King Von - Back to the Block (Vlog Episode 1)

May 21, 2020
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  • Why is von legs forms like dis: ( )

    El JabloEl Jablo2 hours ago
  • All of em got a short life expectancy

    J MacJ Mac11 hours ago
  • I think this is the only rapper who gang bangs who actually feeds his crew unlike most rappers talkin bout all their homies gotta eat, but king von be doing his thang and actually taking care of his homies

    JavaCCJavaCC11 hours ago
  • Why buddy in the red walking like nba

    Ahmon McclennonAhmon McclennonDay ago
  • this the definition of ‘everybody eats’

    PrivateLifeMasonPrivateLifeMasonDay ago
  • What shoes is he wearing those look tuff

    AstavrAstavrDay ago
  • He looks emso evil

    juice spinachjuice spinachDay ago
  • Asian doll thicc asf

    Zidagoat WilliamsZidagoat WilliamsDay ago
  • Man you know it's crazy how they do it out of love💯

    Corei FreemanCorei FreemanDay ago
  • Me sitting over here looking at all his homies to see who the most sheisty.

    zykeveyin malonezykeveyin maloneDay ago
  • So it was true von does come back to the city so that explains a lot how duck died take notes

  • ilovekingvon

    Jaden PenaJaden Pena2 days ago
  • I thought tgis was an intro to a music video.

    mmmkayyymmmkayyy2 days ago
  • He not bad just make him

    Mc CloudMc Cloud2 days ago
  • D

    Mc CloudMc Cloud2 days ago
  • Type shit we like ta see 💯

    Mir Mullah OfficialMir Mullah Official3 days ago
  • He was paying💰 them off to take 🚘 care of Duck 🦆 ☠️ R.I.P ⚰️😞 ☄️🚀

    The Real MisterMidwestThe Real MisterMidwest3 days ago
  • 6:18 “gdk die y” lmaooo muwop funny asl

    Extendoo!Extendoo!3 days ago
  • This some sosa can’t do😭

    Bilpam JokBilpam Jok4 days ago

    ZiggyGZiggyG4 days ago
  • Asian 👀👀👀 we seen em Lookin ha up and down 😂😂😂💀

    Mariah CopelandMariah Copeland4 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    MoneyManMeachTvMoneyManMeachTv5 days ago
  • Just heard of this dude n listen go him music today, gonna shout out R.I.P, cuz we all kno how this movie ends!!!!

    SuperMangroveSuperMangrove5 days ago
  • They handshake mad fast I would mess up

    Ajaya FauntleroyAjaya Fauntleroy5 days ago
  • E Dogg put in a lot of work, but they left him out in everything.

    Harry SacksHarry Sacks5 days ago
    • he on house arrest

      MercyMercy20 hours ago
  • Von str8 up jus said familyFirst! 💪🏾

    Filiposwbro2002 WFiliposwbro2002 W5 days ago
  • 20's 😂😂😂😂

    Jay SuttleJay Suttle5 days ago
  • If only Zach TV did this

    Ankles_UchihaAnkles_Uchiha5 days ago
  • Never ever have I seen a rap nigga, break bread with his homies like that in a video, I'm sure Dirk was the one help out, these are million dollars nigga, coming from where he walking around that's deep deep deep, he done it right, it need to be more rap niggas, feeding the hood

    Reggie FlowersReggie Flowers6 days ago
  • Why he ain't wanna get that plate

  • Remember if your homie can't do this after he get rich don't snake he just can't do it cuzz he in a 360 deal

    DidThat TelevisionDidThat Television6 days ago
  • You can tell a lot about a person by the way they count 💰 💪🏾💯✊

    Lucky CharmsLucky Charms6 days ago
  • this should be called the street story teller gives back to the street!

    wayne Gilbertwayne Gilbert6 days ago
  • the whole hood ran a train on her

    kj15kj156 days ago
  • 7:20😂

    User 8User 86 days ago
  • Somebody timestamp the assassination attempt put them soldiers to work

    lefthandcigg 425lefthandcigg 4256 days ago
  • Phenomenal footage, Thou Shall Always Feed da Hood...10× Treal...

    Jeremy SpencerJeremy Spencer7 days ago
  • Man you can tell king von actually loves the homies

    Cee MoneyCee Money7 days ago
  • Thats how you break bread

    Dj Capone Mafia MusicDj Capone Mafia Music7 days ago
  • Indictments for some clout

    Tom MackTom Mack7 days ago
  • You Need to write it like this: 6ack on the 6lock

    Lotenzo PotenzoLotenzo Potenzo7 days ago
    • Hell naw Bl55d

      7mileCJ7mileCJ4 days ago
  • T Roy 🥶

    Boom TvBoom Tv7 days ago
  • What jacket is that I like it but I don’t have the money for it but what’s the name

    Young LennyYoung Lenny8 days ago
  • Crazy to think about one of them niggas in that room killed duck 🤦🏾‍♂️

    NBA CLIPSNBA CLIPS8 days ago
  • Von aint givin out no cash for nothi. he payin up for a hit on duck you sheeple. 4 shooters on duck right there

    Harry FHarry F8 days ago
  • 6 heatbreaking things these youths dont realize 1: You live by the sword, you die by the sword. 2: Money might bring you pleasure for 5 minutes, but your life will be over in 4. 3: The same people sitting at your table will be the same people to crucify you. ( Judas, it was written) 4: Be very careful what you say, because the universe is always listening, and words that are spoken inevitably become fate. 5: Never test the devil, because he will play with you like a cat does a mouse, and when you least expect it, he will steal your soul like a thief in the night. 6: Karma could be the most beautiful, joyous thing, but she can also be one ugly ass bitch and eventually you will have to answer for everything you do in this life.

    E MendezE Mendez9 days ago
    • Alton Momon These kids won’t learn till its too late

      E MendezE Mendez7 days ago
    • You spitting 💯

      Alton MomonAlton Momon7 days ago
  • He ain’t shit. Keep a eye out for this snake durk too. RIP big clout 🦆

    honey 6xldhoney 6xld9 days ago
  • Jesus said "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's." Romans 13:1 "

  • 🔥

    LïL JøshLïL Jøsh9 days ago
  • 5:36 I'm trippin or chicago got seagulls?

    Mateo CMateo C9 days ago
    • Yea we have hella of them

      Brisket ShortyBrisket Shorty4 hours ago
  • Camera man shaking in his boots 🥾

    UnkxwnUnkxwn10 days ago
  • On bd

    borngoated_zeke slimeborngoated_zeke slime10 days ago
  • “Gyang!” Like nigga is zooted

    Free The DronesFree The Drones10 days ago
  • What a waste. Passing out money to your "homies", all the while one or two of them are still plotting on you.

    Nicole Cox NewtonNicole Cox Newton10 days ago
  • He really be takin care of his peoples tho

    Kai MooreKai Moore10 days ago
  • His homies hold it down while his out there without them he couldn't talk the shit he does course u gotta break em off when u can

    AnswerAnswer11 days ago
  • I cant wait to feed my people like dis

    Rob2xRob2x11 days ago
  • On lil moe grave

    Rob2xRob2x11 days ago
  • She pressed to be in the hood...I love you but I ain’t hanging in chiraq 😩😂😂😂

    Hair DollHair Doll12 days ago
  • She opening the door for him.

    Midwest KandiMidwest Kandi12 days ago
  • He paying his Goons and hitters. Gotta look out for Fam when Yu move away

    Johnney Young24Johnney Young2412 days ago
  • Fun fact this is what all his songs sound like with out any engineering

    Jalen LuethJalen Lueth13 days ago
  • Yoo u hear me my respect level just hit 10 for these guys real shit

    Deron AnglinDeron Anglin14 days ago
  • Why don't he buy houses or buildings for his people?

    plm2879plm287914 days ago
  • My nigga when u was passing out that money it was like u was passing out plate. Be and stay humble my brother and perfect ur craft

    Tre’ and RekaTre’ and Reka14 days ago
    • Humble urself my brother nd put that shit in a account. Nd stack ur shit. Do ball out and dont let ppl see how much money u getting

      Tre’ and RekaTre’ and Reka14 days ago
  • Y’all getting pressed cuz he taking care of his boys from the start and vice versa

    Haroon SharifHaroon Sharif14 days ago
  • Real shit im from Louisiana im riding with nba but dat moment when u do real shit I like love and acknowledged dat

    J HoustonJ Houston15 days ago
  • Máximo respeito O'block 🔥💯🇧🇷

    Lil DeeneLil Deene15 days ago
  • Everybody in dat house gettin sum money. I’ve never seen this ever, this is just top level boss shit💯💯💯💯just wow👀

    a1 louda1 loud15 days ago
  • 100%True Slime 👌

    Jeremiah GordonJeremiah Gordon16 days ago
  • First rapper I see do this. Hope he stays alive long to help his people grow.

  • I wonder what he be like without dreads 😂😭

    TreFromVa187TreFromVa18716 days ago
  • King come though doing real shit

    Anthony GreenAnthony Green17 days ago
  • 3:53 my mans is on house arrests

    pablo gonzalezpablo gonzalez17 days ago
  • 7:20 When yo homie got some fu shit on the playlist 😭😭😭💯 #whtuonfoelmaoo

    James WhiteJames White17 days ago
  • Soft talking assassin

    KiNgKruZyKiNgKruZy17 days ago
  • Where episode 2 at 💯

    K-Saint 2xK-Saint 2x17 days ago
  • Why the building had to start off with 63😂

    Dj ParkerDj Parker17 days ago
  • They stole that shake from thf

    nos victuriumnos victurium17 days ago
  • feed the family it’s simple.

    Yuno GasaiYuno Gasai17 days ago

    Christian RiveraChristian Rivera17 days ago
  • Bunch of grown men flexing another man money but hey this what females like

    Justin SharpeJustin Sharpe17 days ago
  • New music

    adotindieadotindie17 days ago
  • 317 sht

    J MorrisJ Morris17 days ago
  • i can't stress this enough but *they are not from 63rd*

    100 Million Subscribers Challenge100 Million Subscribers Challenge18 days ago
  • This is a RICO charge waiting to happen lol, real dumb to post this

    Canadian NationalistCanadian Nationalist18 days ago

    12345tghyu12345tghyu18 days ago
  • I wonder what kinda jacket that is!!; And what does it say on the back of it

    Shaquille WalkerShaquille Walker18 days ago
  • That's that look, when they in back of the bent and his man starts sniffing and fuckin with his nose.... WTF....he just exposed hisself

    Jermaine CunninghamJermaine Cunningham18 days ago
  • This A Beautiful Thing To See Von Feeding The Wolves Salute To The O

    go debbygo debby19 days ago
  • That's not no money if they still stuck in the hood

    Mir GreenMir Green19 days ago
  • I'm rich all day 50 mill under da mat all da guwspp

    Kulu BlayKulu Blay20 days ago
  • Look to me that they on 64 kingdr.. Parkway😁😁

    Eric BordersEric Borders21 day ago
  • Von just gave everybody on the blocc some bread and can’t even get a plate . Damn

    Dom MackoDom Macko21 day ago
  • Interesting sociological study one can do out of this one.

    Public OpinionPublic Opinion21 day ago
    • Tookie glk17 nigga said team😭😭😭

      jmoney -jmoney -2 days ago
    • they don’t care that much now

      Sauce BossSauce Boss8 days ago
    • Those are not even his close friends they are like the second or third team from the O

      Tookie glk17Tookie glk1714 days ago
    • Exactly

      A RinA Rin14 days ago
    • @Huzaifa Jovindha anthropology

      Public OpinionPublic Opinion15 days ago
  • homie went back to the hood and drop money off to his set a lot of niggas made it out and turn they back on the block

    DEE-KBanksVEVODEE-KBanksVEVO21 day ago
  • My guy

    MeshawnyaMeshawnya22 days ago
  • Yo what brand that jacket... It's hard as fuck

    Brandon TuovilaBrandon Tuovila22 days ago
  • Von a real one feedin his hood

    Cade RCade R22 days ago
  • Real nigga

    Ernest DeanErnest Dean22 days ago