[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Be My Eyes - Pentatonix

Oct 14, 2020
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Director: Naomi Christie
Production Company: Green Glow Films
Executive Producer: Stephen Wayne Mallett
Head of Production: Brooklynn Reeves Mallett
Producer: Hans Boysen
Director of Photography: Chris Hadland
1st AC: Jared Wennberg
2nd AC: Melanie Adams
DIT: Earl Fulcher
Gaffer: Genevieve Evans
Key Grip: Danny Valentine
Best Boy Electric: Chelsea Petit
Best Boy Grip: Philip Woolridge
Production Designer: Heather Drouillard
Set Dresser: Lindsay Minnich
Covid Compliance Officer: Patrick Sanderson
Production Assistant: Denise Dorado
Production Assistant: Louis Santibanez
Production Assistant: Austin Engemann
Zoom Tech: Davis Mansmann
Director Rep: Laure Scott
Video Commissioner: Melinda Kelly
Artist Hair: Sami Knight
Artist Hair Assist: Alex Henrichs
Artist Stylist: Candice Lambert McAndrews
Artist Stylist Assist: Morgan Chelednik
Artist Make Up: Anthony Nguyen
Artist Make Up Assist: Karsen Richardson
Editor: Jonas Thorhallsson
VFX Artist: Narendra Mood
Color: Loren White - Lookwell

  • Caribbean Blue by Enya plz

    InsomniacInsomniacHour ago
  • It's wonderful to see Christy take the vocal lead on a song.

    Joseph Anthony-Richard VastaJoseph Anthony-Richard Vasta3 hours ago
  • This is sooo awesome and addictive 🙌🏻👏🏼😍😍 A new era of PTX :) Very excited and inspired 🤩🤩 Love from India !❤️❤️ Do check out our channel , we (in our humble way )try to do acapella for Indian songs taking complete inspiration from you guys @ptxofficial Loads of love and looking forward to more of such breathtaking music 💙

    Malhaarmusic OfficialMalhaarmusic Official7 hours ago
  • I've been here since The Sing-Off and I love everything about this. Gorgeous production, takes advantage of their all-time blend, layered but still sounds like their voices, beatboxing sounds like drums, great lead from Kirstin, plays with minimalism like Lorde and Enya. Just stunning all around. I hope the forces that be push this to radio because this track really deserves it.

    Mac WeilmanMac Weilman11 hours ago
    • Well said!

      EliaKay1EliaKay110 hours ago
  • my new favorite song. truly awesome!

    matthewmatthew13 hours ago
  • I miss the old ptx, the ptx with avi🥺 he was my favorite

    Shelby LitterstShelby Litterst13 hours ago
  • You are all so talented! Like the SHEER TALENT that radiates from their music is beyond amazing!

    pamimaniacpamimaniac15 hours ago
  • i love penitonix music so much and keep going on the great music penitonix

    Muffin PufferMuffin Puffer18 hours ago
  • cool video

  • With that backtrack on start i was kinda expecting some Enya thing to come along... uskeys.net/watch/LTrk4X9ACtw-video.html

    Psi QPsi Q21 hour ago
  • Consistently excellent

    Hrundl GamerHrundl Gamer21 hour ago
  • Can you make a Video with Simply three😁

    Tahia RojasTahia Rojas22 hours ago
  • Can we all just take a moment to recognize their beautiful voices ❤️

    SSPSSP23 hours ago
  • Awesome song. PenyaTONIX

    PoyntebreakPoyntebreakDay ago
  • Кирстин за лупой..........

    Азиатский ПудингАзиатский ПудингDay ago
  • It's great to have Pentatonix make original songs! Sad to see Kristin Maldonado have her lips filled with Botox though. She looked so cute before this. I mean no disrespect, just want to say, ladies, really you don't need any of this you look SO much nicer without it. Learn to love yourself as you are and people will love you all the more.

    cipnr korvocipnr korvoDay ago
    • Filler & botox are two completely different things and are both temporary and filler can be reversed at any time. Second, she’s doing it for herself, no one else. She’s discussed it on her social media.

      EliaKay1EliaKay122 hours ago
  • PERFECT 😻😻😻

    Katrina SweetKatrina SweetDay ago
  • 🙂🙃💚

    Catherine ByrneCatherine ByrneDay ago
  • Loving this song

    tommyjn79tommyjn79Day ago
  • So talented that’s what you call real music ❤️👍

    Leanne SibbonsLeanne SibbonsDay ago
  • Just as when the Pentatonix Daft Punk Remix came to my eyes/ears, awesome and stand-alone perfect! NICE : )'

    timm whitetimm whiteDay ago

    jemiijemiiDay ago
  • BOP BOP BOP! I am shook

    dandanDay ago
  • Hi! i'm brazilian and i'm a fan of you, Pentatonix! do you have plans to come to Brazil?

    Cleverson AlbuquerqueCleverson AlbuquerqueDay ago
    • @EliaKay1 Seriously?! I did not know! Damn covid ...! 😒 TKS! 😉👍😘

      Cleverson AlbuquerqueCleverson AlbuquerqueDay ago
    • They were already there on this tour before it was canceled because of Covid

      EliaKay1EliaKay1Day ago
  • Kirstie is so talented and amazing and gorgeous!!! 🥺🥺🥺💘💘💘

    AngelsandArachnidsAngelsandArachnidsDay ago
  • Great to hear more pop style from Pentatonix. They need to keep their sound fresh and varied...

    Tor Ivar SæternesTor Ivar SæternesDay ago
  • I have seen you grow from competition and covers to full blown artists in your own right , i hope your fortunes continue because what you do brings smiles to everyone

    Tameron 28Tameron 28Day ago
  • USkeys is getting real comfortable with these unskipable adds. : /

    귀염둥이귀염둥이Day ago
  • This is pure artistry!

    Laurie RoseLaurie RoseDay ago
  • This song is amazing, great jobs as always guys ! ...But... why the melody kinda reminds me of Orinoco flow by Enya...? lol that’s is so weird😂🤷🏻‍♂️

    Luk 7Luk 7Day ago
    • It’s not the melody, because they are quite different, but the tempo and feel are the same.

      EliaKay1EliaKay1Day ago
  • I am always flabergasted... over and over... PTX this is soooo awesome! Thank You from Deux-Montagnes, Quebec :-)

    Marika CsanoMarika CsanoDay ago
  • You guys inspired me to live out my dream and be just like you. So I am going to create my own Acappella group and I love you all so much. Keep doing what your doing because you make so many people happy

    Jude stebnerJude stebnerDay ago
  • WOOOOUUUU!!!!!! Very Nice!!!! Einfach ein Super geiles Lied passt alles Perfekt zusammen, der Beat die Stimmen TOLL!!!!!!

    Dani HebseDani HebseDay ago
  • Woooooooow

    smitha ssmitha sDay ago
  • Love this song 🎵 ❤ 💕 ♥

    Dee FortierDee FortierDay ago
  • I wonder if they know who VoicePlay is

    TheIncredibleMarioBrosTheIncredibleMarioBros2 days ago
    • of course they know

      MinaOlenEllaMinaOlenEllaDay ago
  • This is amazing! And this is an original song from you guys?! Wow!!!🤩🤩🤩

    Heather RadaHeather Rada2 days ago
    • @EliaKay1 Cool! Thanks. 😊

      Heather RadaHeather RadaDay ago
    • The second original off their second original album coming out Feb. 12

      EliaKay1EliaKay1Day ago
  • This song is incredible.

    Jennifer GrahamJennifer Graham2 days ago
  • Perfection, quality is first class!!! Hope they put more originals out! I am obsessed with their craft!!! And Matt is brilliant, crushing on his voice...so much soul, and he blends so well with Kirstie and Mitch!! Love how low Scott's bass is so strong!!

    Patricia ShopePatricia Shope2 days ago
    • This is the second original from the new original album coming out in February 12th. Their first original album came out in 2015 and they have been writing originals since 2012.

      EliaKay1EliaKay1Day ago
  • Seems like bunch of Enyas...sooo great!

    Herbie KwonHerbie Kwon2 days ago
  • 😍😘🥰

    Paullhen AcapulcoPaullhen Acapulco2 days ago
  • 3:12 Mitch starts killing me, and then at 3:18 the kills me for good, man, what a beautiful voice is that? Wow , I love it

    Maria Teresa VieiraMaria Teresa Vieira2 days ago
  • Amazing song 👍

    Boenk09Boenk092 days ago
  • The new guy has such a gorgeous smile. I just can't get over it... And i'm not even gay! :P

    LavoyeLavoye2 days ago
  • not bad works for me love Kirsten

    Bea BeckerBea Becker2 days ago
  • Very beautiful song😍😍

    Nadine HeroldNadine Herold2 days ago
  • 😍😍😍💖💜💙

    Miroslav ZáňMiroslav Záň2 days ago
  • you cant replace your eyes with someone else

    Melody HeartMelody Heart2 days ago
    • She’s talking about asking someone to see her for who she really is when she’s too wrapped up in other things to see for herself.

      EliaKay1EliaKay1Day ago
  • annoying :|

    Melody HeartMelody Heart2 days ago
  • 유튜브를 뒤집어 놓으셨다.. 펜타토닉스 최고

    볼뤼빌리스볼뤼빌리스2 days ago
  • Not completely original?!? The melody sounds like "Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)" by Enya, but with different lyrics. uskeys.net/watch/LTrk4X9ACtw-video.html And while trying to figure out if this was an original or a cover I found two other different songs with the same title. "Be My Eyes" by Chakra Khan uskeys.net/watch/gF9pvY1_fqU-video.html "Be My Eyes" by Ben Bigelow uskeys.net/watch/KVUqc3qDcEA-video.html

    Dale FreemanDale Freeman2 days ago
    • @Dale Freeman Play the two songs simultaneously and listen. That might help you see that they are, in fact very different.

      niss shinniss shin9 hours ago
    • @Dale Freeman they will have no copyright issues with this. You can’t copyright a feel or tempo

      EliaKay1EliaKay1Day ago
    • I find it interesting that you can’t copyright the name of a song. There are tons of songs all with the same name and that’s perfectly legal. Also, if you listen to the two songs side by side, other then tempo and feel, they are nothing alike. Someone else did that and it really highlights how the songs are quite different. uskeys.net/watch/sIv2nZB3ACo-video.html

      EliaKay1EliaKay1Day ago
    • The problem is that it might sound TOO MUCH like Orinoco Flow. There have been some copyright violation lawsuits in recent years over songs that allegedly used parts of other songs without permission or paying royalties, whether it was the lyrics or the melody/tune/music score. Maybe they got permission and/or paid royalties, or the changes they made were sufficient to not be a problem. I don't know, and am not a lawyer who specializes in the music industry. Hopefully they have someone who knows such things, and has taken the necessary precautions.

      Dale FreemanDale FreemanDay ago
    • There are plenty of songs that have the same title. See this list of songs called "Dream" or "Dreams": en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream_(disambiguation)#Songs

      Femmy SyahraniFemmy Syahrani2 days ago

    miguel vazquezmiguel vazquez2 days ago
  • that's not the original font...

    Raisa ShamsRaisa Shams2 days ago
  • you should do a cover of Enya's one by one I would be so happy to hear that cover

    Rosalina TaylorRosalina Taylor2 days ago
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Сергей СеменовСергей Семенов2 days ago
  • Wow! This is so different, yet so good! Great visuals and amazing job Kirstin and everyone else!

    Racheal MustchinRacheal Mustchin2 days ago
  • The comments from Enya's "Orionco Flow" brought me here.

    TessaTessa2 days ago
  • 1 million views💕💕💕

    Stefani RichStefani Rich2 days ago
  • The more I listen to this song the more I like it :) it grows on you

    alexandraml12alexandraml122 days ago
  • Yay! 1 million already!!!

    Milk GrassfedMilk Grassfed2 days ago
  • 500 views for the 1M LETS GET IT

    drako0123drako01232 days ago
  • This is so beautiful 🥰😘

    Winny O VincentWinny O Vincent2 days ago
  • Be my eyes 👀

    Neida NolascoNeida Nolasco2 days ago
  • Perfection! 💜

    Diane StromeDiane Strome2 days ago
  • Klasse!!

    Heinz ManglusHeinz Manglus2 days ago
  • Could please someone help me as a non native speaker to understand the lyrics? I read them and I know how to interprate but I feel I am far away from understanding! But: Greatest song I ever heard from pentatonix! Thanx, I love You guys!

    Frank SchendlerFrank Schendler2 days ago
    • @EliaKay1 not to forget the „refocus“ thing🥴

      Frank SchendlerFrank Schendler2 days ago
    • @EliaKay1 hey. Thanx!

      Frank SchendlerFrank Schendler2 days ago
    • @EliaKay1quick sand ...

      Frank SchendlerFrank Schendler2 days ago
    • @EliaKay1 aha, I read about it ...

      Frank SchendlerFrank Schendler2 days ago
    • In that context it‘s exactly, what I understood. Just the wording is strange and in some parts hard to interpret. But I don‘t take it too serious, maybe I just want to come behind your idomically „handling“ ...

      Frank SchendlerFrank Schendler2 days ago
  • Can I be the unpopular opinion and say I like Matt’s sound better? Love this

    John WrotenJohn Wroten2 days ago
    • Not an unpopular opinion for many

      EliaKay1EliaKay12 days ago
  • Another one of Kirsten's songs, "Water" is my favorite PTX original. This one might be giving Water a run for its money, though.

    eiznekcamekimeiznekcamekim2 days ago
  • Rarely does a lyric speak to me like this one: "I can get caught up on little things and missteps. You rebuild the ground beneath my feet. When I get lost I'm out of my mind, too in my head,. You're the camera to refocus me." As someone who has misstepped so many times, yet has found the one who rebuilds the ground beneath his feet every single time, this wrecks me. Blessed beyond measure.

    Jeremy BrooksJeremy Brooks2 days ago
  • Why does Kristin look so good in everything

    SpongeclawSpongeclaw2 days ago
    • *Kirstin is indeed gorgeous!

      EliaKay1EliaKay12 days ago
  • This is SO GOOD

    João Marcos SantosJoão Marcos Santos3 days ago
  • These people never disappoint. Love them💜💜

    Hannah DHannah D3 days ago
    • Me too Hannah! I am blessed I was able to see them live in concert. I'm blessed to be apart of this beautiful fanbase where the performers care about each and every one of us fans.

      Ethan WengerEthan WengerDay ago
  • Almost 1 million!!!😍😍

    Hannah DHannah D3 days ago
  • Am I the only one who thought this was an Enya cover at first?

    Junambo QCGJunambo QCG3 days ago
  • Love Love it!!!

    yummyginyummygin3 days ago
  • Y’all should give us a Kirstie and Mitch duet for us Bisexual stans!💖💜💙

    Random NobodyRandom Nobody3 days ago
    • I would LOVE that!

      Hannah DHannah D3 days ago
  • Water walked so Be My Eyes could RUN

    Random NobodyRandom Nobody3 days ago
  • I go on a Pentatonix binge once a year. Right now is that binge for me

    Dyson JBDyson JB3 days ago
  • Greetings from Estonia! Thank you for the music! You have taken me to a new world of music. 🎤❤️

    Kertu LiivikKertu Liivik3 days ago
  • Love it

    Shorty LaneShorty Lane3 days ago
  • Love that polyrhythm ear candy. Have y'all ever tried a Tool cover?

    Friend of the One-Eyed LadiesFriend of the One-Eyed Ladies3 days ago
  • I love this song. I'm rooting for you.

    브브브브3 days ago
  • I really love you guys ❤️💯 but I want to challenge you to sing Trampoline by Zayn

    Olaoye Paul koladeOlaoye Paul kolade3 days ago
  • Bro this is basically Orinoco Flow by Enya

    Willow CollinWillow Collin3 days ago
    • Literally just the boms, the rest is just not the same...

      drako0123drako01232 days ago
    • similar ... but SO NOT the same

      Nick SmithNick Smith3 days ago
    • Yet, not

      EliaKay1EliaKay13 days ago
  • bombaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    koprhkoprh3 days ago
  • These voices are just do divine. It's amazing!

    Jorda VddmJorda Vddm3 days ago
  • WOW!!

    LeenaAleesaLeenaAleesa3 days ago
  • Anyone else reminded of "Orinoco Flow"? I know it through the Celtic Woman version, but I think it's by Enya? (Just to be clear, I absolutely don't want to say Kirstie "stole" anything, I think it's great when artists are inspired by each other's work and just wondered because I enjoy it when I can recognise melodies)

    N. q1N. q13 days ago
    • The melodies are different but the feel is the same. Someone did a mashup of the two and you can hear how different they are uskeys.net/watch/sIv2nZB3ACo-video.html

      EliaKay1EliaKay13 days ago
  • I've never been more obsessed with Kirstin oh my GOD the talent, energy and beauty *wow*

    Jakob WhaleJakob Whale3 days ago
  • Hey you guys, I would appreciate it if you would stop knocking things off my shelves, and loosening the nails in my walls. Although, as long as you are producing quality music I can't stop listening to, I guess I'll have to take the responsibility for that. Keep up the good work, and if my house collapses on top of me, at least I die happy.

    Daniel GableDaniel Gable3 days ago
  • sounds like this should be on fifa

  • I'm glad i found this mine of gold

    Mahmoud SaeedMahmoud Saeed3 days ago
  • Usually good cover bands can't write. I was looking around for who the original artist is on this song . . . and oh, you wrote it . . . Well done!

    Friend of the One-Eyed LadiesFriend of the One-Eyed Ladies3 days ago
    • I’m excited about this second original album coming out in February 12th. Their first original album debuted at number one on the billboard charts and has been certified gold.

      EliaKay1EliaKay13 days ago
  • Ein super schöner Song, lasst Euch nicht von den 1145 Loosern runterziehen und macht weiter so.

    Hans KreutzerHans Kreutzer3 days ago
  • The song is awesome and all but Can we talk about how hot Matt is here 😍 I'm in love ❤️

    BilabBiboy FilmsBilabBiboy Films3 days ago
  • 0:56 - That smile kills me.

    Deputy DogDeputy Dog3 days ago
  • Do you still remember this is an accapella group? Good lord

    Brian James RamosBrian James Ramos3 days ago
  • Falling in love again....

    Hanna BJ AmbaritaHanna BJ Ambarita3 days ago
  • Really love this one!

    Deborah TurnerDeborah Turner3 days ago
  • Woo I really like😍😘

    Kyaw ZayarKyaw Zayar3 days ago