Taylor Swift’s Full Interview with Ellen

May 18, 2019
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From singing with Zac Efron to getting scared in a bathroom, Taylor Swift has had some unforgettable moments on the show, and now she’s back! The superstar opened up about the Easter eggs in her music videos and songs, her latest single, “Me!”, and preparing for the movie adaptation of the musical “Cats.” Plus, Ellen put Taylor in the hot seat to answer some of her "Burning Questions"!

  • Rhode Island??? Listen to the last great American dynasty it’s abt Rhode Island

    Parinoor PurbaParinoor Purba7 hours ago
  • Binod😂

    Ahmad AnsariAhmad Ansari19 hours ago
  • She likes visit to Rhode island at holiday

    Kozokar HonokarKozokar HonokarDay ago
  • I love taylor since 2010

    MarkyBL AddictMarkyBL AddictDay ago
  • Can you belive it? Very nice

    Michael JacksonMichael JacksonDay ago
  • She's not a kind of girl who likes long long nail. And shes so down to earth ❤️

    Ara MierAra MierDay ago
  • Taylor is so beautiful 💖

    Riya DubeyRiya DubeyDay ago
  • GOD BLESS USA... GOD BLESS USA.... GOD BLESS USA... GOD BLESS USA... GOD BLESS USA... GOD BLESS USA...... MY MADAME TAYLOR SWEETU............ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH???????????????????????????????????????

    Erwin LbjErwin LbjDay ago

    Erwin LbjErwin LbjDay ago
  • I like that she is not so skinny anymore.

    englandsensationenglandsensationDay ago
  • 3:27 taylor swift without auto-tune

    Ahad MoeenAhad MoeenDay ago
    • It's a joke she's one of my favourite singers

      Ahad MoeenAhad MoeenDay ago
  • Taylor's dress gives me folklore vibes

    Xiano TreyXiano Trey2 days ago
  • i manifested her saying killing eve and it happened omg

    holly bakerholly baker2 days ago
  • I love her face when Ellen says when we come back she is going to talk about her boyfriend

    Grace KeehnGrace Keehn2 days ago
  • We know Taylor's favorite curse word after her new album.

    Breanna NorthrupBreanna Northrup2 days ago
  • If you are dramatic you need some comedy in your life. How many boyfriends? What you need is a great love a real love not fantasy....Look for someone who love you deeply and respect you..

    Miriam GonzalezMiriam Gonzalez2 days ago
  • “Is their a reason she said that in French”!!!!!!!! The Easter eggs i can’t even!

    CharlesMcneill VEVOCharlesMcneill VEVO3 days ago
  • 他们她们总是嫉妒别人的音乐都是让别人感觉自己是否觉得这能自己唱出来。

    熊晓健熊晓健3 days ago
  • 😎😎😎🌻🌻🌞☀️🐴🐴🐎🐎🐎❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍

    Αντωνης ΚοΑντωνης Κο3 days ago
  • She also has curse words in her new album......aaahhh so many hints...maybe even unintentional

    Moumita DebnathMoumita Debnath3 days ago
  • Her dress matches the colour of *folklore* album

    Moumita DebnathMoumita Debnath3 days ago
  • Ellen is on You Need To Calm Down....aweee

    Moumita DebnathMoumita Debnath3 days ago
  • When she said vintage album, my mind went straight to FOlkLore 😱

    Dinz CoDinz Co3 days ago
  • "It could be vintage".....

    Dave BantilanDave Bantilan3 days ago
  • I like Ellen's sense of humor!! Hahaha ❤👍

    Xena GhossoubXena Ghossoub3 days ago
  • Ok wait but Taylor’s dress

    Kawaii2034Kawaii20344 days ago
  • Tyson BaumgartenTyson Baumgarten4 days ago
  • I just love her so much

    Danica UbaDanica Uba4 days ago
  • holiday...... rhode island...........................

    Júlia PachecoJúlia Pacheco4 days ago
  • 2020?

    Janeen SaysonJaneen Sayson5 days ago
  • If u 💘 ellen hit the 👍

    Peter LimatoPeter Limato5 days ago
  • I didn't know there was a "Cat School"😱😮

    Jessica AscanoJessica Ascano6 days ago
  • “You can do whatever you want Taylor Swift” And then, she drop an álbum alternative and she breaks records, yeah! She can do whatever she want. 🤍

    alan mialma figueroaalan mialma figueroa6 days ago
  • Where can I get this dress ?

    SuperArchitectSuperArchitect6 days ago
  • Love you Taylor 🙏🏼💙💙🦋🦋🇦🇺🇦🇺👌👌💐💐🥰🥰🥰Adorable little cutie 💙💙😻😻🙏🏼🙏🏼💋💋👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼🧚🏿🧚🏿🧿🧿🤍🤍🤍🧡🧡🤍🤍💛💛🤍🤍💚💚Thankyou Ellen...Blessings to you too 💙💙🙏🏼🙏🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🦋🦋💐💐🥰🥰🤍🤍🤎🤎🤍🤍💙💙🤍🤍💜💜🤍🤍💟💟🤍🤍💝💝

    Layiah Najibie CocoLayiah Najibie Coco6 days ago
  • we need the quarantine interview ellen and taylor. Please.

    Stef 305Stef 3056 days ago
  • justin timberlake's reaction when taylor said BEST DAY EVER.....WOAHHH

    C - KEZIA GRACEC - KEZIA GRACE7 days ago
  • I love the extra weight she gained.

    AIWA LUAIWA LU7 days ago
  • Came here after Folklore, Ellen was right Taylor can do anything she wants

    theotheo7 days ago
  • Okay but after knowing about her eating disorder, Ellen pushing to know more about her late night eating kinda hits different, not in a good way...

    Timothy WrightTimothy Wright7 days ago
  • Did this really pop out in your recommendations?

    Aiken Nikko Panis LabnaoAiken Nikko Panis Labnao7 days ago
  • Oh my God she is going to defeat Thanos😂😂😂

    Fadzai KanjandaFadzai Kanjanda7 days ago
  • I could bore a hole to the center of the earth with her boringness...

    Michael BonadeMichael Bonade8 days ago
    • She does look amazing ...finally maturing into womanhood......I’m trying to politely say the extra weight looks good on her😁

      Michael BonadeMichael Bonade8 days ago
  • Rhode Island....The Last Great American Dynasty???

    Riana RamaniRiana Ramani8 days ago
  • You are Taylor Swift. You can do anything you want. Well said Ellen! Now she is off to folklore indie music yay

    Bao TranBao Tran8 days ago
  • she is nice person

    Maya SSMaya SS8 days ago
  • Literally she is the most beautiful thing in this world 😍💕❤️

    Purnima SaikiaPurnima Saikia8 days ago
  • Adrenochrome Addicts 💉🍕

    Sam RSam R8 days ago
  • Taylors first kiss was with the guy Drew she sings about in "teardrops on my guitar"

    Nika TretinjakNika Tretinjak9 days ago
  • Child predators ADRENOCHROME

    PGPG9 days ago
  • We need Taylor back on Ellen to talk about folklore!!!

    Andrea TummonsAndrea Tummons9 days ago
  • "you guys are friendly"

    ScarlettScarlett10 days ago
  • an easter egg that is from the music video you need to calm down is in this video. if you look closely you can see that Ellen has the same tattoo from the music video

    Juni MacJuni Mac10 days ago
  • 5:39 is probably the easter egg she left

    Vanessa BonnerVanessa Bonner10 days ago
  • I wanna have her ❤❤

    Dibyanshu KarDibyanshu Kar10 days ago
  • 7:19 "is there a reason she said that in French" ME! music video!!!

    Ella Jean-SprecherElla Jean-Sprecher10 days ago

    Kate DessaKate Dessa11 days ago
  • I don't think Taylor knew how to take Ellen at first, you can see in her expressions, she looks really offended

    alcudiababe1alcudiababe111 days ago
  • Taylor Swift could literally be a comedian

    Neechie18Neechie1811 days ago
  • 16:40 I want to hear it without this bleep. The face she made just after saying that word,i- . Marry me Taylor Swift 😍❤️

    Introvert lifeIntrovert life12 days ago
  • May the good Lord bless you 😇🙏😇🙏😇🙏💯 and protect against evil and guide you throughout all your days

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • Remember social enterprise architecture

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • You need to calm down

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • I used to catch thirty cats per night purrrrr getting off my face on ketamine with all the post op cats

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • You really are a feline friend

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • You know I loved you into the afterlife and back again

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • Space angel's wings and Halo's

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • You both are so beautiful ❤️💗😍

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • What happened to the four discs lover albums compilation

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • You dramatic no never

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • The whole time I was up there,I knew it was you taking care of me

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • Hey Memphis kitty kat

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • Your my Mississippi blues cowgirl

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • Lover

    Elery ChampionElery Champion12 days ago
  • Well, “It could be like a vintage album” has a whole new meaning now..🧐🤔🤔 now, that folklore is out...

    Clover WildeClover Wilde12 days ago
  • who' after folklore? :)

    prachi aroraprachi arora12 days ago
  • Who else is binging Taylor Swift interviews as a break from listening to Folklore on repeat? 🤗

    B BB B12 days ago
  • How are you to censor me? Without us you are not anything.

    Violeta Zurdo MartinVioleta Zurdo Martin13 days ago
  • 5:39 she said. " it could be like vintage" Hmmm folklore.

    azaliah mikaellaazaliah mikaella14 days ago
    • That’s what I was thinking

      Roayani NunezRoayani Nunez4 days ago
    • Thats what I thought

      Adrianne WarnerAdrianne Warner4 days ago
    • Omg 😱 yes

      Proud swiftieProud swiftie5 days ago
    • omg you're rightttt uwu

      Erica Nicole ApostolErica Nicole Apostol6 days ago
  • the cruel summer tattoo 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

    Samira AsseissSamira Asseiss14 days ago
  • i believe I have a Taylor Swift virus. This virus can be spread through Taylor Swift's music ,interviews etc. This virus is incurable. I'm sorry.

    Illicit WolfieIllicit Wolfie15 days ago
  • me rewatching the interview on repeat trying to catch the Easter egg she said she dropped when they did Burning Questions

    Katie WhitfordKatie Whitford16 days ago
  • Plz upload videos with subtitles.

    SAuraBH SHarMASAuraBH SHarMA16 days ago
  • Drew looks at me I fake a smile so he won't see..

    JV BacayoJV Bacayo16 days ago

    dion dulmindion dulmin17 days ago

    dion dulmindion dulmin17 days ago
  • Trying to contact Taylor for a terminally ill child. If anyone knows how, please let me know.

    Life As We Know ItLife As We Know It17 days ago
    • I hope you can make it ♥️

      Ana ValoisAna Valois2 days ago
    • All the best.. hope the child meets her soon! 😊

      Anjali AggarwalAnjali Aggarwal15 days ago
    • Life As We Know It - she is quite active on her Tumblr page? Or you could try finding an email for her manager or something.

      Sam YoungSam Young15 days ago
  • احب تايلوووور سويفت

    Faisal Mr.faisalFaisal Mr.faisal18 days ago
  • ellen and taylor's friendship is so pureeeee

    Yifan QianYifan Qian18 days ago
  • Pizzagate reunion

    Leo O'BrienLeo O'Brien20 days ago
  • 😻🎶🎬😽🍕😽🍕

    Ms KittyMs Kitty20 days ago
  • I think Taylor is one of the best celebrities there is! She just feels so genuine to me!!

    Thibo MeurkensThibo Meurkens21 day ago
  • i wish i was on the ellen show so that taylor could suprise me. like i would cry so hard-

    Honey HannahHoney Hannah22 days ago
  • “It could be like a vintage” HAHA 😭

    valiant vicunavaliant vicuna22 days ago
  • 1:58 💀☠️

    Kamal LBKamal LB22 days ago
  • ┻━┻︵└(´_`└)┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)😐😘

    Ali QazilbashAli Qazilbash23 days ago
    • noshit sherlock! 🥴

      Ali QazilbashAli Qazilbash23 days ago
    • i love your voice also

      Ali QazilbashAli Qazilbash23 days ago
  • Ellen is finished.

    Kris AndersonKris Anderson23 days ago
  • Ellen: " You can do anything you want Taylor Swift." Me: I mean u really could. Your a Queen

    Raena FaithRaena Faith24 days ago
    • a written explanation or discussion of sth such as a book or a play....a written explanation or discussion of sth such as a book or play...

      likelihood occurrencelikelihood occurrence22 days ago
  • Can anyone tell me what's the name of the flower on the table? Just for some zwiftie investigation. Wink.

    Dark PhoenixDark Phoenix24 days ago
  • 13:59. When Ellen put Taylor on the spot. The fact that this interview was uploaded a month before the music video came out. Cruel Summer tattoo on the right hand of Ellen in this interview says it all. Ps I think Taylor kinda played it cool. It's so adorable ❤️

    Stella PolinarioStella Polinario25 days ago