Demi Lovato - Commander In Chief

Oct 14, 2020
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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Commander In Chief. © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • How does he sleep at night??

    NickD TVNickD TV4 minutes ago
  • this sound similar?

    DuckyBoiDuckyBoi35 minutes ago
  • YES!!!!

    Hans SHans S50 minutes ago
  • The sequel to Dear Mr. President that we've all been waiting for. Thank you for the gift that is Demi Lovato

    Cher Video ArchiveCher Video ArchiveHour ago
  • Hope president Museveni hears this song...

    Nakiwala DoreenNakiwala DoreenHour ago
  • Funny she wasnt speaking up with the last president or the one before the last

    scottie Hollandscottie HollandHour ago
  • There are a lot of desperate Trump supporters here trying to flood the comments with hate and negativity. But it’s the brave if heart (like Demi) whose words will echo the loudest 💕

    megghan18megghan18Hour ago
  • yikes

    bella starrbella starrHour ago
  • Thank you for having the courage to write and sing this song.

    Elaine FronebergerElaine FronebergerHour ago
  • Demi is unrecognizable (physical appearance)

    Sniffiska DasSniffiska Das2 hours ago
  • Such stupid people in hollywierd! God Bless President Trump n another 4 years to fix the mess the past 5 presidents gave to our great country! Move out of the US if u do not like it!

    Zeus Von RafielZeus Von Rafiel2 hours ago
  • The dislikes r from commanders and cheif and frm their families

    Rohen LaitonjamRohen Laitonjam2 hours ago
  • Imagine thinking having you have the moral high ground being a degenerate junkie. Prob best friends with Hunter Biden 😂

    hreid13hreid133 hours ago
  • Trump 2020

    Ricardo FortRicardo Fort3 hours ago
  • I guess what's happening in Nigeria right now motivated this song. It really came at the right timing.

    Iruoma ObinnaIruoma Obinna3 hours ago
  • If the you need to know if the world is better in the future, try checking if this still applies to a country

    Epic gamerEpic gamer3 hours ago
  • This woman would make a colab song with Hillary if she had actually won. But glad she used auto tune on this one.

    RR RRR R4 hours ago
  • This song holds a meaning to every country in some way or another. People are constantly being taken advantage of by their leaders and the rights of the common man gets washed away in the name of politics. In so many cases, the common man gets fooled into believing stories of grandeur and forgets his own rights. We need to all learn to open our eyes and see things as they really are otherwise, we won’t have a home,city, country or world to call home because we would have destroyed it. Thank you Demi Lovato.

    DD DGDD DG4 hours ago
  • Another idiot musician that doesn't know shit about Trump, but loves to complain about the caricature the left made of him.

    CarbonGlassManCarbonGlassMan4 hours ago
    • She know a lot more than you.

      Tomàs Alejandro Fell TapiaTomàs Alejandro Fell Tapia3 hours ago
  • The sign language part 😥

    Heraclen BuenaventeHeraclen Buenavente4 hours ago
  • demi is soo underrated. c'mon we stan a queen. edit: the dislikes are from selrats and swif- whatever. belieber here. :)

    Anjali ChoudhuryAnjali Choudhury4 hours ago
  • Ironically, this song is about capitalism in itself.

    YohelYohel4 hours ago
  • This song is powerful #EndSars

    Semiloore Peace AtereSemiloore Peace Atere4 hours ago
  • 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭😔

    Sarah Rose walanSarah Rose walan5 hours ago
  • Zimbabweans lets gather here😭

    momo mutaremomo mutare5 hours ago
  • This song is written and sang by a progressive elitist snob who knows nothing of the world and how people live. She's so brave when she sings about poor people which she isn't. It so patronising being told how stupid you are fort believeing in facts and data because it's not the mainstream viewpoint. Or to be called names by the so called tolerant ones, who don't know the meaning of the word. For people who have never been anywhere or seen anything of the world to bad mouth there greatest country ever is saddening. Because they believe lies because of mass gas lighting.

    John AdkinsJohn Adkins5 hours ago
  • It's weird how she keeps calling Biden the Commander in Chief. I mean the election is coming up, so I guess she's just expressing her wet dream for a guy 47 years in office and has nothing to show for it other than the crime bill woke celebrities point to as an example of systemic racism, forgetting it was Joe who wrote it, doesn't regret it, is proud of it, and did nothing to change it as Vice President.

    bigdoubleu117bigdoubleu1175 hours ago
  • Can someone please give this woman a Grammy already 😍😍❤❤

    Patience ChineduPatience Chinedu5 hours ago
  • This song relates pretty poorly to trump. Far better relates to a country like Nigeria. Trump made no money as president, didnt even take the salary... also realize the president can not make all the decisions. The United states are not a dictatorship. Please please dont just follow the crowd do your own extensive research, and dont make all your political decisions from Hollywood

    k gk g5 hours ago
  • Jolgorio fight later pray for Nigeria #endsars now

    Nhyira AbbeyquayeNhyira Abbeyquaye6 hours ago
  • Thank you for speaking your mind , we all think the same thing . Would you do a song with Alyson Stoner , Adele , Kelly Clarkson , JoJo ( not just a remix , I love it thought) ? Love the colab with Christina ;)

    Emily LetterEmily Letter6 hours ago
  • Stand your Ground Nigeria

    Onome Andrew AshakahOnome Andrew Ashakah6 hours ago
  • Everything sucks at the moment. We need light, hope & inspiration. Good over evil. You got this America. Vote him out!!

    Annynette LyngdohAnnynette Lyngdoh6 hours ago
  • It's a dedication to Ugandan President too. Thanks Demi for this song

    Vindizo LevyVindizo Levy7 hours ago
  • more favorite songs from demi. i love what she say and singing. please more heart songs

    Danclan deanDanclan dean7 hours ago
  • She keeps getting better and better 💞

    Yuvrender KaurYuvrender Kaur7 hours ago
  • Beautiful ❤️

    beri tulipanovaberi tulipanova7 hours ago
  • I see all these comment about Nigeria?! Can someome explain what's happening in Nigeria? What ever it is, how can people outside help? I'm sorry for what ever is going on💔

    Petra BreclPetra Brecl8 hours ago
  • people in south africa or more directly white farmers are being killed and the goverment does nothing to stop it

    Kyrah WicksKyrah Wicks8 hours ago
  • LOL you gotta be kidding, If this is for trump, old lady get off your high horse.

    eleonar crimsoneleonar crimson8 hours ago
  • 😂🤦‍♀️

    MadalynJMadalynJ8 hours ago
  • Lol

    MadalynJMadalynJ8 hours ago
  • Damn i thought only rappers dropped diss tracks

    Jaren CascinoJaren Cascino9 hours ago
  • Sad people think this song is written about their leaders when it could be but sadly it’s not. It’s about orange man bad. If Demi’s own political gain wasn’t involved this could have been an incredible song that untied us all from all different countries that are having trouble with their commander in chief. If you take out the parts that one sidedly attack trump this is actually a really good song that does pertain to everyone’s commander in chief all around the world.

    Jacob GreenJacob Green9 hours ago
  • Alycia MendonçaAlycia Mendonça9 hours ago
  • Nigeria needs this song at the moment

    Rayzee RolandRayzee Roland9 hours ago
  • Most embarrassing piece of propaganda ever

    caz quaincaz quain9 hours ago
  • Trump 2020

    Marissa AnnMarissa Ann9 hours ago
  • Ahhhhh she finally came out her coma from ODing, Nice

    Joshua FluhartyJoshua Fluharty10 hours ago
  • Mizotawng ngat hian cmt ang

    Lalmuanpuia CckLalmuanpuia Cck10 hours ago
  • Thank you Demi Lovato! you inspired me to write a parody of your song, but it will be pro-Trump. #LeftistTears MAGA Trump-Pence 2020

    ALYNAYALYNAY11 hours ago
    • No one talks about Haïti ?

      doire aintudoire aintu10 hours ago
  • Instantly the best song she’s done so far. #truth

    Emily LizEmily Liz12 hours ago
    • truth? wtf XD. ignorance is a bliss

      ManZManZ9 hours ago
    • I think the problems with substance abuse (drugs) left this ex-Dinsey singer, a little unbalanced! A pity, since several ex-Disney had relevant careers, ex. Britney!

      doire aintudoire aintu10 hours ago
  • The world know Demi hate Donal and next election she vote a corup-biden lol

    Joseph grayson LalramhmuakaJoseph grayson Lalramhmuaka12 hours ago
  • Communist

    SarhentoSarhento12 hours ago

    The Tea HawkThe Tea Hawk12 hours ago
  • She is uninformed. What a stupid song ! She is just a puppet.She is singing about trump.

    Hannah HoltHannah Holt13 hours ago
  • Being here as an european person is really weird... You don't know if you want to cry or laugh or everything at the same time. I can tell you one thing. Everyone here thinks trump is literally a retard. He's acting like a little child and we are shocked to see that in the US a man like this is even able to be a president. This is so embarrassing

    K 420K 42013 hours ago
    • its the media.

      ManZManZ9 hours ago
    • He's the best president we've had in a while to be honest. Evil will always hate the forces of good in the world. Must say of the Europeans I've worked with, probably only 2 or 3 of them share your viewpoint. Majority of them wish their national leadership was more like Trump. Curious though, what you think Joe Biden is like.

      Vevut LoLVevut LoL10 hours ago

    Jai JualoJai Jualo13 hours ago
  • I like the Punjabi guy

    modern_chipO.Omodern_chipO.O13 hours ago
    • sardar ji XDDDDDDDDDDD

      ManZManZ9 hours ago
  • 😪

    Wishmitha KatupitiyaWishmitha Katupitiya14 hours ago
  • Blow things down around people didn't do that to little you when you were sipping breeze

    Johnny AldanaJohnny Aldana14 hours ago
  • Not on everything people gotta say

    Johnny AldanaJohnny Aldana14 hours ago
  • Trump 2020

    Hunter AdamsHunter Adams14 hours ago
  • 45k racists

    Wendell OliverWendell Oliver14 hours ago
    • Remember stand down and stand by. Also remember that you can prepay your taxes to the IRS , what a joke.

      Wendell OliverWendell Oliver40 minutes ago
    • remember u aint black if u dont vote for biden

      ManZManZ9 hours ago
  • Just love this song.

    Laurentiu DraganLaurentiu Dragan14 hours ago
  • First tear fell @.40 😥

    Harley QuinnHarley Quinn14 hours ago
  • I think the problems with substance abuse (drugs) left this ex-Dinsey singer, a little unbalanced! A pity, since several ex-Disney had relevant careers, ex. Britney!

    Cassio BuendiaCassio Buendia14 hours ago
  • No one talks about Haïti ?

    Djaenael ChauvinDjaenael Chauvin14 hours ago
  • I see why Chinese banning all their bullshit media now 😂 this song is like 10-11 years late 😂

    Y0ung_Teb0w AkA ThunderBirdY0ung_Teb0w AkA ThunderBird14 hours ago
  • No one talks about Haïti ?

    Djaenael ChauvinDjaenael Chauvin14 hours ago
  • This song can be applied to many many countries that have a terrible "commander in chief", but in the US? I don't think so

    Katherine CasanovaKatherine Casanova14 hours ago
  • This song applies to the uk right now. Children are cold and hungry inside their house while the scumbags take a pay rise and tax cut.

    keiran dunwoodiekeiran dunwoodie14 hours ago
  • This song touched me like Joe Biden.

    Stub 07Stub 0714 hours ago
  • I am crying...this is amazing! Well said Demi You Rock!!!

    Lisa StanleyLisa Stanley15 hours ago
  • #EndSARS

    Hazel BerrymanHazel Berryman15 hours ago
  • Booooooooo

    D JD J15 hours ago
  • And damn she's getting fat

    Corrina SimmonsCorrina Simmons15 hours ago
    • that’s what u got from this song?

      Julie StuartJulie Stuart3 hours ago
  • I think we should protest and riot more

    Super NinjaSuper Ninja15 hours ago
  • She is so ignorant. Most of you, if not all of you who support Biden are. Joe has said way worst racist comments than trump ever did. In fact I don’t see any videos of trump saying flat out racist things like joe does. Stop being brain washed. Trump is not the best person and I will never praise the guy but joe is far more racist and prejudice than Trump has ever been, at least on camera. Stop being brain washed. I am a Hispanic women, 25 years old and I have never voted because I think politics is shit and still I won’t vote because I truly believe there is no good side but I will defend the truth. Media is brainwashing the minorities because they know how they work. You all vote together. Think for yourselves! #walkaway

    aisha perezaisha perez15 hours ago
  • Yeah, I wonder how Obama sleeps too when he bombed and kill a lot of people...

    Natalia OlveraNatalia Olvera16 hours ago
  • Go back to rehab ,you trash

    Robert AdamRobert Adam16 hours ago
    • she’s not on drugs tho lol

      Julie StuartJulie Stuart3 hours ago
  • Congrats now I’ll definitely vote for Trump:)

    Jocelyn DiPasqualeJocelyn DiPasquale16 hours ago
  • Demi: 'I feel stupid when i sing' Managers: This is gold! Lets run with that...

    Kurwin CarnowKurwin Carnow16 hours ago
  • I think you mean "potential commander in chief"... the biden family has lined their pockets for almost 50 years while in politics..... just sayin....

    Justin SharpJustin Sharp16 hours ago
  • Trump 2020 🇺🇸 Noticing Nigeria president comments and we are so sorry, prayers for Nigerian people

    Mrs. MolehkneeMrs. Molehknee16 hours ago
  • I don’t think demi knows what commander in Chief means

    M GodinezM Godinez16 hours ago
  • Trump lowered his salary to 1$, so he's not "lining his pockets" doing his job. He had no economic interest to become president. If Demi cares so much why won't she go to help people in crisis instead of lining HER pockets from a song whining about the president

    kfir levykfir levy16 hours ago
    • @Romain P I don't believe you even believe that. Billionaire or multi-millionaire (and he is a billionaire), he's super rich. And that's exclusively thanks to him being a business tycoon. You can dislike him all you want, but denying an obvious fact like this is just pathetic

      kfir levykfir levy2 hours ago
    • @kfir levy He isn't a billionaire. He lied about that. He earn millions, just in golf.

      Romain PRomain P2 hours ago
    • @Romain P I don't really get your point. But the fact is that Trump didn't take the job becayse he wants money. He is a billionaire and earns nothing from being president. In fact people would never look at him the same way as before and he's one of the most hated people in America because of that. Demi is just trying to be dramatic but she's really as fake as the rest of these out-of-touch celebrities from Hollywood. She suffered nothing under Trump, and Trump didn't do anything he shouldn't be able to sleep because as president. All these celebs act like little sensitive children

      kfir levykfir levy5 hours ago
    • yeah, Trump take his money from "charity"

      Romain PRomain P12 hours ago
    • its funny because, she is the one lining her pockets with this song, IRONIC?

      Brayan TorresBrayan Torres16 hours ago
  • Pray for Poland.. 💔🇵🇱

    Agata BłaszczykAgata Błaszczyk16 hours ago
  • Thank you Demi 🙏🏼

    ariana kwizeraariana kwizera17 hours ago
  • This song kinda sucks not gonna lie

    The Big Brain PodcastThe Big Brain Podcast17 hours ago
  • Emily, Emily, Emily 🙂

    Allaine Mae FabrosAllaine Mae Fabros17 hours ago
  • this song gives me goosebumps wow

    BellaRoseBeautyBellaRoseBeauty17 hours ago
  • i love you

    Z EstimeZ Estime17 hours ago
  • Even without high notes, her voice is soo good.

    Kilino StojkovKilino Stojkov17 hours ago
  • This is too cringe. Why didn’t you include those aborted babies!?!? Demi is so angry, fat, gay, and cracked out.

    Queen ButterflyQueen Butterfly17 hours ago
  • ⚠️ Snowflake Fact Check Warning.. False : "We're in a state of crisis ppl are dying while you line your pockets deep". Truth : President Trump's net worth has decreased 50% since taking office & he also donates his Presidential salary.

    Zack TomczakZack Tomczak17 hours ago
    • Says who? He fakes his net worth all the time to not pay tax.

      Truth SciencesTruth Sciences16 hours ago

    Tik AdamyanTik Adamyan17 hours ago

    Tik AdamyanTik Adamyan17 hours ago
  • #staystrongArtsakh

    Tik AdamyanTik Adamyan17 hours ago
  • When Deni was crying i felt that

    HelloDoli :HelloDoli :18 hours ago