My Dog Answers Fan Questions

Oct 15, 2020
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My Dog Answers Fan Questions
Tucker answer's your questions. The fans chimed in and asked the questions and now Tucker goes through and answers the best of the best!
Want Tucker to answer your question? Leave a comment below!
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Business Inquiries:

  • Do you like Linda

    Carol WoodburnCarol Woodburn7 minutes ago
  • Do u like spiders

    Natan SykNatan Syk11 minutes ago
  • who is the most anoying dogo

    Hussein ShoueikiHussein Shoueiki12 minutes ago
  • Smart Sweet Angel 😇 💖 💕 ❤

    TiffoniqueTiffonique19 minutes ago
  • how did you get 480p 60fps

    MightyJKFMightyJKF30 minutes ago
  • This is for Linda: Is he a good doggo ^_^

    s u n n y b o is u n n y b o i30 minutes ago
  • does your dog has a girlfriend

    Abhay Krishna AggarwalAbhay Krishna Aggarwal44 minutes ago
  • Tucker do you walk at night without Linda seing you

    Chicken IanChicken Ian44 minutes ago
  • Fore Tucker do you like broclee

    Janna WoodcockJanna Woodcock55 minutes ago
  • u like food

    Humberto IrizarryHumberto Irizarry57 minutes ago
  • this is fake but funny

    troll epiktroll epikHour ago
  • For Tuker: Doo you want to have baby’s

    Camila SerranoCamila SerranoHour ago
  • Tucker Question: Tucker did you ever kiss your wife

    Keira PlayzKeira PlayzHour ago
  • does tucker prefer mama over papa?

    ruefullyruefullyHour ago
  • SoooOoo, I just got a pug, and, he needs to be potty trainded, if you have any tricks you remember, please reply. ;-;

    Pug and Space GamersPug and Space GamersHour ago
  • Which one would u eat the flap of doom or the tree of doom

    Sanat MedhiSanat MedhiHour ago
  • Tucker will you ever like the tree of doom aka broccoli

    robo key book gaming msmrobo key book gaming msmHour ago
  • Will Tucker ever fight a cat?

    MemesAreOofed :MemesAreOofed :Hour ago
  • Mam, i just wanna ask a question that how much long does it take to bath Tucker?

    Yobin GamerZYobin GamerZHour ago
  • For tucker: Do you like answering questions?

    808puppydog808puppydogHour ago
  • For Tucker : does Linda takes a bath everyday

    Blake Ivan BorjaBlake Ivan BorjaHour ago
  • Do his wife have puppys

    Russell LeafbladRussell LeafbladHour ago
  • He is soooo cute❤😊🥰😍😘☺️😚🤗 my dog is big fan lol

    Pink LemonadePink LemonadeHour ago
  • Literally how do you House train him 😂 My dog could never

    Coaster VelocityCoaster VelocityHour ago
  • Do you like dad or Linda

    Amrit GurungAmrit GurungHour ago
  • Question for Tucker: Are you the man of the house, and if you are not. Will you do anything to be man of the house?

    Reagan TaylorReagan Taylor2 hours ago
  • do you like computers

    stievengaming YTstievengaming YT2 hours ago
  • Dosi lab trits

    ацо 8ацо 82 hours ago
  • What happens if you can fly

    Nairam’s VlogsNairam’s Vlogs2 hours ago
  • Do you wanna play roblox?

    Ondra ŠvecOndra Švec2 hours ago
  • Can u make another video I watched dis one and I want to say tucker is so cute xxxxxxxxxx

    ahmed malikahmed malik2 hours ago
  • Does Tukcer really love journey?

    bts biggest fan armybts biggest fan army3 hours ago
  • who does tucker like more ? mom or dad

    AngelaAngela3 hours ago
  • Please ask this question to Tucker and reply the answer: "Do you know that you are on USkeys?"

    maitreyee bosemaitreyee bose3 hours ago
  • Woof woof I have a question do you like beans?

    Sophie Benson Flipaclip And moreSophie Benson Flipaclip And more3 hours ago
  • hilarious isnt it!!question for tucker:do you like hair streightners and nyan cats(lol i wont get picked tho T~T)

    Gaz BensonGaz Benson3 hours ago
  • So cute 😍

    Gunpla RadarGunpla Radar3 hours ago
  • hi!! :) Am big fan of u, liked your videos!!!! :)

    Save the Earth 2005Save the Earth 20053 hours ago
  • Quition to Tucker : Do Tucker love bathing?!

    S GAMERS GAMER3 hours ago
  • Do you like pickles?

    IDoAnimationsIDoAnimations3 hours ago
  • Tucker Is Journey better then Posie?

    KleshhKleshh3 hours ago
  • (Tucker) Is Journey annoying?

    KleshhKleshh3 hours ago
  • cute

    Nagy ErnoNagy Erno4 hours ago
  • *Hey tucker can you live between cats*

    S.Gammer HindustaniS.Gammer Hindustani4 hours ago
  • So cute awww ..

    S.Gammer HindustaniS.Gammer Hindustani4 hours ago
  • 👌👌👌👌👌👌good

    Ashutosh SinghAshutosh Singh5 hours ago
  • Does tucker love other doggo

  • Do u like Linda’s butt

    Skye VenturaSkye Ventura5 hours ago
  • Imagine getting a heart from Tucker my fav dog in USkeys 🥰😍😘

    Dariece PlaysDariece Plays5 hours ago
  • 1:09 that’s for me to know... and you to sniff

    HappyTimePleaseHappyTimePlease5 hours ago
  • i prom u will like😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

    beast gamerbeast gamer5 hours ago
  • Does your owner give u hugs before she goes to sleep

    Savinya JayasekeraSavinya Jayasekera5 hours ago
  • QUESTION: Do you love chimken more than Journee?

    •It'z Cherry Blossom••It'z Cherry Blossom•6 hours ago
  • Question: Tucker do u love Journee more than Linda

    milly gracemilly grace6 hours ago
  • Linda you are so Beautiful 💋💋💕💕💕

    Darya DDarya D6 hours ago
  • Poor tucker he loves journey

    Donna FarrellDonna Farrell7 hours ago
  • Do you love Linda?

    Mike AvenidoMike Avenido7 hours ago
  • Is tucker good

    Senura MihirangaSenura Mihiranga7 hours ago
  • My question is, if you're wife (journee) give you tree of doom as a gift on valentines day will you eat it ??

    abhin anupabhin anup7 hours ago
  • You like candy ?

    Krishnamoorthy KannammalKrishnamoorthy Kannammal7 hours ago
  • Do you Like your friends or Jurnee

    Sherlyn Joshlyn MCSherlyn Joshlyn MC7 hours ago
  • For tucker Did you poop in house

    Garv BhatnagarGarv Bhatnagar7 hours ago
  • Would you choose chimken over Linda?

  • Question: tucker, do u eat chimken many times a day?

    Arora & Amelia :3Arora & Amelia :38 hours ago
  • your Dog is amazing

    Rzey SedillesRzey Sedilles8 hours ago
  • tuk wear is the tast test with pearl

  • Want Part 2

    Isha PhatakIsha Phatak8 hours ago
  • Nice vid if you bored 👌

    JustinAlvino SagalaJustinAlvino Sagala8 hours ago
  • If you had a brother or a sister what would you do and why?

    Jennifer HardingJennifer Harding9 hours ago
  • Tucker would u be happy if u got to eat steak for the rest of ur life?

    Random ChanelRandom Chanel9 hours ago
  • does tucker like chimken dipping in peanut butter

    Cake LordCake Lord9 hours ago
  • does tucker & pearl know the word yes and no ???? (just askin for no reson )

    Kimera The KirinKimera The Kirin9 hours ago
  • Are you a young dog??

    Emma-lou SwansboroughEmma-lou Swansborough9 hours ago
  • Question for tucker Are you gonna have a baby

    GreenGamer playzGreenGamer playz9 hours ago
  • if poop was the last food on the erlf

    Jessica NisthauzJessica Nisthauz10 hours ago
  • if poop was the last food on the wood he eat it

    Jessica NisthauzJessica Nisthauz10 hours ago
  • Tucker do you like Journee more then steak?

    Jason MullinsJason Mullins10 hours ago
  • For dog: What would you do if someone is not home

    1man1233 Gaming1man1233 Gaming10 hours ago
  • Maya be like: how dare u cheat on me with Journee

    Vienna NguyenVienna Nguyen10 hours ago
  • Tucker,as long as you keep subtitles for what you say,you have a sub and a like from me.

    F-0295-19 KAIRAV K SHAHF-0295-19 KAIRAV K SHAH11 hours ago
  • Idk this channel but when he went to go look for Journee 😢💔😂😂

    NatalieNatalie11 hours ago
  • do you to get a new wife yes or no

    Janessa MendozaJanessa Mendoza11 hours ago
  • Love that beautiful dog

    Veronica LeonVeronica Leon11 hours ago
  • Tucker Y U P

    Jose CarrilloJose Carrillo11 hours ago
  • "Is dad annoying"

    Jose CarrilloJose Carrillo11 hours ago
  • "Is Linda annoying" Tucker: Y U P " You're mean" Tucker: Y U P

    Jose CarrilloJose Carrillo11 hours ago
  • For Tucker: is Linda nice?

    Beat Making GodBeat Making God11 hours ago
  • Qna: does tucker miss pearl with the shark teeth

    mayank gamingmayank gaming11 hours ago
  • These vids are so funny

    Abigail CampbellAbigail Campbell12 hours ago
  • Does tucker like puppy's

    Crystal diamonds of changeCrystal diamonds of change12 hours ago
  • This is so cute I don't even care how fake it is

    iDevastateiDevastate13 hours ago
  • Does he bark a lot

    myaplaysrobloxmyaplaysroblox13 hours ago
  • Here's my question for Tucker- Can you survive without chimken 😂

    Brittany PhillipsBrittany Phillips13 hours ago
  • Has Tucker even killed any animal

    Torma JuatTorma Juat13 hours ago
  • Are you a bad doggie

    Lal ngaihteLal ngaihte13 hours ago
  • 𝑳𝒊𝒏𝒅𝒂 𝒉𝒐𝒘 𝒅𝒐 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒆𝒅𝒊𝒕 𝒔𝒐 𝒈𝒐𝒐𝒅!!!!!!!

    The World of creativityThe World of creativity13 hours ago
  • Are you stupid

    Rig ClantonRig Clanton14 hours ago
  • If you had infinite amounts of treats would you eat them??

    Mark CrainMark Crain14 hours ago
  • Its linda love you

    Chris Dwight PerezChris Dwight Perez14 hours ago
  • Question:Does Tucker Like Squishy Toy?

    Lizel MillaresLizel Millares14 hours ago