here are some things i thrifted in nyc :)

Nov 19, 2020
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Come thrifting with me in NYC! In this video, I give you a tour of my favorite thrift stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn, try on all the thrifted dresses, jackets, sweaters, jeans, and t-shirts I’ve accumulated over the past couple months, and demonstrate my hidden talent of stuffing a truly obscene amount of fabric into my pants. Also thank you for your patience with my upload schedule during the past month! I tried to film this thrift haul a couple weeks ago on election day and the vibes were just ~weird~ because I was so nervous, so I decided to scrap the entire thing, and then there’s been a ton of construction in my building so it’s been infuriatingly hard to find a time quiet enough to film. Anyhow an entire month later, here she is!

safety pin earrings: i designed them! (
pearl headband: jenn im x 8 other reasons (sold out, similar:
fuzzy coat: marc jacobs (
tan pants: & other stories (similar:
green corduroy pants: rollas (
polka dot top: majorelle (
high waisted jeans: levi’s (
power ranger top: gangyoung (
leather pants: artizia (

L Train Vintage - Bushwick
106 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Urban Jungle - Bushwick
118 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237
L Train Vintage - East Village
204 1st Ave, New York, NY 10009
Goodwill - Union Square
7 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

danish girl my marlin’s dreaming (
charlie brown’s day off by louie zong (
ballroom music from epidemic sound (

✰ FAQ ✰
what’s your name? ashley
what’s your instagram? @best.dressed
how old are you? 22 (born in 1998)
how tall are you? 5'5"
what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese
what equipment do you use to film?
➭ main camera: panasonic lumix gh5s (
➭ 8-18 mm lens (
➭ 12-35mm lens (
➭ on camera mic: rode videomic pro+ (
➭ voiceover mic: blue yeti usb mic (
➭ vlog camera: canon g7x mark ii (
➭ canon m50 (
➭ editing: final cut pro

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  • If every ex-theatre-kid doesn't IMMEDIATELY change their Tinder bios to "I can still zip zap like a motherfucker"... 😂

    ReyBeltaneReyBeltane50 minutes ago
  • I personally hate liking her eyeliner lately, just reminds me of Tutankhamen

    岡田千佳岡田千佳Hour ago
  • "It is more expensive here like 10-20$." Germany: 45-70$ 😭🤷🏼‍♀️

    seiom jvonyseiom jvonyHour ago
  • you ARE the love os my life, i think you should know it because you a sleeping on this information and it is relevant for both of us

    Jade FrotaJade Frota2 hours ago
  • This was chaotic and im so here for it

    JensuperjenJensuperjen2 hours ago
  • goooood i love ur videos sm. i missed them. you're so fucking funny and niceeeee and amazing lmao i wanna have ur energy when i grow up AAAAAAA bye

    kamaboko gonpanchirokamaboko gonpanchiro2 hours ago
    • Bruh the urban jungle at Minnesota us so expensive

      seiom jvonyseiom jvonyHour ago
  • can you add the option to add subtitles? i would love to add some ;3

    CelineCeline4 hours ago
  • Your hair is goalssss

    helenso93helenso935 hours ago
  • you are such a inspiration for me, sending you lots of love!

    Livia SjogrenLivia Sjogren5 hours ago
  • not the zip zap zop

    Alexa BraddockAlexa Braddock5 hours ago
  • Here to say I love your content and your authenticity. Been seeing some hate on you recently and I don’t really get why, but I’m here to just spread some positivity. Been following you for a while and love your stuff

    Kaylin StoryKaylin Story6 hours ago
  • Watching your video just makes me happy! :)

    Lye Sie ChuahLye Sie Chuah6 hours ago
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    John CarlosJohn Carlos6 hours ago
  • best dressed ilyyyy

    Tullia HanjaniTullia Hanjani7 hours ago
  • watching this feels like having an older sister. which is so nice cuz i’m the oldest

    Jocelyn RJocelyn R7 hours ago
  • man you literally give me life... you should just watch my reaction when I see you it's like I'm right there with you laughing my butt off

    Rachel Denise LoboRachel Denise Lobo7 hours ago
  • like a cape

    Ella MorrisElla Morris8 hours ago
  • Girl I am always mind blown by how many views you get. Always a million views 😍 I wish you do lots of NYC vlogs albeit random because obviously we love you and we will watch your content 🥰

    Badet GBBadet GB8 hours ago
  • mmm the ariana grande shirt yes pls

    Elsa GrandvoinetElsa Grandvoinet9 hours ago
  • I love the energy in this video

    Isabella GrassoIsabella Grasso9 hours ago
  • Bruh the urban jungle at Minnesota us so expensive

    Kiin AdenKiin Aden10 hours ago
  • Just found this youtube channel and honestly? I've never laughed harder. You can pry this channel out of my cold, dead hands if you dare-

    Kate D.Kate D.10 hours ago
  • i miss Ashley so much i watch this video at least once a day since its release lmao

    camilleshiiicamilleshiii10 hours ago
  • i know for a fact if we knew one another we would be best friends. I've been watching your channel for about a year and a half and every video i watch i see more and more of myself. i literally have a whole closet full of cute thrifted dresses that i will never wear anywhere but they're to pretty to not buy.

    Cali GyrlCali Gyrl11 hours ago
  • I love you so much. Love your videos. It's a mix of nostalgia with heart melting and comfort. Thank you for existing

    Micaela BicudoMicaela Bicudo11 hours ago
  • 8:45 she dressing like she is in promise neverland ahahahha

    Mina MotamediMina Motamedi12 hours ago
  • Just a friendly reminder.....I love you.

    Courtney CaseCourtney Case12 hours ago
  • My existential crisis is: do I actually have a sense of style/trends I like or is it all capitalist marketing

    Kaley SperlingKaley Sperling13 hours ago

    B 。YB 。Y13 hours ago
  • I'm sorry but i HATE that last jacket and idk whyyyyyy

    Sylvette PagánSylvette Pagán13 hours ago
  • why was this so entertaining damn. good job ashley.

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  • “I can still zip zap like a motherf*cker tho” 😭🖐

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  • i love Ashley so much, she’s like a older cousin to me. i very much like her vibe 😌

    YumekoxoYumekoxo14 hours ago
  • I just fucking love you, you are my spirit animal.

    Enikő PatakiEnikő Pataki15 hours ago
  • hahaha hillary clinton's ass is jealous of the amount shit that comes out of her mouth lol

    Elise ThompsonElise Thompson15 hours ago
  • im so fucking high right now and watching this has me saying “what the fuck” ever 30 seconds hehe

    YENOYENO16 hours ago
  • I'm screeching at red leather yellow leather because I also was a theater kid 😂😂😂

    Jamie RegoJamie Rego16 hours ago
  • So much inspo. Wow😼😋

    Nora Gaarn SkogenNora Gaarn Skogen17 hours ago
  • Me: Simps are losers Ashley: *posts* Me: Well nice knowing you, but I have to go simp for the queen of thrifting now.

    DumbKatCosDumbKatCos18 hours ago
  • Girl, you let a republican f**k you?....😅🥴

    Kia OlaneKia Olane18 hours ago
  • All of those leather jackets are super gorgeous but I especially love the pink and black one

    Salomé KingSalomé King19 hours ago
  • You in the black leather jacket and pigtails makes you look like an anime character or the one Asian character they throw in grungy sci-fi stories for ✨diversity✨

    Mariah BowenMariah Bowen19 hours ago
  • That cute champagne top is so pretty on you and is (chef's kiss) so 30s in the best way

    Mariah BowenMariah Bowen20 hours ago
  • "my sexuality almost entirely revolves around movies in which men wear suits"! THIS! This is me!! I could've never be able to put this into words!

    Looking for IshaLooking for Isha20 hours ago
  • Another great video!! Love it :)

    Jessica BlutJessica Blut20 hours ago
  • I live in the Northern NJ suburbs! I highly recommend Value Village in Hawthorne. Also Udelco in Hawthorne except that one is a bit unorganized and hit or miss but still has a good selection of funky vintage clothes.

    Shannon MorganShannon Morgan20 hours ago
  • Would love to see a video about dressing in New York in the winter ❄️

    McKenna TownsMcKenna Towns20 hours ago
  • Current essential crisis: theres a possiblity ill amount to nothing

    Clara HadleyClara Hadley20 hours ago
  • i love your new vibe because it’s not you “trying to be funny” anymore it’s just normal

    jodie goddardjodie goddard20 hours ago
  • That last shirt is definitely some BYU merch

    Isabel CharlesIsabel Charles20 hours ago
  • Loe that in 5 days more than a million poeople have seen this video. So inspiring 😍

    Wear It MilanoWear It Milano20 hours ago
  • Does anyone know where she got those gorgeous white boots that she paired with the white tennis skirt?

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  • you are my favorite person

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  • I JUST figure out yesterday there is an American eagle shop near my house... SMH

    The7ShadesOf ShadowsThe7ShadesOf Shadows21 hour ago
  • I just so love her voice

    Eros Rheanne EstorbaEros Rheanne Estorba21 hour ago
  • This video is so cute! I've really been wanting to thrift for the past few months but I don't _need_ new clothes, so I won't leave the apartment haha. I got to experience the joy of it watching this!

    J BizzleJ Bizzle22 hours ago
  • We want a video of your category 3 for thrifted pieces

    carianne rindlercarianne rindler23 hours ago
  • I took ONE college theater course and the zip zap zop KILLED me

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  • i love all your leather jackets. serious envy

    RaShae BrownRaShae Brown23 hours ago
  • hey ashley! could you do a 2021 bujo video?? u could talk abt things that worked and dint last yr while planning

    AvyayaAvyaya23 hours ago
  • 9:40 excuse me two hundred and f*cking what- *confused brazilian screams*

    Raquel RochaRaquel RochaDay ago
  • I was waiting on the daisy dress for you to put the scarf around your neck and have a dramatic romance movie moment, but you never did. 😔

    Claudia NoelClaudia NoelDay ago
  • I love you. So cute how excited you are with the dope@ss new threads. Amazing video. So funny.

    E WE WDay ago
  • i feel like i’m in facetime with ashley

    Marie AncilMarie AncilDay ago
  • 옷이 너무 예쁘군요:) 영상 잘보고 갑니다 구독♡ 좋아요 하고가요 자주놀러올게요:) 🥰

    재야네핸드메이드재야네핸드메이드Day ago
  • That thing that came with the vintage dress might’ve been a scarf. 🤭☺️

    Sab GoSab GoDay ago
  • I would've unsubscribed if I saw that L train wasn't on this list kskskksk thank GOD. I thought about this thrift store entering your life whenever you spoke about thrift stores in Cali. WELCOME. to the dark side Young One. finally. FINALLY.

    The AichThe AichDay ago
  • I love how she’s acting like it’s not absolutely freezing on the east coast right now

    pida siouypida siouyDay ago
  • L Train Vintage and Urban Jungle are NOT thrift stores

    Lola JenkinsLola JenkinsDay ago
  • The only thrift stores you shown were goodwill, all of the others are vintage stores. Not the same as a thrift store

    Lola JenkinsLola JenkinsDay ago
  • Not stanning Hilary Clinton and banging a republican! Pick a female politician who isn't a neoliberal stooge for style inspo

    Emma NEmma NDay ago
    • i am crying at the miscellaneous items in the overalls please

      pida siouypida siouyDay ago
  • Two minutes into your video and I want to shift towns and change my entire wardrobe and be a new person. Also your video are very aesthetic. On a bad day they put me in a good mood and give me hope.

    Marshmallow MunchkinMarshmallow MunchkinDay ago
  • your hairrrrrrrrr

    yzayzaDay ago
  • You look pretty in every dresses.......💞💞💞💕

    Sharen KhiamSharen KhiamDay ago
  • i usually dont comment but had recently been doing a lot of my own thrift flips that actually led to me creating pieces from scratch and just wanted to say that you were the one who inspired me to start doing them and they give me tremendous joy. Keep up the good work! I wish you the same happyness that my little sewing sessions give me.

    Tina SchneiderTina SchneiderDay ago
  • Ashley is certified an old soul

    Cruz Shekeinah GraceCruz Shekeinah GraceDay ago
  • What are you doing with such a big amount of clothes?😅

    Настя НауменкоНастя НауменкоDay ago
  • What’s the style of the blue jacket Ashley has in the first outfit?

    Daniela ValenciaDaniela ValenciaDay ago
  • I got blessed by the leather jacket gods as well. I work at the salvation army vintage clothing store and I get volunteer discount and bought this brown leather jacket from the 80ties. With shoulder pads and it stops at the waist with a buckle and it reminds me of Mad Max so post pandemic waisted world, I'm ready!

    Lucia Isabel RoosLucia Isabel RoosDay ago
  • haha, a lot of jokes in this video !

    Mitsui NormalMitsui NormalDay ago
  • When she called the sash dumb, I felt it on a molecular level

    User 1User 1Day ago
  • Havent watched you in a hot minute and now I feel refreshed, thanks.

    shinigamiknightshinigamiknightDay ago
  • your hair looks so silky and healthy what the heck

    Shayne MedinaShayne MedinaDay ago
  • 4:04 sis really went from cutie to dark lmao

    kanaya putrikanaya putriDay ago
  • Her videos helped me reflect on fast fashion and which stuff is actually important and which is kinda just a waste of money. My closet is pretty empty now, but it’s not like I wore the stuff I donated

    _ Aliwerm_ AliwermDay ago
  • i am crying at the miscellaneous items in the overalls please

    Aerin FortesAerin FortesDay ago
  • Love how chatty this vid was! I've missed your random ramblings 🙂

    KieraKieraDay ago
  • Your videos make me so happy i wanna cry like, you could go on and on about nonsense and I would still watch it. Like - YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE >~

    191 Aryaki Sekera191 Aryaki SekeraDay ago
  • I love your videos! And your personality too

    Pam CasPam CasDay ago
  • I was debating writing this comment, but something about this rubbed me the wrong way. I grew up in Brooklyn shopping at the places you mentioned because I could not afford to shop elsewhere. It wasn’t about the vintage aspect, I wasn’t “thrifting,” I was just shopping for stuff I’d feel good in. Now I’m older and don’t live in the city (thank u gentrification), but there are still kids who are born and bred here who only have access to the stuff you can get on Depop or made ethically from these stores you’re broadcasting. While you can shop where ever you want, I would reconsider before naming store names in these videos. All L Trains, UJ, and other stores are all under the same enterprise, and these stores have steadily been increasing their prices as their customer base goes from people who need nice, inexpensive clothes to people who thrift for fun. In your videos moving forward I urge you consider your place as someone who has the privilege to move to the most expensive city in the world while it’s native residents struggle to maintain their livelihoods.

    Leah MooganLeah MooganDay ago
    • All my friends and I got our prom dresses at these stores and I’m looking at that dress like this could’ve been someone’s dream prom dress :(

      Leah MooganLeah MooganDay ago
  • when you talk about something you love your voice goes all soft and dreamy and it’s the most wholesome beautiful thing ever

    Maia HealeyMaia HealeyDay ago
  • Your commentary is no good anymore, politics, low key bigotry with republicans , idk if I like this Ashley

    Kiara MondragonKiara MondragonDay ago
  • she seems so much happier:)

    Pim SinghatirajPim SinghatirajDay ago
  • Like always cool outfits!!

    Tamara MainardiTamara MainardiDay ago
  • 10:50 my jaw DROPPED... the punk rock egirl of my dreams... so fucking pretty oml

    Audrey DozemanAudrey DozemanDay ago
  • I used to like so much Ashley's content but idk why I find her so cringey for while now.

    Pilar AngélicaPilar AngélicaDay ago
  • Love you Ashley

    LoltenzinLoltenzinDay ago
  • that same purse is in my grandma's closet. stealing from her immediately

    Gaby Rivas-DeleonGaby Rivas-DeleonDay ago
  • Ashley be like: *"i can't think of another movie that men wears suits in it"* Me: *MEN IN BLACK?* at this point i don't know why i think of that, still they wore suit. *i rest my case* HAHAHAHAH

    Ena ApudaEna ApudaDay ago
  • sitting here listening to you talk about how sexy you think men are in suits as a lesbian ... 👁👄👁

    The Venus MarquezThe Venus MarquezDay ago