6ix9ine "Punani" REACTION

Aug 2, 2020
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6ix9ine Punani DJ ghost reaction

  • Did you acquire this squad while you were in the pin? 😭😭

    H CH C5 hours ago
  • All I can focus on is how big that joint is lmao

    ThemeparkfranticsThemeparkfrantics9 hours ago
  • Bro said CIA Jr😂

    Lance CheekLance CheekDay ago
  • they security

    Shamus HughesShamus HughesDay ago
  • That’s 5 imaginary guns right there 🤣

    Jay Balvin ManeJay Balvin Mane2 days ago
  • Imagine he got his own gang rat gang LMFAOOOOOOOO

    ツXavierツXavier3 days ago
  • 10 k. Paid over. 10mil. For his security. His record Comp are one the wealthiest Juwish bro. They put a lot behind him that’s why he has ex cia ex army &. Ex atf. Not playing. He’s not living in the city

    Jay breezey5 boro 5 boroJay breezey5 boro 5 boro4 days ago
  • 3:34 funniest shit ever

    PrinceAliPrinceAli4 days ago
  • Im holding my man down an he got 6yrs already done 2 and im not going leaving him im his for life and he's mine for life

    Angela BaldwinAngela Baldwin4 days ago
  • 69 is the smartest dumb person 😂

    Antonio EspinozaAntonio Espinoza5 days ago
  • Do one about ppcocaine songs 🔥

    Gage MeetzeGage Meetze6 days ago
  • Watch nastya nass new twerk to this!

    Dennal JohnsonDennal Johnson7 days ago

    Music A NetworkMusic A Network7 days ago
  • i had to check what you had to say. Yo you kept it one hundo

    1320 Bushido1320 Bushido8 days ago
  • Homie just brushed off a car accident lmao DJ ghost a OG

    JoJoJoJo10 days ago
  • Ava is they only good one from 69 new albums

    Jose LopezJose Lopez11 days ago
  • 69 is the best.

    Daniel TaehwaDaniel Taehwa12 days ago
  • First of all he steals all the songs from underground hip hop heads that shit ain’t none of his lyrics he changes them

    RealsimpleRealsimple12 days ago
  • React to his interviews

    Gabriel CGabriel C12 days ago
  • You dumb

    Santeri LeppänenSanteri Leppänen13 days ago
  • “That’s 5 imaginary guns right there” 😭😭

    damyon cobbdamyon cobb13 days ago
  • all them niggas in the back r his security

    Saucy ChicoSaucy Chico14 days ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/dAp1RODVlIU-video.html

    Saucy ChicoSaucy Chico14 days ago
  • ey ghost. react to a real 69 DISS

    Saucy ChicoSaucy Chico14 days ago
  • Alto chinardo ajajaj

    ULTRA xdxdxdxd • Hace 6 añosULTRA xdxdxdxd • Hace 6 años15 days ago
  • You gotta pause every 5 seconds so you can get in the ads. You know da vibes. 💰

    Xgaming125 gXgaming125 g16 days ago
  • Not tryna be fucked up but x should have had security

    Always BoominAlways Boomin16 days ago
  • he will always be a snitch for life,once a snitch always a snitch

    Danny Team NxTDanny Team NxT17 days ago
  • Next up we got 69 😎

    NAY MACNAY MAC18 days ago
  • I can't

    Robert WoodleyRobert Woodley18 days ago
  • Ni*-+"'ggggg

    Noob Boi 420Noob Boi 42019 days ago
  • Smoking a sagar I probably spelled sagar wrong Lol😂

    Slimezilla !Slimezilla !19 days ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/OmS_xyzs51U-video.html leaked version of punani ft Tory Lanez 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    NashNash20 days ago
  • "He probably gona tell one for telling all this" lmao. I cant stop laughing homie that was funny but facts

    esa Paresa Par20 days ago
  • U think u can say anythinh about anyone right???.the actual snitch is you my g

    Kaushik BordaloiKaushik Bordaloi20 days ago
  • everybody talm bout how he a snitch but not how he a fake blood he woulda been counted out even if he snitched or not

    Kyle B.Kyle B.21 day ago
  • You sound stupid

    Destroyer ProductionsDestroyer Productions21 day ago
  • You got the FBI watching you from the sky 😂😂

    G- BandoG- Bando21 day ago
  • 5 imaginary guns LMAO 😂😭

    MrPs391MrPs39121 day ago
  • this 69 clown songs keep getting worse

    Pedro BurgelPedro Burgel21 day ago
  • 6ix9ine

    yosoyaneudyyosoyaneudy21 day ago
  • React to TuTu by 6ix9ine 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jason RumbleBeeJason RumbleBee21 day ago
  • GHOST......................... WOWOWO

    X Bright 007X Bright 00722 days ago
  • Bro pls stfu and listen music

    Ali DerakAli Derak23 days ago
    • It’s a REACTION video

      QuaranTeen *QuaranTeen *22 days ago
  • That was his old gang

    junior gamingjunior gaming23 days ago
  • Dj Ghosh is a sell out.... He don't even call him sitch 9 anymore! You sold your soul.... I'm unsubscribed this snake is talking way different! You a sell out DJ ghost

    CocoCoco23 days ago
  • He sais thats 5 imaginary guns right there 😂😂😂

    That KaimiThat Kaimi24 days ago
  • He turnes a 1:39 song into a 11 minute reaction lmaoooooo talent

    That KaimiThat Kaimi24 days ago
  • Every video has smoke like how

    Tamra HarrisTamra Harris24 days ago
  • 7:50 CIA jnr 💀

    Antony SAntony S25 days ago
  • I never thought I could enjoy a reaction video this much lmaoooo

    Alex GrayAlex Gray26 days ago
  • The weird part is why make an 11 minute vid when the song is only 1 minute 🤷‍♂️

    TS ZoroTS Zoro27 days ago
  • Man look if Ronald Reagan got shot then 6ix9ine can get shot don't matter the security.

    Samuel GrahamSamuel Graham27 days ago
  • Hi

    Typical Gamer jr.Typical Gamer jr.28 days ago

    Joseph AlvaradoJoseph Alvarado28 days ago
  • Do dutchavelli only if you knew

    Matthew GrimesMatthew Grimes28 days ago
  • I love his music im sorry his shit knock sorry

    Porsha QuarlesPorsha Quarles28 days ago
  • Im waab

    Porsha QuarlesPorsha Quarles28 days ago
  • The song 1min and 45 sec my nigga made it over 11 mins 😂 It's all good though keep up that work big dog 💯

    Luka HendricksLuka Hendricks28 days ago
  • Everyone forgets back in the day our two biggest rappers pac and biggie rode deep like that as well with multiple Tahoes

    Mathews Racing 317Mathews Racing 31728 days ago
  • It starts at 2:50

    Meghan WarenMeghan Waren29 days ago
  • "He prolly goin tell on me for tellin yall this" *Shade* LMFAO

    RawrRawr29 days ago
  • “Call security”💀💀

    LeelLeel29 days ago
  • che no es por nada pero estas RE DRO**DO MAN

    TheGamersTheGamers29 days ago
  • React to Yama Buddha song love from Nepal please please he is a legend of Nepal and all of the world like topac please

    Subarna KcSubarna Kc29 days ago
  • This songs garbage

    Christopher IngletonChristopher Ingleton29 days ago
  • Bro first time i cracked laughing in a while at ghost saying 69 might've hired snipers 💀

    Lawy MawyLawy MawyMonth ago
  • Y’all can hate on 69 all y’all want but his grind and hussle is that of a genius 🌈🌈🌈🌈

    Jessica ArchuletaJessica ArchuletaMonth ago
  • Preach ghost please school these young people 🤍

    Jessica ArchuletaJessica ArchuletaMonth ago
  • So we ain’t gon talk bout him saying the n word😐

    Cee HpCee HpMonth ago
  • Next up 😑, we got six no

    Filip SinkovićFilip SinkovićMonth ago
  • BRUH THEY GOT DAT WHOLE BLOCK ON LOCK DOWN. AAAAAHHH. I can just imagine what the people in background were watching they back like a mofaka. Be like im here for money, but i aint tryna get shot tho. No traffic on the bridge either. God damn.

    Pr3dAt0r_UnKn0wNPr3dAt0r_UnKn0wNMonth ago
  • You know how much for rent in New York please ain't nobody got time to chase down this little n*****

    Fredrick RousseauFredrick RousseauMonth ago
  • Real n***** ain't studying this n**** they are trying to get these bags off trying to make a bag I don't give a s*** about this n***** the real hustlers on the corner of the block

    Fredrick RousseauFredrick RousseauMonth ago
  • S*** if you going to murder me I think I might tell too especially if it's my own people but they have to be Street repercussions... That get back, that hold that n***** . For right now making more situations the eyes are on you

    Fredrick RousseauFredrick RousseauMonth ago
  • West cost bang ing and East coast banging will always be different lot of mixed races on the east side a lot of married and in-laws.... And different races that still believe like the mafia family Friends and family over everything money over everything and is a lot of drug cartels drug posse's. From the people to the Caribbean all the way to the Chinese and Koreans my people are my people. If they do nothing to me why should I have a problem piss off. Did not take your money, then I f****** my wife. And we eat together..... Roll or get rolled over and gang members get rolled on blood and Crip they do what they got to do for their people that's these streets East side

    Fredrick RousseauFredrick RousseauMonth ago
  • Yo I could say alot.... But the shit ! they say say less 1, he look kind of Latina and they stay together, two New York is made up of foreigners, Honduran , Colombian, Mexican, belizean, Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Panamanian, Costa Rican, and other phones such as the Caribbean, Russians, Italian, Africans, Indians, Muslims and Sikhs, Brothers cousins and fathers= family=in-laws .=different banging rules, lastly people forget how even gangsters turn on gangsters wanksters turn on wangsters and your own people be ready to gun you down over drugs money and women and the killing of family members. You never know the boy got to live when you buy them all family friends gang can't help you when they want you they going to get you.

    Fredrick RousseauFredrick RousseauMonth ago
  • 10:33 mans turned in a horse rq 😂

    Burger Simp GodBurger Simp GodMonth ago
  • No since he has a tattoo he cant be in da sun or it will get infected

    Burger Simp GodBurger Simp GodMonth ago
  • Are these extras?? 😂😂

    tobias garciacochrantobias garciacochranMonth ago
  • 3:32 im done LMAOO

    187187Month ago
    • 🤣

      Burger Simp GodBurger Simp GodMonth ago
  • u be pausin this shit to much let it play less talkin no disrespect

    Garry BurgessGarry BurgessMonth ago
  • 3:30 lol 😆

    April MayApril MayMonth ago
  • This guy has millions of subscribers for just smoking and listening to music videos 👍👍

    Rusheed McfarlaneRusheed McfarlaneMonth ago
  • Bro we do not care of your life just reac to the video

    zeus307rieurzeus307rieurMonth ago
  • R u high

    Candy_Bob YTCandy_Bob YTMonth ago
  • 1 hater: You wasn’t outside. You wasn’t in space. 69: I’m in space now.

    Oilicec OtosOilicec OtosMonth ago
  • My mans trippin look at his eyes lol

    TSM_playerTSM_playerMonth ago
  • dj ghost not about that life

    kyle scottkyle scottMonth ago
  • Weed man 👨 has to go

    Rhys HillRhys HillMonth ago
  • Bro you gon end up like juice wrld if you keep smoking

    i like sharkz4lifei like sharkz4lifeMonth ago
  • Yo he needs to stop smoking he constantly forgets what he says

    Never SlippingNever SlippingMonth ago
  • Suuuuuuuuuub spanishhhh

    Ꭻ ᎮᎪϟᏁᎫ ᎮᎪϟᏁMonth ago
  • Latin Kings in the background no yellow FBI now I'm snitching

    Tin LoconTin LoconMonth ago
  • Seriously smoking on a video

    Grace QuintuaGrace QuintuaMonth ago
  • “He prolly gon tell on me for tellin y’all this” 😂😂😂 Security is a must tho. Too many caught lackin

    Martin GMartin GMonth ago
  • If you're reading this you might get alot of subscribers and you're alone thinking why or stressing for money. But please support others, because people are praying for you and will help you. I love you my friend 👦🏾💓💯

    RR WRR WMonth ago
  • That's some of his friends and some of his gang members

    Monique SavageMonique SavageMonth ago
  • This man is shiz

    Lazar MandicLazar MandicMonth ago
  • Who cares if he snitched ??? There ain’t no problem with that I could care less if he snitched

    Jasmin RodriguezJasmin RodriguezMonth ago