Hot Guy Does My FULL 20 STEP SKINCARE ROUTINE | Jackie Aina

Apr 30, 2019
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Guys think they can wake up pretty and can wash their face with bar soap and get away with it. I'm here to tell yas: this is WRONG.
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  • Dennis is just as silly as you Jackie lol

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  • What is the spray that you use at the very end?

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  • partnership videos are so fake!!! Ugh

    Tasha TashaTasha Tasha20 days ago
  • Dennis' humour is honestly classic Black British hahaha

    Veionella SpaineVeionella Spaine22 days ago
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  • These two were made for each other, literally hand crafted as a pair lol I love it

    Darrien HowardDarrien Howard27 days ago
  • Love my Dermalogica super exfoliating face scrub!!! I have been a fan FOR YEARS!!!!! Always try to load up it when Ulta have their sale or specials!!!

    kwnewarkkwnewarkMonth ago
  • Hi love you guys, what part of London is he from? I’m from Brixton hey!

    Syreeta WalkerSyreeta WalkerMonth ago
  • Dennis makes me roll on the floor laughing LMAO

    Silla VSilla VMonth ago
  • When he said that she doesn’t need eyelashes and she replied that no one cares and she’s gonna do it anyway👏🏼😂😂

    Jordan BailieJordan BailieMonth ago
  • His version of “Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie” took me out! Beautiful couple. I enjoyed this video- great reminder for self care.

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  • Jackie zoning out as Dennis takes care of the sponsorship is everything

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    Cheslea McCannCheslea McCannMonth ago
  • MEN don't need skin routines

    Rah LifeRah LifeMonth ago
  • I use my African black soap and cocoa butter and go!

    Rah LifeRah LifeMonth ago
  • What was the toner you used?

    ShaShaMonth ago
  • Dennis skin looks better. Good stuff.

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  • ‘’ people who eat McDonald’s and don’t gain weight don’t make it right’’ Ad for McDonald’s comes on

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    Michael PalacioMichael Palacio2 months ago
  • What moisturizer did you use?

    Dominique ClarkDominique Clark2 months ago
    • Olay moisturiser. Presumably luminous whipped moisturiser from the packaging.

      laursie88laursie88Month ago
  • He’s adorable. Y’all are the cutest couple.

    moeka95moeka952 months ago

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  • These two are the Jenna and Julien of the beauty world

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  • Dermalogica microfoliant burns my face😩

    💕Lady L💄ps💕💕Lady L💄ps💕2 months ago
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  • Wow! I literally use only face wipes and wonder why my skin keeps having spots, breaking and all. Now I know why😩😭

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    JaiannaJaianna3 months ago
  • i use clearasil pads, neutrogena grapefuit moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning and at night i use cetaphil, and aloe vera gel

    beauty baked bribeauty baked bri3 months ago
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