Shane Dawson ( LEAKED VIDEO ) him & 12 year old girl! #DramaAlert Dr Disrespect Perma BANNED!!!

Jun 26, 2020
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  • I’m not really enjoying drama alert lately. #DramaAlert is supposed to be a midnight snack. It’s supposed to be a guilty pleasure. But honestly recently so much negative shit has been going on it’s like we are eating that midnight snack for breakfast lunch and dinner. To the point where our teeth are rotted out and we’ve all gained 200 pounds! We as a community need a break, I need a break. Every day something horrible happens in the real world and on the Internet. I might have to take at least a three day vacation soon. Love u all hope u understand what I’m saying.

    DramaAlertDramaAlertMonth ago

      ShafzShafz28 days ago
    • I want sushi.

      J o eJ o eMonth ago
    • Some celeb better get married or preggers

      Ella O’ReillyElla O’ReillyMonth ago
    • scoopity poop

      TheKoalaTheKoalaMonth ago
    • We Understand

      Shining FilmZ PHShining FilmZ PHMonth ago
  • Pewdiepie

    Swati DagaSwati Daga4 hours ago
  • 4:03 voice crack

    SKYORASKYORA12 hours ago
  • Mistakes 8-10 years ago? Still not mistakes today. Hold your ground people.. sticks and stones is still sticks and stones.

    N. RandallN. Randall20 days ago
  • Snowflakes they suck they are OFfEnDed over everything

    MessyGamingMessyGaming20 days ago
  • And thats the reason I study physics.

    Electric PheonixElectric Pheonix25 days ago
  • Jeez People Are So Dumb Im Ashamed To Be A Human Jenna Marbel’s Got Canceled For SomeThing She Did 7-8 YEAR’S AGO That Is So Dumb. Cancel Culture Is Dumb To Twitch Is A Bunch Of Simp’s Hating Men. Also Shane That’s Disgusting.

    Anbu.Anbu.27 days ago
  • Imagine getting canceled over things you did 10 years ago... hmmm sounds very familiar..

    MrJuJuiceMrJuJuice29 days ago
  • I forgot about Jenna marbles, I didn’t like her anyways so oh well

    Not_SheaNot_SheaMonth ago
  • Dr Disrespect got banned because he mentioned David icke Everyone look him up

    WakeUp WakeUpWakeUp WakeUpMonth ago
  • Shane was cancelled now he permanently cancelled

    random kid ?random kid ?Month ago
  • Keem sucks I’m coming from h3h3

    El RetardoEl RetardoMonth ago
  • Hell gonna be full

    Lezleet TLezleet TMonth ago
  • Yes keem, lecture US on cancel culture, because you have never done anything wrong or directed negativity at anyone ever.

    PhalanxPhalanxMonth ago
  • Anyone suspicious cause in his last moments he looks at something and he says that’s not me. Also if that’s the case why is he permabanned for cheating? This makes no sense at all

    Zuher TatliZuher TatliMonth ago
  • Never liked Shane, bad USkeys

    ACEz ImAllexxACEz ImAllexxMonth ago
  • Why aren’t you cancelled

    Jay DohertyJay DohertyMonth ago
  • Imagine if keemstar shaved his beard. Look it his chad chin

    T0asTed_humanfleshT0asTed_humanfleshMonth ago
  • Jenna marbels content is crap anyways

    Aaliyah LAaliyah LMonth ago
  • Hypocrisy

    Fabiola VillegasFabiola VillegasMonth ago
  • use live very sad lives

    craig mcgregorcraig mcgregorMonth ago
  • This is the only video that saying subscribe and turn on post notifications worked

    TH3 D0CT31RTH3 D0CT31RMonth ago
  • There is a vid of him saying the n-word

    The EdgamerThe EdgamerMonth ago
  • You have a daughter imaging Shane asking your daughter that and hacking off to her pics

    Lisa SnowLisa SnowMonth ago
  • twitch are such simps

    Ortega OOrtega OMonth ago
  • The me too movement is basically “me too but not necessarily you” Most of the allegations are never true… But the people claiming it I’m probably just faking it for money and fame

    Jake FullertonJake FullertonMonth ago
  • These videos have been there for 8 years or longer in some cases. A lot of things that weren't offensive then are now. The stuff with his cousin, black face, playing on culture and race stereotypes etc. was and is never ok. So what should we do go to his house and beat him bloody? I've seen some say they think he should die for it. Aside from this being years ago anyone who watches him knows he's grown up and not that same guy. I'd like to meet one person in my life that has never said or done something that has offended another. No ones closet is empty. I'm thinking that all of the people who want to act like he did this stuff yesterday and want to ignore how he's carried himself the last few years(if you believe the whole Tati bs then that's your problem I don't) then you also need to start blowing up a lot of the rappers that are CURRENTLY making racist jokes, making light of pedophilia, slut shaming, fat shaming, culture shaming, making fun of the lgbtq community, making fun of trans people, little people and SOOOOO much more. When do they get called out? If your going to clean house you better clean the whole thing not just the rooms you feel like.

    The OriginalThe OriginalMonth ago
  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Dan StarkenburgIIDan StarkenburgIIMonth ago
  • Well you put ur personal life out there for everyone to know ..I don't feel sorry for DOC ,,at all ..his head got to big ..from the shit

    dano286 srdano286 srMonth ago
  • Ik a lot of you people have done a lot worse then these people, but just because these people are celebrities we care.

    Destiny RodriguezDestiny RodriguezMonth ago
  • this video is omg bro like

    DrippyDrippyMonth ago
  • Im glad jennamynuts got cancelled

    Christian BallenoChristian BallenoMonth ago
  • You call yourself a fan of a presumed phediphl smh

    Random RickRandom RickMonth ago
  • Just me or do you have no fucking clue who Jenna marbles is

    1m subs With videos1m subs With videosMonth ago
  • Cancel culture is so toxic

    Kalie ParkinKalie ParkinMonth ago
  • Go do Something with your life you life destroyer

    ReCoundsReCoundsMonth ago
    • Why are you here idiot?

  • who ever he cheated with her twitch career will probably be over too. Just think of all those memes

    CosaNostra 42CosaNostra 42Month ago
  • keen you still have me blocked on twitter

    Colin maroneColin maroneMonth ago
    • never mind not anymore

      Colin maroneColin maroneMonth ago
  • Disrespect was throwing away a body bag

    Fear RareFear RareMonth ago
  • Minecraft monday sticker😂

    it's YaBoyMilanit's YaBoyMilanMonth ago
  • So when are we going to Cancel, cancel culture

    hizpanicGam3rhizpanicGam3rMonth ago
  • No one should have to leave because of something they said feckin 10yrs ago. In fact why don't some people grow balls and stop being offended by everything they see or hear or touch. Feckin snowflake wankers.

    Glenn HallGlenn HallMonth ago
  • U think allinity and dr disrespect did the dirty and that’s why she never got banned

    4Rea1s _4Rea1s _Month ago
  • “I’m just a person trying to navigate life” -Jenna 😔

    Shawty SoshaShawty SoshaMonth ago
  • I just subbed. This is good stuff can't believe i didn't jump in on this sooner >_

    Ricer CaliberRicer CaliberMonth ago
  • ماشاء الله تبارك الله تحريات رهيب يا شيخ كيم ستار 👏

    عبدالإلهabdullilah الحربيعبدالإلهabdullilah الحربيMonth ago
  • Wait if he was fired for adulterous behavior .. shouldn’t she be as well ... she participated willingly

    The AnomalyThe AnomalyMonth ago
  • U have light mode in Twitter… Just no

    SpectralDragonSpectralDragonMonth ago
  • I haven’t seen these for a long time and this is rlly interesting

    SpectralDragonSpectralDragonMonth ago
  • This is stupid. Omg Shane said a bad thing 10 years ago. Cancel him.... like seriously? Who doesn’t have a bad past? Who doesn’t have something they did 10 years ago that they regret. Not to mention why does it matter now? Why didn’t anyone say anything when the video was made?! Shits old. Different ppl and different era. All these idiots dig up the past and make it seem like they just did these things today.... let’s go ahead and cancel everyone bc no one is perfect. Fucking idiots

    Truth PrevailsTruth PrevailsMonth ago
  • The video with the girl seems like it wasn’t meant to be creepy but also idk- it’s crazy to wrap my head around it

    dougjana bdougjana bMonth ago
  • The intro of your videos are the only quality parts lol

    BarneyShpaenglezzBarneyShpaenglezzMonth ago
  • Meme god leaked them videos

    Kai MoxKai MoxMonth ago
  • I learned it in 6th grade idk why people are mad

    Carolina LozanoCarolina LozanoMonth ago
  • Wtf is Shane Dawson doing that is not a joke that is Illegal

    LordQuacksAlotLordQuacksAlotMonth ago
  • I have no idea who any of these people are. Or how i even got here.

    Damo RevoDamo RevoMonth ago
  • the guy who tries to cancle lifes makes a video about cancle culture ? seriously ?

    Alexander GeuzeAlexander GeuzeMonth ago
  • they found out he wasn't a doctor and was being disrespectful

    Jimmy RecardJimmy RecardMonth ago
  • Keem

    Jayden NewellJayden NewellMonth ago
  • Keen only got view money because the ad is at the very end and nobody sucks around for the very last second

    Jayden NewellJayden NewellMonth ago
  • I never heard of Shane Dawson till now.

    Patrick PeralesPatrick PeralesMonth ago
  • I like his moustache

    Lil SoupLil SoupMonth ago
  • OFC mixer shuts down bro... I mean we all know that Twitch has been doing this shady shit and we’re still on this platform. At this point we should just go to USkeys

    J U L I A N !J U L I A N !Month ago
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhh

    Jerry AyalaJerry AyalaMonth ago
  • I Am vik(inmg

    Apollo 774Apollo 774Month ago
  • So DrDisrespect is banned from twitch Why doesn't he just stream on USkeys like Vickstar123

    AnimaLAnimaLMonth ago
  • you're donald trump in a youtuber, disgusting, childish and self obsessed

    Nikai NielsenNikai NielsenMonth ago
  • Wish there was a system to remove kids from youtube, not the small ones the immature teens who dont understand that typing toxic and shitty comments on people's video can cause damage to the persons feelings

    Leelen ManandharLeelen ManandharMonth ago
  • hiphop hasnt been cancelled bcs the type of girls hasnt come there yet

    Lil NotoriginalLil NotoriginalMonth ago
  • u get banned for cheating?

    Lil NotoriginalLil NotoriginalMonth ago
  • You kept a diet root beer can signed by Shane Dawson? That's really sad.

    Pearl PolanskiPearl PolanskiMonth ago
  • Just gonna go out on a limb and say someone working for Twitch HR would have better grammar/spelling/general sentence structure.

    James KingJames KingMonth ago
  • So let me get this straight. No-one had any problems with any of Shane Dawson and Jenna marbles videos 8-10 years ago but all of a sudden people are freaking out. People have become so soft its actually crazy

    Michael MahoneyMichael MahoneyMonth ago
  • I think it’s funny that you can hold Jenna to a different standard than you do Shane all the stuff like you said was in Jennas passed over 10 years ago well that’s the same with Shane all this was done in his past anything within the last five years you’ve seen nothing but good stuff from Shane conspiracy theories he’s grown as a person

    saints girlsaints girlMonth ago
  • Dr cheat on his wife got banned. That’s pretty good.

    fuq boyfuq boyMonth ago
  • damn i wonder what happened that turned shane gay

    Austin GarmanAustin GarmanMonth ago
  • Plot twist: Shane Dawson is involved with pizzagate

    MonteiperierMonteiperierMonth ago
  • lmfaoo who didnt know about shanaynay?

    JeyDubsJeyDubsMonth ago
  • Remember when people could take a joke? Yeah, me too

    miko foinmiko foinMonth ago
    • The shane dawson thing is nothing. You can see that they were not harassing the girl. It’s just sex jokes imo

      miko foinmiko foinMonth ago
  • This cancel culture is too much.. people say things when they’re young/younger and regret later in life.. it really is getting out of control! And it can def have bad results.. especially with people with mental health issues!!!!.. I feel bad Bc I know how it feels when depression and anxiety is taking over your life and you don’t know how to find a way out...Smdh🤦🏻‍♀️ 🙏🏻 that this doesn’t have a bad ending Bc of bullying

    bhoffzbhoffzMonth ago
  • 4:54 " cheating... " is cheating really a reason for major sponsor cancellation in usa?= thats not even really a big thing, not a hateful thing,, its personal thing. cheating is not metoo.

    redmanticoreredmanticoreMonth ago
  • jojo literally had a dancer do blackface in her music video.... she even blocked me just for saying “your silence is volume.”

    emma cemma cMonth ago
  • yes shanes ex girl friend should be treated the same as shane but know one untill now has mentioned her

  • PewdiePie drops hella n bombs cut it out...

    UHF Music GroupUHF Music GroupMonth ago
  • No... He was banned because he knows who killed Epstein.

    Nothing CheeseburgerNothing CheeseburgerMonth ago

    Brad Eazy friendBrad Eazy friendMonth ago
    • You tried to cancel me

      Brad Eazy friendBrad Eazy friendMonth ago
  • Lol u started the “cancel culture”

    Oliver The maniacOliver The maniacMonth ago
  • Im abit confused. Were saying doc was banned for having sex with a woman from twitchcon...? and it was mutual...????? UHHHH OK TWITCH

    emjay2demjay2dMonth ago
  • Wtf is going on with the world latetly?

    pol arispol arisMonth ago
  • I’m waiting for keens me too story

    trint ktrint kMonth ago
  • Shane is not doing good

    Ella O’ReillyElla O’ReillyMonth ago
  • That was also his cousin

    K.I.D.K.I.D.Month ago
  • Cancel "cancel culture", hell na, they deserve to be cancel. Their racist videos prove who they are really as a person. Like common, its okay for some people to do it but not others. Sounds like their just scared to loose their career.

    Sammy SweetheartSammy SweetheartMonth ago
  • Shane Dawson is attracted to younger boys I mean like 14 year olds

    Magical 801Magical 801Month ago
    • So he is a pervert?

      sealsealMonth ago
  • The shane dawson thing is nothing. You can see that they were not harassing the girl. It’s just sex jokes imo

    Markus KaarmaMarkus KaarmaMonth ago
  • What's disturbing to me is that people is saying this is a joke and it's "dark humour"....🙄🙄

    Hamdi MohammudHamdi MohammudMonth ago
    • If you are talking about shane, it happened YEARS AGO

      Mimi MagicMimi MagicMonth ago
  • So do all the other Twitch streamers that broke the rules multiple times get banned too? Oh wait... can't do that cause Twitch is corrupt. 🤨

    miko foinmiko foinMonth ago
  • If people really like cancelling, let's trick them into cancelling cancel culture

    Bolorbold AriguunBolorbold AriguunMonth ago
  • Keen still can't read posts or statements word for word. Smh.

    OMG No WayOMG No WayMonth ago
  • 2:22 I died 😂😂😂

    キュンさまキュンさまMonth ago