‘Play the Game’ Ep. 3 Preview | Power Book II: Ghost | STARZ

Sep 14, 2020
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Tariq struggles with the weight of providing for his mother’s mounting legal defense while juggling the rigors of Ivy League life. Don’t miss an all-new episode of #PowerGhost this Sunday on #STARZ.
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  • Mary J is the New Ghost she’s playing her part very good

    Lorenzo ReddingLorenzo Redding5 days ago
  • •Damn that Attorney Tameka was on Tasha Ass "It's not Business it's Personal" •Saks Plays a Missin Puzzle piece he's Tasha Get Outta Jail Card •Tariq Needs that Connect w Monae That Lil Gwaup have he soon Die

    A BanduppA Bandupp6 days ago
  • This new season fire bro

    KJKJ6 days ago
  • Anybody got any free apps to watch this episode

    DrewCashEmOutDrewCashEmOut6 days ago
  • This ain’t really a spin off it’s basically another series lol

    Big UpBig Up8 days ago
  • Power sucks bad and the acting OMG 😡

    MassappealMassappeal8 days ago
  • People crying about Mary J looking mad and what not. What reason does she have to be happy lol. Her character is in a terrible position.

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss8 days ago
  • They'd have been better off giving the Monet role to someone like Taraji...I'm not feeling the danger associated to her character in MJB..Idk,maybe I'm buggin

    Kara_MelKara_Mel8 days ago
  • i'd strap a pair of handlebars on monet, and ride that till the wheels fall off

    Louis-Philippe SurprenantLouis-Philippe Surprenant8 days ago
  • yall can watch this on Soap2day for free every sunday.

    Pookie dookiePookie dookie9 days ago
    • Ask to seduce Miss your welcome

      Pookie dookiePookie dookie8 days ago
    • Yooo !!!!

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss8 days ago
  • If Tasha beats this case and walks that is so unrealistic especially since she lied about Tommy bein ghost killer..

    mikin liroumikin lirou9 days ago
  • Lorenzo Tejada definitely knows who Ghost and Tommy are. And once he finds out Tariq is Ghost’s kid running around with his family... he gonna be looking to kill him.

    Joel ArrindellJoel Arrindell9 days ago
  • How do I watch it?

    chaos kezukichaos kezuki9 days ago
  • And Audio Bible NKJV on USkeys ❤️📖🇺🇸

    Deep hugDeep hug10 days ago
  • Well, that didn't tell us shit

    Jordan GibbishJordan Gibbish10 days ago
  • Damn 50 got Mary J Blige to be the ultimate Gangsta Never new she worked with Suge and Puffy I'm glad The Queen is getting her Respect put some Respect on the Queen's Name

    DjMadnassScrewedDjMadnassScrewed10 days ago
  • A lot of people hate Tariq but I like him and tbh it’s his parents fault his life is messed up . His dad never really spent time to look after and take the role as a father and his mom just gave him everything not making him work for shit, plus I personally think it wasn’t his fault his sister died she shouldn’t have went up to a gangster.

    Elias SavvyElias Savvy10 days ago
    • tommy needs to come back

      Deep hugDeep hug10 days ago
  • I must say. I had doubts about this new power series with ghost and Tommy , but am not gone lie, shit is going good so far. Hats off to 50 and courtney

    Izzy 91Izzy 9111 days ago
  • If you believe in the future then you will know that indeed Bitcoin is the future

    Emily AnEmily An11 days ago
  • This show is trying too hard to be woke and it’s cringe af 🤦🏾‍♂️

    MellyMelly11 days ago
    • Tf are you talking about

      JEVZJEVZ10 days ago

  • lucky there aren't many other shows to watch, i hope ghost comes back, tariq is the worst actor i hate him

    O VO V11 days ago
  • Method man 👍🏾 on that role & acting skills

    duane stewartduane stewart11 days ago
    • Book 2 and I got to say I'm intrigued. Everyone is trying to hide something and watching them squirm under pressure just a little is so nice to see.

      Emily AnEmily An11 days ago

    BrowneVisualsBrowneVisuals11 days ago
    • Shutup

      JEVZJEVZ10 days ago
  • Yooo !!!!

    Teresa RoweTeresa Rowe11 days ago
  • They did a amazing job , with the new characters .

    VOV GIRLVOV GIRL11 days ago
  • If Tasha wouldn't have set her boyfriend for the murder nobody would be charged if everybody kept quiet. Tariq got rid of the clothing he shot Ghost in and he had an aliby of where he was at. That's the only evidence they have.

    Micah HayesMicah Hayes11 days ago
  • Can’t waitttttttt !!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Bibet koyBibet koy11 days ago
  • Can't waitttt

    Sarah WellingtonSarah Wellington12 days ago
  • Why is that professor so interested in helping Tariq?

    Augustine KomakiAugustine Komaki12 days ago
    • She had a crap life and fixes herself through other people, rather than deal directly with her own issues. That’s already been established. Tariq is just another project for her to procrastinate on.

      Natural Born Hustler✓Natural Born Hustler✓6 days ago
    • @Augustine Komaki it was stated that ghost doesn't have a sister

      KxuaiツKxuaiツ8 days ago
    • @Lakieva Jackson I suspect she could be James's sister. She could be Tariq's aunt.

      Augustine KomakiAugustine Komaki10 days ago
    • I’m wondering the same thing. I wonder if she’s connected to his dad in some way or if something from her past is drawing her to him

      Lakieva JacksonLakieva Jackson10 days ago
  • I do not owe anyone anything now because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    James RobertJames Robert12 days ago
  • tommy needs to come back

    IncognitoIncognito12 days ago
  • I won't believe ghost is dead until I see a dead body

    Jdp_ 1597Jdp_ 159712 days ago
  • Someone finna die this episode

    N HN H12 days ago
  • Can we get ghost back

    Propa BermudaPropa Bermuda12 days ago
  • love this show but why go with a white Hispanic father if that was they daddy they would be light skin

    cool guycool guy12 days ago

      cool guycool guy12 days ago
  • I didn't bother to watch Power the first one because someone said it was like Empire and I watched two episodes of that turned it off and never looked back. I got curious with Book 2 and I got to say I'm intrigued. Everyone is trying to hide something and watching them squirm under pressure just a little is so nice to see.

    Lyle MaclinLyle Maclin12 days ago
    • Yeah if you prefer empire to power...speaks volumes...shit was too cartoony for me personally...it was extra cheesy...plots and acting...power seems at least slightly more authentic and realistic

      Reddd LoveCraftReddd LoveCraft8 days ago
  • - Wait, I'm watching this video because it's trending - Always has been

    MrCrazyMrCrazy12 days ago
    • lol

      KingOfTheGoatsKingOfTheGoats9 days ago
  • Mary J cant act lol. She’s trash

    Asif SarfarazAsif Sarfaraz12 days ago
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    chief 1 redwolfchief 1 redwolf12 days ago
  • I thought this was going to be a supernatural show but it turned out to be a crime drama. Bad yt algorithm.

    John DoeJohn Doe12 days ago
    • Wtf are you talking about

      JEVZJEVZ10 days ago
  • One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈Non-Duality

    STILLSTILL12 days ago
  • Tommy & Tariq have something in common, they both killed their fathers. Js

    Lesley SLesley S12 days ago
    • cyrinbean I feel like someone is gonna try and kill tariq so tommy will show up and help him kill that person yk

      Christine TaylorChristine Taylor11 days ago
    • tommy had a reason !

      Paulos AbebawPaulos Abebaw11 days ago
    • never thought of that, makes it more likely that tommy will make an appearance

      cyrinbeancyrinbean11 days ago
  • Mary J. Blige 😍

    Randy H.Randy H.12 days ago
  • If you are reading this comment: 💕BE BLESSED!!! x1,000,000💕✨❤️💕💫

    B3BL3SSD B3BL3SSDB3BL3SSD B3BL3SSD12 days ago
  • ONLY People who didn’t come from *tiKtoK* are worthy of liking this

    1B Subs Challenge Before 20211B Subs Challenge Before 202112 days ago
  • Jacob Warner need to be in the mix and put him on the stand to expose Cooper Saxe for being dirty. Blanca Rodriguez should help him do it and arrange for him to be on the stand

    Game ChangerGame Changer12 days ago
  • Still no RIP post for Ghost

    Sydnee HeidtSydnee Heidt12 days ago
  • Anyone else think Ghost is still alive?

    Khonor NurMcgregorovKhonor NurMcgregorov12 days ago
    • For sure I think so

      Richard TaylorRichard Taylor11 days ago
  • Will this be on Netflix in uk anyone know?

    Glasgow GhostGlasgow Ghost12 days ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/EK0xnXgpX9g-video.html soundtrack for power

    Visual Mastermind Jc VevoVisual Mastermind Jc Vevo12 days ago
  • Why everyone is saying they don't like tariq, he is the reason why i watch power

    Vikasdeep Singh SidhuVikasdeep Singh Sidhu12 days ago
    • Natural Born Hustler✓ nah maybe for you, tariq isn’t annoying in power book 2 he’s becoming likeable

      JEVZJEVZ6 days ago
    • Because his character is annoying. He’s the guy you love to hate.

      Natural Born Hustler✓Natural Born Hustler✓6 days ago
    • Facts, if tariq ever died in this there would be no point in me watching it

      JEVZJEVZ10 days ago
  • People crying about Mary J looking mad and what not. What reason does she have to be happy lol. Her character is in a terrible position.

    Sutekh's CryptoSutekh's Crypto12 days ago
  • Am i the only one who still thinks Ghost is alive And body not shown in the coffin

    Jeremiah BeyuoJeremiah Beyuo13 days ago
  • Acting and story been kinda corny and super unrealistic

    bigsmilie07bigsmilie0713 days ago
  • Method is killing his role as a lawyer👏👏👏....he really stepped out his comfort zone and convinced me his an attorney........and I have to mention those eyes 😍 been luvin them since the 90s 💋

    Ms DeeMs Dee13 days ago
  • If you believe in the future then you will know that indeed Bitcoin is the future

    Alexandru MariusAlexandru Marius13 days ago
    • I'm a huge fan of this, I still hold a few coins in my block-chain wallet

      capps markcapps mark13 days ago
  • Can’t wait for that conversation between Tariq and Monet when he tries to get a deal with her

    Elijah MbilaElijah Mbila13 days ago
  • am i the only one who think diana fine asf??

    David ChimezieDavid Chimezie13 days ago
    • Nope she’s sexy as shit no cap

      JEVZJEVZ10 days ago
  • I'm just waiting for ghost to come back😂😂😂

    NickishbehaviorNickishbehavior13 days ago
  • Ghost is on witness protection they faked his death to protect him, it worked out perfectly because of the Democratic party remember they have power to do these things expect ghost to come back and I'm sure he's going to have to get tyreke out of trouble again Tommey also knows ghost is still alive

    BalencibenBalenciben13 days ago
    • stop it

      Nico19801Nico1980111 days ago
  • It's no way he dead closed casket for getting shot in the chest hmm I doubt ghost dead

    duke jonesduke jones13 days ago
  • I love that the title of the episode is play the game same thing that kanan said to Tariq 💯💯

    Jahrell TroutmanJahrell Troutman13 days ago
  • I mostly watching this seeing Method Man and Mary J Blige in action, and they are great in their roles.

    Symphonia30Symphonia3013 days ago
  • Tasha been sloppy these last two/ three seasons. She haven’t been thinking straight

    Barbara SamuelBarbara Samuel13 days ago
    • You right!... Not since Raina's murder, it seems like

      alanna parteealanna partee11 days ago
  • Mary J acting skills suck

    Dray DayDray Day13 days ago
  • The writers dont miss another masterpiece incoming......

  • So... ya’ll think Tariq gone buss Lauren’s cheeks, Diana’s cheeks or both??

    Think PIONEERingThink PIONEERing13 days ago
    • @youknowwhatflav Lol he bout to clap them cheeks tho

      CASH MONEYCASH MONEY13 days ago
    • Ew I dont wanna see him buss nothing

      youknowwhatflavyouknowwhatflav13 days ago
    • Can i choose all thee above please

      BOOKDEXBOOKDEX13 days ago
    • Allum, the Professor too

      James TryonJames Tryon13 days ago
  • Mary cant act. I said that shit. Her expression is the same in every scene. Maybe this character isint a fit for her. Monet isint working for me.

    Jeremy PerryJeremy Perry13 days ago
  • Anyone wanna place a bet this getting cancelled before season 2 Who watching this shit

    Abu TahirAbu Tahir13 days ago
    • @Abu Tahir well for you to be calling it bad you must of watched it so stop acting like you ain't watched it

      Bob BobBob Bob12 days ago
    • @Bob Bob genius!!!! No silly I just came to check out the comments and how bad it is. I can commnet on something and not watch it

      Abu TahirAbu Tahir12 days ago
    • You're clearly watching it because you're on the video

      Bob BobBob Bob12 days ago
  • Young boy doing amazing acting

    Kevin leeKevin lee13 days ago
  • Tariq start a organization in NY and Tommy in LA. I feel like we will something between this to shows. Tommy vs Tariq

    Alban WithGunAlban WithGun13 days ago
  • Jumping ahead here but tommy kills riq when power book II ends, I’ll revisit this comment in a few years.

    Hector RamosHector Ramos13 days ago
  • That guy kane is scary

    Mal AntMal Ant13 days ago
  • Ghost is alive. He ain't dead..we could've seen his body during the burial

    Jambo Jungle with TerryJambo Jungle with Terry13 days ago
    • @Nico19801 I guess we will wait and see..since you're fixated on that..let's wait and see if ghost is really alive. You'll come back here and "prove me wrong"

      Jambo Jungle with TerryJambo Jungle with Terry11 days ago
    • @Jambo Jungle with Terry The reason you give doesn't make any sence and Tariq stood not that close when he shot ghost.

      Nico19801Nico1980111 days ago
    • Nico19801 exactly my point! As long as ghost is alive there is no way Tariq would go to finish school...he wanted the street life so bad...he wanted to see whether Tariq would really do it...note that Ghost asked him “do you really wanna do this?” Note that he never even moved...hunny, look at the history of the series, at some point ghost tells someone who points a gun at him from same distance Tariq did “when you shoot that close, all evidence is gonna be on you, all blood splurges on you” ..so how come when Tariq “killed” his father from the same distance, no blood splurged?? Think about it

      Jambo Jungle with TerryJambo Jungle with Terry11 days ago
    • @Jambo Jungle with Terry why switch the gun if i just could take the gun away or just take the bullets out?

      Nico19801Nico1980111 days ago
    • Nico19801 ghost was a very careful guy...he switched the gun where Tariq had hidden it with a similar one but non lethal bullets. He wants to be regarded as dead so as to play low and at the same time allow Tariq finish school, that’s what he wanted all along. You’ll see, he never really died.

      Jambo Jungle with TerryJambo Jungle with Terry11 days ago
  • Why is the show centered around Mary J and her bad azz kids...What am I missing here? 🤔

    KittyKitty13 days ago
    • Her bad ass kids 😂

      soniekasonieka9 days ago
    • Tariq needs a plug...Monet is the wife of the plug...her kids plugged in

      Jason OwensJason Owens10 days ago
    • bigsmilie07 yes he can

      JEVZJEVZ11 days ago
    • Tariq can't carry this show

      bigsmilie07bigsmilie0713 days ago
    • see how Tariq out smarting all of them. i think thy''re the ones going to leverage tariq's character.

      Clement LondonClement London13 days ago
  • A graveside funeral....Never seen him in the casket...That's why his name is Ghost...he is not dead...Like he said....He always win...

    KittyKitty13 days ago
    • 1:59 Big Money WIN uskeys.net/watch/ySX_cHaH1Qs-video.html

      New Profit GuideNew Profit Guide13 days ago
  • How tf old dude get out if he had 38 years

    Jb AllenJb Allen13 days ago
    • conjugal visit in jail

      Christian BrownChristian Brown13 days ago
  • honestly, i miss ghost but the show aint as bad as i expected it to be.

    Michael MartinezMichael Martinez13 days ago
    • 2:41 Easy Money Strategy

      New Profit GuideNew Profit Guide13 days ago
  • I hope Saxe career is over. It was stupid of him to involve Blanca. So funny he wants to put the “bad guys” away, yet he do so much dirty work. Saxe gots-ta go.✌️

    Kai ShortKai Short13 days ago
    • Saxe realizes he cant play the game by the courts rules. Thats why they couldnt get Ghost or Tommy, and Mak & the politian over here giving the orders, shit is dirty, Tate over here using publicity at Ghosts funeral. A whole bunch of dirty

      Jay Cool EntertainmentJay Cool Entertainment13 days ago
  • What day is it on I can’t wait

    Phat ToPhat To13 days ago
    • Sunday

      JEVZJEVZ10 days ago
  • It’s crazy how y’all niggas wanna watch it now, i Saw this comin a mile away 😂😂😂👎🤷‍♂️

    i Blaki Blak13 days ago
  • Lol

    Janessa TvJanessa Tv13 days ago
  • I'll be damed if Tariq isn't dead or in jail at the ending of this Season !!!!

    Cashelle CayenneCashelle Cayenne13 days ago
  • I'm beginning to like Tariq now. Just hope he doesn't end up in jail at the end of the season.

    Jae SteeleJae Steele13 days ago
    • Same

      JEVZJEVZ10 days ago
  • This Power season is going crazy every week, the suspense and expectation are keeping increasing everytime.. I'm loving this show!! ❤ Love from India ❤

    Kiran KumarKiran Kumar13 days ago
    • Loving this show since i was kid. Love from🇮🇳

      Vikasdeep Singh SidhuVikasdeep Singh Sidhu12 days ago
    • 2:36 2020 Money Guide uskeys.net/watch/ySX_cHaH1Qs-video.html

      New Profit GuideNew Profit Guide13 days ago
  • "Anyone who been around Tariq end up dead or lock up" TRUE

    Mr KMr K13 days ago
    • @Game Changer I think if Riq was to get killed....then Tommy would be my 1st guess.

      alanna parteealanna partee11 days ago
    • Mr K not true there’s another way did you hear tairq he said there’s another way not just dead or locked up tariq going to play hard now he don’t got anybody Tariq my favorite character but still there has to be another way

      Mastergod111Mastergod11111 days ago
    • Tommy gon come back and kill him

      Game ChangerGame Changer12 days ago
    • @Mr K i know but he still Alive though.

      Jay Cool EntertainmentJay Cool Entertainment12 days ago
    • @Jay Cool Entertainment Tariq set Tommy up with Italian last season. He gave them Tommy location

      Mr KMr K12 days ago
  • A like this show

    Lulu BellaLulu Bella13 days ago
  • Tariq is still a stupid,whiney , spoiled entitled brat.

    Damien JonesDamien Jones13 days ago
  • I still don't like Tariq

    Dominique CarrollDominique Carroll13 days ago
    • I still don't like either

      Keziah ThompsonKeziah Thompson13 days ago
  • Why was Ramona not at ghost funeral? Plot hole?

    Joshua MoyJoshua Moy13 days ago
    • @Nico19801 Your grammar is death too

      Siero alfSiero alf10 days ago
    • @Ismail Sani stop dreaming! James is death!

      Nico19801Nico1980111 days ago
    • @Rashaan King i think she loved him enough to not give af about all that. I think shes hiding with ghost

      Ismail SaniIsmail Sani12 days ago
    • Because Rashad outed their relationship between ghost & Ramona which in fact ruined her reputation even more in the political field... so it would've been a bad image for her to attend his funeral

      Rashaan KingRashaan King13 days ago
    • True we didn’t see her perspective of ghost death

      Ubah ibrahimUbah ibrahim13 days ago
  • What a shit TV show now! Without ghost, this ain’t power.

    Feras AlsammakFeras Alsammak13 days ago
  • Idk. I would have preferred Mary as a cop. She’s acting like a detective.

    Jay DJay D13 days ago
    • @Ms Dee Her acting isn't really that good.

      Chris StephensChris Stephens12 days ago
    • @FyaahStarr TV I agree with you. Taraji would be the first choice, but J-Hud would be good too.

      Chris StephensChris Stephens12 days ago
    • I think a Jennifer Hudson or a taraji would of done much better

      FyaahStarr TVFyaahStarr TV12 days ago
    • I'm not feeling her as a gangsta diva either

      Ms DeeMs Dee13 days ago
    • Good to me

      Kevin leeKevin lee13 days ago
  • JaMALL needs a lot more money

    Mickiii PMickiii P13 days ago
  • Show has been cool, not having Tommy & G around has been refreshing but also sad as well. Trying to get use to a "young teen" being the main attraction. He has been playing the game quite well like "G" himself, funeral was a dope last episode...loved writing of Eulogy. " I'm the manifestation of what he could NEVER be!" That sh*t ! 👍🏾✊🏾 I'm interested Miss. Kemp, still shouldn't killed GHOST! 😂😂 .... But I get it 🙄

    TT13 days ago
    • I agree completely, plus this episode was way better than the first one.

      donte kellydonte kelly13 days ago
  • Why don't you post the full episodes???? Am struggling to get the pls do

    verrahvarane varane77verrahvarane varane7713 days ago
    • Plenty of sites you can stream free on if you don’t have stars app use google and type it in

      LaCosa xLaCosa x13 days ago
  • Power according to ratings is still number 1 show on starz and everyone lied saying they wasnt gon watch yet not only are you watching but you watching at the same record pace as last years ratings lol

    BOOKDEXBOOKDEX13 days ago
    • @Kxuaiツ goof for you... stay mad

      BrowneVisualsBrowneVisuals6 days ago
    • @BrowneVisuals man tbh im happy asf man i dont have a fictional show in my head rent free just because of a fictional character🤣

      KxuaiツKxuaiツ6 days ago
    • @Kxuaiツ i explained why u mad tho LOL

      BrowneVisualsBrowneVisuals6 days ago
    • @BrowneVisuals nah im not mad im wondering why is a show in your head rent free if you don't like it why be on the videos

      KxuaiツKxuaiツ6 days ago
    • @Kxuaiツ you butthurt cos i said that this show trash LOL

      BrowneVisualsBrowneVisuals8 days ago
  • Great job starz ..People talked all that not watching only too see Power ratings is still the highest rated show on starz i mean double the next show ratings lol ppl talk all that still watching

    BOOKDEXBOOKDEX13 days ago
  • If Tasha beats this case and walks that is so unrealistic especially since she lied about Tommy bein ghost killer..

    Nade ChaNade Cha13 days ago
    • She’ll beat the case because no doubt Cooper Saxe will be implicated at some point and will end up going down for his murder. That’s how she walks...

      Natural Born Hustler✓Natural Born Hustler✓6 days ago
    • Vikasdeep Singh Sidhu Ghost hating asz killed him

      Kay YouKay You9 days ago
    • Nade Cha Same truth. She wasn’t a Queen Pen either.

      Kay YouKay You9 days ago
    • Kay You it’s not about just Ghost death anymore they chargin her as a Queen pen.

      Nade ChaNade Cha10 days ago
    • They have no proof and she didn’t even do it.

      Kay YouKay You10 days ago
  • So.... if Tasha understands what happens to rats... how is she comfortably taddle tellin on Tommy? 🤔 .. sucks for her when he finds out

    Adam GrahamAdam Graham13 days ago
    • @Adam Graham @Game Changer I had initially shared the same thoughts... then I suspected Tasha knew if anybody could outwit or dodge the FEDs, it was Tommy. Plus, after the meeting btw Saks and the other two men instigating Tasha as a Queen Pin, they honestly didn't seem worried about Tommy and knew he was long gone from NYC.

      alanna parteealanna partee11 days ago
    • Tommy was nice to spare her life. But when he finds out, he's really gonna kill her

      Game ChangerGame Changer12 days ago