Oct 27, 2020
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    GhoulzGhoulzMonth ago
    • Code for the map please?

      Raúl Mompó TortosaRaúl Mompó Tortosa6 days ago
    • @Dimitris Sozou mmm,mmm,mmm

      Neal PadillaNeal Padilla6 days ago
    • Mmm,,

      Neal PadillaNeal Padilla6 days ago
    • Thanks

      Mario RomeroMario Romero7 days ago
    • Haaaaddddddooooooccinnn!ok

      George KempGeorge Kemp9 days ago
  • You to😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀

    Christian KirbyChristian KirbyHour ago
  • 1:22

    Johnny_playsJohnny_plays3 hours ago
  • hethd

    Josh DurhamJosh Durham5 hours ago
  • CEO of "banger spot"

    Francois ErasmusFrancois Erasmus14 hours ago
  • You didn't see that girl up there that you kill the 1st person you see and you go up and there was a people there

    Matt Kyle CarandangMatt Kyle Carandang19 hours ago
  • Somebody somebody you literally pop somebody

    Hotty AliHotty AliDay ago
  • You

    Hotty AliHotty AliDay ago
  • Who else saw iris at the start

    Jack WilliamsJack Williams3 days ago
  • 1:22 u didint see the iris when u went up

    Yu NishinoyaYu Nishinoya4 days ago
  • I love spaiidz's USkeys channel

    Ellinor WahlstrømEllinor Wahlstrøm4 days ago
  • #noobhasaimbot

    Densen RosarioDensen Rosario4 days ago
  • #ghollzz ofishal

    Densen RosarioDensen Rosario4 days ago
  • This is how much times Ghoulz said Banger | \/

    Parkdogz10Parkdogz104 days ago
  • Collin

    Cheyenne MeleCheyenne Mele5 days ago
  • Z

    Cheyenne MeleCheyenne Mele5 days ago
  • 322233tddafgduaerftttrrrrurr

    Alex lexielewisAlex lexielewis6 days ago
  • Yo

    Chad StroebelChad Stroebel6 days ago
  • He passed an person when he found cowgirl

    Elijah Matthew SantosElijah Matthew Santos6 days ago
  • U misses a iris when u cought the first mem

    Night WolfNight Wolf6 days ago
  • U missed a man tho

    Night WolfNight Wolf6 days ago
  • There was a other guy or girl there one on top but you went to fast and you misst her

    Jose MendozaJose Mendoza6 days ago
  • 1:12 MONKEEH

    Lightning AuraYTLightning AuraYT7 days ago
  • You To

    Cooper SpoffordCooper Spofford7 days ago
  • among us

    Jonah SeptimusJonah Septimus7 days ago
  • at 7:31, i'm pretty sure u just walked past someone on the left

    Joshua DixonJoshua Dixon7 days ago
  • nice

    Joshua DixonJoshua Dixon7 days ago
  • 8.37 tiko screaming

    Naseema NaseemaNaseema Naseema7 days ago
  • When you went up the chimney for the first time in the video I saw someone. You are so blind

    EJ TrevinoEJ Trevino7 days ago
  • 4:36

    Step_by_ StepStep_by_ Step7 days ago
  • I rly wanna see u slap tiko with a fish

    Itsbanana313Itsbanana3138 days ago
  • the first guy you found there was another guy there

    Destino Galvez-RoybalDestino Galvez-Roybal8 days ago
  • #🐜

    Gibiser TabletGibiser Tablet8 days ago
  • Almost to 1M

    G7 OrangeG7 Orange8 days ago
  • Sooo close to 1 mill qnd btw who remembers when ghoulz was at 300k subs cause i do

    Bigbrain Yeet dumlingBigbrain Yeet dumling9 days ago


  • This is how many times people will like this comment 👇🏽

    Oscer GregOscer Greg10 days ago
  • Imagine if ghoulzz went on to get like 10mil but he liked my comment

    Cillian CloneyCillian Cloney10 days ago
  • My name is george

    Δέσποινα ΠαπαευαγγέλουΔέσποινα Παπαευαγγέλου10 days ago
  • Can you 1v1 me

    Clap ClanClap Clan11 days ago
  • Ghouls when you git the guy in the bush there was another one across from him

    Nosy RobloxNosy Roblox11 days ago
  • Hi

    Sam MessengerSam Messenger11 days ago
  • WE LIT!

    ツAXTROツAXTRO11 days ago
  • Can you do a face reveal

    Klaytkon DanelKlaytkon Danel12 days ago
  • You sound like tiko without the voice changer

    Ahmad Amir EzzeldinAhmad Amir Ezzeldin12 days ago
  • ??????????????????

    Jacque HigginsJacque Higgins12 days ago
  • Wat

    Jacque HigginsJacque Higgins12 days ago
  • God bless u

    Zv RonzZv Ronz12 days ago
  • You almost have a 1 million Plack nice

    Zv RonzZv Ronz12 days ago
  • Huuuuuuiiiiiii

    Tina AlvarezTina Alvarez13 days ago
  • Ghoulz sucks fishy’s are WAY BETTER!

    TTV ROQUETTV ROQUE15 days ago
  • you missed a person at 7:51 on the top

    Grimm KidsGrimm Kids16 days ago
  • At 1:22 did u not see that person

    AJ GANGAJ GANG16 days ago
  • Bro I saw skin u killed first person that minute I saw

    Rathan RockxRathan Rockx16 days ago
  • your blind when you were going down the stairs I saw someone in the corner

    XMAN22XMAN2216 days ago
  • Girl you're so f****** dumb will you jumped-up there's a guy right there with a pink so I go back

    Aaron GunterAaron Gunter16 days ago
  • 9:49 iam dead i couldn't even saw u 😂😂😂😂😁😂

    JJ colesJJ coles17 days ago
  • Yes i win

    JJ colesJJ coles17 days ago
  • I love you ghoul like And subscribe

    Gaby GonzalezGaby Gonzalez17 days ago
  • 1:22 how did you miss that guy

    Eisa GamerEisa Gamer18 days ago
  • I want to be in one of your games

    Preston CeaserPreston Ceaser18 days ago
  • Bro ghoulz you took laser beams outro and used it for ur video>:(

    Amongus PeanutAmongus Peanut18 days ago
  • Use code ghoulzz with 2 “Z”

    Shadow2005_ PlayzShadow2005_ Playz18 days ago
  • Why do you keep saying gg

    Joshua OrtizJoshua Ortiz19 days ago
  • At the beginning anyone else see the guys leg that was in the drough

    TTVgoat 8300TTVgoat 830019 days ago
  • i saw this on tiktok

    Fresh aka mikeFresh aka mike20 days ago
  • Why do you say banger all the time

    Owen Faber YTOwen Faber YT20 days ago

    Btsfan2433 PlayzBtsfan2433 Playz20 days ago
  • 👁 👁 ______

    Your gay OkYour gay Ok21 day ago
  • Stop killing spaiidz

    GunWolfman YusGunWolfman Yus21 day ago
  • Fortnite emote be like:The crow the wouh the dough the no

    ELOreoLocoELOreoLoco21 day ago
  • 1:23-1:24 he missed a iris skin

    Allyson NevesAllyson Neves21 day ago
  • I love your videos

    Jayvion EasonJayvion Eason22 days ago
  • Play Among us

    BlackbearGamingBlackbearGaming22 days ago
  • Ant Man

    Marcia QuilesMarcia Quiles23 days ago
  • 1:22 am I the only one that saw that little glance of that kid

    Ty StricklandTy Strickland23 days ago
  • 4:37 are you blind!

    Im DivineIm Divine24 days ago
  • Look there's tiko on the wall what are you doing up there tiko

    Max ReifMax Reif24 days ago
  • Can I get subs

    heygeckoheygecko24 days ago
  • He said bush guy was trash spot Also him ignoring the other bush guy

    BOLA BTWBOLA BTW24 days ago
  • You suck but I love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😍🌊🚦🚥🚦🚥🚦🚥

    Fatik gamingFatik gaming24 days ago
  • At 1:23 u missed the iris skin

    AlektoAlekto25 days ago
  • Lol "I could even saw you" lol

  • Map code plz

    Gabriel SheffieldGabriel Sheffield26 days ago
  • sub to me

    RubyRuby26 days ago
  • Who else can hear lazarbeams old intro/outro

    kevin maddenkevin madden27 days ago
  • Look at the bush in the background 6:37

    Ian RuizIan Ruiz27 days ago
  • Ghoulz: You Have The Worst Spot Me: You Litterly Got Caught First When You Were Hiding Also Me: WHAT BOTTT

    Benedict Aidan BerliantoBenedict Aidan Berlianto27 days ago
  • Notice how he had 9 bullets for sniper. When he was done with the trickshot he only had 5 left

    Christopher PantelakisChristopher Pantelakis28 days ago
  • Me: spaiidz left the party what?

    Zeo ExtremeZeo Extreme28 days ago
  • 1:20 like who see iris

    luka despotovicluka despotovic28 days ago
  • There was a kid on top of spaddez

    Ingrid WaltersIngrid Walters28 days ago
  • I I I ll I I I U

    gacharoblox higacharoblox hi29 days ago
  • It’s not a flapper so it’s not Tico

    Bradley SmithBradley Smith29 days ago
  • Lol when u said tikos on the wall lol

    •XclaireX• ••XclaireX• •29 days ago
  • Me looking for tikos comment be like: 👁👄👁 becuse he said eat fish buritos

    Pio GebrayelPio GebrayelMonth ago
  • Vac or name maps

    Mateja JovanovicMateja JovanovicMonth ago
  • What’s the map code

    Twippy is a qt FrqmTwippy is a qt FrqmMonth ago
  • Ant hoo

    I tacan WolverineI tacan WolverineMonth ago