[BTS Universe Story] Official Trailer

Sep 14, 2020
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First reveal for the full official BTS Universe Story trailer!
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  • Y’all are talking about how good seokjin is in acting but I’m sitting here thinking about the story of this trailer like why did they show al the bts mv parts and why can’t they see him? Is it because he’s going to the military or?

    y / ny / n53 minutes ago
  • Jin's acting skills are dope 👍

    Handa saloniHanda saloniHour ago
  • Bir bok anlamayanlar burda mı?

  • Fuck I was startled on that train part

    Symra KimSymra KimHour ago
  • Я почти ничего не поняла, но очень красиво😻😹💜

    Nurbibi DombayakNurbibi Dombayak2 hours ago
  • Our boys are perfect in everything Love u BTS💜💜💜💜

    Surinder SinghSurinder Singh2 hours ago
  • That boy is so lucky who hugged RM💜💜💜🥺🥺

    Surinder SinghSurinder Singh2 hours ago
  • i luv BTS so i made this uskeys.net/watch/D2tpHtz3544-video.html

    B4BEGamerB4BEGamer4 hours ago
  • Jin is always trying to save the members but who's gonna save him

    cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuoo4 hours ago
  • Apa ini yang dinamakan :) trailer atau bayagan di masa jin bakalan wamil :)

    Azura SyahputriAzura Syahputri4 hours ago
  • txt's cat?

    Gregorio SuberoGregorio Subero4 hours ago
  • 7:27 ya weyyyyy

    MoserrathMoserrath4 hours ago
  • 4:18 me ha volado la peluca

    MoserrathMoserrath4 hours ago
    • Is jungkook dead??

      cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuoo4 hours ago
  • Alguien más se puso nostalgic@.

    MoserrathMoserrath4 hours ago
  • Bueno ahora ya no sólo son las teorías que hacen que mi cabeza explote

    MoserrathMoserrath4 hours ago
  • This is so painful to watch😭😭 hope they have a beautiful happy ending😭😍

    Milabzzz C.Milabzzz C.4 hours ago
  • I love this song😳 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

    Phassang MekumPhassang Mekum5 hours ago
  • so no yoonkook happy ending?

    Miss DyanneMiss Dyanne5 hours ago
  • Waittt im a new army did tae actually did that WAIT WAIT WAIT I feel bad I'm sad I'm trying not to cry

    Stay Gold ArmyStay Gold Army5 hours ago
  • What is this story about??? Eventhough, I didn't understand anything but still I almost cried.😢😢😢

    Mamta KumariMamta Kumari6 hours ago
  • BTS are *literally* 7 angels. BigHit and them never fail to amaze me, it’s like, this was all meant to be, the whole BTS’s story it’s been planned, a wonderful story, but yet so heartbreaking.. (i don’t know if it’s true, but i’ve heard that the story doesn’t end good, i really hope it ends well..). The more they do, the more life looks unreal, they make it feel as if they are unreal, they planned everything, someone sent them in this terrible world, to make a lot of lives better. BTS was just meant to be. BTS could have not been made of 6 or 8 members. BTS could have not debuted in 2012 or 2014. BTS could have not been a group without Namjoon. BTS could have not been a group without Seokjin. BTS could have not been a group without Yoongi. BTS could have not been a group without Hoseok. BTS could have not been a group without Jimin. BTS could have not been a group without Taehyung. BTS could have not been a group without Jungkook. Everything was just meant to be. They could have not been BTS if they weren’t who they are. BTS isn’t just a group of talented singers, rappers and dancers. BTS is more.. BTS is faith. BTS is courage. BTS is fun. BTS is youth. BTS is happiness. BTS is sadness. BTS is hope. BTS is ... LOVE. These boys will be never forgotten, i’ll talk about them to everyone shamelessly, to my kids, my grandchildren, my nephews, etc. They aren’t just the pride of korea. They are the pride of the WORLD. Haters will just hate, without reason, thinking it’s just a normal Kpop group, without knowing what’s really behind BTS. I promise to everyone, that i’ll never leave this path i’ll walk as an ARMY with BTS, loving and supporting them, even in the afterlife if there’s one. *i purple everyone of you*💜

    An Adorble Rappresentative MC for YouthAn Adorble Rappresentative MC for Youth8 hours ago
  • I'm crying, this video are so beautiful

    Karina EmerickKarina Emerick8 hours ago
  • oto chorando feita uma DEMENTE :(

    Tia BekaTia Beka8 hours ago
  • I'm just waiting for somebody here to translate what's being said.

    moon childmoon child8 hours ago
  • Kim SeokJin ✌🏻

    Aelita LvovaAelita Lvova8 hours ago
  • مين من الارمى العرب متحمس؟ 🌸💜

    김애숙hi김애숙hi9 hours ago
  • Is jungkook dead??

    BTS_YEONTAN BangTan SonyDeonDan_VBTS_YEONTAN BangTan SonyDeonDan_V9 hours ago
    • No...

      Cariii_2010Cariii_20108 hours ago
  • Jin is a good actor here, the boys are really amazing...the story is very touchable.

    Jo Ann7Jo Ann79 hours ago
  • whymjewhymje11 hours ago
  • ummmmm idk if this is just me or not but.... the video was only 10 mins but felt like a two hour movie ... i mean how??!!! [edit:] strong power thank you

    _lost_my soul333_lost_my soul33311 hours ago
  • Honestly tho these graphics look absolutely top tier im so impressed🥺🥺❤

    emerald mayemerald may11 hours ago
  • I'm screaming

    emerald mayemerald may11 hours ago
  • BTS: official trailer Me: doubting that is it really a trailer???

    zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsv12 hours ago
  • It hurts more When you have seen are the reels and theories

    Ranjita patunkarRanjita patunkar12 hours ago
  • can someone translate the Korean?

    kids wcskids wcs12 hours ago
  • Waaw zodbfkoz OMGGG 💜

    KTH taehyungKTH taehyung13 hours ago
  • everyone else in the comments is talking about their looks and acting skills which is entirely true and fair, but all i’m thinking of is “YO WTF” and “can they just make this whole storyline a kdrama?”

    chaos like plutochaos like pluto13 hours ago
    • 4:26 6:01

      zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsv12 hours ago
  • 0:14 - i said, "that's our worldwide handsome" .. anything after.. i'm confused as fuck

    Leslie JamesLeslie James13 hours ago
  • El comentario en español que buscabas Army :3

    AntonellaGpAntonellaGp13 hours ago
  • It’s just my opinion but I think BigHit is just like Army, they want Jin to play K-drama. He likes to act since he got his art & acting title too for his education, he took even the Magister. But just like what Jin said (I forgot where) that he just wants to sing & dance, that’s why BigHit always makes him the highlight if it’s about drama because he likes to play drama but just will play it only in BTS content. We should’ve thank BigHit for it.

    Avy SyahrinAvy Syahrin14 hours ago
  • This is straight up movie

    kent palarcakent palarca14 hours ago
  • Isn't this cat a crat ?? That appear in TXT songs ?????

    Y BY B14 hours ago
  • Is it coming to pc or console

    YoongichiYoongichi14 hours ago
  • 😭I thought it was a movie trailer

    yoongi d2yoongi d214 hours ago
    • @Yoongichi 😭😭yes

      yoongi d2yoongi d22 hours ago
    • 😭 remember hyyh Prologue and wings short films

      YoongichiYoongichi14 hours ago
  • This story needs no words no subtitles... Its quite painful to see them apart....The best part of bts to be 7 as 1..the most beautiful world 💜m?my purple world 💜💜💜

    Archana TaeVArchana TaeV14 hours ago
  • People said they never really finished the story years sgo

    OhNoItsNoeOhNoItsNoe15 hours ago
  • yo, you can't just hit us with that nostalgia, man.

    Ysabel Marie ColinaYsabel Marie Colina15 hours ago
  • Oigan El libro de las notas no tenía el nombre de Jin Entonces de quién rayos es el libro de notas🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Enny MartinezEnny Martinez15 hours ago
    • Del papá de Jin en las notas

      Cariii_2010Cariii_20108 hours ago
  • Just like in the webtoon, SAVE ME the loop is never ending and Jin can't find a process to save them, it only get worse because he can't get out. There are two members who can possibly save him; Taehyung or Jungkook. Taehyung can see some glimpse from many repeated timeline and compensating is its real or not. Jungkook, was visited by the cat who had met Jin (so its possible for him to jump in another timeline, i think).

    Miru Mikaze ReinMiru Mikaze Rein15 hours ago
  • Will there be a continuation of their webtoon ???

    Jaguar BeastJaguar Beast15 hours ago
  • 4:26 6:01

    Hugs_ for_drugs_Hugs_ for_drugs_15 hours ago
  • Fudge I feel heartache coming my way when this finally comes out --- plus I hope my brain can keep up lmao. But soooo excited. I wanna be immersed in BU even though it makes my heart and head hurt --- it's just soooo mind blowing

    cristen hilariocristen hilario15 hours ago
  • Subs 😭

    cristen hilariocristen hilario15 hours ago
  • I can read only read in the bottom of the notebook if I'm not wrong it was Kim seok jin...........

    Ayesha SiddiqaAyesha Siddiqa16 hours ago
  • الاغنيه الجديد🧐🧐

    ارمي GirLارمي GirL16 hours ago
  • i think this trailer tell us about their messages in every mv and about time that seokjin will go to military and not along with them.. maybe this trailer tell us to be ready.. but actually im so sad

    • This video has to do with the new game that they are going to release. Many of these scenes are in "HYYH The Notes Book". This is all a fictional story.

      Cariii_2010Cariii_20108 hours ago
    • 😢

      NELSON ANAK IDI MoeNELSON ANAK IDI Moe15 hours ago
    • Ya me too think like that

      Ayesha SiddiqaAyesha Siddiqa16 hours ago
  • What is this universe story??

    ARMY KimARMY Kim17 hours ago
  • musics are perfect omg

    haebosshaeboss17 hours ago
  • The Best Bangt Sumpah Gak Kuat Njir.

    Amel LiaAmel Lia17 hours ago
  • Can't wait for genius ARMY to dissect this

    Fascienne SkyttenFascienne Skytten18 hours ago
  • Taehyung gets completely immerse in the role whatever the role is, I wish he could get to act again

    blemaiablemaia18 hours ago
  • I'm crying 😢

    naubahar ixlasovanaubahar ixlasova18 hours ago
  • Me dolió el corazón 💔

    Danna Melgar OsinagaDanna Melgar Osinaga18 hours ago
  • i want engsubbbb TwT

    Mai NguyễnMai Nguyễn18 hours ago
  • Why do i always see jin suffering why does he always feel like leaving us already😭😭😭

    •j•e•o•n •t•a•e•h•y•u•n•g••j•e•o•n •t•a•e•h•y•u•n•g•18 hours ago
  • wait could bts's storyline be related to txt's bcuz of the cat

    Jung_Hoseok_Totally_OfficialJung_Hoseok_Totally_Official18 hours ago
  • JIN you should come in acting man. You will kill it. You are awesome. Outstanding. Along with BTS, you should think of pursuing acting also. Army will support you always.

    Nikki SinghNikki Singh18 hours ago
  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    army btsarmy bts19 hours ago
  • Im not crying, my eyes is just sweating

    Xxbrilliantx XoxoXxbrilliantx Xoxo19 hours ago
  • A deep theory in building up in my mind

    F BigwilF Bigwil19 hours ago
  • Soy un auto csh swhvsywcshs

    Cesar nassiCesar nassi19 hours ago
  • Was I the only one who found this heartbreaking ? 💔

    Srishty KunwarSrishty Kunwar19 hours ago
  • I am in love with it's music..😭😭 I want to play the game asap...I am soo excited that I can't even tell anyone...😭😭

    Mahi PandeyMahi Pandey19 hours ago
  • This app will surely be heavy. Need to delete other apps to accomodate this, lol.

    CO1015 KCO1015 K19 hours ago
  • Im so confused, but im also crying

    Sire FabreSire Fabre19 hours ago
  • Im so excited to play this game..💜

    Annie AvilesAnnie Aviles20 hours ago
  • 💜

    heyva hafizahheyva hafizah20 hours ago
  • Very nice bts members good vid bros

    Kim TaehyungKim Taehyung20 hours ago
  • Eu quero a memoria do meu cll de volta

    Maria EduardaMaria Eduarda20 hours ago
  • 9:23 I'm speechless 💜 I just wanna cry so hard 😭

    Sania UmerSania Umer20 hours ago
  • Jin's acting, face expression just shooked me..... Incredibleeee only seeing his sad expressions i wanna cry... Also i reallly like this sad music..

    Sania UmerSania Umer20 hours ago
  • متت جمالهممم T∆T

    N A R J I SN A R J I S21 hour ago
  • I'm waiting for universe story

    Sara Bibi KoliyaSara Bibi Koliya21 hour ago
  • Scary I don't know why 🌝

    Moka bts army ShamaMoka bts army Shama21 hour ago
  • Everything is finally falling in piece 😭😭 We need to save them ARMY Let's help hyyh Jin this time😭

    Rucha MoreRucha More21 hour ago
  • wait a minute. somebody tell me what is happening here?

    ojo ceciliaojo cecilia21 hour ago
  • So when’s the kdrama dropping?

    MinMin21 hour ago
  • When namjoon and jin argue 🤧 namjin 💖

    Itz_ StrawberryItz_ Strawberry22 hours ago
  • It makes more sense to me now... and WOW they should've had much more views and likes! >:(

    Stramberry MilkStramberry Milk22 hours ago
  • Will this movie only released in Korean language...or also in English?...must reply

    Priyanka SainiPriyanka Saini22 hours ago
  • My oldest sis:*watching tiktok* My second sis:*watching an anime* Me:*chilling watching a BTS universe* My sister's said that she's gonna watch this after..lmao😂

    Sophia SahidinSophia Sahidin22 hours ago
  • Cok iyi yaa

    ilayda Salmanilayda Salman22 hours ago
  • Почему я плачу?! Тэхён похож более всего в анимации. Ломайте голову, A.R.M.Y!

    Лиль КейнЛиль Кейн22 hours ago
  • B- but when was this actually filmed? I mean they look kinda different. I felt like I time traveled to the past seeing them look so young!

    Miftahul Zannat PrithibeeMiftahul Zannat Prithibee22 hours ago
  • Hi

    Merteeh HilaryMerteeh Hilary22 hours ago
  • I remember the Black Clover anime character Vanessa who has the power of changing the fate and her spirit magic was a cat. Is it the same as here? The cat symbolises changing their fate?

    MackenzieMackenzie22 hours ago
  • How to get this game? Must pay for it or for free? Can i get at app store?

    Riza AlhamdaRiza Alhamda23 hours ago
  • heatbreaking bts

    Kolou ShaKolou Sha23 hours ago
  • i'm so sad

    Victory Onnie Yoon GiVictory Onnie Yoon Gi23 hours ago
  • no one: not even a single damn soul: not even myself: BTS: We know tomorrow is your finals and you're already stressed with exams stuff and all the other stuff but...BOOM. Dynamite released BOOM like 100 interviews about Dynamite BOOM BTS perform at VMA BOOM this video

    Anthony Tan SerhoAnthony Tan Serho23 hours ago