Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen reminisce on the Pistons-Bulls rivalry | The Jump

Sep 10, 2019
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Dennis Rodman joins Rachel Nichols and Scottie Pippen to discuss his 30 for 30 documentary "Rodman: For Better or Worse," with the two former NBA players reminiscing on the "Bad Boys" Detroit Pistons' rivalry with the Chicago Bulls in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
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  • We see today the players friendships are due to the fact that last season they were teammates and this season they chased the dollars and hope to get a grinder message from LeBron

    MART888MART8884 days ago
  • There will never be another Rodman

    Phillip BeckmanPhillip Beckman5 days ago
  • Rodman is the greatest Troll in NBA history. My hero !

    Leonid DenisenkoLeonid Denisenko6 days ago
  • Pippen's voice proves that the bass configuration of my headset is working fine.

    Hephaestus YTHephaestus YT10 days ago
  • pippens voice is powered by beats by dre

    lonmak Callonmak Cal12 days ago
  • Rodman being remembered for being with the Bulls dynasty even though he was their rival in their early years is like Curry teamming with Lebron later on and being remembered as Lebron's buddy rather than his rival in Golden State hahaha

    JamirimajJamirimaj13 days ago
  • Scottie Pippen said it best! Once the Bulls got by the Pistons, they pretty much got themselves a championship. Reason being is that they knew how to play every style of basketball when they got past the Pistons. The physical game, the mental game, the fundamental game, the athletic game, and a defense game. That's why teams like the Knicks, Cavs, Pacers, Heat, Jazz, Sonics, Suns, Blazers, and Lakers couldn't get past the Bulls because those teams fell in one of those categories of style of basketball.

    Darius HerringDarius Herring19 days ago
  • Those points were earned, not given

    maleman julpaxmaleman julpax19 days ago

    Bikes cars and everything in betweenBikes cars and everything in between29 days ago
  • Not like today’s NBA celebrity status Tik Tok, Instag, Facebook, Twitter, tumbler and I will throw in there MySpace hahahaha. Today’s game is like ( hey what choo doin after the game let’s hangout and have a couple of drinks hahahahahahah)

    Joure-EllexJoure-EllexMonth ago
  • Lol...I love when Scottie said u had to EARN it just get 80 points....that was alot of points back then tho

    John ClementsJohn ClementsMonth ago
  • The 88 Pistons took down Magic, Bird, and Jordan is one playoff run.

    ABC 789ABC 789Month ago
  • I would love to see guys like Scottie and Dennis play in a pick-up game.

    Nick CurranNick Curran2 months ago
  • Mr. Pippen. You are the real man.

    팍소니팍소니2 months ago
  • Scottie "testosterone" Pippen.

    daniel laurencedaniel laurence3 months ago
  • Bad boys 4 life.

    Zeca MilleoZeca Milleo3 months ago
  • It’s just like Ohio State and Michigan in football

    Samuel AchenbachSamuel Achenbach3 months ago
  • Drinking Game: Take a shot every time Scottie says basketball

    Mc ChannelMc Channel4 months ago
  • Apart from the hair, pippen does not age,

    lee Elliottlee Elliott4 months ago
  • Morgan Freeman modelled his voice after Pippen.

    Naresh RavindraNaresh Ravindra5 months ago
  • Pippen looks 35 years old

    CharlieGeorgeCharlieGeorge5 months ago
  • Bad Boys will forever have a winning record vs MJ. Suck on the handshake.

    Sage AntoneSage Antone5 months ago
  • Doesn't help that Isiah had a broken wrist in '91.

    Sage AntoneSage Antone5 months ago
  • The NBA, It was like an American football back in then which was more entertaining to watch.

    No NameNo Name5 months ago
  • He's like a 6'9 version of Cleveland from family guy

    John HJohn H5 months ago
  • Scottie’s voice is 8”11

    Amel HelmyAmel Helmy5 months ago
  • Popped sounds like Cleveland Brown

    Joe MommaJoe Momma5 months ago
  • Prime Pistons > prime bulls... I mean the pistons were a 12 deep team while bulls were very top heavy...

    Republika DugaveRepublika Dugave5 months ago
  • When you say the word legend this is what you wanna see.

    LirycLiryc5 months ago
  • if isiah was not injured in 1991. I doubt bulls would have beaten them that year either

    mdmd5 months ago
  • Rivalries were very personal back then. It was city vs. city. The emotional aspect of sports was different in that you didn’t have the outlets we currently have today, sports was more important emotionally for a city and region. The country and culture was simpler, not necessarily better though. What they did, I respected because it was that real, that personal, that emotional, regardless of sportsmanship.

    Jake TJake T5 months ago
  • 80 and 90 nba is the best

    kabuki1728kabuki17285 months ago
  • I can respect Pippen for saying what he said here, and how he said it. He’s giving the Pistons their due.

    john clarkjohn clark5 months ago
  • Man the real deal these 2 here.. waited what almost 30 years this interview what's next another 10 years for Jordan to join the real big 3.. today NBA blows

    Jeremiah CarlosJeremiah Carlos5 months ago
  • Jordan ,Last Dance Rodman ,Ford Better or Worse We need a Pippen Documentary to complete the trilogy !!!

    Juan Carlos Glez SanzJuan Carlos Glez Sanz5 months ago
  • the best of rodman was with the detroit pistons

    canala973canala9735 months ago
  • Rodman got all excited talking to the host, and Pippen felt the flashback

    Zhen YangZhen Yang5 months ago
  • When the goat hates you you did your job plain and simple

    Tom AceTom Ace6 months ago
  • watching this after the last dance its pure gold

    Pit ZampraasPit Zampraas6 months ago
  • “If you can’t beat’em; beat’em” Meanwhile KD 😂😂😂

    MortazMortaz6 months ago
  • Man, I'd love to see Scottie Pippen and Vin Diesel talking. That'd probably register in the richter scale.

    Sometimes It Be Like DatSometimes It Be Like Dat6 months ago
  • lmaoo there’s STILL a lil bit of shade between them. i can see dennis respecting how scottie feels. scottie dont gaf tho. dennis hurt his feelings

    ohmeduhhohmeduhh6 months ago
  • Dennis the menace Rodman

    Abhijeet RyderAbhijeet Ryder6 months ago
  • Legends.

    theodoros panagiotidistheodoros panagiotidis6 months ago
  • Never forget how great Dennis Rodman was as a player.

    BarryBarry6 months ago
  • I never got to see that era of the NBA, but I was always told stories of the bad boys by my mom. btw, where are the Bulls on retiring Dennis Rodman's number, if the Pistons retired 10 for him, the Bulls should've retired 91 for him

    Daniel MaluchnikDaniel Maluchnik6 months ago
  • The bad boys Pistons made the 90s MJ bulls unbeatable

    Real Is RealReal Is Real6 months ago
  • Guys Pippen is a 6-time NBA champion and a hall of famer. RESPECT!!!

    Alexander ObenzaAlexander Obenza6 months ago
  • Guys Pippen is al 6-time NBA champion and a hall of famer. RESPECT!!!

    Alexander ObenzaAlexander Obenza6 months ago
  • when MJ pip and rodman decides to lock you up, they lock you up.

    Dj LiDj Li6 months ago
  • Scottie looks so young

    LinYouTooLinYouToo7 months ago
  • I miss this tandem plus MJ!

    Christine VeneracionChristine Veneracion7 months ago
  • Pippen could probably sing Lou Rawls songs

    kopi binkopi bin7 months ago
  • I need to completely shut off the subwoofer when listening to Scottie Pippens

    Hugh WynnHugh Wynn7 months ago
  • Whose Dream Team Jersey is Rodman wearing?

    Angel EstrellaAngel Estrella8 months ago
  • Dennis Rodman knows that Scottie was the missing link. He just said it!

    Lonn ClaytonLonn Clayton8 months ago
  • badboy pistons are the rivals of the bulls' duo jordan and pippen..I dont care what anybody says.. these 2 are the best in defense and have 2 different offense... it was so physical that if you officiate it today, almost every play has fouls..

    Unknown PersonUnknown Person8 months ago
  • Pippen should sell sum of his testosterone to science cause this dude voice is deep af!!!!

    Steven AllenSteven Allen8 months ago
  • We won't see teams or rivalries like those again. Great memories.❤

    Keith ButlerKeith Butler8 months ago
  • We love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵👍👍

    Ella HosokawaElla Hosokawa8 months ago
  • Pippen's voice sounds like he'll reveal the secret of the universe

    jinfrozenfirejinfrozenfire9 months ago
    • @MAN UTD Yes because basketball is a much more elegant sport, mostly popular within more civilized countries. Just like tennis.

      Funday Animation StudioFunday Animation Studio20 days ago

      Oussama MQOussama MQ3 months ago

      Toks OmotadeToks Omotade4 months ago
    • 3757 Soccer is the most important sport on Planet Earth Soccer is massive in over 240 nations Basketball is massive in less than 40 nations whfbsf

      MAN UTDMAN UTD4 months ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Chabel PierreChabel Pierre4 months ago
  • I miss when rivalries were like this. Now it's all soft and no tension.

    MattschannelismMattschannelism9 months ago
  • For all those people who say teams today are just better, remember that early 70s ABA/NBA resembled the no defense-high offense NBA right now

    JamirimajJamirimaj9 months ago
  • I love that Husky cigarette-whisky voice...Scotty-Too-Pipping-Pipen

    Jacques RousseauJacques Rousseau9 months ago
  • Pippen sounds like he’s talking in front of a box fan.

    Fire BugFire Bug10 months ago
  • Rodman was 1 of the gr8test minds of basketball

    Domo JonesDomo Jones10 months ago
  • imagine if Oakley was around for the latter years of the Bulls-Pistons games lol

    Skippy the AlienSkippy the Alien10 months ago
  • all these comments about Pippen's voice are killing me lol

    Skippy the AlienSkippy the Alien10 months ago
  • 90s basketball was incredible

    Mister GMister G10 months ago
  • So basically what Pip saying is that you had to be a gladiator back then

    D StepD Step10 months ago
  • What’s up with the Olympic jersey? Who’s jersey is Rodman wearing?

    Tony 7Tony 710 months ago
  • living legends!

    mykie cruz reladomykie cruz relado10 months ago
  • lady interviewin is flooding her pants down there because of scottys voice

    elchessboy0wnzuagainelchessboy0wnzuagain11 months ago
  • Any team would win 3 peat with these two

    Micheal KellyMicheal Kelly11 months ago
  • Points is earns not given.. man I miss those era..

    bayu prasetyobayu prasetyo11 months ago
  • i love listening to rodman and pip talk about their bball days :)

    Thuan NguyenThuan Nguyen11 months ago
  • What a show these guys are so knowledgeable just 10 minutes listening to them are you learn so much about basketball. Rodman could be a great great coach and Scotty has the caramel voice intelligence

    O KO KYear ago
  • They say is lebron better than mj... I'd take the bulls team any day over the best Cavs team lebron ever had. He wasnt getting past Rodman or pippen , forget Jordan on offense lebron isnt scoring.

    Bret SmithBret SmithYear ago
  • I wont lie , Jordan as 99 on NBA games was always a plus but I picked the bulls for pippen 3s and rodman's defense!

    Bret SmithBret SmithYear ago
  • Physical basketball vs the current cupcake style of today’s era

    Parul pParul pYear ago
  • Old school NBA: Raw physical strength matters New school NBA: Strategies, tactics, and mental warfare. Just an opinion right now.

    Rodas RollinsRodas RollinsYear ago
  • My favorite 80's team was Pistons. I love how their trader has good eyes for talents. He chose players as one who has a category of a true soldier. Tough and rough and should be good with mental and physical warfare. He even get even the smallest of the players and don't judge according to height. He has 3 of the smallest point guards in the NBA. Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars and Vinny Johnson but then they are the small but terrible point guards of that time. They have Mahorn and laimbeer to be the brute force. Isiah Thomas as the general. They even got their legendary rookies which is not that super talented like the Jordan draft but they become diamond as time passes by. Their brotherhood was really amazing and they really worked as a team back then. They were the one team who really worked hard for becoming consistent as top 5 in the playoffs. Also Chuck Daley being a good father figure to them make them also play harder on the 88-89 season since management wants to get rid of him on that time. And that they will not be extending Daley's contract plus the expansion drafy came and you need to let go of some players really hit their team well and is the start of their collapse.

    Deborah MaliamanDeborah MaliamanYear ago
  • our society is getting soft.powder puffs. the greatest example is looking at how sports where played then and now to realize the difference.

    ell geeeell geeeYear ago
  • In other words, basketball was played by men before, now it's played by besties

    Watch CriticWatch CriticYear ago
  • 90's kids heroes🔥💥🙏🙏

    CORSA KediriCORSA KediriYear ago
  • Scottie and Dennis were the last two NAIA players to impact the NBA. Both were Portsmouth MVPs.

    nubreaks2nubreaks2Year ago
  • Rodman gets too down on himself. I truly believe that without Rodman the Bulls second three-peat would not have happened. I guarantee you if they kept the stat "defensive Rebounds that resulted in points on the ensuing possession" Rodman contributed more then anyone during the Bulls second three-peat. Even the offensive rebounds he grabbed resulted in a bucket.

    note2ownsnote2ownsYear ago
  • Leaving. Instagram. Soon.

    KaptainBasketballKaptainBasketballYear ago
  • Scottie was talking like a war veteran at the end

    Pizza KillaPizza KillaYear ago
  • “Those 80 pt games were real, everything was earned and nothing was given” God I miss those sort of games!!

    Terrance ingramTerrance ingramYear ago
  • Earned not given..

    Led zepaulinLed zepaulinYear ago
  • After this Bull team ran it's course the game was never the same? It was over!! 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    Reason RallyReason RallyYear ago
  • The League beat the Pistons

    BelafonteBelafonteYear ago
  • Those 80e and 90s ruled not what the NBA turned into 15 years ago up to present time and a weak Globetrotters era

    Jorge PimentelJorge PimentelYear ago
  • Thank you scottie and Michael for giving me so many great memories!!! I'm honored and privileged to be a bulls fan!!!! Chicago Bulls nation for life!!! Chicago Cubs nation for life!!! Chicago Bears nation for life!!!!!

    Marcus LopezMarcus LopezYear ago
  • How do you beat the pistons? you become the pistons.

    Amadis DemitriusAmadis DemitriusYear ago
  • Truly miss real rivalries and head to head clashes when it comes to NBA ball.

    Invincible Young EmpireInvincible Young EmpireYear ago
  • See what he said INFOCRERS!!!

    Derick HendersonDerick HendersonYear ago
  • Back then MANHOOD

    Derick HendersonDerick HendersonYear ago
  • How good is this?! Just love these back stories as a fan who watched these rivalries unfold but didn’t appreciate the tectonic plates moving below the surface. Great material and interviews!

    Gezza 77Gezza 77Year ago