Call of Duty Warzone Max Damage M4 build is Insane...

May 6, 2020
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COD Warzone M4 build for maximum damage is very good, but hard to use. Let's equip it with the 10 Round stopping power mag, and see if we can win a game of Solo! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • Anyone used this loadout and got a win?!

    jackfragsjackfrags4 months ago
    • How about the m13 build ?

      Zhimron EvalinZhimron Evalin5 days ago
    • Franklyn Perez oo

      Dylan Ericsson MYP1A International School of HelsingborgDylan Ericsson MYP1A International School of Helsingborg21 day ago
    • @nickonpc does it gave an ammunation perk luke the m4?

      Vince CamposVince Campos24 days ago
    • Use this loadout on burst firemode w a high zoom scope. Play as if its a marksman rifle...

      Rocco SorianoRocco Soriano26 days ago
    • I really feel like the vlk sight would do better on this load out

      BubbBubb26 days ago
  • 1.8k ppl are assholes with no life lol

    scubapsascubapsa2 days ago
  • I use this with 60 rounds even tho I have the M4 maxed and it beams thanks for this

    Charlie RedmanCharlie Redman4 days ago
  • Imagine this with stopping rounds

    Dan GDan G6 days ago
  • I see that the gun is good, but I have a problem. I don't have aim

    William TranWilliam Tran8 days ago
  • he gets the M4 at 3:10

    Hi im very CoolHi im very Cool9 days ago
  • Glad to see you rocking Golem’s bear! Used it since it first appeared in the store, so good 😁

    Brad SmithBrad Smith10 days ago
  • may God bless you for putting the config right at the start. I'll sub you

    U_UU_U11 days ago
  • Always use the socom rounds, they’re so powerful

    LouisLouis11 days ago
  • That outro gave me chills

    Francis ChristophurFrancis Christophur12 days ago
  • I'm running pretty much this exact m4 for cyberattack and demolition. For warzone though I think it's pretty crap.

    Völundr FreyVölundr Frey13 days ago
  • Crazy how the range goes up as the .458 socom is only effective to around 150 yards

    Andrew SchultzAndrew Schultz13 days ago
  • Pair the socom rounds with a grenade launcher, its pretty fun

    Forrest PattersonForrest Patterson14 days ago
  • You almost died because of that set up lol

    Hmong_Vaaj916 VangHmong_Vaaj916 Vang14 days ago
  • very good game 👌🏻

    BartekBartek14 days ago
  • Pc player of course the sensitivity and controlling is so much faster on pc more of a advantage

    cdebenz994cdebenz99416 days ago
  • I think sleight of hand is essential to this M4 build.

    sercan celenksercan celenk16 days ago
  • Good show JF

    khor201khor20117 days ago
  • How does he don’t just get sniped at from buildings all day, that’s half the fights I get into

    Yoo WatYoo Wat17 days ago
  • Everything is tuned to win 😏😏

    Eldo 92Eldo 9217 days ago
  • i have a 458 in real life... can confirm it’s potency 😂

    ChanceypooChanceypoo18 days ago
  • If you are going to use this class your going to need sleight of hands

    Txr RevertTxr Revert18 days ago
  • That's a lot of damage

    John HeganJohn Hegan18 days ago
  • When the guy was In the tower with the sniper you should have used your air strike to either get him out and open so you could kill him or keep him in cover so you could move up and get to a better range for the M4

    Online TvOnline Tv18 days ago
  • no sight and sleight of hands works too

    Diego Lopez GDiego Lopez G19 days ago
  • I love the M4 in my opinion it’s the BEST gun in Warzone

    RoboRuby RoboticsRoboRuby Robotics19 days ago
  • You should have the quick reload perk

    Gp SinghGp Singh21 day ago
  • You have to be insane to dislike this video! The man is straight up chilling and playing a solo game as if he were fighting bots!

    Joseph BastinJoseph Bastin22 days ago
  • I use those rounds with a VLK or sniper scope and single fire. With that you have a more mobile, quicker-firing FAL which I can put back in to auto if need's be. The damage is a little lower but it gets the job done.

    Yilmaz AytenYilmaz Ayten24 days ago
  • Imo the build works extremely well in the semi auto mode

    SturmtrupenHeinzSturmtrupenHeinz24 days ago
  • Your amazing with sniper

    Simran JhandSimran Jhand25 days ago
  • Pls give shoutout to my channel

    UnRealistic PlaYzUnRealistic PlaYz26 days ago
  • Installing warzone with 3mb/s which is GOOD with my Internet....

    Samuel PhillipsSamuel Phillips26 days ago
  • You should try building the m4 like an SMG with 458. Socom

    Wyatt NorthcuttWyatt Northcutt27 days ago
  • I've been running this build since forever

    sam whitesam white27 days ago
  • This is the worst explanation

    sathvik gaddamsathvik gaddam28 days ago
  • U had to use FMJ’s

    S3th _TubeS3th _Tube28 days ago
  • not really digging that attachment combination... wouldnt recommend it

    Georgi S.Georgi S.29 days ago
  • Jack stand in in the open - peaceful I stand in the open - hit by a team of campers 😞

    Lyric McFarrinLyric McFarrin29 days ago
  • Wouldn’t FMJ drive it up even further?

    Phillip MesserPhillip Messer29 days ago
    • nope, its only helps with bullet penitration

      CJ_GAM1NGCJ_GAM1NG22 days ago
  • Does it have a faster TTK than the FAL?

    xPNovaxPNovaMonth ago
  • I probably killed u with this for you to use this lol

  • If you use the M4A1 you’re a wannabe cod league player, and you’re toxic

    David SaracenoDavid SaracenoMonth ago

    Antonio SimbriaAntonio SimbriaMonth ago
  • 556 and 308 are the only bullets that JackFrags can pronounce correctly because you say the numbers individually.

    Tripix HelixTripix HelixMonth ago
  • I dont have the M4 in my assault rifles, just hte M4A1, and theres no option to select an ammo type

    Jason GaylordJason GaylordMonth ago
    • Same gun dude. You have to grind the lv of gun up. Plunder mode use gun all the time do as many contracts, recon scavenger bounty combined with kills quickest way to progress. Esp on double weapon xp weekends, think about lv70 ish max unlock for gun also you'll be use to the weapon feel/control. Enjoy

      NinjaSquirrel30NinjaSquirrel3026 days ago
  • Why cant i find the M4 in any of the options? only thign with M4 in assault rifles is the M4A1

    Jason GaylordJason GaylordMonth ago
  • I got a win with this loadout but I was using the thermal scope

    Sohaib ImranSohaib ImranMonth ago
  • Take off the scope and use sleight of hand

    Corey MaslenCorey MaslenMonth ago
  • WTF 3:28 glitch head shot?

    Joshua SmithJoshua SmithMonth ago
  • Nice setup, I like it. 👊😎

    Larry Feevey JrLarry Feevey JrMonth ago
  • I think next time use VLK 3.0 opti its good for close and far distance.

    Abdow EisaAbdow EisaMonth ago
  • Ive found that if you want to use a socom build in squads, its very beneficial to use sleight of hand.

    Darnor KymitzDarnor KymitzMonth ago
  • Very nice setup. I'm going to try this one later

    Just Game GuyJust Game GuyMonth ago
  • 8:56 this gunfight went so quick holy shit Edit: i mean the last shots of it

    PaaLPaaLMonth ago

    A Random GuyA Random GuyMonth ago
  • Instead on an optic i rather use no stock

    A Random GuyA Random GuyMonth ago
  • now that's a lot of damage

    Lincoln KajiLincoln KajiMonth ago
  • You'll be reloading so often it will offset all your kills and then some

    Joshua SachsJoshua SachsMonth ago
  • One time I was playing gta5 with my friends they all left to go to warzone then a bit after the left they were saying to one of my friends he was under the map

    Jamie PellanJamie PellanMonth ago
  • I like the way you laugh😁

    najib ullahnajib ullahMonth ago
  • Why does he sound like jazza a bit

    toonztoonzMonth ago
  • Everytime i knew someone was in the building i always think its better for me to just crouch and be stealthy

    aw buggeraw buggerMonth ago
  • I’ve used those rounds on the M4 for a long time. Switch to single shot not auto and you’ll be way more accurate and conserve ammo.

    SnickSnickMonth ago
  • Loved that game lol

    Matt BrownMatt BrownMonth ago
  • yea this build is hard 👍🏾

    Markee BrandonMarkee BrandonMonth ago
  • Turn the M4 into a DMR

    Lionheart GamingLionheart GamingMonth ago
  • I would use semi auto because full auto would use more ammo

    Baby Hippopotamus ‘Baby Hippopotamus ‘Month ago
  • U didnt even use fmj so i guess its not max damage. Maybe im dumb and fmj dont exist to ar.

    Max JosefssonMax JosefssonMonth ago
    • Fmj doesn’t give more damage, it just allows bullets to penetrate certain structures

      Moist TowelettesMoist TowelettesMonth ago
  • amazing

    Ejike AnihEjike AnihMonth ago
  • I been using it for a while now with that mag and the damage is insane but for some reason reload is extremely slow as well which makes it difficult to re-engage.

    Danny DeeDanny DeeMonth ago
  • Trust me replace optics for wounding perk

  • 09:06 - Flex Tape

    Samuel G. P.Samuel G. P.Month ago
  • Bro can i say you are fucking amazing at these vids you have teached me alot i dont play warzone alot but i am learning, Could you do a vid on the kar98k if you havent but you have earned my sub and a like

    Anonymous KillsAnonymous KillsMonth ago
  • Its not the most dmg build !! Got a better one

    CanisMayoris66CanisMayoris66Month ago
  • Nice play

    Spider SchweinSpider SchweinMonth ago
  • that M4 build is FILTH!

    Jim RussellJim RussellMonth ago
  • "look aaa thie damage maan"

    HANKOK boiHANKOK boiMonth ago
  • You're an absolute legend Jack

    Kietas BahurasKietas BahurasMonth ago
  • dude who care about m4 when you have 180 fps omg :))) i still play with 35

    aureure efsfaureure efsf2 months ago
  • .458 socom has worse range irl

    sOc WYVERNsOc WYVERN2 months ago
  • Does FMJ perk increase damage against other players

    WRATHIUM R9WRATHIUM R92 months ago
    • No, it just allows you to shoot throw more objects. It’s pretty trash

      Moist TowelettesMoist TowelettesMonth ago
  • I feel like sleight of hand may be good for that m4

    Mfuller _100Mfuller _1002 months ago
  • Used it before months ago. More so on multiplayer. With that attachment though it's almost like a sniper with the damage it does.

    It’s all about OliIt’s all about Oli2 months ago
  • When he gave dude a thumbs up after killing him & said thanks for playing i lost it 😂🤣

    BigBuckz601BigBuckz6012 months ago
  • So it’s a automatic FAL

    Pazo ManPazo Man2 months ago
    • Yup

      FaZeツDEVGUNFaZeツDEVGUNMonth ago
  • 6:16 top left glint

    Thomas T.Thomas T.2 months ago
  • Wait how do you even get that mag?

    L CayenteL Cayente2 months ago
    • Its in ammunition for m4a1

      FaZeツDEVGUNFaZeツDEVGUNMonth ago
  • Jack? Do you realize you're going full auto with sniper rifle rounds? 😂😂😂😂

    Konner TaylorKonner Taylor2 months ago
  • I made almost same setup except i dont run suppressor. Mid range battle rifle is so deadly i killed two guys in duo so quick one came back from the gulag to run me over lmao!

    Brad LennonBrad Lennon2 months ago
  • There are no Xbox leaders are there?

    Michael CasimerMichael Casimer2 months ago
  • Seeing players like you discourages me from playing.

    Michael CasimerMichael Casimer2 months ago
  • your voice is so satisfying to listen to, especially with your nice accent, not gonna lie i just love it :)

    MeDiZiNMeDiZiN2 months ago
  • I wonder how these players see those ants on the screen wc is supposed to be people far away Cant see anything especially when firing on a scope

  • It doesn’t make sense you’re stealing ammo from other gun if they’re apparently already in clips/mags.It’s the only thing stopping me from using it

    Lil Ra RaLil Ra Ra2 months ago
  • U got stady Aim/hand too if i am aiming at him i end up shooting removed helicopters from the map🤣😍

    Stephy StephStephy Steph2 months ago
  • Sick match 💪🏻😂

    Martin Cavazos JrMartin Cavazos Jr2 months ago
  • Is it ok if I use a thermal

    The BeastThe Beast2 months ago
  • Glitch on 11:14? Hmmm you can see the guy running in white....

    mr. rbtmr. rbt2 months ago
  • I’ve watched this video and misheard the ammo he got. I was using the 32 round clip and absolutely destroying for a while now lol. I accidentally discovered my favorite setup lol

    TearyatobitzTearyatobitz2 months ago
    • FIakeyz it’s really fast and accurate but not so great damage wise. It’s probably best for solos because I’m only able to down max 2 players per clip

      TearyatobitzTearyatobitz2 months ago
    • Is the 32 better

      Jamie McDonaldJamie McDonald2 months ago