What Are They 3D Printing? (Game)

May 22, 2020
1 216 864 Views

Today, we're seeing who can guess what's 3D printing first! GMM #1743
Thanks to Joel at Wild Rose Builds for the awesome 3D printing videos! Check him out on uskeys.net/channel/UCXRcs5H7Om8YbaNbaM5iOdg.html
3D Print Models:
OWL: www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-mail-owl-1573
GODZILLA: cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/godzilla-no-supports
BABY YODA: www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-baby-yoda-from-star-wars-support-free-figure-107462
PIKACHU: www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-surprised-pikachu-87457
SPHINX: www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-great-sphinx-of-giza-egypt-105337
DARTH VADER: www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-darth-vader-bust-82996
GROOT: www.thingiverse.com/thing:2592451

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Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • the fanfiction is really writing itself there at the end huh

    Aubrey AskewAubrey Askew13 hours ago
  • 2:30

    Ben FortwenglerBen Fortwengler15 hours ago
  • I am super confused, what was in the corner?

    MatthewMatthewDay ago
  • Was he on about dbz when he was trying to guess Yoda!?

    Gail BreslinGail Breslin2 days ago
  • In 2:30 when link was talking about his owl story if you put the speed on 0 25 they will put something on the screen and you will have to pause it at the exact time

    master al-waalymaster al-waaly3 days ago
  • Bad guy from a movie?! you pleb!

    Alan BakerAlan Baker4 days ago
  • can someone explain their TOKYO troupe?

    MyUnquenchableThirstMyUnquenchableThirst4 days ago
  • Me yelling at the screen what it is in frustration at them not getting it 😂😂

    KCjoules 18KCjoules 184 days ago
  • Dang it why didn’t yall kiss I’m kinda sad

    Lucy TranLucy Tran6 days ago
  • I would like to see Link's all time winning percentage in GMM games. It can't be good.

    NickisAwkwardNickisAwkward7 days ago
  • L

    5570 Productions5570 Productions7 days ago
  • The owl thing makes sense now... he gives birth to one.

    little pancake manlittle pancake man8 days ago
  • I heard tale of a historic blown lead, as well as a historic comeback. The legends brought me here.

    Vance ColeVance Cole8 days ago
  • I thought I was the only one but Link I feel you and relate hard.

    DarknoorXDarknoorX9 days ago
  • why is no one talking about the fan-fiction of link doing unnatural things to natural peanut butter

    YourRandomSubscriberYourRandomSubscriber10 days ago
  • Pretty sure that's a morning dove call

    Cj varronCj varron11 days ago
  • i love how you guys used the fork for the new mythical kitchen profile picture! love the videos

    Jared WrightJared Wright11 days ago
  • Rhett gets it right Link:aww sh*t man 8:45

    Tokwa GanoTokwa Gano11 days ago
  • On the end he only got 6 points

    prestonpreston12 days ago
  • Cotton candy randy 😂😂😂😂

    Dmitry BahrtDmitry Bahrt12 days ago
  • I can see the new episodes now. WILL IT PRINT?

    Jason McKeownJason McKeown12 days ago
  • this was a dark, dark time in Rhett's hair journey

    Lucy AndersonLucy Anderson13 days ago
  • 10:43 it’s so clearly groot like wtf

    eetthhaanneetthhaann14 days ago
  • Anyone get what the flashing text during the owl print was?

    Cookielord9Cookielord914 days ago
  • What was in the corner, I think I'm blind.

    Joe MamaJoe Mama14 days ago
  • What did you guys put in the corner?

    Carlos LuísCarlos Luís15 days ago
  • 12:53 Rhett is the new Pogchamp

    DenzixDenzix15 days ago
  • If u wanna know wut the sign says its “nobody puts in a corner, but we did put something in the corner for u -rhett and link

    HLS_ClanHLS_Clan15 days ago
  • New Intro is great!!

  • Yes Pokemon

    Gretchen CornGretchen Corn15 days ago
  • Remind me why people like Rhett again?

    katherine the mousekatherine the mouse16 days ago
  • He was right Godzilla is a dino

    mystic phoenix 88mystic phoenix 8816 days ago
  • The difference between Rhett and Links shirt is so funny to me

    420Im_Dead Tehe420Im_Dead Tehe16 days ago
  • What was did the message say when link was talking about the owl? I tried to pause it several times, but I was always to slow to stop on it.

    Unvalued LemonUnvalued Lemon16 days ago
  • did anyone see the thing at 2:30, slow it down to see it

    Rino MarzilianoRino Marziliano16 days ago
  • Rhett looks shinny for some reason

    Levi HollisterLevi Hollister17 days ago
  • Why is stevie a b**** to link?

    BIK3 F0R LIF3BIK3 F0R LIF318 days ago
  • Legit thought the spork at the start was a PS5

    The guy Who ate the batThe guy Who ate the bat18 days ago
  • 2:30

    Quin The goodQuin The good19 days ago
  • Awesome

    Feel The HertzFeel The Hertz19 days ago
  • Tokyo brings back so many memories

    Morgan JonesMorgan Jones19 days ago
  • Think this might be the first time that I actually feel bad for Link in regards to these competition type videos lmao xD

    CalCrazyCalCrazy19 days ago
  • Who else thought that grout was the demogorgon?

    Adrian ChavezAdrian Chavez20 days ago
  • The pause game part said we put something in the corner for you

    「Kamiスター」「Kamiスター」20 days ago
  • Who els paused the vid to see the flashing text

    DingoDingo20 days ago
  • yoda looks awake to me

    Gamer831crossfireGamer831crossfire20 days ago
  • What you put in the corner?

    QuiqueQuique20 days ago
  • The pikachu was so easy! It took them FOREVER

    mingming baimingming bai20 days ago
  • Rhett is the patriots

    Hunter SchultzHunter Schultz21 day ago
  • is it just me or did u guys see the thing at 2:30

    hale floorhale floor21 day ago
  • i have a 3D Printer at my school and we first got access to it in 4th grade and we just got to do pretty much whatever. it was a wild ride

    Elly CorinneElly Corinne21 day ago
  • Thank you for the what!! Awesome keep up the good work you guys rock

    future legsfuture legs21 day ago
  • Best end ever!

    Casey FlentyeCasey Flentye22 days ago
  • Show the score!

    Casey FlentyeCasey Flentye22 days ago
  • What are the odds that Link lost cause he always loses?

    Anna MayAnna May22 days ago
  • In some 3D printers, the lasers are not visible or barely visible. That coupled with the speed it already travels at being time lapsed makes the laser (the thing printing it) makes it invisible on camera.

    GalacticGalactic23 days ago

    Natalie KlcoNatalie Klco23 days ago
  • Thank you for putting something in the corner it was enjoyable to rewatch that clip over and over again trying to pause it in just the right spot -thanks

    RayCrow ProductionsRayCrow Productions24 days ago
  • Why is stevie so happy when rhett wins...

    AngellayeAngellaye24 days ago
  • The message at 2:30, I'm so confused. Someone please explain.

    Calvin FedyszynCalvin Fedyszyn24 days ago
  • wait what is in the corner they were talking about

    Yug PYug P24 days ago
  • The last cotton candy randy question, Rhett should have gotten only 6 points. Count for yourself if you don’t believe me. Both of them should have tied.

    BenjaminABenBenjaminABen24 days ago
  • I would get all of these within seconds

    kaitlyn brinkerhoffkaitlyn brinkerhoff24 days ago
  • godzilla is a radioactive dinosaur. so link gets full points rhett gets half.

    Highlord YnotHighlord Ynot24 days ago
  • Anyone else screen record to see what they said in 2:29

    Kyndyll ButlerKyndyll Butler25 days ago
  • That’s why they call Rhett the “Comeback Kid!”

    Jerry B IVJerry B IV25 days ago
  • 2:30... what?

    Nate DoleNate Dole25 days ago
  • I have a 3d printer

    bo ibo i25 days ago
  • I liked this purely for links owl story

    Miranda VolkMiranda Volk25 days ago
  • Since when did GMM start cursing?

    Ben BurnsBen Burns25 days ago
  • Rhett is such a sore loser at times😂

    m. mnkm. mnk25 days ago
  • What’s the flash @ 2:30

    Blackwater JackBlackwater Jack25 days ago
  • as soon as i see the zig zagged tail... *PIKA*

    Dr MemesDr Memes25 days ago
  • Link saying “OHHHHH FU- DANG IT” is a mood

    alliemaru naraalliemaru nara25 days ago
  • Its almost like Rhett wants more fanfiction.

    Samuel PrinceSamuel Prince25 days ago
  • Only link could blow a 20 point lead haha

    Jared SundstromJared Sundstrom26 days ago
  • it prints a layer and then takes a picture

    Evan MirantiEvan Miranti26 days ago
  • millennial's and there obsession with owls...

    A 5Th Shared Music and GamingA 5Th Shared Music and Gaming26 days ago
  • What’s with the Tokyo thing? I’m newish, like within the last couple of years, so I don’t get the reference. Maybe I missed it. Can anyone tell me what episode it’s in?

    Amaris BailonAmaris Bailon26 days ago
  • Time lapse is recorded so that when the printer head is in a certain position it will capture the frame, specifically when outside of the print. These things take hours to build which is what makes a time lapse smooth enough

    CatScratch4035CatScratch403526 days ago