Unboxing Spot The $75,000 Robot Dog

Jun 27, 2020
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Meet Spot by Boston Dynamics.
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  • grab a snack and enjoy

    Unbox TherapyUnbox Therapy16 days ago
    • Wahou !!

      Nabil BounajmaNabil Bounajma7 hours ago
    • Imagine AI dogs

      X_U cytus 2X_U cytus 2Day ago
    • Holy Sh!t

      Hyper BearHyper BearDay ago
    • I bet really soon we well see technology so advanced that we will soon have robot sized machines sized as a human that could help soldiers fight in the military

      ChaoticPandaChaoticPandaDay ago
    • Maybe you can send out those iPhones so someone can unbox them

      Ralph RodgersRalph RodgersDay ago
  • ...wow

    Bring The RainBring The Rain2 hours ago
  • 11:02 Hopefully if there's no rage quit

    Ved KolambkarVed Kolambkar2 hours ago
  • give it to bricknermon

    DerisersDerisers2 hours ago
  • You know that it can dance right.

    Sworup GamerSworup Gamer2 hours ago
  • I hate how much the dude with the black hat just keeps talking..... im here for the the robot, I do not care about your opinion, or how ominous you think it is.

    Speedy GonzalesSpeedy Gonzales3 hours ago
  • Son: dad I want a dog Dad: Okie! how much? Son: 75.000 USD Dad: Okie! why I need two kidneys.

    Chấn Thiên LêChấn Thiên Lê3 hours ago
  • 0:54 This Yellow Robot's ancestor was kicked by humans for fun. Soon Yellow Robot will carry machineguns and bang bang all humans. 🩸

    Aishwary AwasthiAishwary Awasthi3 hours ago
  • Give it to brick nermon!

    AndrewDubzAndrewDubz4 hours ago
  • Its a chill inducing documentary

    Sujan BaruahSujan Baruah4 hours ago
  • People are gonna look back on this video in a couple decades to reference the start of the end of humans

    RevRev6 hours ago
  • give it to brick right now

    sandra valenzuelasandra valenzuela6 hours ago
  • If micheal reeves saw this video he’d be very jealous

    LucasBreadLucasBread7 hours ago
  • Michael Reeves who?

    Jadon WalkerJadon Walker7 hours ago
  • Micheal is jelly

    Ishikki OkIshikki Ok7 hours ago
  • Michael reeves would like to know your location.

    Dimas Naufal PratamaDimas Naufal Pratama8 hours ago
  • Am i the only one who still, strangely, prefers COZMO over SPOT because, though SPOT is way more sophisticated and technologically advanced, but still doesn't have that personnality and that "cute side" which COZMO does...

    Ahmed YassineAhmed Yassine8 hours ago
  • The real question is what does it do thats worth $75,000 cuz it cant be that much just for a walking robo dog........

    Jesus PaqueJesus Paque8 hours ago
  • Give it to brick nermon

    reid kinneyreid kinney8 hours ago
  • anything can look weird when you play ominous music in the background. even an unboxing video.

    SubStandardSubStandard9 hours ago
  • Cool. Now give it to brick.

    Colton LeathermanColton Leatherman9 hours ago
  • 8:05 dancing robot dancing robot

    RZRREDDRZRREDD9 hours ago
  • POV youre in the year 4000 and humanity is at the brink of extinction and you find this secret video of how Robots slowly came to take over

    christian sanchezchristian sanchez9 hours ago
  • Isn’t that 100k?

    [][][][]9 hours ago
  • bricknermon punching the air rn

    skriichskriich9 hours ago
  • Yo. This ain't AIBO.

    echols108echols10810 hours ago
  • It's "perfect". Now mount a gun on it.

    RogueDivinity_ -RogueDivinity_ -10 hours ago
  • Cool robot but it’s pretty useless unless it has a purpose this is just an expensive toy

    arthur della mortearthur della morte12 hours ago
  • Can you ride it?

    Sanchit JainSanchit Jain12 hours ago
  • This was so well done

    trscsaegtrscsaeg12 hours ago
  • omg, they gutted it before they squeezed it into that case!

    VerechterVerechter12 hours ago
  • It's like the beginning of a 90s Terminator movie. But.....it's real now.

    T.T.13 hours ago
  • I want it

    Matej RadovanMatej Radovan13 hours ago
  • I just want to pet Spot

    JamiedenJamieden14 hours ago
  • We should have stopped at the Roomba...

    Tristan SellersTristan Sellers14 hours ago
  • Ok we have a walking drone....what now?

    Maxi BodyaliveMaxi Bodyalive14 hours ago
  • I knew it! Homeboy is wearing eyeliner...

    Prairie BiltonPrairie Bilton14 hours ago
  • That moment that Otis went nuts

    Ricki’s PlaceRicki’s Place15 hours ago
  • why was that so dramatic

    Mr_simpyMr_simpy15 hours ago
  • great video, great content. absolutely love it..

    muhammad yousafmuhammad yousaf15 hours ago
  • if am the richest man in the world i will fund the robotic development project

    RZ 370RZ 37015 hours ago
  • 9700th dislike

    tachanka OMEGALOLtachanka OMEGALOL16 hours ago
  • T.v.

    [K.D.] CellBlock.X.K.5[K.D.] CellBlock.X.K.516 hours ago
  • robot dog robot dog

    Hushpuppy GamesHushpuppy Games16 hours ago
  • man can u buy this? I'm interested

    Joel SteevanJoel Steevan16 hours ago
  • I legit just want the tablet/controller

    Peter GriffinPeter Griffin16 hours ago
  • Imagine this paired with a drone like the skydio 2 to autonomously navigate land to get from point A to B, for disaster areas

    gyasi suttongyasi sutton17 hours ago
  • This type of invention actually scares me

    Alfan NaimAlfan Naim17 hours ago
  • This looks fake

    paul wonderleypaul wonderley18 hours ago
  • The dog raaaan!!!😁

    Simeon SodeindeSimeon Sodeinde18 hours ago
  • give it to brick now

    Megahunter 124Megahunter 12418 hours ago
  • Wow

    Kristoffer StrangerKristoffer Stranger18 hours ago
  • 04:53... planet of the apes...😛😂

    Anand NairAnand Nair18 hours ago
  • Looks like a video game for real!

    Filip SpanneFilip Spanne19 hours ago
  • Why drama

    D7om HeroD7om Hero19 hours ago
  • Someone needs to buy one of these, make it do cute things and then smash it bad with a baseball bat and see the reactions on people in the comments.

    Alli GatorAlli Gator19 hours ago
  • Micheal Reeves piss dog

    PraisedRock3PraisedRock319 hours ago
  • It feels like a Shane documentary

    Matt StebbinsMatt Stebbins20 hours ago
  • *"FUTURE!! FUTURE!!! FUTUREEEEEE!!!"* - Squidward

    s0m3 _gUy99s0m3 _gUy9920 hours ago
  • But hey, atleast it doesn't poop everywhere...

    NaveenNaveen20 hours ago
  • I’m sorry but that thing is so cool yet so f*cking scary

    ItsWoolfyItsWoolfy20 hours ago
  • Its like the one like in black mirror episode

    Ron PotterRon Potter20 hours ago
  • The dog barking made it so horrific

    AlexAlex20 hours ago
  • Kick it. Kick it... Kick it kick it kick it kick it kick it kick it!!!

    CarrotsalesmanCarrotsalesman21 hour ago
  • The background ambience isn't making this any less scary...

    PerfectionPerfection21 hour ago
  • This is ridiculously over dramatic. Cool video though.

    Pleasant LanguagePleasant Language21 hour ago
  • Dont ignore the dog's warning barks

    Richie LRichie L22 hours ago
  • that robot a the beginning freaked me out

    Camps 01Camps 0122 hours ago
  • "Piss in my cup" -- Micheal Reeves

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov22 hours ago
  • I thought this was gonna be cool, turned out to be the creepiest video I've ever seen

    Vinicius RotgerVinicius Rotger22 hours ago
  • Olá o spot robot dog custa setenta e cinco mil dólares ou setenta e cinco mil reais

    ana carolina regoana carolina rego23 hours ago
    • Not buying it until it’s pleasurable...

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov22 hours ago
  • Dont let china ppl buy it, they will make it $75

    FreewillFreewill23 hours ago
  • Like kids in the candy store look at these guys lol this is amazing

  • Crazy idea, but i love to see it.. How about he doing a spider robot..

    Lester AlexiaLester Alexia23 hours ago
  • 16:40 "Mission failed. We'll get em next time."

    Derpy AllanDerpy AllanDay ago
  • Bro imagine AI robot dogs

    X_U cytus 2X_U cytus 2Day ago
  • Insanely Awesome

    SidMic SinghSidMic SinghDay ago
  • Why every video of unbox therapy is so dramatic?!?

    Enrico TorresEnrico TorresDay ago
  • Is this one of those impossible burger situations? It's 75k now but in 2026 it's on every kids Christmas list.

    BeanutPutterBeanutPutterDay ago
  • Does it have a headphone jack?

    BeanutPutterBeanutPutterDay ago