1967 Vietnam Era Pilot Survival Escape Evasion Kit SEEK Testing Emergency Pen Flare (Not MRE)

Jul 15, 2017
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This is a survival kit used by U.S. Pilots during the Vietnam War.
Folks have asked me to review more Pilot's Survival Kits - so here is one of the most advanced & sought after kits of the Vietnam War. The SEEK-2. We also shoot a pen flare gun that went with this kit (near the end of the video). There are technically Rations in this kit too - candy & bouillon cubes - along with a large variety of medicines and other neat gadgets.
Read this video description - especially below some important thoughts shared by a man in the Coast Guard pertaining to the Pen Flare Gun scene.
A gentleman who serves in the Coast Guard wrote to me and wanted me to share his thoughts on firing the pen flare gun.
"I love your videos, but you did something which irritated me that I must address. In your recent 1967 Vietnam Era Pilot Survival kit video you shoot off flares, and in the Coast Guard we take every flare sighting as a serious calls of distress. In most cases flare sightings lead to our boats and sometimes aircraft being launched. Now maybe you don't live by water, but I hate the idea of people thinking expired flares are toys that can be used like fireworks. Too many people already do this and it wastes our time, reduces our capabilities to respond to actual search and rescue cases, and puts our people in danger.
I'd really appreciate if you could include in the description a disclaimer advising people not to abuse signal flares, as the USCG and other emergency services take them very seriously."
Don't play with flare guns. I don't live near the water - but the fellow has a great point. Also, don't shoot 50 year old flares - it could potentially be dangerous. They are not toys.
Thank you sir for your Service - and for the common sense message.
Last Pilot's Survival Kit that I reviewed was March 2016 - so I figured it was time to share another one from my personal collection - and since noone else on the internet has shared an unboxing of one of these. I can understand, it's the rarity - this one took me 4 years to find in this condition. So I hope you all enjoy!
I want to apologize in advance to anyone in the audience who is disappointed that I didn't try any of the medications - I hope you still got some sort of enjoyment from this video, despite it's relative lack of action (and a tray).
Thanks so much everyone for watching, I am working on new MRE Reviews right now - and will be back in regular-speed production shortly.

And thank you everyone for watching & subscribing - hope
you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
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  • Steve, I was a pilot in Vietnam. Was there all of '71. By that time, they probably realized that if you were shot down, there was no real chance of "Escape and Evasion" after just a few hours at most. So they replaced that kit with a second radio in all our survival vests. If you landed alive and managed to not be immediately captured or killed, you had a chance of a helicopter rescue using the vest's radio. So the radio was the most important bit of gear in the vest And a second radio was the very needed backup to the first one.

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