn US citizenship already. This guy is the most patience man in the world

    Phuong LePhuong Le4 days ago
  • She isn't wearing seatbelts stupid woman thinks her fat tummy will save her.

    I VickyI Vicky5 days ago
    • She prolly can't get them fastened

      kurutsu Krakovkurutsu Krakov5 days ago
  • Bitch he is back and some of the American are racist

    Samsam IsmailSamsam Ismail5 days ago
  • She is so closed minded, abusive and is literal trash.

    Raman SihotaRaman Sihota6 days ago
    • Trailer trash

      kurutsu Krakovkurutsu Krakov5 days ago
  • 🤣

    Iris sawabIris sawab6 days ago
  • “There’s not gonna be a marriage” because I have female friends -

    Rosé xoxoRosé xoxo6 days ago
  • 3:22 insecurities kick in...in 3,2,1...

    Ole DadOle Dad6 days ago
  • Micheal thinking: "man what you gotta do for that green card! fuck"

    Zain kahnZain kahn6 days ago
  • Amazing how black American take the race card where ever they go..

    Maria HinderscheidMaria Hinderscheid6 days ago
  • How sweet & understanding she is...he hit the jackpot lol.

    coco cordovacoco cordova7 days ago
  • Poor guy has no clue that American men wouldn't touch Angela with a ten-foot pole. He thinks he's getting a prize.

    ScanMan1967ScanMan19677 days ago
  • Angela says what she thinks. She is no submissive woman, she has character and no one will tell her what to do. Respect Angie!!! She has own head to think with. Sometimes impatient and too loud but mostly she is 🙌TOP

    A IA I8 days ago
    • .....WHAT???

      MideMide7 days ago
  • Haha i am done you know you so old yeah you must done . he is really stupid starting love game with her. Old is old young is young.

    mesalel hiwet Bastamesalel hiwet Basta8 days ago
  • why is she overreacting this people 😭🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

    Norleen LepchaNorleen Lepcha8 days ago
  • I've never been to Nigeria but what's she's trying to say that the country don't have hot water or electricity that's dwn right disrespectful second she's so damn insecure God! That man got more patience than JOB...

    Sueann AlexanderSueann Alexander9 days ago
  • She's would have been like Trump's sister

    justina kanakuzijustina kanakuzi9 days ago
  • So just because they were female and younger and prettier she storms off straight away? She is very insecure😢

    Char CharChar Char9 days ago
  • Lool the look on their faces when they saw Angela😂

    Char CharChar Char9 days ago
  • I don’t even know why he’s still with her. He’s not going to get a baby out of her.

    Crystals Texas RandomnessCrystals Texas Randomness9 days ago
  • She must be among the most horrible persons ever....she is scary why can't he just run...while he still has the time...her attitude is beyond low....

    Anna-lena HellströmAnna-lena Hellström9 days ago
  • She kinda looks a bit like Donald trump👀

    rhaeofsunshinerhaeofsunshine9 days ago
  • her attitude is honestly so disgusting

    janellejanelle9 days ago
  • Bro she can pass by Donald Trump Sister. @3:28

    Queen Lil GQueen Lil G10 days ago
  • 😇😁😁😁😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😶🤐 shut uppppp

    awais kkkawais kkk10 days ago
  • Angela is the ULTIMATE citizenship test. He deserves a green card just for staying in that abusive relationship.

    Jessica SparkleJessica Sparkle10 days ago
  • The female Donald Trump

    hamish rhamish r10 days ago
  • Talking about her grandchildren need her and she wants a new baby of her own??

    angmarie saul n ivey's mamaangmarie saul n ivey's mama11 days ago
  • You can't let a person man or woman disrespect you like that. This is some serious toxicity.

    Remy BeastRemy Beast12 days ago
  • She must meet a man who will slap her everytime she opens her damn mouth 🙄

    Megan SamMegan Sam12 days ago
  • "We were waiting for Dawa he was coming-" "HOW DARE YOU ASK SOME GIRLS ABT MY HOUSEHOLD"

    Nathan TiffenNathan Tiffen12 days ago
  • I love how she got a call about her mom losing her mind while she herself was losing her mind LMAO

    Lilly RoseLilly Rose13 days ago
  • Michael is such a genuine nice person wow

    heyletsgo Fansheyletsgo Fans13 days ago
  • Oh poor me poor me she is so selfish and thinks she’s better than everyone he deserves better

    Samantha SmithSamantha Smith14 days ago
  • Why she allways blackmail him that she wont marry him????

    Aima RoshanAima Roshan14 days ago
  • Why does it make me think this will be Honey Boo Boo in 40 years 😂🤷‍♀️

    Julie AllenJulie Allen14 days ago
  • 😂🤣😂😂 BRUH their faces from 3:19 to 3:35 priceless

    Jeffery HughesJeffery Hughes14 days ago
  • She uses this marriage and hangs it over his head with everything...my gosh

    Alexandra KirtonAlexandra Kirton15 days ago
  • Michael u gotta be careful u are marrying an American women 😂😂🤣🤣

    Obaid OObaid O15 days ago
  • Hhhhhhhh she is fucking wild

    Mohammad DwaryMohammad Dwary15 days ago
  • Michael deserves better. This woman is a horror. She will never treat him like a husband.

    My Own Private IdahoMy Own Private Idaho15 days ago
  • I feel so bad for this guy..... i wish i had a husband like Michael frfr.... im 31 a single mom of twins and angela 50 something and able to get married.... wow!

    Barbie TwinmomBarbie Twinmom15 days ago
  • She’s the female vision of Donald Trump 😂

    yanyan Chengyanyan Cheng15 days ago
  • She looks like she's related to Donald Trump.

    Elle DElle D16 days ago
  • She toxic


    Santiago MoralesSantiago Morales16 days ago
  • she is upset bc those women where younger, and more attractive. she is just pure jealous, and doesn't care about michael's feelings towards leaving his home country.

    greenflaamingogreenflaamingo17 days ago
  • Omg she so rude!!!😒😒

    Shuhadah AbdullahShuhadah Abdullah17 days ago
  • She is very abusive. What people have to go through for a Green Card. It is SAD!

    marmar17 days ago
  • I liked the part when she says I'm an American i can't give up hot water and electricity lol. She have seen the hard life in Africa.

    zakaria mohamedzakaria mohamed17 days ago
  • They are at a strip club and she gets mad at him for looking at a girl🙄 lol it's like going to the zoo and can't look at the animals🙄

    Lady Sweet PumpkinLady Sweet Pumpkin17 days ago
  • Michael even if it’s for the show, l feel tired 😓 for u

    Bee CoolBee Cool18 days ago
  • Angela herself is a big very huge red flag🤦🏽‍♀️

    Ana LéaAna Léa18 days ago
  • Michael deserves a american citizenship, a purple heart and a million dollars for enduring that fat beast.

    Jonas SchmidtJonas Schmidt19 days ago
  • -why did you act like that in front..... -SHUT UUUUPPP!!!!!!!!

    aziz huseyinaziz huseyin19 days ago
  • Umm okayy American woman. I heard she said it thousands time

    Rosie 18Rosie 1819 days ago
  • Angela actually looks like Trump lol Just imagine her squinting and saying “China”

    Ceasar SaladCeasar Salad20 days ago
  • How rude can you be? The fact that she gets so insecure around other women is insane, she needs therapy omg and to go off like that, this abusive woman needs to be alone!

    MarshmallowCUPCAKee1MarshmallowCUPCAKee120 days ago
  • Omfg.....

    Andrea CAndrea C20 days ago
  • Oh my god😂when she yelled at him

    DonnaDonna20 days ago
  • She's a female version of Trump, even physically.

    ElknnthElknnth21 day ago
    • Lol!

      Courtney Cormier'Courtney Cormier'Day ago
  • Everytime she says “I’m American”, I get triggered lol. She really doesn’t make any compromises.

    BreakfastCookiesBreakfastCookies21 day ago
  • What did he expect

    velma Dvelma D21 day ago
  • This woman.... Dayum....

    Shim Cheng RuShim Cheng Ru21 day ago
  • Jeez, this woman is like Mama June 2.0

    NadederNadeder21 day ago
  • My Goodness I Love These Two .. They Are Truly In Love & It Shows .. Keep Your Head Up & Bring Your Man Home .. ✌💚🙏

    M HDZM HDZ22 days ago
  • Horrible horrible horrible woman! Though Michael is pretty crass trying to get her to stay in Nigeria...

    Bill KellyBill Kelly22 days ago
  • I salute Michael. Real calm. I probably would have suffocate Angela. In her sleep. Annoying norcisist

    Shan HomesShan Homes22 days ago
  • Poor Michael. He didn't even do anything wrong. She is such a horrible person.

    you call me fan you call me armyyou call me fan you call me army22 days ago
  • Michael , you deserve better . I don't know how anyone else feels but , she makes my skin crawl .😲

    Chrissy RoseChrissy Rose22 days ago
  • I can't take that from anyone not even from Angel😊😊

    Anderson West EbimoAnderson West Ebimo22 days ago
  • Lmao 😂 Michael should of know how jealous she is. She’s a loss cannon ready to explode at anytime! Hell she got mad when a women is a mile away! Haha

    Summer WSummer W22 days ago
  • She just looks so much like donald trump

    BankwayBankway23 days ago
  • I neva neva neva spoke to my boyfriend like ths. . Nor he ever spoke to like ths. No matter hw bad our arguments are. Either he goes out or I go into the room when we feel our argument is going out f control. Michael is such a nice man and why he is entertaining her. And hez so so quiet. Everybody deserves peace. May thy be happy in future.

    Shahnaz NaazShahnaz Naaz23 days ago
  • she can't stand being around beautiful ladies and he keep remembering about the American visa so he keeps calm lol

    diva noussadiva noussa23 days ago
  • Angela is Right here

    IheartMariahIheartMariah23 days ago
  • I’d love a man from Africa tbh lol

    Mo ShawdayMo Shawday23 days ago
  • A HUGE Fight Between Angela And Angela Michael was like: 👁 👄 👁

    Hemilly OliveiraHemilly Oliveira24 days ago
  • Turns out Angela is a semi-professional TV actress. Her daughter went on the Maury show and Angela the wrinkled elephant was on the show as well, yelling and screaming

    gojoe283gojoe28324 days ago
  • Horrible woman

  • DimenCHIA.. why does she say it like that lol

    Indianna RoseIndianna Rose24 days ago
  • She is a bloody narcissist😠 Manipulative and self centered 😡

    Vivian AsiegbuVivian Asiegbu24 days ago
  • Visiting Chernobyl and staying the night sleeping close to the ruins of the reactor must be 100 times less toxic than living with Angela.

    Matias AcostaMatias Acosta25 days ago
  • She looks like trump

    Life of HudaLife of Huda25 days ago