THE PROPOSAL - Ryan & Haley

May 23, 2020
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we're engaged!
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I couldn't have pulled off this proposal without these amazing ppl:
Musician: @DakotaStriplin - "See You In Austin"
(Song coming soon to streaming platforms)
Video/Photo: @logenkershaw / @cheysmth
we love you guys!

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    The TraphamilyThe TraphamilyMonth ago
    • So happy for you!😄

      Pastel_bubblyPastel_bubbly11 days ago
    • @reese chin IKR

      A PA P12 days ago
    • I was about to cry oml Soooooo cute

      Ross FoxXRoss FoxX15 days ago
    • excited!

      the fingerthe finger21 day ago
    • U guys are perfect for each other. And I don’t say that about most people.

      RoniRoni23 days ago
  • I didn’t cry I just put my eye drops in wrong

  • Congrats on the marriage

    Toasted 123Toasted 1233 hours ago
  • yup...I cried

    m12280110m1228011013 hours ago
  • I cried so much watching this video!! I wish you all the best for the future. You two look so genuine together, i can feel the love through the screen and it makes my heart melt. I'm really happy for you! Congrats

    Corinne UsvatCorinne Usvat23 hours ago
  • k but the SONG IS SO GOOD

    wavylinesemwavylinesemDay ago
  • Omg can't believe she's engaged at 19...

    Siling ZhouSiling ZhouDay ago
    • Ikr super young but I don't have a problem it's crazy how they are getting engaged at that age like my sister got engaged at 18 which was young and crazy but hey whatever

      •Akela••Akela•Day ago

    Koala MasterKoala MasterDay ago
  • We HaVe a....SpOcK

    Nepptunes MasterNepptunes MasterDay ago
  • they're such a cute couple 🥰🥰 i stan

    just a random girljust a random girl2 days ago
  • tell me why i cried 🥺

    Emma HarveyEmma Harvey2 days ago
  • I’m not crying you are, it’s just my hayfever

    Mads WorldMads World2 days ago
  • The guy singing sounds like ED sheran

    Mads WorldMads World2 days ago
  • H: what does it say? Happy birthday?

    melslilsunflowermelslilsunflower2 days ago
  • wow, crying over here

    Anouk BaelemansAnouk Baelemans2 days ago
  • * _cries in single 4 ever_ *

    AngelaAngela2 days ago
  • *cries in _im too ugly to have a boyfriend_ *

    AngelaAngela2 days ago
  • Congrats

    MidgetMidget2 days ago
  • Why am I crying🥺

    Kilala HayashiKilala Hayashi3 days ago
  • Im crying 2:48 thats something i wanna hear from my future husband pls get me one

    NikolkaNikolka3 days ago
  • Found this channel like...yesterday, watched this video...All I can say is, I cried. I actually balled my eyes out from the way Ryan talks about her. I just- Ryan, you did good. Whoever edited this - amazing.

    Katelynn FaithKatelynn Faith3 days ago
  • I feel single AF

    vasia tsmvasia tsm3 days ago
  • i cried

    Tessa KinworthyTessa Kinworthy3 days ago
  • That's ADORABLE

    Ciara OldhamCiara Oldham3 days ago
  • ❤️❤️

    Ilse CharlotteIlse Charlotte3 days ago
  • Y’all are the cutest couple ever 😭😭😢

    The blue eyed GirlThe blue eyed Girl3 days ago
  • I watched it while taking a dump i was extra emotional 😭😭

    Roman Rodríguez SyzonovRoman Rodríguez Syzonov3 days ago
  • if i got to chose the way i was proposed to i would look through a telescope that sends me on a treasure hunt to find the vile and when i open it and turn around my bf is down on his knee with a ring 🥺😂

    Basic GirlBasic Girl3 days ago
  • I’ve never seen Ryan this like emotional and sentimental before he’s always laughing and making jokes about everything. This is awesome love you guys

    Da_fox GirlDa_fox Girl4 days ago
  • awww this is so sweet!! ily guys!

    Andrxa SwaggerkittysAndrxa Swaggerkittys4 days ago
  • I cried this is so cute!

    Tara TaylorTara Taylor4 days ago
  • They literally LOOK like they are best friends it’s so cute 😚❤️

    Samantha WatsonSamantha Watson4 days ago
  • This is so wholesome

    Epic bruhEpic bruh4 days ago
  • “We have a.....SPOCK.”

    Carolyn CuestaCarolyn Cuesta4 days ago
  • This literally made me cry, I love y’all so much.🥺❤️

    Addison KayAddison Kay4 days ago
  • the way i cry everytime i watch this

    mikey deemikey dee4 days ago
  • 8:38 worlds worst camera man award 🥇

    Sarah IshakSarah Ishak4 days ago
  • Imagine disliking a PROPOSAL VIDEO

    Amethyst DolphinAmethyst Dolphin5 days ago
  • Ryan: being all mushy in the beginning Me: just staring at the shadow his head is making on his shirt 👁👄👁

    Anna WilsonAnna Wilson5 days ago
  • Man I'm not the sentimental type or one for romantic stuff but I am currently in TEARS

    headless ridrheadless ridr5 days ago
  • 👏☺️

    Antonio SantiagoAntonio Santiago5 days ago
  • Wait wtf- I missed this?

    Martin RomanoMartin Romano5 days ago
  • i’m not crying i swear

    Georgia WhiteGeorgia White5 days ago
  • Who? Me? Crying? Not at all.. 😭

    Hardstyle4lifeHardstyle4life5 days ago
  • I want someone to love me like that

    hajar chakirhajar chakir5 days ago
  • That first part was great except for the fact that u said it’s hot as ballz twice

    RECOIL LaVaRECOIL LaVa6 days ago
  • imagine she said n o

    JayDudeJayDude6 days ago

    Emma GraceEmma Grace6 days ago
  • this called me single in all possible languages...

    Alfr3dAlfr3d6 days ago
  • bello bello

    carlo rossicarlo rossi6 days ago
  • When Ryan was talking he was laughing because he can’t be serious haha

    DoggoPlayz RobloxDoggoPlayz Roblox6 days ago
  • So wholesome

    DoggoPlayz RobloxDoggoPlayz Roblox6 days ago
  • Your not crying I am

    yiya yiya ohyiya yiya oh6 days ago
  • I really dunno how the hell people find their soulmates.. I mean, I can't even choose which colour I like most. This *proposal* is the sweetest and the most perfect thing I saw today... Bless u guys💖💖

    sanjh solankisanjh solanki7 days ago
  • Who tf disliked this

    Luid GAPLuid GAP7 days ago
  • This is so beautiful it's enough to make a grown man cry and that's ok

    DarkFox 131DarkFox 1317 days ago
  • Omg I cried, this was so beautifuuul, congratulations you two!!!! T-T

    Sammyy MichSammyy Mich7 days ago
  • 8:45

    ice diggerice digger7 days ago
  • I am 19, my wedding is tomorrow July 4th ♥️🤭 girl I never been so happy!

    Sabinanin MutfagiSabinanin Mutfagi7 days ago
  • 🥳

    Peyto NPeyto N8 days ago
  • He deserves a pretty girl not that girl 🤢🤢

    Meth HeadMeth Head8 days ago
  • Congrats

    Jared FunsplayJared Funsplay8 days ago
  • that is literally their song, i cry everytime i listen to it their story is so beautiful

    Giovanna F.AGiovanna F.A8 days ago
  • Me: listening to his monologue about how much he loves Haley Also me: dude leave it to for the proposal! You're proposing to Haley, not us😂 (No hate, it was really beautiful)

    The Sims PlayerThe Sims Player8 days ago
  • Everytime I watch this I cry

    Reily StanReily Stan8 days ago
  • This made me so happy!

    OmenOmen8 days ago
  • What the heck. This is like the cutest thing ever. I want this so bad. Whoever I end up with better love me like they love each other.

    Amelia EasonAmelia Eason8 days ago
  • Ok so like I’m watching this video again and the song literally gives me chills🥺🥺🥰🥰❤️❤️

    HanaHana9 days ago
  • this video lowkey made me cry a little.

    BaldiBaldi9 days ago
  • my brother got married at 19 and they've been married almost a decade now so I don't think it's too young

    JenaJena9 days ago
  • Dammm I finally see da homie engaged and happy keep it up dawg been watching you long time congrats you da homie👊😭

    Cesar PalominoCesar Palomino9 days ago
  • This is the only couple i ship

    Joslyn ChesserJoslyn Chesser9 days ago
  • Phew dun made me tear uh lil bit 😅

    Karmen’s KornerKarmen’s Korner9 days ago
  • OmG I'M LiTeRaLly CryInG

    Sachi LucasSachi Lucas9 days ago
  • Literally am crying watching this video because you guys are such a beautiful couple and I wish you so much happiness 💙 I wish I had this 😭😭

    Rena xoxoRena xoxo10 days ago
  • I want what they have Spock

    DerangedBeetleDerangedBeetle10 days ago
  • Next episode.....THE DIVORCE JK

    Bob SherbtBob Sherbt10 days ago
  • im not crying your crying!

    Happy In The Rain AGHappy In The Rain AG10 days ago
  • I didn’t go into this video expecting to cry but here we are...

    Kennedy parryKennedy parry10 days ago
  • I started crying so much then I got called down for tea, like let me be in my feels

    Niamh HarrisNiamh Harris10 days ago