So Random VS Smosh | Who Knows Who Better?

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The Family Feud returns! Today we’ll finally find out who knows who better- the Smosh squad or the cast of So Random! Place your bets now!
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  • Like a mercenary, I battle on the side of the highest bidder. Those $0.14 Disney residual checks are just too good to pass up....

    Damien HaasDamien HaasMonth ago
    • What you guys should do, is a Smosh & So Random, Boys vs Girls.

      DryBones271DryBones27111 days ago
    • Yeah! And what has Smosh done? Changed your life? (Being very sarcastic and referencing.)

      Internet _idiotInternet _idiot28 days ago
    • All of the smosh team has punchable faces except Olivia

      Gabriel MikhailGabriel Mikhail29 days ago
    • Avid USkeys Viewer yess

      ESCReyesUSESCReyesUSMonth ago
    • I need So Random on Disney+

      Anne VoAnne VoMonth ago
  • Plot twist: It was all scripted so that they could make another video like this....(please understand sarcasm...)

    Otaku 4Otaku 48 hours ago
  • They for real got concert band stands and spray painted them. Imma cry.

    XxFearExemptxXXxFearExemptxX14 hours ago
  • wasn’t shayne on so random too?

    TheGood,TheBad,andTheHungryTheGood,TheBad,andTheHungry16 hours ago
  • I never seen Smosh loved a comment...

    Susana uitzSusana uitzDay ago
  • Waifu

  • If no one noticed on the last round Damien was death staring Courtney 😳

    Depressed Gotcha girlDepressed Gotcha girlDay ago
  • All date Damien 😏

    Julia LillyJulia LillyDay ago
  • what was the male issue with ian

    julain meluccijulain melucci2 days ago
  • shayne is the funniest out of all of them

    Jonathan VernonJonathan Vernon2 days ago
  • Courtney has showed her ass on camera

    Burning in Bright BlueBurning in Bright Blue2 days ago
    • Of course she’s the biggest thirst trap

      Burning in Bright BlueBurning in Bright Blue2 days ago
  • Damien betrayed Shayne by saying he was not the funniest

    Slayer CenterSlayer Center3 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1090">18:10</a> What? Shayne is evolving! Shayne evolved into Garrett

    Alessandro RosatoAlessandro Rosato3 days ago
  • damien is in smosh tho right

    Atom ExplorerAtom Explorer3 days ago
  • Close up people Close up people move pixel people word quiz

    Taco in 2020Taco in 20203 days ago
  • Courtney looks so good with that hair color

    Thomas PratoThomas Prato3 days ago
  • What the fuck is so random?

    Redeyes DarkRedeyes Dark4 days ago
  • Poor Audrey "Crying in my Subaru later!"

    JaxThePurpleWolfJaxThePurpleWolf5 days ago
  • This is the video I’ve waited half of my life for

    Emma RileyEmma Riley5 days ago
  • MSM lookin like a damn fish ugly ass bitch

    An actual MooseAn actual Moose5 days ago
  • nobody: not a single soul: 5 yr olds: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="964">16:04</a>

    yeetus feetusyeetus feetus6 days ago
  • Just hire all of so random already

    MaryMary8 days ago
  • Damien betrayed Smosh and Shayne betrayed so random

    Momo AnimatesMomo Animates9 days ago
  • Yooo, we absolutely need a mythical vs smosh one of these

    Wilfred EsguerraWilfred Esguerra9 days ago
  • I was today years old, when I found out I have feelings for Sarah

    MJMJ10 days ago
  • If you asked me and my friends "who would put off a problem the longest" there'd probably first be a lot of laughter and then a definitive answer that it's me. I was getting to breaking up with my boyfriend for like a year or even longer 😂 not proud of it. I also haven't been for a check up with any doctor for years (or maybe never) and last time I've been to a dentist was when I was 16 or 17 so almost 5 or 6 years ago. I also never picked up one package and a letter which then spiraled into this whole thing of me getting briefly kicked out of uni because I didn't bring in some kind of a document or something.

    MiledithMiledith10 days ago
  • Shayne calling out Damien's search history "How to find a wife" is a personal callout on me trying to find a husband lmao

    Bridgette NicoleBridgette Nicole10 days ago
  • Love the old school music stands

    Lonelydartplayer MLonelydartplayer M10 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="317">5:17</a>

    potatoes are coolpotatoes are cool11 days ago
  • Shayne = Poop man

    MoocenMoocen11 days ago
  • I will be Damien wifu

    amber leeamber lee11 days ago
  • Why r they using music stands

    The_Silence FireThe_Silence Fire12 days ago
  • Actually Shayne is not allowed to be on the smosh team because he was on so random

    Hailey GaskinsHailey Gaskins12 days ago
  • I miss so random:/

    Faith MannFaith Mann12 days ago
  • Shayne's shoe is untied. Has he tied it yet?

    Courtney NealCourtney Neal13 days ago
  • Olivia getting butthurt about almost everything killed this video..

    Juan MartinezJuan Martinez13 days ago
  • We need a part 2 with Noah and Keith with SMOSH, so (random) Damian amd Shayne can be with So Random

    The Kamen GamerThe Kamen Gamer13 days ago
  • Fucking love Damien.

    Gunner ZessauGunner Zessau14 days ago
  • It's more than a challenge, it's like open up each other's fault so that they know their fault

    Goku 4Goku 414 days ago
  • Wasn't Shayne on So Random?

    Maya Taylor (Student)Maya Taylor (Student)15 days ago
  • Why does Damien call Ian Ethan again?

    Ryan vittyRyan vitty19 days ago
  • is anthony comming back 😢

    allura gabrielallura gabriel19 days ago
  • The So Random crew need to be in more smosh videos

    erica fukawaerica fukawa20 days ago
  • Yo I’m on the same page as Courtney. They said who has the best morals and I immediately said Shayne and when they asked who was the funniest I immediately said Matthew Scott. Your team didn’t but I got you Cortbort

    Caitlyn FordCaitlyn Ford21 day ago
  • Shayne didn’t even remotely hint at who he thought was the messiest when he started explaining and Olivia knew exactly that he was gonna talk about her. That’s true friendship and synchronicity right there.

    XxDarkxX MasterXxDarkxX Master22 days ago
  • olivia is my sister and i’m shayne when he’s like i’m not saying anything 🤣

    Dylan HoustonDylan Houston22 days ago
  • But wasn’t Shane on so random to

    The Golden KidThe Golden Kid23 days ago
  • no one's talking about Sarah's shoes and I'm upset

    Yado BearYado Bear24 days ago
  • That Mail- Thing was sexist AF. I don't like it...

    WTF am I doing HereWTF am I doing Here24 days ago
  • Wasnt shane in so random too

    Pixel ParanoidPixel Paranoid25 days ago
  • Hazel USkeys channel

    Hazel and Bella KingHazel and Bella King25 days ago
  • Hazel and bells USkeys channel

    Hazel and Bella KingHazel and Bella King25 days ago
  • Shayne: was on So Random and is now part of Smosh.

    David ValenciaDavid Valencia26 days ago
  • Love how the editors didn’t see Ian doing the middle finger in the introduction and didn’t blur it lol

    MonoRomoMonoRomo27 days ago
  • Everyone knows that shayne was on so random not Damien

    R.E.A.L SportsR.E.A.L Sports28 days ago
    • They both were on So Random, its where they first met.

      yousif4yousif419 days ago
  • this was planned

    Superkiller :cSuperkiller :c28 days ago
  • I love this! But it's actually 'Match Game' and not 'Family Fued'. :)

    Thomas CostaThomas Costa28 days ago
  • I think Shayne and Damian should cohost the next round to stay neutral and then So Random V Smosh

    Mitch C.Mitch C.29 days ago
  • HS kieth left smosh he ain't in any more vids I'm confuzzled

    Cats 3Cats 329 days ago
  • I love how they are using Music Stands

    Dino PuffDino Puff29 days ago
  • So random is still a show?

    Stella BellaStella Bella29 days ago
  • Sorandom=Comment Smosh=Like

    ker Hacker HacMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="671">11:11</a> he jacking off

    ShinjiIkariFTWShinjiIkariFTWMonth ago
  • I think Shayne never voting for himself and always speaking so highly of everyone else proves that he has good morals

    Emmalyn WestrickEmmalyn WestrickMonth ago
  • i will never get over damien’s opening line

    GummyBear556677GummyBear556677Month ago
  • you should do this as Smosh vs Rhett, Link and some of the Mythical crew.

    Youtube and country fangirlYoutube and country fangirlMonth ago
  • Invite Noah and Lasercorn to join Smosh and let Shayne join So Random

    essidro vitalessidro vitalMonth ago
  • Olivia: Mad about morals, not understanding the concept of morals Everyone else: ?

    Brutal OverrideBrutal OverrideMonth ago
  • I swear to god alisson looks like riley reid

    MizchiefMizchiefMonth ago
  • So Damien is on so random not smosh anymore

    darth_vaderdarth_vaderMonth ago
  • Everyone on the earth: oh yeah , shayne us funny. Me: nothing is better then fu****** memes

    Harper MacyHarper MacyMonth ago
  • Courtney soo cute gonna say it again🤣🤣🤣🤷🏼‍♂️

    Obliterate tGObliterate tGMonth ago
  • Shane = poop man made me laugh so hard cause it was so dumb

    lurky murrlurky murrMonth ago
  • Courtney: writes a message to Damian. Damian: doesn’t write back to Courtney but writes to Shayne instead.

    Hetvi DesaiHetvi DesaiMonth ago
  • OMG!!! Audrey is cherry from the thundermans

    KF Crafter AwesomenessKF Crafter AwesomenessMonth ago
  • do this with Funhaus pls ^^ anyone?

    ghoulunathicsghoulunathicsMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="459">7:39</a> lol wut?

    Nathan0324Nathan0324Month ago
  • Damien searching for that Hentai

    TreyVerseTreyVerseMonth ago
  • I'd like to see shayne with the JTP from The Goldbergs v Smosh. That'd be hilarious.

    Unluckie DuckieUnluckie DuckieMonth ago
  • I can't wait for part 2 of this battle

    ESCReyesUSESCReyesUSMonth ago