Jun 27, 2020
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Japanese TV is beloved the world over. But is it really as good as people think it is? I recount my three most awkward experiences on Japanese Television and reveal my reasons for why I avoid watching it.
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  • NOTIFICATION SQUAD: For the love of god, don't say this is a pen. In fact, just don't use the letter p from now on. This video is 25% rant, 25% critique, 25% story time and 25% diorama. I hope somewhere in between you learn something of value! BUT what do you think of Japanese TV? Am I being too harsh? Or perhaps too kind? Let me know and enjoy the video! Also, the video starts at 09:30...

    Abroad in JapanAbroad in Japan16 days ago
    • This is a stylus!

      JonathanJonathan3 hours ago
    • Hahaha that’s the wrong brand for salted chips hahahah you have to try the Singapore version it’s the best!!! Hahahahah

      Melanie The PhysioMelanie The Physio7 hours ago
    • Chris, could you possibly do a video in the future on attractions in Japan for kids? I'd very much like to take my children there one day. Thank you👍

      SmokeyzekatSmokeyzekat12 hours ago
    • Some British people do spit when they talk though

      Manji StudioManji Studio18 hours ago
    • Couldn't find anywhere else so will comment here in case you do you read it Chris. It would be good to also see some videos where you go through some of the more complicated issues within Japanese culture, both past and present. What is the country's relationship to WWII and what happened in China? What do some foreigners enjoy living in Japan and some call it racist? Why do Japanese prefer robots to take care of their elderly and not bring in foreign labour? What I mean is, any culture is a mix of various beliefs, most of your videos are showing the nicer parts of Japan..which is cool for us who live elsewhere, like in Sweden (where I am). But it would be good to also go deeper, perhaps more documentary style in the Japanese culture, whether what comes out is good, bad or a mix.

      Souciance Eqdam RashtiSouciance Eqdam RashtiDay ago
  • Ar u yuuutuba?

    T - SeriesT - Series19 minutes ago
  • cant believe people give a fu*k about why a man doesnt watch japanese tv

    Wai YWai Y21 minute ago
  • When you thought Filipino television is cringe much . . Now I've got to see something worse

    Emanuel SillaEmanuel Silla42 minutes ago
  • WHERE. IS. THE. MEN. SAUCE?!?!? Wait... something's not right.

    Arman NassiriArman NassiriHour ago
  • I had so much fun 😂

    Toth RebeccaToth Rebecca2 hours ago
  • I miss MXC

    John KravichJohn Kravich2 hours ago
  • Its because their government wants the world to think they are all happy and their country is perfect. Or their government is trying to make their own ppl think they are happy and ignore the fact they mostly live in small closets stacked on top of each other.

    Josh NoneyabuissnessJosh Noneyabuissness2 hours ago
  • I actually jumped when the door opened 🤣

    XeiXei2 hours ago
  • If I ever encounter Chris on the street I'll ask him ''Arre you youtuber?''

    El TermiEl Termi2 hours ago
  • now i know why anime is kinda accepted more acroos the board there, probabily it is some of the phew things with some personality on tv

    Aeonyx AreksuAeonyx Areksu2 hours ago
  • I grew up watching tekeshi's castle in the us they remixed it to be called MXC! Loved it!!

    hyperrat12hyperrat123 hours ago
  • I'm curious, would you consider it a bad idea that I want to move to Japan, just to live there? Without any business or education specific reasons

    Big Ol BrainwormBig Ol Brainworm4 hours ago
  • your version of japanese ads was really convincing to be honest

    Mohammed AiyaadMohammed Aiyaad4 hours ago
  • i agree with you, can you make research about gundam , since it one of japan most iconic anime that its has its monument

    Mohammed AiyaadMohammed Aiyaad5 hours ago
  • yesss takeshi's castle i always watch it after school 1 of my favorite tv show back then

    Battank 101Battank 1015 hours ago
  • Effin remainer. ON YOUR KNEES MANGINA!!!!

    Paul StevensPaul Stevens5 hours ago
  • Hmm, I used to watch TV a lot but I noticed I don't watch TV anymore either.. :/

    Sora The TrollSora The Troll5 hours ago
  • I thought Japan only watched Anime. (Obviously a Joke)

    3buckk3buckk6 hours ago
  • I want to recreate the pen and toilet paper scene but I don’t know whether that it 1 or 2 ply toilet paper. I was taught in science that every detail matters soooooooooo 😅😭😂

    Ratanya ZachmanRatanya Zachman7 hours ago
  • Weeabbos be like where the subtitles

    5435joker5435joker7 hours ago
  • I lived in Korea for 9 years. They have very similar tv programs surounding food and pets, with all the same reactions/canned voices and on screen text. I was actually supposed to be on tv also, eating some food, can't recall what it was called. It was horrible, actually, some unpalatable meat. They wanted me and my friends to go wild over it, and I was just not doin that. Hadn't really considered that experience in a while, but this totally reminded me of that, and I'm sure my reactions were cut from the actual show in favor of those who I was with who did play along.

    John SJohn S8 hours ago
  • thats crazy, i only knew the show from old reruns on mtv called mxc or something like that. had shitty voice overs but it was so funny!!

    Tren10Tren108 hours ago
  • Honestly japanese Tv has a youtube feel before youtube was a thing

    Jim LeJim Le8 hours ago
  • What about Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende? 🥺 I know it's ancient but it was consistantly funny. I guess I like the wacky sound effects Idk. 😂🤣😂

    Rhiannon OliverRhiannon Oliver8 hours ago
  • I avoid TV everywhere, but when I lived in Japan I did flick through the channels now and again for the most random things lol. Although nothing is as random as shopping channels in Korea.

    DJ SwalesDJ Swales9 hours ago
  • 11:17

    Gerardo EsparzaGerardo Esparza9 hours ago
  • Giant hand flicks him out of existence. Me: *instantly subs*

    Megan RuthMegan Ruth11 hours ago

    TiTan0sTiTan0s11 hours ago
  • Do a video on popular energy drinks you see in Japan sometime. That'd be interesting.

    Kyle BlanchardKyle Blanchard13 hours ago
  • I always wondered this when watching some weird segments of games from japan, or pokemon presentations or super sentai. Was it just dumbed down for kids or was all japanese TV like that... and now I know

    Hebi-chanHebi-chan13 hours ago
  • The japanese have their own TV?

    Rock HardRock Hard13 hours ago
  • Honestly Japan sounds batpoop insane.

    Manospondylus GigasManospondylus Gigas14 hours ago
  • Clearly, this man has not watched Kamen Rider or any anime.

    SirGoukiSirGouki14 hours ago

    TheClassyCatTheClassyCat14 hours ago
  • Loving the Journey Across Japan playlist

    Josh JacobsonJosh Jacobson14 hours ago
  • I love the idol variety shows they're so entertaining and they have helped me a lot with my depression. I in no way see how it's bad.

    I couldn't think of a usernameI couldn't think of a username14 hours ago
  • Chris...you were wrong...youtube just found this for me and my faith in japanese TV is restored uskeys.net/watch/rcxYEVZyZU0-video.html&has_verified=1&t=281s - WATCH AND REPENT!

    Flo Anubisre2Flo Anubisre215 hours ago
  • Pretty high level video editing hahaha

    Andy SweetAndy Sweet15 hours ago
  • What about anime?

    Tina HalderTina Halder15 hours ago
  • i mean... Aside from the small reaction box, I think I prefer the "Japanese tv satire version" of the video... But I can see this getting old if every single video/show is just like that.

    Adriano AlvesAdriano Alves15 hours ago
  • So in the west the reality is happier than on TV, but in Japan the reality is sadder?

    JomboJombo16 hours ago

    h8GWBîh8GWBî16 hours ago
  • You couldn't be more right on this, sometimes it feels Japanese Tv media treats you like your dumb... and hey! You may be lost an opportunity to be sponsored by Calbee, by fakingly stating how awesome are all their potato chips xD

    Boreal PeraltaBoreal Peralta16 hours ago
  • now thar i think about it....chris looks like the twin brother of jorge from 90 day marriage

    Shirayuki HimeShirayuki Hime16 hours ago
  • To be fair.... I dont think anyone thinks Japanese TV is good because its actually good. Its just fun as a foreigner.

    Bones12x2Bones12x217 hours ago
  • I want to watch a video of Chris bonding with 50 year old japanese people by watching tekeshis castle and talking about their different experinces of watching it

    Louie DidcoteLouie Didcote17 hours ago
  • My experience while watching Terrace House (2016) on Netflix pretty much summarizes the whole positivity thing. 6 people went from room to room, each one saying “sugoi” at everything and advancing to the next area or item without adding anything else be it negative or positive. Now that’s some quality content... if you live in the world of the movie Idiocracy.

    Volen VelkovVolen Velkov17 hours ago
  • I'd like have NHK eTele here

    PrAndonutsPrAndonuts18 hours ago
  • what about Gaki?! only 6 minutes in. hopefully i see something about it!

    Nathaniel BevenNathaniel Beven18 hours ago
  • Do the Japanese realise how culturally unacceptable KANCHO is in the rest of the world? Here in the UK its called rape, without permission forcing 4 fingers I to someone's butt hole is pretty frowned upon

    Manji StudioManji Studio18 hours ago
  • Listen to the AMAZING Abroad in Japan podcast, the BEST way of learning about Japan without getting f###ing kanchoed

    Manji StudioManji Studio18 hours ago
  • Gaki no Tsukai is still pretty great though (and they are far from polite to each other lol), even if the Batsu stuff isn't as great as it once was.

    Roy MarshallRoy Marshall18 hours ago
  • Hi Chris. Kinda curious about this. Are there "All you can eat" buffets for sushi in Japan? They are really popular where I'm from but I think they wouldn't be very profitable because of the top sushi quality in japan.

    Cláudio PintoCláudio Pinto20 hours ago
  • Interesting I honestly thought I would like japanese television because I'm tired of people overreacting to things in the west. Turns out they overreact even more lol

    IExistIExist20 hours ago
  • Well TV in general sucks, so unless you want to lose brain cells, dont watch it. I'd rather lose brain cells on my own accord by looking at memes on reddit, thank you very much.

    Michael MüllerMichael Müller20 hours ago
  • Holy shit I didn't even notice it was a green screen in the beginning. Technology has come so far

    IExistIExist20 hours ago
  • other than some anime and recently I've been watching old samurai films = yeah i don't watch japanese TV

    Yux.T N.Yux.T N.21 hour ago
  • I hope someday I can meet you in Japan cuz u make me love everything about japan ❤️ yr presenting is cool ❤️

    Japanese StuffJapanese Stuff21 hour ago
  • Who all came here from trash tast?

    Navneeth SajjeevNavneeth Sajjeev21 hour ago
  • Are you a USkeysr?

    Marcelo B.Marcelo B.21 hour ago
  • 9/26 short hair ✅

    Blake EverettBlake Everett21 hour ago
  • Tokusatsu will do.

    FrostbiteFrostbite21 hour ago
  • I have a question: If someone with severe allergies were to decline going out to eat with coworkers, and told them the reason for this, would it be considered rude or impolite? Of course, some places they would be able to eat together, but for the person with the allergies, they’d have to scope out the restaurant first.

    Thuy BuiThuy Bui21 hour ago
    • General advice for any culture. Can't you just say you can literally die if you're not careful and kindly ask them if you and them can plan a restaurant that makes sure you don't? I'm not from Japan, but surely that is reasonable

      IExistIExist20 hours ago
  • good episode! いいです

    RobertoRoberto22 hours ago
  • i was playing mgsv when the metal gear sound effect came on at 09:35

    sKOTCHsKOTCH22 hours ago
  • Hey what is your thought on duolingo Japanese?

    Bell CranelBell Cranel22 hours ago
  • LOL loves the little diorama! please more of this silliness Chris

    I read a mangaI read a manga23 hours ago
  • whisper PPPPEENNN

    miko foinmiko foinDay ago
  • Your representation of 95% of Japanese TV shows was spot on. However I have my own opinion as to why most of the TV shows in Japan are like this. Because if you look at the state of Japan it's really depressing. So they load with all sorts of positivities to relieve all of the worries from Japanese citizens. But they do that way too often to the point that people are becoming over-optimistic about everything, and they don't try to be critical when they should be. You are right that it would be extremely rude to criticize a work of those chefs in front of camera, so I'm not telling them to do that, but a little bit more intelligent discussions and constructive criticisms would be appreciated. You know you can be critical of something while respecting the fact that someone worked hard for it.

    Neo NaofumiNeo NaofumiDay ago
    • I feel like English has always been known as barbaric cause it's chaotic as fuck

      miko foinmiko foinDay ago
  • I've seen shit like this throughout the years. It's a bit like old school "reaction youtube" where there's only 1 reaction - enthusiasm. Weird, given how dark some of their cinema is.

    TheOriginal GGHarasserTheOriginal GGHarasserDay ago

    TheOriginal GGHarasserTheOriginal GGHarasserDay ago
  • Lived in Japan for 13 years. Yes,,,,, Japanese tv is very underwhelming because of how over expressed everything is, Japanese movies kind of dhck too,,,

    Joseph MotterJoseph MotterDay ago
  • Instructions unclear, invested all my money into a ticket to japan and a flatscreen

    andrew partinandrew partinDay ago
  • I thought they just watched anime all day to be honest

    Ben C. HodeBen C. HodeDay ago
  • This reminds me a book named: Ichioku Souhakuchika.

    Task DonTask DonDay ago
  • Omg that seems like incredibly tacky 80s TV 😱

    kevin4gwenkevin4gwenDay ago
  • Takeshi Castle use to come on spike tv at 3am back in like 2005. They dub that show horribly

    LaxedLaxedDay ago
  • seems like most youtube reaction channels are imitating japanese tv

    Avran IttyipeAvran IttyipeDay ago
    • and the asmr channels

      enchantedenchanted17 hours ago
  • Very similar to Korean TV

    Jeffie Jeff's ArtJeffie Jeff's ArtDay ago
    • yep

      enchantedenchanted17 hours ago