Is that Tom Brady or Jameis Winston? Shannon on Bucs Week 1 loss against Saints | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Sep 14, 2020
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Tom Brady’s Buccaneers debut didn’t go as well as the 43-year-old quarterback would have liked. Brady had 2 touchdowns and nearly 250 passing yards, but he also had a pair of costly interceptions that included a pick-6 in the 3rd quarter. Brady did rush for the game’s first touchdown but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would still lose 34 to 23 to the New Orleans Saints. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Brady's debut.
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Is that Tom Brady or Jameis Winston? Shannon on Bucs Week 1 loss against Saints | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • What are your thoughts on the Buccaneers' Week 1 loss against the Saints?

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDSkip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED13 days ago
    • Ray Allen saved Lebron's career.

      Omnipotent BeingOmnipotent Being3 days ago
    • @Steve Alfred Good Game last night 😂😂😂

      Michael HartMichael Hart6 days ago
    • Skip made a good point about the week 1 matchups of bucks and Patriots

      Brad ABrad A10 days ago
    • All of Toms MVP's belong to the OLine he played behind all those years, that's what I've got. lol.

      Ralph NachoRalph Nacho11 days ago
    • @Hector Rodriguez kik

      Em EnglandEm England11 days ago
  • 4:21 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mr NiceKnifeMr NiceKnifeDay ago
  • Shannon is so immature

    David JanusDavid JanusDay ago
  • I’m just here for the “it’s little Scottie Miller” 🤣😭

    BMVCKBMVCK3 days ago
  • Shannon 1:39 - “Preshaded...and I would really preshaded if you stop interrupting me”😂😂😂😂it’s really “Appreciate it”😭😭

    TT 4TT 44 days ago
  • bout time brady gets criticized for the awful performance instead of the rest of the team taking the blame 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    ZiGZiG5 days ago
  • Skip has a point. Brady played one of the toughest teams 1st game. New England Cam Played 1st game way easier team.

    Randy WhiteheadRandy Whitehead6 days ago

    eastpoint84eastpoint846 days ago
  • Im not a tom brady fan but maybe he trying to find people he trust on the field!

    hinata whinata w6 days ago
  • Ha ha! Sharpe killed it! Highly entertaining! That dude looks like he is having fun!

    Tatey AmbroseTatey Ambrose6 days ago

    LordZoth6292LordZoth62927 days ago
  • This is the only video on USkeys of people talking about this game. Why? MSM hates the Saints. Drew Brees GOAT BABY WHO DAT

    LordZoth6292LordZoth62927 days ago
  • Why is shannon such a brady hating lil b**ch

    Aaron CobbAaron Cobb8 days ago
  • Those saints dbs tackled the receivers every single deep ball

    Addison HaasAddison Haas8 days ago
  • Well ain’t this rich! Skip gives Tom Brady ginormous empathy for playing a bad game, but Dak Prescott gets chastised for sharing real pain from losing a loved one. Okay.

    Love to LaughLove to Laugh8 days ago
  • Skip in his feelings, trying to sneak diss Jenny like that 0:42 .. Jenny wasn't feeling that 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu9 days ago
  • 0-1 and it's over ?? Shannon stop playing bro

    Tmac BriTmac Bri9 days ago
  • I already see where this is going and it is SO predictable and stupid. *sigh*.......

    D2K PrimeD2K Prime9 days ago
    • Shannon has to do stand up like he's hilarious 100% of the time

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu9 days ago
  • Shannon needs to lower his voice and wear a spit guard so he doesn’t drown Skip.

    Timothy HyerTimothy Hyer9 days ago
  • skip " lets look at the first throw Brady did, look that arm strength on his first throw". STOP

    Chris MarksChris Marks9 days ago
  • Oh wow they actually talking sports! Thank GOD!

    O VO V9 days ago
  • If Tom a goat that shouldn’t matter who he play WHODAT⚜️

    Joshua SmithJoshua Smith9 days ago

    Bryan FloresBryan Flores10 days ago
  • “tom brady didnt have any penalties that were his fault” tom brady: intentional grounding

    bofooit gojobofooit gojo10 days ago
  • Tom Brady is acting like a child for God sakes he has six Super Bowl rings and crazy rich he needs to retire

  • Shannon, remembering that you have retired after 1998. It was 5 years too many., just kept bullshiting your overall spiraling down skills. And, you trying to disrespect other players is comical.

    Jorge FloresJorge Flores10 days ago
    • Skip is just annoying

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo10 days ago
  • Skip picks out 5 throws in the game that were good like bruh just say he wasn't good this game lol its OK to take the L

    Blake CamilleBlake Camille10 days ago
  • Tom forgot to deflate the balls

    Knathan KnathanKnathan Knathan10 days ago
  • Tom Brady has been exposed. I knew when he wasn't on a team where he could cheat that he would be an average QB. And that's exactly what he is average. So much controversy with him in New England. I told people years ago that if you put Brady on the Cleveland Browns or any other team that you have to build that he would be average. It's not Brady hate it's just facts. People forget that Brady was on a team where they were already headed to the superbowl with Drew Bledsoe before he got hurt. And all Tom did was game manage and win by field goals. Not to mention they cheated for him against the Radiers when jerry rice was there and the refs called a no fumble and then that next year they changed the rule back. Brady isn't use to throwing down field. He's use to dump passes. He's never had a big arm. Not sure why so man people are shocked.

    kenshinro7kenshinro710 days ago
  • Not a Brady fan. I'm a hater actually. but the man's a genius at QB and he will get his team on track.

    Chad TepChad Tep10 days ago
  • Low and behold he’s continuing the streak

    license2breallicense2breal10 days ago

    John MattJohn Matt10 days ago
  • Shannon has to do stand up like he's hilarious 100% of the time

    The Midnight ACEThe Midnight ACE10 days ago
  • Skip needs to be send home ...thank u skip, his to old and acts like a 6 year tyke and his eyesight is gone!! Skip baseless indeed

    Leo GuzmanLeo Guzman10 days ago
  • Skip you clown. You and Shannon were not talking about Drew Brees' performance. You were talking specifically about Brady and his performance alone. Of course you being the low IQ being that you are, put Brady on a pedastal by bashing down Drew Brees' numbers.. which again, has NOTHING to do with how Brady played.

    James O'HehirJames O'Hehir10 days ago
  • I love how Skip is going nuts to say how good the Saints defence is as a way to defend Tom Brady's poor week 1 performance rather than actually give credit to the Saints defence for playing well.

    James O'HehirJames O'Hehir10 days ago
  • Why is Skip even still on tv?

    profjubjubsprofjubjubs10 days ago
  • I love this damn show 😂😂😂

    Luis CastellonLuis Castellon10 days ago
  • Why skip be doing Jenny like that😂😂😂

    MalMal10 days ago
  • Skipppppp!! Yo man is 43! He’s a man not a god. He’s playing well for his age but he’s only human. Expect more INTs from him this year. He’s 43!! Brees played bad too. It’s a new era in the NFL. Bye Brady, Brees, and Rothlisberger. Hello Mahomes, Watson, and Murray!

    Johnny DoeJohnny Doe11 days ago
  • Skip is just annoying

    Ben MercerBen Mercer11 days ago
  • Skip is right for all the brady haters . You better enjoy it while it lasts

    dan browndan brown11 days ago
  • Skip, Im sorry but Brees is the GOAT..Brees owns Tom on All the Nfl records. All Tom has on Brees is rings. But does one Player having more rings make them better then the next? I would say No...because Eli has more rings than Brees and Eli is not even close to being as good as Brees. Take away All the rings and Drew is Truly the Goat

  • Tom Brady is washed.

    Franklin FranklinsonFranklin Franklinson11 days ago
  • Brady does still have arm strength, that's why he overthrew Mike Evans on the first pick

    TeddyFeather0119TeddyFeather011911 days ago
    • He didn’t overthrow. Evans read the coverage wrong duh

      sanuensanuen9 days ago
  • He said ol' noodle arm over there lmao

    Paul MorrisPaul Morris11 days ago
  • Tom "Jamie's Winston"Brady 🤣🤣🤣

    Aaron CamposAaron Campos11 days ago
  • I told a bucs fan they should have stayed with Jamie's he thought I was crazy I'm a Florida State fan I know what hes capable of the system is the reason for the picks Tom good for another year if your lucky 2 Jamie's can be good for 10 plus years he just needs a stable coach that doesn't give up on him the guy has literally had 3 coaches in 5 years that's just not stable hes basically learning a new system every year the bucs threw him to the fire right away instead of letting him develop behind a vet and watch the game like he will this year but if he takes over after drew I promise u he could be a comeback player of the year and if sean can make that happen you can no longer call arians the qb whisperer that will be sean paytons title.

    Aaron CamposAaron Campos11 days ago
  • "I aint say great, I said Good"

    Kelly KardashianKelly Kardashian11 days ago
  • I wonder if Shannon ever found out he is verifiably wrong about every point he brought up.

    james caglejames cagle11 days ago
  • Onion

    Joseph MuhammadJoseph Muhammad11 days ago
  • Tom Brady finna retire after this year

    EL ChoppaEL Choppa11 days ago
  • Skip is always wrong. I don't know how he has a job still.

    Merc ZuckerborgMerc Zuckerborg11 days ago
  • Guys it was 1 gameeeeeeeeee. Jesus

    central america panamacentral america panama11 days ago
  • Oh noodle arm over there😂😂😂

    King SavageKing Savage11 days ago
  • Its a new team for him he still feeling out his team..they didn't get to really practice this year. Plus he has nothing to prove.

    Chris TyrellChris Tyrell11 days ago
  • Tampa has extremely large potential, I hate that people pass judgements over week 1🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂. Let Brady create some chemistry with Evans and the offensive line and running back , they will be gold. Too many Brady haters .......just wait.

    James K-JJames K-J11 days ago

  • You can definitely see the coaching differences from the jump. You never see stupid penalties like TB had at NE. All the false Starts! The PIs! Not to mention the coach throwing the starting QB under the bus! What coach does that?

    Dice FlawlessDice Flawless11 days ago
  • Skip had a VERY bad day. Pats won without Tom, Tom lost without Pats and Cowboys lost. Trifecta!

    preston121068preston12106811 days ago
  • Shannon is funny ash !!!

    Tshombe TooleyTshombe Tooley11 days ago
  • Shannon won’t be saying anything around week 5-6. Bet it.

    Go BucsGo Bucs11 days ago
  • Gahdamn! 1 game and Brady is the washed up, hunh? I guess chemistry in football don't exist, hunh?

    Marquette McNealMarquette McNeal11 days ago
  • being shannon sharp is hard.... skip is a hypocrite hes a homer... did everyone forget how how he burried the seahawks as a rebuild team then when the cowboys beat a playoff rebuild team at home its the best thing dak has ever done stop it skip....brady is old but so is brees he played bad he made mistakes once again hes old hes not the brady of 5 years ago. hes a checkdown game manager hes not mvp hes not a superstar hes relaible and after week 1 even thats in question.

    Og_ KLuTchEdOg_ KLuTchEd11 days ago
  • To Brady's defense, Tampa was dropping a lot of good passes.

    Marquette McNealMarquette McNeal11 days ago
  • Id rather listen to my blender going off at 2am then Skips bs... Longtime pats fan but Bradys pretty much done.

    Richard CawleyRichard Cawley11 days ago
  • Skip jus hate being wrong 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂🎯

  • Skip might cry

    Jonathan AndrusJonathan Andrus11 days ago
  • Bucs fan here anyone with a mind knew the Saints were gonna win the 1st game of the season

    Nathaniel RosoNathaniel Roso11 days ago
  • The Chicago Bears have a better defense

    Chris MurkinChris Murkin11 days ago
  • Lol skip says I need to go

    Thy OwnShadowThy OwnShadow11 days ago
  • Aa life long Patriots fan I’ll say it here, without Bill Belichick Brady is nothing, he’s done!!

    Papa JohnPapa John11 days ago
  • The first time I ever agreed with Shannon Sharp, literally!!

    Papa JohnPapa John11 days ago
  • Skip reaching 😂😂🤣🤣

    Yannis MaccabeesYannis Maccabees11 days ago
  • I love Shannon Sharpe, he cracks me up with his antics

    NutNbutSpeedNutNbutSpeed11 days ago
  • Bill Belichick: I’m not saying it was me who was more important in the Patriot’s dynasty, but it was me. 😂

    thebizkid84thebizkid8411 days ago
    • The same bellicheck that has a losing record without Brady

      Allan NixonAllan Nixon11 days ago
  • Skip: that had some mustard on it Shannon : I saw a wobble Shannon biggest brady hater 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Beau GilmoreBeau Gilmore11 days ago
  • Shannon is just schooling Skip at this point

    One Lyfe MusicOne Lyfe Music11 days ago
  • Bruce himself would then come out and say Mike was wrong later on, the overreactions are real🤣

    Nightshade EntertainmentNightshade Entertainment11 days ago
  • SS always willing to sweep TB and what he's done under the rug.Sharpe got so much egg on his face over the years from TB,he's just begging for more.

    Steve GSteve G12 days ago
  • I think Bucs moved on from Jameis because they saw a opportunity to fill all those empty seats in the stadium. Jason Leight can start cleaning out his desk now because Bucs are gonna be wishing they had a QB as good as Winston sooner rather than later. No better than Saints played Bucs would have got the win if they still had Winston.

    Steven HerzbergSteven Herzberg12 days ago
  • Arians is common denominator on picks. Every qb throws more interceptions with his system.

    John CeciliaJohn Cecilia12 days ago
  • Saints weapons were shut down. Kamara ran for 12 yards and Thomas got 17 yards. There not going to win the division with that. Buccaneers gave the game away with turnovers.

    John CeciliaJohn Cecilia12 days ago
    • Thomas got injured with 3 receptions

      Da GoatDa Goat11 days ago
  • Give Brady a couple week, if he does not sync with the team, that mean he’s only good with the type of Bill coaching style.

    Anousith PhanvilayAnousith Phanvilay12 days ago
  • I need Jennie in the studio!

    Mike ChanMike Chan12 days ago
  • What if its Bruce Arians offense?

    supa dupasupa dupa12 days ago
  • Shannon Never Put Winston In The Same Sentence As Brady Ever !!!

  • I don’t often agree with skip but I have to take his side on this one lol. He served it up to Shannon hot and Unc just took it lol.

    Jacob LuffJacob Luff12 days ago
  • If Brees would have retired and Brady would have went to New Orleans he would have been a lot better off.

    SteveSteve12 days ago
  • Shannon's too loud and aggressive.

    SteveSteve12 days ago
  • Skip is only here for entertainment and childlike guessing if Shannon leaves so do I skip is not worth the time it takes to say he can’t tell football from basketball oh yeah he can’t tell the difference

    Hazel BurnettHazel Burnett12 days ago
  • SKIP PICKED BUCS WIN SBLV. I pick Chiefs over Packers, 36-33. Packers beats Seahawks in NFC Championship, 29-19. Chiefs beats Steelers in AFC Championship, 44-29

    Jason PetersJason Peters12 days ago
  • What's Skip gonna say about "Mahomes/Chiefs" after they run it back?

    Jason PetersJason Peters12 days ago

    Jason PetersJason Peters12 days ago
  • That look on tom face behind them says it all........didn't try my hardest....scored 23 testing things out.....ok future is bright......

    Ross FabianRoss Fabian12 days ago
  • Shannon killed skip today!! 🤣🤣😭

    Jeremias MannyJeremias Manny12 days ago
  • Skip so messy and trifling...he makes me embarrassed to be a bucs fan

    Gerard JamesGerard James12 days ago
  • So far Jameis Winston no wins Tom Brady no wins😂😂😂😂

    Otho Williams Jr.Otho Williams Jr.12 days ago
  • Bro shannon going off😂😂

    Blaine GBlaine G12 days ago
  • You're no longer in the AFC Least Tom. Welcome to the NFC.

    GamevetGamevet12 days ago