China's Mobile Execution Vans - Worst Punishments in the History of Mankind

Aug 23, 2020
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If you are ever visiting China, and see a large van with tinted windows pull up next to you, run! Today we are talking about China's mobile execution vans that deliver a lethal injection to death penalty criminals in the back of a tricked out execution van. This style of execution actually exists and that is why it is one of the worst punishments known to mankind.
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  • Well, I lived a few years under Communist rule and I don't want to come it back. I even had family members who where involved in the revolution of 1956 and got into prison because of that. This is why I would never accept _any_ kind of political regime that kills its own citizens or puts them into jail for alleged political crimes like China does. A democratic alternative of China does actually exist and it's located on Taiwan!!! The Western world also has to be cautious because communism is sneaking into America. (Note: the US is not better at all because I don't want to be shot on the street in Texas. If you are free to have weapons that can lead to an uncontrollable escalation of violence and that's what is happening now in America.)

    harczymarczyharczymarczyHour ago
  • There are multipe vans standing next to mosques in china

    OscypekOscypek3 hours ago
  • Corrupt Food and drug official, taking bribes and letting dangerous drugs into China, killing people, gets executed. China: that'll show him, if any killing is to be done, we'll do it

    Jerrol HaleJerrol Hale5 hours ago
  • China is a scary place. With all the deaths in China this year from COVID and the floods. Now famine. More people need to be killed?

    ginger coxginger cox9 hours ago
  • Meanwhile in the us execution in the spot without trial if youre colour people. Lol

    dimaz andhikadimaz andhika10 hours ago
  • "Why would China do such a thing?" Lol oh my sweet summer child.

    Ge TeGe Te11 hours ago
  • Nice

    International funny manInternational funny man13 hours ago
  • And are you still buying cheap stuff from China as you complain

    Michael ROLESTONMichael ROLESTON13 hours ago
  • Keep voting Democrat in America and this will be coming to a neighborhood near you.

    MikeflightFPVMikeflightFPV14 hours ago
  • 0:29 I thought I heard have used ever since but it was actually have used ever since... I thought i just misheard and it was haved used

    Meiru ChenMeiru Chen20 hours ago
  • Oooh there was similar procedure in my country before, like 20-30 years ago. Except instead of a van they just shot every criminals and left their dead bodies to rot on public streets. What worse was over time, it didn't have to be criminals. If you simply _look_ like a criminal, you dead. Or disappear.

    Fina NailusFina NailusDay ago
  • And people think America is evil...

    berners mcskagberners mcskagDay ago
  • Petition to rename the van to the "no opinion van"

    David ScaricamazzaDavid ScaricamazzaDay ago
  • Put Joe &his family in one of these China vans

    Shorty LowShorty LowDay ago
  • Ya: We sent 50 60 thousand Our Industries there and related countries, enabling them to prosper at their madness, Re: welded doors and Event 201, We need this though for Political corruption in the free world, for Them that over throw the Law of the Land for Maritime law, codes and statues, injured party? Or Hear say, should, would, could of?

    Kevin PelletierKevin PelletierDay ago
  • 99.99% conviction rate! Chinese justice is a JOKE!

    Mark StephanMark StephanDay ago
  • Every other execution area: Normal China: haha van go vroom vroom

    WhiteWhiteDay ago
  • 1:28 in China, inmates and prison guards love to play tag, they have so much fun, they can't stop laughing, as you can see

    FanTazTiCxDFanTazTiCxD2 days ago
  • Wow, I thaught North Korea has first place executions

    Rhanz Odè PunzelaRhanz Odè Punzela2 days ago
  • This might sound a little twisted, but I can wholeheartedly say that I see nothing wrong with the van itself. The chinese judicial system is another story... But at it's core, the van is a quick, humane, and comfortable way to go out. And as a bonus, the victim's family won't be half as distraught when viewing the deceast's body because it is left unscathed.

    Kayleigh WybertKayleigh Wybert3 days ago
  • Lengthy due process? Really, have you actually read Chinese execution accounts/

    Andrew McCaskillAndrew McCaskill4 days ago
  • Just another reason not to go to China.

    Sir DankleberrySir Dankleberry4 days ago
  • They borrowed from the Germans

    m9078jk3m9078jk34 days ago
  • “There’s a lengthy due process (...) “ Hahaha, sure

    Buddha - Kings Inc.Buddha - Kings Inc.5 days ago
  • The van behind the slaughter.

    Archeaic o7Archeaic o75 days ago
  • _Guard pressing AK against the back of my head_ Guard: Open your mouth Me: *No.*

    Johnny Rocker, like the drinkJohnny Rocker, like the drink5 days ago
  • Ok

    Sakshi NaikSakshi Naik5 days ago
  • Everybody gangsta until the executioner van pulls up to ur mommas crib

    GasScentGasScent6 days ago
  • And people here are voting for socialism/communism. Idiots.

    Kelly ConroyKelly Conroy7 days ago
  • Listen... We don't need to have the same morals as the US, just cause you disagree doesn't make you right. We aren't the government.

    Chinese Ripoff of GodChinese Ripoff of God7 days ago
  • Woohoo, okay, let's get to the racist comments.

    Chinese Ripoff of GodChinese Ripoff of God7 days ago
  • Do they say Biden 2020 on the side.

    Chris BrushChris Brush7 days ago
  • The vans have been in use for years, and has been quite successful. The vans usually go to the location of where the condemned is located, usually in a jail. The cost of the execution is bore onto the family of the executed, somewhere to the equivalent of $300 to $400.00 in US dollars. Way way cheaper than being executed at a chamber in a prison.

    Paul EneanPaul Enean7 days ago
  • This is describing america right

    Young KwakYoung Kwak8 days ago
  • Saw the title in the recommended of my history professor, and I simply must find out.

    Andrew LipscombAndrew Lipscomb8 days ago
  • See this is a t4 program AGAINST DISABILITY people only

    Philip DresslerPhilip Dressler8 days ago
  • Top 10 worst punishments of all time *V , Ą'. Ň*

    Wow 3Wow 38 days ago
  • If you claim China is any different legally than the US, you haven't been there. It's not as different as you think. The press here just takes advantage of your "different bad" reflex.

    R ColeR Cole9 days ago
  • Portland needs a whole fleet of death vans.

    Dont askDont ask9 days ago
  • Walther Rauff had the design claim on this one - Typical China...!!! Stealing everyone else's technology...!!

    Pat PhillipsPat Phillips10 days ago
  • Killing corrupt politicians? No. More like the opponents of president Xi

    Kolby HarrisKolby Harris10 days ago
  • I certainly wouldn’t be breaking the law in Chyynaa!!

    T KT K10 days ago
  • i think covid 19 is the worst china torture...😌✌️

    Don DonDon Don10 days ago

    Lawrence TaylorLawrence Taylor11 days ago
  • The Chinese government is not at all corrupt and never would an innocent person ever be executed in it.

    Evan KochEvan Koch11 days ago
  • Please describe flogging through the fleet that I learned about from reading MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY and KEEL HAULING.

    Evan KochEvan Koch11 days ago
  • To be honest, I can't see why it's a bad idea. It's cheap and efficient. Lethal injection is a relative human way of execution.

    Xiangxin KongXiangxin Kong11 days ago
    • I think it’s better for the janitor who has to clean the walls after a firing squad.

      Chi Kwan LeungChi Kwan Leung7 days ago
    • Nah

      WoTBIitzProWoTBIitzPro10 days ago
  • How is this bad?

    RAidz_ tingily PoliticsRAidz_ tingily Politics11 days ago
  • Setting my objections to capital punishment aside. Does the van not mean that those on the Chinese death row are not being jailed for their crimes whilst appeals go ahead? Or is the appeals process just that quick? It kind of leads me to believe that there will be plenty of innocents being put to death. (Without counting those simply exercising free speech)

    SimuDanSimuDan11 days ago
  • The Nazi's invented death vans. Check out T4 euthanasia program.

    Redbeard of RandomnessRedbeard of Randomness12 days ago
  • And the western world is adopting Chinese style social control/tracking apps? We are adopting the same restrictions on freedoms of speech and assembly. I have seen a dozen people talking about covid saying "we should do the same as China" *face palm*

    Redbeard of RandomnessRedbeard of Randomness12 days ago
  • it gets a lot worse when you realize thier inhumane 3 generation rule/law. one person brakes the law and three generations of that family are ALL punished. couple THAT with the 90+% convictions due in large part to callousness and incredible corruption within their kagaroo court system.

    David TalDavid Tal12 days ago
  • I thought they execute the prisoners by putting them in the van and rolling them down the hill. Thanks @Guess My Name

    Saw PatrickSaw Patrick12 days ago
  • My classmates won't follow the government guidelines get the van

    Tabitha The CatTabitha The Cat12 days ago
  • 2:08 The other 4 guns: *imma shoot the wall*

    StompingDinoStompingDino12 days ago
  • I dont get why dont they just shoot the person in the head from a close range, why is there a concern of accuracy? has to be the simplest form of execution

    VV12 days ago
    • People are known to have survived shots in the head, and also, blood and brain matter (or organs) gets everywhere and I would presume that would be kinda annoying to clean up.

      Chi Kwan LeungChi Kwan Leung7 days ago
  • Corrupt politicians 😂 they should execute themselves then...

    Honey BadgerHoney Badger12 days ago
  • Wait what? Chinese gov kills billionaires and politicians?

    Jean de La FontaineJean de La Fontaine12 days ago
  • We need these MY opinion IF your ON death row you need to be .."put down" not sitting there for years on tax payers money. Yes they deserve time for case to be overturned and such but sitting there for YEARS! is not right again in MY opinion.

    Jessica RipleyJessica Ripley12 days ago
  • CCP and DNC are two in the same.

    N AllenN Allen13 days ago
  • All vans are *made in China.*

    The Ultimate INSECT PersonThe Ultimate INSECT Person13 days ago
  • I pick up girls in my van usually with a supply of candy.

    iwanaGoFast2010iwanaGoFast201013 days ago
  • It's ironic & somehow appropriate, giving how most us Asians actually drive a vehicle...

    Chris DimalukuChris Dimaluku13 days ago
  • The Chinese...a great bunch o’ lads. Father Ted

    James HazzardJames Hazzard13 days ago
  • They say when you break up with a Japanese girl, you have to drop the bomb twice before she accepts.

    Sugar MuffinSugar Muffin13 days ago
  • “In the name of Justice” bruh do you know what justice is?

    Eh, An old accountEh, An old account13 days ago
  • Is like the anti ambulance

    Corey the ZebraCorey the Zebra13 days ago
  • Enter the *Forever box*

    Corey the ZebraCorey the Zebra13 days ago
  • Well, Mississippi had a portable electric chair back in the '40s, operated by ex-con Jimmy Thompson..

    John SmithJohn Smith13 days ago

    chacho ortachacho orta14 days ago
    • Our education system is very soft, yes. "Consecuencies"?

      Craig CorsonCraig Corson13 days ago
  • Stop saying whacked

    Joel RobertsonJoel Robertson14 days ago
    • Clipped?

      AutodidactAutodidact3 days ago
  • No wonder why Chinese people are so close to the government

    Alex WeightAlex Weight14 days ago
  • Why can’t death row inmates volunteer to donate their organs and just be put down on the surgery table??

    Julie GoodrichJulie Goodrich14 days ago
    • Because you'd need to hang or shoot them in the head for the organs to be alright

      Awesome GamerAwesome Gamer13 days ago
  • 50 vans for Portland, 100 for Chicago, please ............

    eyescrynoteyescrynot14 days ago
  • More people need to die than rot in prison

    awkc 63awkc 6314 days ago
  • its jsut like in america but more efficient

    yungayunga14 days ago
  • Only a thousand per year? But there's billions of them!?

    yussuq madiqyussuq madiq14 days ago
  • Can't see how the USA can condemn other countries on state executions. The USA has the worst human rights in the western world; including it's inhumane archaic execution laws!

    Sean FitzjohnSean Fitzjohn14 days ago
  • why is it that whenever i hear new stuff about china i like the country more and more

    bruh momentobruh momento14 days ago
  • PETA has death vans for your unwanted pets.

    riccardo estavansriccardo estavans14 days ago
  • DNC loves CCP.

    riccardo estavansriccardo estavans14 days ago
  • "China has due process." I didn't know the Infographics Show had a sense of humor. In China, when you are prosecuted, your lawyer is given by the Chinese government, the jury is all party members, and the judge of course is sponsored by the CCP.

    jahtsojahtso14 days ago
    • Here we are at the mercy of Unions.

      Non EssentialNon Essential2 days ago
    • Wow it's almost like the American government gives poor people who can't afford their own lawyers public defenders that they don't get to choose the political party of either.

      Obungo bin Hitler StalinObungo bin Hitler Stalin10 days ago
  • they should call it the Death Van battlestation

    Marie BCFHSMarie BCFHS14 days ago
  • Humans are just beautiful creatures aren’t they

    Stephen KershnerStephen Kershner15 days ago
  • The Nazis did this too.

    AGiLE-EaGLE1994AGiLE-EaGLE199415 days ago
  • 1:45 hes getting invited to smash

    Nood1leNood1le15 days ago
  • The worst part, it's probably alot worse

    Anthonie MadsenAnthonie Madsen15 days ago
  • While glad this exists and is uncharacteristic to normal western storytelling on China , it still has that tinge of deference to cultural relativism. [yes, even tho some states have the DP, not even close to "the same thing, only bigger". Reject].

    Bryan GuzikBryan Guzik15 days ago
  • Door dash of death

    Ill will Ill willIll will Ill will15 days ago
  • I can totally see the U.S. getting a death van

    I Thought It Was FunnyI Thought It Was Funny15 days ago
  • The ride of your life (death).

    world watcherworld watcher15 days ago
  • Covid is a Chinese torture to the world.

    Paul AlvezPaul Alvez15 days ago
  • China is the worst country

    Melvin VillenaMelvin Villena15 days ago
    • @Chairman Mao Then why are there thousands & thousands of people trying to get to America every year but China has no immigration problem at all? In fact lots of Chinese people dream of living in America.

      AutodidactAutodidact3 days ago
    • America is.

      Chairman MaoChairman Mao15 days ago
  • Free Tibet

    Mahen SMahen S15 days ago
  • Boycott China

    Mahen SMahen S15 days ago
  • Gotta get them organs... Thats what they are really about

    Mondo GeckoMondo Gecko15 days ago
  • *China has just banned the Infographics Show.* Okay, do what you wish.

    Dylan McDylan Mc15 days ago
  • It will be a glorious day when that wicked regime collapses!

    Artr ThormodrArtr Thormodr15 days ago
  • Human right orgs criticize chinese method because they know how how infamous communist governments are

    InamberIInamberI15 days ago
  • "A lengthy due process"? What uninformed idiot wrote this?

    James FaulknerJames Faulkner15 days ago