Jennifer Lawrence Explains Her Drunk Alter Ego 'Gail'

Mar 2, 2018
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Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence described to Ellen her drunk alter ego "Gail," who loves rum and jumping into shark-infested waters.

  • She's an idiot. Not funny at all...actually kind of embarrassing. lol

    SuesueSuesue17 hours ago
  • Jennifer is the girl that dosenot get affected by anything happen to her😊😊😊😊

    american dreamamerican dreamDay ago
  • Who is gail?

    Armando GuerreroArmando GuerreroDay ago
  • she always drink whatever in front of her in her each interview😂😂

    Depressed SoulDepressed SoulDay ago
  • She ate worms

    PTM ChildofGodPTM ChildofGod2 days ago
  • There are no words, Jennifer lawrence is jus a queen and is so loved bc she’s relatable and doesn’t try to look like a superstar she jus naturally is one❤️❤️

    Mrs CurryMrs Curry3 days ago
  • She should go comedy in movies, she'd be GREAT

    fezzioui wissalfezzioui wissal5 days ago
  • Support Ellen hit the 👍 🌈

    Peter LimatoPeter Limato6 days ago
  • at 5:02 it's the black swan

    Juste LynxJuste Lynx6 days ago
  • Shes literally so hilarious I love her

    Marlie HMarlie H7 days ago
  • What movie are they talking abour

    Marlie HMarlie H7 days ago
  • I love Jennifer Lawrence so much.

    a chick with wifia chick with wifi7 days ago
  • The amount of times I watched this is unhealthy. I come back here every few weeks this is not okay...

    CharLiix31CharLiix317 days ago
    • same bro

      erica Wilsonerica Wilson6 days ago
  • she's drepesed

    g Londong London9 days ago
    • drepesed?

      erica Wilsonerica Wilson6 days ago
  • I feel she did that move just to show us the back of her sweater 😅❤️

    TheNawara90TheNawara9010 days ago
  • Jenny is fantastic!!!😂😂😂😂 I love her and I hope to watch another movie with her as soon as possible!!

    Elettra PierelliElettra Pierelli10 days ago
  • Jennifer Lawrence is such and ICONIC QUEEN, i love her so much, she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me happy, shes just PERFECT

    Ashley Smith WongAshley Smith Wong11 days ago
  • How funny is she

    Lokesh paulLokesh paul12 days ago
  • She will not last very long like this. In a few years she will look horrible and won’t be casted anymore

    Vegan RunnerVegan Runner14 days ago
  • Gailic

    Alain Richard Kwe DiazAlain Richard Kwe Diaz15 days ago
  • 2:44 she looks like a Sim from Strangeville

    Josiane FrancoJosiane Franco16 days ago
  • U

    Eliana kardashianEliana kardashian16 days ago
  • I guess JLaw is one of the cutest and funniest women out there. She's very untypical for an "actress".

    Laurina HawksLaurina Hawks16 days ago

    Jay JayJay Jay17 days ago
  • a thousand years

    j.t. gilmorej.t. gilmore17 days ago
  • Is just me or does she look like katie from alexa and katie?

    mehak sohailmehak sohail17 days ago
  • She’s beautiful but she behaves like a boy

    zaid alhemyarizaid alhemyari17 days ago
  • is Ellen sad ?

    Aren #Aren #18 days ago
  • It’s rare to see genuine laughter from Ellen, but you can tell she really enjoys hearing J Law

    Melany PaternóMelany Paternó19 days ago
  • i cant i really can’t 1 second later i’ll take this one

    lucy mastersonlucy masterson19 days ago
  • I don’t think people are actually seeing the warning signs here. It all seems like fun but what your seeing is evidence of textbook trauma based, and substance induced MKUltra dissociation. The fracturing of the self and personality into separate individual alters.

    JoshPhoenix11JoshPhoenix1119 days ago
  • Jennifer Lawrence is a raw talent.

    AnonymousAnonymous20 days ago
  • The hair too just so presindential xd

    Nicolas HuertaNicolas Huerta21 day ago
  • I’m actually crying bc of that picture of her wasted on the read carpet 💀💀💀💀💀

    River-Vixen-GLEEK 27River-Vixen-GLEEK 2722 days ago
  • Which movie are they talking about????

    Modern viral worldModern viral world25 days ago
  • Jennifer is cute without even trying ❤️

    Andrea HawkerAndrea Hawker26 days ago
  • I need to see the Jennifer Aniston fight!

    Dan SIVADan SIVA26 days ago
  • the pose at 5:25 SENT me

    zaiden rosenzaiden rosen27 days ago
  • estou vendo esse vídeo e bebendo junto com Gail ! Saúde !!!!

    Simone FiuzaSimone Fiuza27 days ago
  • Are you sure it is not Gale because of The Hunger Games?

    Stream ShowStream Show28 days ago
  • nice to meet u gail

    Abbie TylerAbbie Tyler29 days ago
  • Best female personality I have seen

    Lethal KidLethal KidMonth ago
  • Get together Reese Witherspoon, Mila Kunis, Cate Blanchett, and of course Jennifer; add some drinks and and a setting and I'd pay to see that.

    Bob DoubterBob DoubterMonth ago
  • I love her so much!!! I hope she can make social media accounts so we can get an update to her 🥺

    Hanie SprayberryHanie SprayberryMonth ago
  • See about that

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxineMonth ago
  • What if gail is mk ultra

    Eliana kardashianEliana kardashianMonth ago
  • Investigate mk ultra

    Eliana kardashianEliana kardashianMonth ago
  • Mk ultra

    Eliana kardashianEliana kardashianMonth ago
  • Lol!

    Myeka JohnsonMyeka JohnsonMonth ago
  • just lovly :)

    rick brick bMonth ago
  • We all know this is not the first time we’re watching THIS.

    Sepehr ShahidiSepehr ShahidiMonth ago
  • 3:15 yes

    jam MSTjam MSTMonth ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️jennn

    Aditi KashyapAditi KashyapMonth ago
  • Did anyone notice that she ran with only one shoe?

    Shreyashika ManavShreyashika ManavMonth ago
  • ❤️👠

    Gesian Mariela Avila MartinezGesian Mariela Avila MartinezMonth ago
  • The strange red carpet Jen looked like Katy Perry for a second. Am I wrong?

    Rose KavanaghRose KavanaghMonth ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Alicia Vittoria KeenAlicia Vittoria KeenMonth ago
  • shes the best

    Madhav TrivediMadhav TrivediMonth ago
  • Do Couple more then go for a night

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxineMonth ago
  • Now that me too say something do what to say am just Scared and afraid to say something I don’t know what I’m gonna say yeah to be honest that I want to go this way OK

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxineMonth ago
  • 4:46 her name is Monique

    Diego Jose Lebron AlvarezDiego Jose Lebron AlvarezMonth ago
  • Yeah just talking about my life story kind of thing and things I’m going through kind anything that’s on my mind I’m gonna share to keep thinking yeah but now I know though cause I’m gonna wait with my brother in the low level for work then I can get into that in a few minutes because it’s out for my brothers around well you know I’m gonna say it in a nice way but I am like he’s mad he is going to save everything and always complaining of everything but nothing nothing to do with the house a heat goes on with everything

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxineMonth ago
  • "That wasn't me... that was Patricia."

    Sheila ASheila AMonth ago
  • Jennifer is the best. Give her a talk show with alcoholic beverages during the show.

    Pale AmigoPale AmigoMonth ago
  • Jennifer Lawrence DEFINITELY is one of the sweetest, realest and funniest celebrity ever

    Nina SchickNina SchickMonth ago
  • Oh Jen! You’re so hilarious 🤣

    April LegionApril LegionMonth ago
  • Gail and Gale Oop-

    Rxselyn_0808Rxselyn_0808Month ago
  • JLaw: Happy birthday, darling!! Hubby: I have a headache! 😁

    Qui TranQui TranMonth ago
  • Gail kinda looks like lili reinhart

    Jasmine IonescuJasmine IonescuMonth ago
  • she's so entertaining that she makes Ellen funny

    stéstéMonth ago
  • Its called liquid courage

    tony pinatony pinaMonth ago
  • 5:05 Petition to name her Niki😂

    Shachar TzadokShachar TzadokMonth ago
  • Božee :D I love her so much ❤️ She is amazing person.. And so talented and funny.. I love her movies.. 😍❤️

    Katarína PerryKatarína PerryMonth ago
  • I love her

    mmayra #mmayra #2 months ago
  • did anyone notice she lost her shoe when she ran ?😂 4:49

    Small ChicSmall Chic2 months ago
  • His Royal Highness, Crown-prince Frederik was there...

    Christian AndersenChristian Andersen2 months ago
  • He is just from a linage of Knights .... from the Airforce.. or he was...

    Christian AndersenChristian Andersen2 months ago

    Christian AndersenChristian Andersen2 months ago
  • Cute

    Christian AndersenChristian Andersen2 months ago
  • Cool dude!

    Christian AndersenChristian Andersen2 months ago
  • Exactly

    Christian AndersenChristian Andersen2 months ago
  • Is it only me or she actually looks like bella hadid?

    Saya MathemaSaya Mathema2 months ago
  • She actually has great comedic timing.

    RerereAnnaRerereAnna2 months ago
  • Sexxddddddddd

    Muzica SexualaMuzica Sexuala2 months ago
  • Funny I LOVE her JLaw

    Muzica SexualaMuzica Sexuala2 months ago
  • She is amazing!love her 🤣👍 I want to be her friend

    Anna KunzAnna Kunz2 months ago
  • My drama teacher is called Gail😂

    Dakota Horrigan-OwenDakota Horrigan-Owen2 months ago
  • I want to be her friend.

    Ierrah Mirasol VillanuevaIerrah Mirasol Villanueva2 months ago
  • No entendi muy bien porque ella hablaba de sus novias en sus vacaciones

    Carlos Alberto Infante ArrietaCarlos Alberto Infante Arrieta2 months ago
  • I want her to go for president in like 5 years

    are you bored yet ?are you bored yet ?2 months ago
  • “nO i LoVe YoU tHe MoSt!!!!!!”

    Deadly UnicornDeadly Unicorn2 months ago
  • I want to party with gail. 😅

    Speedy2619Speedy26192 months ago
  • Oh my gosh don't let her drink rum, okay??

    Gaia per casoGaia per caso2 months ago
  • They seem to be really good friends. Ellen was laughing a lot 😂

    Francisco RojasFrancisco Rojas2 months ago
  • She's hilarious 😹

    Agnieszka KozlowskaAgnieszka Kozlowska2 months ago
  • I think we all underestimate how crazy she’s in real life

    Khalmukhamedova MokhinurKhalmukhamedova Mokhinur2 months ago
  • I hav'nt seen a " fantastic movie for years and years!

    Judy EveristJudy Everist2 months ago
  • She's looking extremely pretty 😍

    Bat ManBat Man2 months ago
  • “no. no I ca- i’ll take this one.”

    nothing idknothing idk2 months ago
  • Gail is hotter than her...

    BigalinjapanBigalinjapan2 months ago