NVIDIA Never saw this coming... AMD on top??

Oct 28, 2020
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We have been waiting MONTHS for information on AMD's new Big Navi GPUs and the wait is finally over! Speaking of over... is this the end for NVIDIA??
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  • Only one choice in this world matters: 1) Will you build YOUR kingdom and serve yourself as you prop yourself up. 2) Will you serve God and submit to His Kingdom. Serving others than yourself. Get to know Jesus before it is too late.

    Jeremy RobbinsJeremy Robbins5 days ago
  • this is funny because i have no money

    Duh lm KillerDuh lm Killer9 days ago
  • JayzTwoCent this video is completely useless. Besides privileged youtubers or scalpers nearly nobody here will get a chance to buy this hardware until 2022.

    Palo KanPalo Kan9 days ago
    • Also lose those horrible click bait pictures and titles.

      Palo KanPalo Kan9 days ago
  • Why you hate intel.. They are the best

    Nuno SatiroNuno Satiro10 days ago
  • While I'll take AMD over Intel, their graphics cards are a whole other story . With the number of driver incompatibilities, crashes, compatibility issues, I'm gonna stick to the RTX. Plus, 16 gb of VRAM is a bit of an overkill, nice to have but not really necessary. Kinda like 128 GB ram setups, looks great, but is mostly pointless if your sole purpose is gaming.

    zrex2metagorzrex2metagor10 days ago
  • Bruh amd 6900xt has 16gb vram thd 3090 has 24 gb the 6900xt has lower tdp and lower vram and is on par like how

    William HillWilliam Hill10 days ago
  • Yeah expect that the new amd cards aren’t as good as nvidia when it comes to ray tracing... which for myself is very important as I want to play cyberpunk 2077 with rtx on

    TED CRUZTED CRUZ11 days ago
  • So what is the best GPU for 700

    Iron Tycen19Iron Tycen1911 days ago
  • rage mode should just shut down the pc and uninstall the game/application you were using at the time

    Obi Wan CannabiObi Wan Cannabi12 days ago
  • This video is worth watching! More of this, please!

    Business GuideBusiness Guide13 days ago
  • Love how incorrect you were.

    EmailmesoicanignoreuEmailmesoicanignoreu14 days ago
  • RX 6900XT *+* AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 🔥

    Kod Adı TÜRKKod Adı TÜRK14 days ago
  • NVIDIA RTX A6000 *+* AMD RADEON RX 6900XT *+* Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 OC

    Kod Adı TÜRKKod Adı TÜRK14 days ago
  • Im still the person that says rt is not stonks

    KlirtekKlirtek15 days ago
  • So after seeing the AMD reviews and with lack of decent Ray Tracing does anyone still think AMD are on top? Close for sure, but Im ditching my team red plans and going for Blue now.

    DoovyBroDoovyBro15 days ago
  • just came back here to rewatch this, i wanna go amd but team green has nvidia broadcast that helps me get over with my razer seiren mic that can pick up every single little sound. id rather pay that 50usd more to get a free app for however long i want it than go pay monthly to some other application, choosing cards now is like for convenience unlike past which card can fit your budget.

    Bluetoothfairy XBluetoothfairy X16 days ago
  • What I’m so glad I got Ryzen 9

    BuddhaBellyBuddhaBelly16 days ago
  • mhm.. and use as much energy as large hadron collider. thank you. i will stay with nvidia.

    MikolajFMikolajF16 days ago
    • @MikolajF they can increase the efficiency because as you said, consumers don't want to run a LHC

      Philip MaiPhilip Mai15 days ago
    • @Philip Mai I do not believe they suddenly make cards that need less energy. We will see.

      MikolajFMikolajF16 days ago
    • It uses less power... Do you understand the stats he's explaining? Lol

      Philip MaiPhilip Mai16 days ago
  • Would u guys recommend 5700 xt? Im new to pc building and I heard theres alot of problems withd rivers and blue screens or green screens or some issues with it not working? Not sure if I should get one or go for a 2060

    CreativeCreative16 days ago
    • Save and wait for 6500/6600 xt

      Xin GamingXin Gaming10 days ago
  • The 3090 is still better, the only benchmarks available for the amd cards at the moment are done by AMD with "rage mode" (overclocking) enabled. Yes the amd will be better value for the price but getting hold of one for the next few months will be near impossible thanks to scalpers etc.

    BB- BallisticsBB- Ballistics16 days ago
  • but what about for single rig streaming???

    Justin BishopJustin Bishop16 days ago
  • I'd hold my thoughts till Nov 18th and Dec 10th. The real test which card will take the throne is whether a completely amd pc can outperform at least an nvidia card in cyberpunk 2077 with raytracing on 4K.

    Ivo IvicIvo Ivic17 days ago
  • I know he is propping up AMD here a bit but really... Done both... Seen both... unless some dev figures out some amazing new thing to do with this "MATH" ray tracing, it's nothing special at all even until today. The imitated shadows look almost as dynamic at no extra cost to GPU and no extra chips. Only the uber overpriced cards and (4k driven cards) as even the 5700xt is designed to run 1080p 144+ and 4k is a hmm maybe.. should even support this as a extra gimmick for no reason.

    Rob CaineRob Caine17 days ago
  • Who's the winner in all this? The fucking scalpers, that's who.

    TawleynTawleyn17 days ago
  • Pls everyone buy an AMD GPU so I can buy the 3070 :)

    NashNash17 days ago
  • oh god what's next? AMD on top in the SSD scene? They've already beaten intel's rotting corpse into a pulp, now they're crushing NVidia. What "Unstoppable" company will AMD demolish next?

    SharccSharcc18 days ago
  • "who's the winner in all this? well we are the tech tubers and scalpers, you dont get any cards."

    Mordak JordanMordak Jordan18 days ago
    • 100% agree, even if you were being sarcastic. It's lmost pointless to care about the specs of a piece of hardware 90% of us won't get our hands on until It's already old tech. The hardware manufacturer's inability to actually get product into *consumer* hands lately, whether it's CPUs or Video Cards, has become so terrible that watching tech reviews is about as worthwhile as watching click bait vids about get rich quick schemes... neither video is truly relevant

      Zachary GrahamZachary Graham17 days ago
  • Finally. Been team AMD since Athlon II and the ol'reliable 5770. Can't wait for my Ryzen 5000 + Radeon 6000 build wooo!

    AsianAFKAsianAFK18 days ago
  • So which one would be best for the Reverb VR headset, 3080 or 6800XT??

    Bogdan BosiocicBogdan Bosiocic19 days ago
  • Just like with Xbox, no one is offering in stock alerts for the 3000 series

    Amateur HourAmateur Hour19 days ago
  • Has everyone forgotten about the budget side of things? All this high end stuff is nice and all but where's the stuff the average man can buy? It's almost like they don't want us anymore. Should l just switch to console at this point?

    Joel ShajanJoel Shajan19 days ago
  • YEP, first generation RTX from NVIDIA was pretty much pointless because the GPU's were not even powerful enough to actually run with RTX on without fps completely plummeting.

    LeafLeaf20 days ago
  • Jay: " Nvidia didn't invent RT" Nvidiots: "BOOOOOOOOO"

    kumbanditkumbandit20 days ago
  • im going full amd for my new pc

    Austin D1995Austin D199520 days ago
  • Hey jay 👋🏻

    yeetl0rdyeetl0rd20 days ago
  • How do we know the Navi drivers won't be broken and garbage? I'm going to sit this one out.

    GuyGuy20 days ago
  • Rage mode = returns the card to ATI 3D Rage era graphics

    Larry's RandomnessLarry's Randomness20 days ago
  • amd gpu are horrible for rendering video i am sure even you didnt use amd gpu to make this video roast nvdia soon we will know after we get official benchmark, nvdia reply with 3080ti wasnt expecting that just increase vram and 10gb is enough

    DiTechDiTech21 day ago
  • i'm AMD like Good PC

    GuixKozGuixKoz21 day ago
  • i've seen this hype from AMD before. Hype the coomers with "benchmarks" then disappoint in the release with faulty drivers.

    kwamectckwamectc21 day ago
  • AMD have secretly bought up all the silicon ;)

    Self Indulgent GamerSelf Indulgent Gamer22 days ago
  • He talks about AMD's 'ragemode' as being cringe while talking to an audience that go out spending hundreds of dollars on RGB 🙃 the word cringe & pc gamer always belong in the same sentence

    TiaanTiaan22 days ago
  • And there's stock of nothing. So who cares

    MaartenMaarten22 days ago
  • Will my g sync monitor work with a 6800xt?

    Ryen MillerRyen Miller22 days ago
  • Man that's sick. Cpu and GPU combo relevant. AMD is killing it.

    Jake AJake A22 days ago
  • Feels good actually buying for value. Im not the kind of person who eats garbage for weeks to afford anything. Im healthy af and have a good life. You guys always point is in the roght direction for value and i appreciate that immensely. I feel sorry for the people who loyalty buy oger gimmicks and myths. Keep it real guys 👍

    Jake AJake A22 days ago
  • They'll sell out, but there aren't many and there really isn't much demand for >$500 cards .

    danwarb1danwarb122 days ago
  • Eh, look at AMD's build process compared to the competition. How long will those speeds really last? That's why I always choose the other. Here's the usual "Newer is best video."

    Just A DudeJust A Dude22 days ago
  • The only thing holding me back from purchasing an amd gpu is that my monitor and oled tv uses gsync

    yolentoyolento23 days ago
  • Good Lord the ad that was about 7:48 Was one hour long of course I couldn't skip it because I was in the shower at the time listening to Jay talk, so 5 minutes in i get finished and skip the "insider stock ad"

    RRooooooNNNNRRooooooNNNN23 days ago
  • There is a reason why Ps and xbox choose AMD over Nvidia

    Jester WolfJester Wolf23 days ago
  • Looks like it's gonna be a 6800xt for me instead of a RTX3070. Upgrading from a GTX1070, so there should be a noticeable improvement :)

    BurnzzDKBurnzzDK23 days ago
  • Stop eating my brain. This should be a 2 minute and not 16.

    YairYair23 days ago
  • But we didn't see anything yet and I don't think AMD will deliver... This is not intel

    Tniri BlizzardTniri Blizzard23 days ago
  • Jay can I put a AMD video card on my Intel build, its a premium build so I have to get a GPU or it will bottleneck for sure. I have a 6yr old rig if that tells u how bad it would be. All and all Thank You

    Wickette ShottsWickette Shotts23 days ago
  • Ray Tracing is going to fall into the same pit GPU accelerated PhysX did. The fact that Nvidia has their own version and refuse to let AMD cards use it means you NEED their cards if you want PhysX, as a result many devs didn't bother at all with it, especially because of the enormous performance impact. Now it is almost never used in any game, even ones made in partnership with Nvidia. Hell, it even seems like Nvidia themselves have abandoned PhysX, haven't seen an update for PhysX drivers in years. Ray Tracing how it is right now will be completely dead in a couple years and we will have a dumbed down cpu implementation that is nowhere near as good but still better than nothing at all.

    Seth BakerSeth Baker24 days ago
  • AMD havent released anything but you are already putting it on top of Nvidia?

    Ali WalilAli Walil24 days ago
  • who cares about AMD graphics cards...if the drivers are total trash????, i get no problems ever with NVIDIA drivers......

    cyllan3cyllan324 days ago
  • I don't understand why they don't do anything to prevent bots from ordering all of the gpu's. Implement a system where you can only order so many per home address / PO box

    No AhNo Ah24 days ago
  • Lol. Fanbich much? This video should be flagged for disinformation. actually a good job by the creator here, still a dumb title

    Đeath VaderĐeath Vader24 days ago
  • I just watched a 16 min video about stuff I have no idea about. But hey great video

    ToxicFlicksToxicFlicks24 days ago
  • It's funny how I get between 100 and 115 fps on ultra in Modern Warfare using a standard 2070 but in the graph, the much better 2080Ti is barelly scraping the 100 fps threshold. I call that bs. Also Wolfenstein scored higher in the first graph, but in the second it's overperformed by Nvidia. Whoever made those charts isn't a good lier.

    NympoNympo25 days ago
  • AMD is like the main character from an anime. Popular when young, bullied or disliked by most in middle school and then the living the high life when older.

    Jello QqJello Qq25 days ago
  • So AMD is in pursuit to annihilate Intel and nvidia AT THE SAME TIME?!!!, 😅

    Ruel ApasRuel Apas25 days ago
  • hope you're ok keeping the weight off. very informative video. love your opinion. team red!

    Jerome TeagleJerome Teagle25 days ago
  • A few people kept saying there had to be a reason why the 3000 series cards were such a step up in performance and lower in price...guess they were right

    The Dream TravelerThe Dream Traveler25 days ago
  • I'd like to see a more fluent and user friendly experience in the AMD gpu software like Nvidia has. While yes, I agree the performance of these cards and even the 5700xt I recently had, was great performance. However the use experience is the reason I swiftly resold that card and went to a 2070 super. I like the easy method of my cards drivers updating through geforce experience, while giving me an easy option of a clean fresh install on updated drivers. As well as showing me the games and ability to tweak individual games and what they'd look like. Just overall it feels more like controlling something that flows really nicely that you don't feel like you're digging through boxes and boxes of settings and menus just to go to one setting.

    Socialism SucksSocialism Sucks25 days ago
    • Socialism Sucks, exactly why I'm staying with Nvidia, I'm happy AMD is doing well but I'll stick with my AMD/Nvidia combos on my PC builds...

      VexingVelvetVexingVelvet24 days ago
  • Can't wait for the surprise water cooled RX6900 XTX with RAGE MAXX mode 😂

    CJCJ25 days ago
  • True Jay as always 😉❤

    BullBull25 days ago
  • A massive destruction

    Skyre LDSkyre LD26 days ago
  • @JayzTwoCents I just wanted to take a moment and tell you and Phil how much I really appreciate all of your videos you take the time to bring to the community. I've spent pretty much my entire life around computers, playing on them and for a couple of years now building them and transforming from a casual hobbyist into a hardcore enthusiast and I found your channel back in 2017 I think maybe 2018 and since the very first video I watched until this one the amount of information and knowledge I have gained from you two is just mind blowing. I like to think of myself as a somewhat intelligent human being especially with most anything tech related and while I am by no means anywhere near the PC IQ as either of you I have learned more then I could even explain. I feel like I've received a literal education simply from the free content I tune into watch as often as possible. So, thank you both very very much for all you do for the community and taking the time to give us all the information needed to make educated decisions moving forward. As someone who never made it to college and only a high school diploma the knowledge you have given me has helped me in my everyday life tremendously. I've taken what I already knew paired with all I've learned on this channel and used it to my advantage and actually made some walking around cash, and also being someone who made some very poor life choices back in my younger days leaving me with four felony convictions which in turn has led to my entire adult life being nothing but a struggle for redemption from my own community it has really really been more beneficial then I can put into words.. I currently don't even own a system of any kind due to financial struggles because of some of the reasons mentioned and the fact I live in a very very small town in BFE KY but I took all the things you've taught me and been able to bless others within' my community with some really nice gaming setups.. Hopefully one day ill be back to where I can treat myself to some computer hardware such as the new AMD launches you've released content on and see what the fuss is about!! haha.. But ill end this know by once more saying Thank you and Phil both very much. Your content has occupied my very depressed and cramped mind and kept me away from some of the very serious mindsets and misconceptions I get from time to time and gave me a new joy in my life and I honestly want to say without that fire you've placed in my heart in the PC world I probably would have done the cowardly and very selfish thing and left what family members I haven't made hate me in a lot of pain.. I just thought you all needed to know that your videos do more for some of us then just inform.. You've literally saved my life.. So my family and personal self have nothing but the greatest respect and appreciation for you both. Ill shut up now because I'm rambling.. Just absolutely found it a must to take the time to show my appreciation for this channel

    Johnathan PughJohnathan Pugh26 days ago
  • In French we actually say performancy

    MAJ-SolidSnakeMAJ-SolidSnake26 days ago
  • I need a card specifically for rendering like maya and blender. Will this card do?

    Rock girlRock girl26 days ago
    • I want to know too

      ObliqueVisualsNzObliqueVisualsNz24 days ago
  • So what does this mean for productivity . . . in other words, photo/video editors (primarily in Adobe Suite). Am I still getting more value going with an Nvidia GPU or would it be good to pair my ryzen 9 3500x chip with the new AMD GPUs? Still very, very new to PCs

    Andrew BellAndrew Bell26 days ago
  • It looks pretty decent on paper, but I'm going to hold judgement until it's out and we see some benchmarks.

    Adam BoozerAdam Boozer27 days ago
  • I would love to build a new gaming pc but I’m not spending $7,000-$12,000 to build a beast of a machine just to have a windows 10 update fry my system again. A new operating system for gaming needs to be added or a new one released so everyone who doesn’t like windows cause it’s fucked there pc six ways from Sunday can still game on there pc instead of being stuck with just console. It’s the one thing I never understood about pc gaming where there are all these choices except in the operating system category where ur stuck with windows. Linux has some games but not many maybe a work around can be done for Linux so it can play windows games. I thought steam had a way for Linux to play windows games but maybe DRM or something trashed that idea.

    IneedmoneyIneedmoney27 days ago
    • you have to recalculate becuase the base value changes.

      Rock girlRock girl26 days ago
  • How many times has AMD posted shit like this and then come time for product launch it's not as advertised. I'll wait for the card to actually come out and see the actual Benchmark with an actual card then some bullshit marketing asshole talking shit.

    Colt SeaversColt Seavers27 days ago
  • Back in the day I had AMD/AMD... then went to Intel/Nvidia... but after this I am gonna try AMD/AMD again. Just hope that drivers will be as good as hardware

    Erik JErik J27 days ago
  • I'm nvidia because they know how to make drivers and support software

    Josh BJosh B27 days ago
  • hey RX6900XT being $500 less. What a winner

    forteforte27 days ago
  • Listen everyone has been smiling at NVidia all these years while the compay has been pricing gauging. Thank goodness AMD has answered the bell so these Nvidia idiots don't take advantage of customers anymore.

    forteforte27 days ago
  • I love free market capitalism

    SPARTAN300SPARTAN30028 days ago
    • minute...

      kolim jonekolim jone27 days ago
  • What about the recording codec part? it was always "get a nvidia card if you are streaming"

    ARCHONFellaARCHONFella28 days ago
    • Exactly why we are watching this channel

      Charles ECharles E22 days ago
  • Im all for amd graphics cards as long as they run good and are optimized properly. I always find myself going back to nvidia. Hope amds new cards rock.

    javvy156 javvy156javvy156 javvy15628 days ago
    • ARM (on Acorn RiscOS) etc

      kolim jonekolim jone27 days ago
  • -A10- AMD: "haha gau-8 go BRRRRRRRRRTTTTT"

    Noah HastingsNoah Hastings28 days ago
    • 👍😀

      Charles ECharles E22 days ago
  • 1:50 was a math moment, 50 percent over 50 percent isn't a 100 percent jump, but a 125, because you have to take the previous 50 into account

    HexaHexa28 days ago
  • 2005 - AMD CPU + NVIDIA GPU = reigns PC gaming world. 2021 - AMD CPU + AMD GPU = 🔥🔥🔥

    M a u YM a u Y28 days ago
  • haaaa. and i supported amd over and over again, now look what happend to my boi #neverintel #nevernvidia

    Gizeh BlackGizeh Black28 days ago
  • Im new and building a pc what video card should i get my budget is 1300$

    David .FloresDavid .Flores28 days ago
  • 4:00 raytracing has been around since the 80s even portions of the 70s.

    kolim jonekolim jone28 days ago
  • Wait for the Ti versions and do this video again :) Btw if you add 50% on top of something and then go ahead and add another 50% ontop of that. It doesnt end up being 100%, you have to recalculate becuase the base value changes.

    jodafa1000jodafa100028 days ago
    • 100 * 1.5 = 150 * 1.5 = 225 So +125%

      IgorTheLightIgorTheLight25 days ago
  • I think the nvidia software is to big of a deal to say amd is better.

    HildebertHildebert28 days ago
  • Me: Pre-order the 2080Ti on day one so I can skip this generation. AMD: Am I a joke to you?

    Dark SpartanDark Spartan28 days ago
  • Amd chips(gpu and cpu) both have a history of irregularities in reliability, so it might be worth it for some to pay extra for something they know will work without “glitches” so to speak

    Erik wErik w28 days ago
  • Higher framerate and lower watts. Uhhhh ohhhhh!

    Nya StclairNya Stclair28 days ago
  • I had a Radeon Fury X and now I have a 1080ti. Looks like it's already time to swap back to AMD...

    Nya StclairNya Stclair28 days ago
  • Raytracing is almost as old as computer graphics itself. It took fooking ages of course for even a low res, low object count scene, but it happened. POVRay for Amiga, Euclid for ARM (on Acorn RiscOS) etc

    Rob BillingtonRob Billington29 days ago
  • I don't get people who think raytracing is new. 3D rendering engines have been using raytracing for ages. The first film to use raytracing was made in 1979. Process that for a minute...

    Jens HendriksJens Hendriks29 days ago
  • Will AMD have drivers that work? I am still dealing with issues on 5700 XT... Don't see light at the end of that tunnel... Even if AMD has faster hardware, I will never buy it because I can't trust the software...

    veggiefellaveggiefella29 days ago
  • I'm neither team green or team red. I'm team "retailer what do you have in stock?"

    Uways ShakoorUways Shakoor29 days ago